What is Salt Nic?

What is Salt Nic?

By Ethan Marshall

Another new development in the vape industry is the introduction of Salt Nicotine. First and foremost, it’s not literally a salt. Let’s just get that out of the way. Salt nic is a type of nicotine that has been adjusted, making it different from the typical freebase nicotine used in almost all E-liquids.

The Nicotine Salt Vape Device Concept

The whole concept surrounding salt nic is the rate it absorbs into your bloodstream. Now this may not sound like a huge deal, but believe it or not, its the whole deal. The addiction to cigarettes is based around a lot of different things, but most prominently the addiction to nicotine. The nicotine in a cigarette and the nicotine in E-liquid are two separate things. While nicotine in E-liquid is what we call freebase nicotine, one of the cleanest and purest forms, the nicotine in a cigarette is in more of its natural form, absorbing into your bloodstream faster than that of freebase nicotine.

This is where salt nic comes into play. Salt nicotine is much more authentic to that of a cigarette’s nicotine. Absorbing into your bloodstream at a quicker rate, and satisfying your cravings a little better. One of the other plus sides to salt nic is how it physically feels. Salt nicotine is measured in higher concentrates than freebase. While most will use the standard 3mg 6mg & 12mg, salt nic is usually 24mg 36mg & 50mg. Now if you were to try to vape that strength of freebase nicotine, that wouldn’t be pleasant. With salt nic, the nicotine delivers more comfortably, allowing higher concentrates to be used.

What Kind of Device Would I Used This In?

Salt nicotine is not used in all devices, its meant more for the starter kit and all-in-one devices. We find that salt nic works best with pod systems though. You should never use salt nicotine in a sub-ohm tank. That kind of concentrated nicotine in a high power device would not be comfortable or helpful in any way. If your curious what devices would work best with salt nic, reach out and we’ll point you in the right direction!

The Advantages?

The big advantage this product has, that everyone is pointing out, is how you use it. People using salt nicotine tend to vape substantially less than those using regular E-liquid. Again, this is due to the rate of absorption into your blood. Satisfaction comes quicker, the frequency of use goes down. Also, you’re able to gauge the use of this nicotine a lot more. Using a salt nicotine device as you would a cigarette is much more helpful than using a sub-ohm device for the entire duration of the day. Most seem to use less juice compared to regular e-juice. A 30ml of salt nic can last the same amount as two freebase 60mls for some people.

The Disadvantages?

Well, this product is still very new. The same way we treat regular vaping, we treat this. Learning and educating ourselves every chance we get. So far, what we’ve found is that it can be harder to lower your nicotine level the longer you use salt nic. We have a couple of guys here who use salt nic, myself included, and NOT using it has proven to be difficult. It is a useful tool, especially for those fresh off of cigarettes, but the difficulty in lowering your nic level as you progress is the only red flag in our books.


All in all, salt nicotine could be a huge help to those struggling to leave cigarettes behind. That we know for sure. What we question is, what does it do for those who already have? Does it just reinforce your addiction to nicotine? Will it make you go up in nicotine instead of down? These are the questions we are trying to find the answers to. When it comes to concepts as new as this one, we like to be as diligent as possible before we make it available for purchase. You know how we are, if we wouldn’t use it, we won’t sell it.


At the end of the day, the question we keep returning to and arguably the hardest one to answer is, does salt nicotine contradict everything we stand for in the vape industry?


The Canada E-Juice Blog is meant to provide education and information for those looking to transition from smoking cigarettes to vaping e-liquid. These thoughts and opinions are entirely our own and have been gathered through working in this industry extensively, as well as using these products ourselves for a prolonged period of time.

In no way are we claiming vaping to be healthy for the user. If you have any doubts, please consult your doctor to see if vaping is right for you. You must be of legal age in your state/province to vape.

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