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Quality Assurance 
Our products are produced with the utmost care and consistency. Our brand is a reflection of our efforts to ensure that our clients and customers get the same quality product and service, consistently throughout our relationship. We label and date our products accurately by the batch and recommend that they are used within a year of their manufactured date to ensure the maintain their quality. The period of one year is an industry-standard, estimated for careful storage with regards to temperature, humidity and lighting conditions. Any concerns about the quality of a Canada Ejuice/Vapours Canada Inc. product or standards for inventory storage should be directed to Canada Ejuice/Vapours Canada Inc. without delay. 
Production Times 
Our products are produced in an automated laboratory and in most cases are not made to order. Provided we have ample stock on hand, your order will usually be ready to be picked up or shipped within 24 hours of receiving your payment. Should your order be exceptionally large, or in the event that we are experiencing higher than usually order volumes (typically around holidays, or immediately after) please expect up to 72 hours turnaround time after we receive your payment. To secure your position in these queues, please send payment as soon as possible, as priority is not determined by time of your order, but rather our receipt of your payment.  
Shipping Policy 
Your order will be shipped via Canada Post to the address specified on your wholesale account at the time of purchase. Orders cannot be shipped to an alternate address for security reasons. Shipping within Canada is based on a Weight Class System depending on the weight of the package will affect the shipping cost. Wholesalers may not choose the free xpresspost option on checkout, if this happens we will require payment for shipping before the order is sent. The shipping method must be chosen and paid for at the time of purchase. 
Exclusivity Specifics 
Canada Ejuice/Vapours Canada Inc. does not allow more than 2 re-sellers in 2-didgit postal code "territory"  
Consent to Recall 
In the event that your agreement between Canada Ejuice/Vapours Canada Inc. is ended due in whole or in part to a violation of these Wholesale Agreement Terms you hereby consent to participate in a recall of your remaining Canada Ejuice/Vapours Canada Inc. products. You shall cease all sales and advertisements of Canada Ejuice/Vapours Canada Inc. products and return all remaining units immediately, in person or via registered mail. You shall not be reimbursed for these products and they will be disposed of in a responsible manner by Canada Ejuice/Vapours Canada Inc. upon their return. This recall policy is in place to ensure the integrity of our products, as in these circumstances you will no longer be licensed to carry them.  

Price Match Guarantee
Canada e-Juice Inc.| Vapours Canada TM  We want to make certain that your shopping experience with us is truly worry-free. That's why we're offering you our Price Match Guarantee for qualifying items.
This offer applies only to the advertised online price of identical items offered for sale by major retailers in Canadian Dollars.*
For purposes of comparing prices, the price ("Price") is the total advertised price of the item including shipping costs, but Price shall not include discounts from a "Loyalty" or "Membership" program, and Price shall not include shipping discounts from a membership program
The Price Match Guarantee does not apply to:

- Items that are different ex. Full Kits vs Stand Alone Batteries
- Auction Site Prices
- A major retailer's item offered (a) for free or with rebate or coupon or promotional gift card/promotional credit (b) as part of a bundled offer or financing offer, (c) as a clearance/closeout sale, or (d) for sale for less than 6 hours a day.
- A major retailer's item which is out of stock/not available for immediate shipment or which is offered in limited quantities.
- A major retailer's item which is advertised below the MSRP (Manufacturers suggested retail price)
- A major retailer's item which is offered as open box or refurbished
- A major retailer's advertised price which is the result of a typographical error

So go ahead, tell your friends and family to start shopping today!

By continuing with the application process, and/or placing an order from this web page, you agree to these terms and conditions, specifically: You may not, under any circumstances, sell a Canada Ejuice/Vapours Canada Inc. product for less than the MSRP, even during a sale, without the prior permission of Canada Ejuice/Vapours Canada Inc. You may not sell a Canada Ejuice/Vapours Canada Inc. product outside of the location/locations specified in your account profile - should you open a new location, visit a trade show, or sell via a satellite location, you must have prior approval from Canada Ejuice/Vapours Canada Inc. You may not sell Canada Ejuice/Vapours Canada Inc. products in conjunction with any herbal, solid, wax or marijuana vaporizers or tobacco products, either online or in a shop. You may not re-brand, re-label, add to, abridge or otherwise delineate a Canada Ejuice/Vapours Canada Inc. product, trademark or description without prior approval by Canada Ejuice/Vapours Canada Inc. Violation of any of these terms will result in the termination of your agreement with Canada Ejuice/Vapours Canada Inc. at which time we will take all public and legal actions deemed necessary.   
*Contest Terms & Conditions. In order to participate in our social media contests you must meet the minimum requirements.  For facebook must like our page, share contest for example. We reserve the right to cancel/adjust any order
*Coupons cannot be bundled with wholesale orders unless specifically noted on the coupon offer. We reserve the right to cancel/adjust any wholesale order. 
For sanitary reasons, there will be no returns.  All sales are final.  If you have a problem with your order please contact us for assistance  
Free E-juice offers refer to Canada E-Juice  Manufactured Ejuice 
All Funds are in Canadian Dollars


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