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A refreshing watermelon vape.

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Weight50 g
Dimensions1.5 × 1.5 × 2.5 in

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150 reviews for Watermelon

  1. Nelson F

    Tried this on a kanger horizontal cartomizer. I bought the 50/50 mix at 24mg strength. Excellent vapor production and throat hit. Not too strong a taste and not too light; it’s just right for me. I love watermelon vapes and this one right up there as one of the best.

  2. Chris M

    This is a dead on analog for Hubba Bubba bubblegum! Not overly sweet, but very flavorfull, this is a top notch juice that i will be ordering more of. Good vapor and decent throat hit.

  3. Dale Q

    I use this with an eGo-T. What a great flavor with a very mild throat hit. I would definitely buy this again.

  4. Martin B

    That is pretty good i have a 24mg one I recommend it!

  5. Adrian S

    Probably the most flavorful vape I’ve had to date! There is no words to explain how much watermelon flavor is in this juice! Every vape is like chewing on a piece of watermelon gum!

  6. Donald P

    I vaped this in my office towards the end of the day, I know the optics looked bad as other staff members thought i was smoking the real thing, but they all commented on the sweet watermelon smell. I might have converted a couple of non smokers to vapors…ha, ha. Nuff said, try this one you wont be disappointed.

  7. Stephane d

    Very good. First try with a watermelon e-juice. Great tape, great taste. Love it

  8. kyle w

    70/30, 0mg, Tastes exactly like watermelon candy! I went through the 6ml bottle in no time! Definitely will buy again.

  9. Tyler T

    This is my favorite e juice by far, it tastes amazing ! It really tastes like watermelon !

  10. Tim

    Just tried this for my first time and the flavour is great! Very tasty and nice TH you won’t be disappointed

  11. JLee_audio

    70/30, Mild(12mg). Such a great flavor, tastes just like bu$blic!ous watermelon gum from when I was a kid, can’t get enough. Great vape and TH

  12. Lainee G

    I enjoy the watermelon but not a fav

  13. natacha sauve

    taste like you have a candy in ur mouth…very good

  14. James H

    Didn’t have as much flavour as I tend to like but the wife loves it, I like the more overpowering flavours myself… Was still pretty good, def tastes like watermelon

  15. gurvir s

    kind of a weak flavor but its acceptable … needs more watermeloniness

  16. Kathy S

    I used this in a 50/50 mix/24mg on an Apollo extreme battery and cartomizer. Yummy yummy, like vaping ‘Hubba Bubba’ watermelon gum! If you like that then I’m sure you’ll love this juice.

  17. Debbie S

    I am really enjoying this one, its a definate reorder for me! 100VG

  18. Rob W

    12mg 70/30 – This one is awesome. Tastes more like watermelon candy than actual watermelon, but that’s cool with me :). Like the cantaloupe one I reviewed, this one is a bit weak on flavour, but that’s just my opinion and it will vary depending on what kind of PV gear you’re using.

  19. Julia M

    I enjoyed the watermelon flavour. I agree it needs more "watermeloniness" I found it more flavourful than the peach, black cherry, and blueberry though. This is my second fav so far of the 5 I tried. Sweet Strawberry came in first hands down!

  20. Joanne G

    I always order this item and its one of my fav but i agree it could be a bit more watermellonie.

  21. Cameron M

    A definite re-order! Great taste and not too overwhelming.. Give it a try!

  22. Caitlin S

    The watermelon is quite strong for me, I found it very sweet and more of a watermelon candy taste. If you like very sweet flavors then definitely give it a try!

  23. Joanne G

    Love this but could be a bit more flavor would be nice but i always get it.

  24. Jason L

    70/30 Mild: My all time favorite, really can’t get enough of how good this tastes like watermelon

  25. Tony W

    I thought this one was okay I agree with some of the other statements the flavor could be a little stronger at 50/50 the flavor was a bit light.

  26. Tyler A

    This flavour is by far my favourite. The flavour is so intense and it gives great satisfying throat hit even in the lower strengths. Something that you can smoke all day and never get sick of its delicious vapour.

  27. phil b

    30ml 70/30mix 24mg: I like this one a lot as I like most of the Canada E-Juice fruit flavours. I will order this one again.

  28. Yvon D

    6ml (just wasn’t big enough) 100% vg.. I have a mild allergy to watermelon but not while vaping it so ty Canada E-Juice fro bringing me back a flavor I can once again enjoy.

  29. Andrew M

    probably the best fruit flavor i have tried so far loved this one

  30. Slawomir K

    wasn’t a fan of this flavor when i first got it, but after vaping it for a while, i have to say it’s fantastic, love it.

  31. Alexandre S

    WOW!!! … that’s all I can say! I taught it would have a to high sugury taste… not at all just perfect and you can taste the balance of it… realy good job!

  32. Shane O

    1 of my favorites from the site so far, love the watermelon taste, spot on taste and smell, great vape. Not as big of a throat hit, but I could sit back and vape this all day long. 70/30 18mg, great flavor for any fruit fan especially if you love watermelon.

  33. Joey M

    Mixed Review on this one for me. I tried the 70/30 blend with 6 mg of nicotine. While I found the watermelon taste to be quite nice and light I also noticed a strong hit that was a bit harsh on my throat. Tried it in two different carts to see if maybe I just filled it up wrong but it still tasted too harsh on the second try. Maybe just a bad batch but overall I like the flavour idea.

  34. Joey M

    Mixed Review on this one for me. I tried the 70/30 blend with 6 mg of nicotine. While I found the watermelon taste to be quite nice and light I also noticed a strong hit that was a bit harsh on my throat. Tried it in two different carts to see if maybe I just filled it up wrong but it still tasted too harsh on the second try. Maybe just a bad batch but overall I like the flavour idea.

  35. Denise b

    Loved the watermelon! great vape and would purchase again!

  36. Anthony T

    I’ve never had any watermelon juice that taste like the real one! Not too sweet not to harsh on TH. I got to get a mint flavor to mix with this. 12mg PV/VG mix. Desert and vape aftermeal. +5

  37. Aaron D

    Sort of lacks with a throat hit at 12mg but it has a nice, easy not-too-sweet flavor. Makes the entire room smell like watermelon too!

  38. Sosan F

    Love this one, it is very sweet and mild taste. I ordered 100VG 0 mg, trying to get out of nic.

  39. Jennifer M

    Loads of watermelon flavour! Pretty sweet for an all day vape, but nice for once in a while.

  40. Jaycarlson

    This was my 1st fruity vape and I was quite amazed. Sweeter than a RY4 double but not as sweet as the cola bottles (both excellent as well). Reminded me of the part of the watermelon close to the white ring. It has more of a "real" watermelon taste than "candy" taste. Will keep this on my list of favs for sure!

  41. MH C

    I love my fruit flavours and this one is a close tie for first with Sweet Strawberry!
    The watermelon flavour is just perfect; not overpowering with just the right amount of juicy flavour. I HIGHLY recommend watermelon vaping- I’d rate it 7 out of 5 if I could!! My preferred mix is 100%VG 18mg.

  42. Jack Y

    excellent Watermelon flavour. Not too sweet, with good throat hit. 70/30 12nic.

  43. Corey S

    This smells as good as it tastes. Definitely a good buy.

  44. Krista M

    Love the watermelon flavor, not too sweet, like fruit flavours, will order this one again.

  45. Chulai T

    This is by far one of the best watermelon flavors i have tried, 70/30 pg/vg base at 18 mg provides the perfect throat hit with excellent vapor production. Highly recommended for fruit flavor lovers or anybody that is looking for a good vape!

  46. Joseph M

    Simply amazing! Smooth taste, great flavour! This is going to be a buy for me on every order.

  47. Kyle B

    Smells great, tastes great, vapes great! Smooth all day vape not to sweet will order again for sure. Canada E-juice is a great place to order lots of flavors, fast shipping and great prices!

  48. Ian M

    I have tried, 70/30 pg/vg base at 6 mg. Smooth, good tasting vap. Anyone who likes the tastes of watermellon will like this one.

  49. Dave S

    Here’s my problem with this this juice. I ordered my first bottle of 24mg, vaped it, and it felt like air; ZERO throat hit. Thinking maybe the bottle was just mislabeled as 24mg when in fact it was 0mg, I requested a replacement. Second bottle was the same, so I must now conclude that this juice has NO throat hit whatsoever, which is fine for some. That, or that I got 2 improperly filled bottles in a row. Otherwise, juice tastes just like that hubba-bubba watermelon gum I had all the time when I was young; really takes me back. Great flavor, no throat hit.

  50. MH C

    My mix 100% VG 18mg -Although I love the taste of watermelon, I can’t say this is a vape all day flavour because it has a throat tickle -makes me cough if I vape too much which I always do- but it’s a tasty flavour, cool; very clean.

  51. Rob K

    As to be expected at this point from Canada E-Juice, the flavour is very close with very slight Jolly Rancher twist to it (minus the fur growing on the tongue). Excellent flavour, good throat hit and vapor production. Highly recommended.

  52. shaun d

    My Brother had it, liked it. I order it, not so good. I found my bottle had a synthetic chemical tast. (70-30 6mg both same) My brother tryed the bottle I had and he thought the same. Not sure what happened. Review on his bottle 5. Review on my bottle 1. Could be a one off.

  53. Steve

    Love this flavour. It’s now at the top if my list of favs…just took over #1 previously held by Raspberry candies.
    Nice clean vape…perfect for me @ 70/30, 18mg. Highly recommend!

  54. Stuart Q

    I loved the first bottle I got, the second had a synthetic chemical taste. Only difference I can see is, one says Watermelon 2.0. Please go back to 1.0. Based on version 2.0 of this juice. I have to give it a 1/5

  55. Tammy S

    Not my fave so far, but very nice. A bit strong for my taste. This is the first thing I could smell when I opened my mailbox on the day it was delivered.

  56. Christian E

    All i can say is if you like watermelon gum, you will like this flavor, doesn’t taste much like a real watermelon but is still good, my wife loves it!

  57. Neal S

    Excellent juice, awesome watermelon flavor, cool and refreshing but not too sweet. Ordered 100VG/6mg, will try 50/50 next time maybe. Huge vapour.

  58. Irene N

    I got this juice in 100% VG at 18mg after reading other reviews and I wasn’t disappointed. Tons of vapour and very pleasant juicy watermelon taste. Not too sweet or synthetic tasting. Slightly reminds me of watermelon gum.

  59. George

    Pretty nice tasting… Watermelon taste is good but a little chemical taste

  60. Wes M

    Tried this last week. Purchased two 30ML bottles. Overall very pleased with the flavor, I am a vaper who enjoys rich flavor and this hit the spot. Would purchase again!

  61. Aron F

    Decent – but perhaps a bit strong on the flavouring, if you like that sort.

  62. Nadia G

    Very nice taste on this one, will buy again!

  63. Louise Q

    Did not like at all. it has a very chemically after taste

  64. Mat L

    Found this a bit strong at first but after a few weeks steep time the flavour improved. A very nice watermelon taste without much sweetness. I would recommend this juice for a hot summer day.

  65. Jeff P

    very strong flavour. more like a bubblicious watermelon flavour.

  66. cenon d

    Just ordered my second 30 ml 70/30/12mg. A fruit lover my self, this juice is an excellent vaping juice and will always be in my stock!

  67. hesham m

    amazing vap best taste so close to the real taste !!!

  68. Christian E

    My wife loves this one just like watermelon gum!!

  69. Daniel R

    70/30, 30 mg, diluted to about 25 mg, steeped. Great taste. Very similar to Jolly Rancher candy. I’ll buy some again!

  70. Charmaine F

    Leaves a fruity scent in the air that lingers. Great air freshener.

  71. Bobby G

    taste like watermelon, a bit sweet but very good flavor

  72. Spice I

    If you’re looking for a nice watermelon flavour with chunky vapour, this is the one!

  73. april g

    has a very mellow taste and you need to take a long strong pull for a good vap

  74. Peter B

    I liked this juice a lot. It’s a very well balanced juice. It’s sweet but not too sweet. It’s got a great throat hit and lots of flavour. It tastes like the real thing too. I’ll get this again soon.

  75. Dan M

    I got this juice to review and out of all of the amazing juices I tried this was definitely the best, in fact this is my new favourite juice. First of all the smell is very fresh and candy watermelon like. It also leaves a very nice scent when being vaped witch is very good for public places. Also the taste is very fresh and refreshing. You can almost feel the watermelon juice in your mouth. Overall great summer vape and makes an amazing all day vape. I have not tried mixing it yet but I think it would be great for mixing. Thanks canada e juice for this amazing liquid. Watch my video review at :

  76. Tanya p

    Didn’t get much flavor from this one as others have claimed, although watermelon itself isn’t a strong flavor. The throat hit was good though.

  77. Rachel P

    Out of all the juices I’ve ordered, this is my favourite. Decided to buy it because it was a best seller, and now I know why! The watermelon flavour is smooth, not very strong, but it’s sweet and I use it throughout the day. It doesn’t get cloying or leave an aftertaste after prolonged use, which is great.

  78. Kim M

    Awesome flavor tastes just like it’s supposed to

  79. David B

    I don’t really like Watermelon flavoured anything but got this as a free sample. I was pleasantly surprised. Tastes great and I will order it again!

  80. Kerry D

    I was surprised at how good this flavor is! Typically I’m not a water mellon flavor sort of person but this has a nice fresh sort of flavor! More on the sweet side so I’m not sure I could vape all day but it’s a nice treat! Sort of tastes like a jolly rancher!

  81. Michael R

    Not my favorite fruit flavor but decent vape. Kind of reminds me of watermelon jolly ranchers.

  82. manilyn

    love it………….it was perfect…………

  83. Dawn H

    Love this one! Sweet flavour, reminds me of those sugared watermelon slice candies. This also smells great. Mixed well with a bit of menthol.

  84. David B

    I don’t like watermelon or or anything watermelon flavoured. I got this as a free sample and it it delicious. I will order again!

  85. Gabe

    I love this flavour, 100% vg makes for a super vape, lots of cloud and leaves such a nice after fragrance, will def get again, Canada ejuice is my number one retailer!

  86. Christopher

    Very realistic flavour, however i grew tired of it pretty quickly. Try mixing with other fruit flavours for some variation. 12mg 70/30.

  87. Stephanie F

    This was the first one I tried. Absolutely love it! Produces quite a bit of vapour, great taste as well. I’ll definitely be keeping this flavour in stock.

  88. Michael T

    Defiantly 5 stars great flavor mixes well with other flavors would defiantly recommend this to anyone! One of my favorites by far will defiantly order this one again. Canada E-juice has great prices and fast shipping!

  89. Darren C

    I love this flavor. Very realistic watermelon flavor. Thumbs up

  90. May D

    Its a pretty good flavour. At first it tasted kinda like fruit loops cereal. But after a while you don’t really notice it anymore and can taste pure watermelon. Nice and sweet if you like that kind of flavour.

  91. edwin b

    This flavour was much better when mixed with menthol as it wasn`t as strong tasting as I would have liked it to be.

  92. Michael T

    OH. MY. GOD. So remember that flavour from when you were a kid that you would sneak into the fridge to have more of when your parents weren’t looking because it tasted so darn good?! This is that flavor!!! I just had my first couple of hits on this and I’m almost too excited to type this. What are you waiting for?! BUY THIS JUICE NOW!

  93. michael h

    Amazing juice loads of flavor would defiantly recommend to anybody!

  94. Gary M

    If you like watermelon then you’ll like this juice.
    Has a great taste and vaps well

  95. Tyrone F

    Smells like watermelon, tastes like watermelon…if you love watermelon you’ll love this juice!! Smooth vape – always on my reorder list!

  96. john l

    Smells great but the taste wasn’t for me. Kinda had a weird taste.

  97. Raj U

    I tried the 70/30 18mg. Smells great and tastes great. Very smooth and refreshing flavor, will definitely reorder in the future.

  98. Matt M

    This watermelon flavor is great! Definitely the best and most realistic watermelon flavor I have tried. Well done CanadaEJuice

  99. Jessica M

    Love this! Tastes just like watermelon. Flavour fades after a bit, but not much.

  100. Tammy A

    Taste kind of like Hubba Bubba love it!Who knew vaping would be so yummy!I have only been doing it 1 week!So happy no more stink sticks!

  101. will d

    love love this product one of the best iv had a great taste

  102. Arvin

    This is a great juice, tastes and smells like watermelon, very light and fresh. I get a 30ml almost every order

  103. danielle l.

    I really did not like the watermelon as much as I like the other flavors I found it made my throat very scratchy and I just wish I had tried it befor I got a large bottle of it

  104. ashley r

    Not my fave so far, but very nice. A bit strong for my taste.

  105. David M

    Taste is kind of like a fake watermelon like a gum would produce but i liked it,i would recommend it!

  106. Brett

    Love this juice, great all day vape. A bit sweeter than others I order and a little less natural tasting and more candy-synthetic but very good none the less. Dont hesitate to order this one!

  107. Joel

    Great vape if you like watermellon and/or watermellon candy =) light, not too strong or too sweet. just right for me. =) A+

  108. Konstantin

    The flavor is a little muted for my taste but otherwise does have a good hint of watermelon.

  109. Mari A

    6ml – 0 nic – 50/50

    It has a fake watermelon gum taste, like hubba bubba. It has a really juicy finish that almost makes my mouth water. Overall it tastes great. I’ll be ordering the larger size soon.

  110. Brian G

    Not bad. Not my favorite, but will order again. I like mixing up flavors

  111. Dan

    Tried quite a few brands of watermelon juice over the years and this one is the first that stands out as a nearly all day Vape for me, cut back with some regular tobacco flavor and it mellows out nicely definatly ADV material.

  112. Warren S

    For me, it was exactly like the hubba bubba watermelon gum, my personal favorite gum. Been looking for a watermelon that I would like since I started vaping, perfect allday vape. My next order will be 2 X 30ml.

    PG/VG 70/30

  113. sol m

    it does kinda taste like watermelon but then there is this weird flavor or taste to it im not a big fan of at all

  114. Hyder

    I ordered this in a 30 ml bottle i was expecting it to be good based on reviews but i was very disappointed with the juice. Its got a very chemical/perfume taste to it and it just makes me want to vomit.

  115. K.C. Penfold

    Definitely more of a candy flavor than a fruit flavor. I found it to be very sweet which is good for me. The one thing that I noticed immediately with this flavor was that it doesn’t give much of a throat hit. Lots of vape but feels like nothing is coming out when I exhale.

  116. Sarah V

    Watermelon is excellent. It tastes much like watermelon and is very very nice to vape all day! One of my favorite choices for a all day vape.

  117. Matt H.

    Loved it, i purchased it with several other flavours and couldn’t get enough of it. I’d go for the 50/50 blend if you’re doing more than 18mg because it does have a nice TH that might not be for everyone.

  118. souma

    great taste, lots of vapor. will definitely get it again

  119. derek R

    for me taste like bubble gum watermelon not what i expect

  120. Cenon Dela Cruz

    Real Watermelon in your vaping system! Oh what a great tasting e-juice!
    For fruit flavored juice lovers, this one is a must!

  121. Amanda

    Ordered the 70%, 30xx and it’s great mixed with other flavours. try this out with creme de menthe for a nice refreshing flavour.

  122. k.bart

    Excellent Taste. I mix this with Jolly Grape for a Fruity flavor.

  123. Hiwa

    Hint of watermelon, a little bit disappointed, maybe I need to try a stronger watermelon.
    Nevertheless still worth a try!
    24mg, @ 70/30

  124. Konstantin

    Not sweet with a hint of watermelon which I find to be great for long vaping, throat hit is mild in 50PG/50VG at 0.6nic
    Try it you wont be disappointed.

  125. Jeremy W

    Tons of flavour and an excellent vape. Thumbs up

  126. Jeff

    This juice tasted sweet and juicy which is great. The watermelon is not overwhelmingly strong. The taste reminds me of watermelon bubble gum.

  127. kyle r

    Tasted ok…more like watermelon gum. Still quality vapour.

  128. Amanda

    I ordered the 70%, 30xx and it was great mixed with other flavours.. Mixed with creme de menthe for a nice refreshing taste

  129. Hashy

    This is by far one of the best flavors I’ve tried. It mixes well with others, and tastes great alone. Not too strong, but after trying it blindfolded you will say "Yes, that is watermelon."

  130. Kyle

    For sure my ADV! I ordered only a 10ml bottle and I wish I had ordered more!

  131. Heather B

    I wasn’t as impressed with this flavour as I thought I would be, I love watermelon normally but I found this almost had a dusty/musty flavour mixed in which did not taste very good at all. Not a favorite but not the worst for sure.

  132. Chris

    Great flavour. Most definitely not a real watermelon taste but how much flavour does real watermelon have anyways? To be it tastes of those sugared jelly watermelon candies. And it does so quite spot on! 8.5/10. Vapour from this juice is extremely thick not much of a throat hit but for an everyday juice this one is very nice! Not too overpowering and not quite underwhelming

  133. Ron V

    I picked this up from the post office today along with the efire I ordered, when I opened the package I got a strong scent of watermelon, I mixed it with menthol and I swear to god it tastes like watermelon mint shisha but better! Excellent flavour.

  134. Nick

    Order 70/30 18 nicotine (strong)
    throat hit is great if you like regular cigarettes.
    the juice is unreal , very watermelon like the gum as other people have said

  135. barbx

    THE BEST! 😀 the smell is awesome.

  136. Meredith B

    Great smelling! Love the taste. Absolutely would recommend

  137. Dylan

    This is my #1 all time favourite! I love it and it tastes like jolly ranchers watermelon!!!!!

  138. Linda

    I ordered this in 70/30, 12mg and it’s my favourite flavour. It definitely tastes like watermelon, has really good vapour, has a decent throat hit, not harsh. Didn’t think I’d like the fruity flavours but was pleasantly surprised and could easily use this as an ADV. Will absolutely be ordering this again!

  139. Greg

    Amazing taste in a 50/50 mix at 6mg. Mixed it in a 50/50 blend with the fresh strawberry from here and it was even better, like a fruit salad.

  140. matt

    Amazing juice, right up there with the apple as the best this site has to offer. Doesn’t taste anything like watermelon – it just tastes like that delicious jolly rancher fake watermelon. Absolutely delicious! Tangy, sweet and tons of flavour. A must buy!

  141. Paul J L

    It’s a light, sweet taste, and precisely what it’s described to be. Not something that I’ll be vaping very often, as I prefer the sweet buttery flavors, but if you like candy watermelon, you can’t go wrong with this.

  142. nonname

    Did not taste like Watermelon at all and did not smell like it, it smell really nasty and the taste was like lemons.

  143. Teri Ameloot

    Nice subtle smooth watermelon flavor – not candy-like to me. Mild throat hit at 50-50 VG-PG 6 mg on my MVP 2 running at 8W with an iClear 16B.

  144. Jeff M

    My buddy got this flavour and I currently had RY4. I added 4-5 drops of the watermelon into mine and i instantly loved it. it tastes like watermelon jolly rancher. was great.

  145. tye f.

    this is my favorite so far. ordered the sample pack being new to vaping and to my surprise i seem to like fruit the best. ( thought it would be a a traditional smoke).
    so far this is my go to …. ordering bunch more today.
    also the 18ml seems to be more then expected … trying 12 the shipment.

  146. Nick C

    Pretty good vape I must say, the watermelon isn’t too overpowering, I’m vaping 50/50, decent troat hit, its very nice I recommend it to anyone that’s looking a for a not so sweet vape, I would compare it to jolly rancher watermelon candy

  147. Steve

    Really love mixing this flavor with other fruit flavors. Combined with strawberry it is fantastic.

  148. Irene

    Haven’t combined this flav with anything and might just try that. It’s ok, certainly smells like watermelon but still not my top fav flavour available.

  149. Tamara Barber

    one of my favorite flavours is watermelon. I find this one almost perfect. Its not as strong as others I have tried but I love it on it’s own, very refreshing to the mouth and taste buds. will be ordering it again.

  150. Curtis

    I didn’t really like this flavour alone, kind of has a weird aftertaste, mixed with peach or strawberry it’s a bit better.

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