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Caramel Deliciousness!

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65 reviews for Where’s Kamel

  1. Margaret B

    Tried at recommended 70/30 mix at 12mg. Very nice smooth caramel flavor with great vapor and TH. Just right balance to the sweetness. It not as ‘buttery creamy’ as the actual candy, but is still a really close match for a vape. I really like this and would definitely order again.

  2. kyle w

    70/30 at 0mg. This e liquid definitely has a caramel flavor which i like however, it also has a creamy milky flavor on the finish which does not personally appeal to me. I love werthers candy, and although this flavor is reminiscent of the candy it doesnt deliver an exact replica which is okay! I still rated this flavor highly because there is nice flavor to the liquid its just not my preference. If you like creamy caramel flavors then i would recommend this 100%.

  3. Alicea E

    70/30 at 24mg-I was very impressed with the caramel flavor. It has a nice sweetness to it. It actually reminds me of the candy flavor.

  4. Cloud

    light flavor (common with 100%vg -a pg base will give you more flavor) smooth, creamy – easy to vape this all day

  5. Zenna

    I ordered this 18mg 70/30. Better TH than the other Canadian replica (same nic strength) I tried. Smooth and sweet. Yummy.

  6. Dave S

    Didn’t taste so much like werthers but was definitely a nice caramel flavor!

  7. Daniel R

    18mg, 70/30, unsteeped. Doesn’t taste quite like the orignal, but it’s good. Smooth, sweet and creamy. I like it better than the chcolate flavor from another store I once tried. Those types of flavor are not my style, though.

  8. Gord F

    If you like nice creamy, smooth, caramel, then this one is for you. I have always loved caramel anything and this was certainly not a let down.
    I really only originally wanted two or three e-juice flavours to enjoy on a regular basis…. but Canada E-Juice is giving me a headache. lol. With this great ( review ) program, getting nice little 6 ml samples, I am discovering some delicious treats.

  9. Rob W

    12mg 70/30 – WOW. This stuff is delicious. Buttery caramel, just the right amount of sweetness, tons of vapour, nice TH. This is one that will be on my "must have" shelf for sure. SO much flavour, I could literally vape this non-stop all day.

  10. Kathy S

    I used this in a 50/50 mix/24mg on an Apollo extreme battery and cartomizer. I found it had a nice caramel flavor, but it doesn’t taste ‘creamy’ like the actual werther’s candy, which let me down a little.

  11. Debbie S

    It definately has that creamy caramel taste, its pretty good.

  12. Misti W

    6mg 70/30 I think this has a caramel flavor but not enough sweetness for a werthers

  13. keith l

    Not sweet enough. Kind of tastes like nothing to me. Needs some work.

  14. Peter B

    I will get this e-juice again for sure. I thought it was great and will keep it around for occasional use. I really like the juices with lots of flavour. The more intense the better. I wouldn’t call it intense, but this one is very rich with a velvety caramel flavour. All that being said, it’s not a flavour I would vape more than once in a while. With how rich and sweet this one is, I enjoy it a lot while vaping it, but a little goes a long way.

  15. Yvon D

    6 ml 50/50 .. It’s a good caramel flavor but not worthy of the Werther’s brand name.. tried it again and it’s starting to grow on me. πŸ™‚

  16. Thi Phuong Trang P

    I like this ejuice, but I think it isn’t sweet enough. More caramel flavor in it and it would probably tastes awesome

  17. Dany S

    Got it at 70/30 6mg. Had a good flavour but not as creamy and sweet as i thought. Still a really good vape. Keep up the good work guys!

  18. Duane N

    Added a drop of sweetener and fell in love. My #2 vape, and always have some in a tank or a carto when I leave the house.

  19. Adriel S

    Like others have mentioned, it doesnt taste much like werthers but still a nice flavor overall. My friends who tried this love it.

  20. Joanne G

    Wasn’t sure about this one when I decided to try it but really really good

  21. Amanda M

    Love this flavor. Nothing bad to say at all. I will always have a big bottle of this on hand. And it really surprised me. Was one if the last if my order to try, only ordered the trail size bottle and was seriously disappointed to see it end.

  22. Jennifer M

    Loved this one! Was my first flavour vape that I tried and I loved the caramel taste. Smells great too.! Would be great to mix with bavarian cream, belgum waffle or with a tobacco flavour for a hint of sweetness.

  23. Laurent L

    I’m loving this flavour. It’s awesome. One of my favorites. After a while, the juice started to brown though…

  24. audrey m

    This one is decent, you don’t get that much of a caramel taste with it though. I find you get better flavors with the jolly rancher or grapes ect. I also found the vape was not as great as others I have tried as well. With this one I would suggest trying smaller size before going for the big one it may grow on you like I see it has with others but with me there just wasn’t enough flavor for me to keep this in my rotation

  25. Antoine C

    This vape was pretty good but doesn’t taste so much like caramel candy. Good vapor though, tried 70/30 0.6mg.

  26. Amanda M

    So after my last review on this I had to write another. Because something changed. I ordered the big bottle last time because I was so impressed with this flavor. And when I received it, it was a bit stronger tasting. More sweeter. Less of an all day and more of an after dinner. So I decided to add some to the cappuccino since I found that one very mild tasting. And the result was pretty good. Ill give it a three out of five I think.

  27. Trevor P

    I found this one a little light on flavour and expecting a little more. For me like other dark juices, I have problems with the juices gumming up the atties and producing a burnt taste. That’s no fault with the producer but just the nature of the beast I guess.

  28. paul

    Love this one all around. I even vape next to my wife in the car, she likes the smell.

  29. Melanie R

    Love love love this one. I could and do vape this all day!

  30. Emil T

    very close to the candy flavor indeed, not much bad to say about it. If you enjoy the candy , you will like this vape. Could be a bit stronger in flavor.

  31. Kevin L

    70PG/30VG 30mg/ml nic.
    Out of the bottle this flavor was great. It wasn’t overpoweringly strong and the taste was definitely accurate and reminiscent of the original caramel candies that it was named for. The flavor isn’t as excessively in-your-face intense as the candies themselves, but you won’t be disappointed by it (and neither will your dentist).

  32. Clint D

    I found this to be a very nice vape. Just like the candy! Another one of my favorites!

  33. Jason R

    Nice Carmel taste if that’s what your looking for, not an all day vape for me though.

  34. Judy C

    Quite good and smooth, a bit too sweet for me to vape all day, but nice with a coffee in the morning.

  35. Stephen r

    Based on the reviews i expected this to be tasty so i ordered a 30ml bottle. I will admit i did not know that the concentration level was for the tobacco level so maybe that over powered the butterscotch flavor, any way i have had more favor from a all day tooth pick.

  36. Stephen r

    please remove my last review as I was the one that was not accurate in 1st ordering properly, i thought the concentration was that of the flavor and not the tobacco and without know i may have turned up my vapping too high over the 4.5. volts and burned it…… i should have phone in first as i later did and got the info I so needed………… sorry about that guys.

  37. Larry L

    Will be adding to my rotation

  38. Kerry D

    Smooth, creamy and not at all overpowering! I wouldn’t say it’s a mild flavor but I wouldn’t mind if it was a little stronger either! I can vape this all day and it’s warm creamy taste lingers for the perfect amount of time

  39. cole l

    I use this juice all the time. It tastes and smells great! 5/5

  40. Michael T

    Defiantly 5 stars great flavor mixes well with other flavors would defiantly recommend this to anyone! One of my favorites by far will defiantly order this one again. Canada E-juice has great prices and fast shipping!

  41. shonne s

    Sweet and tasy love this e-juice..Its perfect with my set up and will order this flavor again for sure.
    Tast , sweet, good aftertaste…try it !


    WOWOW The BEST, most full flavor I have tried yet. I’m not usually a fan of sweets however this flavor cuts my cravings for food and cigarettes better then anything I have tried to date. 5*

  43. Stephen S

    This is a great go to juice, a nice mild sweetness and great aftertaste, it also smells heavenly.

  44. Candy B

    I have wanted to try this juice for a long time and they company that I used to order from discontinued it. I am so glad that I finally got to try it as it was excellent. Smooth creamy and sweet!

  45. Treena

    Another sweet tooth knockout!! Will for sure buy again!!

  46. Teresa G

    I bought this one in hopes that it would taste like the candy and was disappointed. I found it too strong for myself at only 12. It smells wonderful though.

  47. Mike

    This juice is fantastic. Good vapor production and has excellent flavour. Will order again.

  48. Neil

    I finally found another all day vape. I love the buttery taste. Not too sweet. Smooth hit. If you like toasted marshmallow, you will love Wers!

  49. Yolanda

    I did not really like this one so much as I thought I would . Left an odd aftertaste. Next to Butter Rum and Butterscotch, this one comes dead last for me. Ok for a short vape, but not an all day session.

  50. Alicia

    Flavour was very mild, and kind of bit the throat. I loved it mixed with Bavarian cream though πŸ™‚

  51. Ron

    Just received this flavor (thanks for the fast shipping) and concur with most of the other reviewers regarding the smooth, creamy taste. I also found, thanks to another review, that this flavor works best at a lower voltage — tastes a little "off" at 4.0+, but at 3.2 it’s great.

  52. Lori Bodick

    I can’t wait to try this caramel. I really like the butter rum too.

  53. C. Leech

    I was looking for someting to add to the tobacco varieties here at Canada E-Juice and I tried this to try to duplicate some other flavours from one of the better suppliers out there. It was a gamble but it worked out for the better. I would have liked a richer flavour but it was nice just the same. In the weeks after making the change to E-cigs, I was on it pretty hard, after thirty years of cigarette smoking, I have a terrible need to inhale something and this has really footed the bill as it were. I am still looking for a strong caramel flavour to add to the tobacco and I have just been made aware that there is a product with caramel and a hint of vanilla. Think I will give that a try as well. Great products, keep up the good work

  54. sam

    ordered this in 6mg 100% vg. after letting it sit in hot water for 10 min (aids the steeping process which is a MUST for 100% vg) in a reused empty cart, this had undertones of bacon and strong caramel smell. you heard me, BACON undertones.

  55. Sam

    follow up: tastes MUCH less like bacon, thankfully. not a strong flavour, not a strong throat hit, mind you i did order in 6mg and am using recycled cartos on an 808 battery. waiting for some firebird top coil clearomizers to arrive. am hoping for greater flavour. okay for the evening when you want to vape away without being hopped up on nicotine and up till 4am. hah

  56. Bryan sax

    Tastes like Jim Beam sour mash whiskey with a bit of bacon got a small size at 30/70 and 12 really like the ry4 double and black honey tobacco though

  57. Chris

    too mellow for me. Not bad, I just like a stronger flavor

  58. Lori B.

    Best one for me! Caramel and butter rum. Perfect taste to vape with your coffee……yum!

  59. Nikki

    Definitely my favourite flavour. The taste somehow reminds me of being around a campfire or being in the woods. Awesome caramel flabour.. almost a smokey caramal

  60. Allita

    This is my go-to flavour. Love it. πŸ˜€

  61. Jamie

    the werthers are just another bang on flavor. It tastes a little different than the smell. with a smooth hit.

  62. Scooter

    Its alright but I wont re order πŸ˜›

  63. Nael

    I would always give this website 5 stars for the super fast shipping, but as for this flavor, I got 50/50 0mg and it’s tasteless.. totally tasteless!

  64. Tara

    Mine too had no taste.. No taste at all *Confused*

  65. Tara

    Mine too had no taste.. No taste at all *Confused*

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