Information about Squonking

Information about Squonking, what is it? How does it work? What do I need to get started?

Reintroducing Squonk mods! The great flavour of dripping on an RDA, with the bonus of a built-in bottom feed refillable bottle enabling you to saturate your coils with a squeeze. Keep the clouds of flavour coming without the hassle of dripping. This advanced system of dripping is great for those familiar with RDA’s and RTA’s or anyone looking to get more flavour and cloud production from their mod. Coil and cotton wick assembly required.

How Does Squonking work?

Squonking is a bottom feed dripper.  With squonking, you get the amazing flavour of dripping coupled with the convenience of a bottom feed tank.  If the juice gets dry you simply squeeze the bottle and your RDA will be full of juice again.  The squonking system consists of 3 main parts (1) the boxmod itself that contains the (2) battery and ejuice squonk bottle and of course, theAnatomy Of A Squonk Mod (3) squonking RDA that absorbs the e-juice and allows you to vape the liquid.  The operation consists of pushing the button to fire the unit and you refill the tank by squeezing the built-in squonking bottle. It's a very efficient method to vape that requires very little maintenance or filling throughout the day.



What do I need to get started?

Getting started is simple all you need to do is choose between a regulated or unregulated device, decide which RDA works best for you, fill up your squonk bottle and you're off to the races! 

Do I need a regulated or mechanical Squonk mod?

Depends on what kind of vaper you are. A regulated device offers more control with a built-in chipset as an unregulated device fires at the full strength of the batteries in use. Regulated devices are safer and easier to operate as they do not require additional knowledge of Ohms law and ensuring your build is suitable for your batteries.  However, some experienced users prefer the full power of an unregulated device as they are able to control the type of vape they get with the coil build that they use/make.  

Check out some Regulated Squonk Mods & Unregulated (Mech) Squonk Mods here

What RDA's are compatible with squonking?

We carry a full lineup of RDA's from every manufacturer.  RDA's come in many shapes and forms however they usually come with a standard 510 pin that does not include a squonking hole in it which allows for e-juice to flow into the RDA when you gently squeeze the silicone bottle.  

Apocalypse Squonk Pin
Goon LP
Tsunami 24
Goon 1.5


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