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Sweet Fluffy Vanilla Goodness

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Dimensions 1.5 × 1.5 × 2.5 in

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82 reviews for Vanilla Cup

  1. Albert C

    My first try into the Vanilla cupcake was probably a little too subtle for my tastes and gave it a 3/5 rating but as I started to enjoy different ejuices I found myself coming back to the vanilla flavor. Now I can tell you that the Vanilla cupcake is the perfect blend for something "a little sweet" with no overpowering scents it has become one of my favorites and give it an upgraded score of 4/5. 50/50 18mg I will probably switch to 70/30 18mg to see the difference. Cheers

  2. Kathy S

    I used this in a 50/50 mix/24mg on an Apollo extreme battery and cartomizer. This has a very, very subtle vanilla flavor, but i would have preferred a more rich flavor. I like the vanilla flavor in the french vanilla ejuice better. It is slightly sweet. Not a bad flavor overall.

  3. Caitlin S

    I quite enjoyed this flavor, and was impressed with how it really tasted like a vanilla cupcake! I would recommend it to anyone that likes cupcakes.

  4. Robin B

    I find this a strong flavor. I do prefer more of a mild hint of flavor. I mix it with non flavor juice which is a good mix for me. But over all great taste.

  5. Stacey W

    The vanilla cupcake is amazing! My friends and family love it. It gives a STRONG TH and stays true to its name. Every time I have ordered 70/30 PG recommended base at a level of 18. Once you taste this it will become one of your favorites.

  6. Yvon D

    What a great way to quit smoking.. Sit back and vape a tasty cupcake without the calories. lol I’m lovin it! 🙂

  7. Amanda M

    The only reason I even bought an e cig was because I had tried a friends and she had a bunch of different flavors from here. This is one of those reasons…love it!!!

  8. tracy

    I decided to try this one because of the great reviews and it was just as good as i was lead to believe. Tastes like it should, great to mix with tobacco flavour as well, over all a winner. Will be ordering this again!

  9. Amanda M

    What can I say but really good choice. Will def order again

  10. Sherikeeley

    Thsi is my favourite so far..will order again

  11. marc n

    Very nice smell and flavour. Smooth on throat as well.

  12. Jon R

    This juice is good for those who like pastry and baked goods. Although the flavour isn’t strong (I like bold flavours so -1 point for this), there’s a mild and pleasant vanilla flavour which isn’t too sweet. I’ll stick with the fruity flavours, but this one is worth a try.

    70/30 12mg

  13. Rev F

    I absolutely LOVE this one. Just the right amount of sweetness and vanilla.
    This one also mixes perfectly with other juices (chocolate, caramel cappuccino…) without getting lost in their flavor. Definitely getting this one again!
    Nice work!

  14. Johanne F

    Very light, not as sweet as French Vanilla. Overall not bad. Great with morning coffee. I’m still getting used to the flavour, and for some reason, it keeps calling me back to it.

  15. Mary J

    Brought back memories of the little vanilla cakes I used to make in my easybake oven – absolute YUM.

  16. Rodrigo S

    I ordered a 6ml bottle and am now upset, IT IS SO GOOD, all day vape for sure!

  17. James C

    Great vape..If yo like vanilla anything, you will love this.

  18. Chelsea

    Ordered a bunch…this one is by far my favorite. Only downside is that I think I may be smoking it more cause its so delicious 🙂

  19. Stephen M

    This is a fantastic flavor. Not to sweet of a vanilla. I will have to order more for sure. This could easily be an all day vape for me.

  20. Elisha

    70/30 Base – 12 mg

    This is so delicious. It does not have too much of an overly powerful vanilla flavor. It is an all-day vape for sure.

  21. Jaycarlson

    70/30 @ 12mg…Nice sweet vanilla taste with a moderate TH.

  22. Amanda M

    This is a good juice but could be great with just a bit more vanilla flavor and a tad bit of sweetness.

  23. Trevor P

    Really nice flavour, not too sweet. I will be giving this another shot for sure.

  24. Matthew M

    This one was pretty good. Didn’t just taste like vanilla, but like vanilla cupcake. More like the vanilla frosting than pure vanilla flavour. Tasty.

  25. Pete A

    Smooth with moderate TH, but lacking in vanilla flavour. Worked okay as a base with Sweet Strawberry, but didn’t bring much character to the mix. Pretty bland on its own.

  26. Kyle B

    Great flavor really liked it would order it again. Canada E-juice has great prices and fast shipping.

  27. Allan T

    Wife (never smoked): It really does taste like vanilla cup cake. Good balance between the vanilla and cake flavour. Just the right amount of sweetness just like a dessert. The Vanilla Cup Cake, Bavarian Cream and the Piña Colada flavours all had a slight after taste – a “lingering bouquet”.
    Husband (heavy ex-smoker): I agree with my wife but sweet flavours aren’t my favorite. However, it certainly lives up to its name. I will use it for toning down the overpowering taste of some of the tobacco flavours (if the wife and kids don’t vape it all before I get to it).

  28. tony b

    Very Tasty.. will reorder 30ml on the next order..

  29. Danie

    Was great thinking about ordering again

  30. Sandra S

    I liked Vanilla Cupcake. It does taste like a vanilla cupcake and the vanilla is not overwhelming as it sometimes can be. I would give it a five but I use iClear 30’s and I could not clean out this e-juice from the wicks and coils. I assume that is not a problem if you are dripping or using cartomizers.

  31. Vera m

    Yummy….if you like vanilla and a tinge of sweetness you will love this..

  32. Brian J

    Good Flavor and good TH. would order again

  33. Denise W

    We have the 20/80 (pg/vg). I think this is my favourite one so far! Excellent vapour and draw. The taste is spot on and the smell lingers, which I enjoy thoroughly. The only issue I have with it, is that if I draw solely on this flavour it tends to leave my mouth tasting odd.

  34. audrey m

    Wow I love this one lol. It is my new favorite. Wonderful taste vape was amazing. Not 1 downside to this one. I am now ordering one of these every order from now on. Big 5 stars

  35. Michael K

    Tastes and smells like the description so points for that. Sweet vape good for dessert or whenever you want a creamy vape.

  36. Kim D

    Awesum Vanilla Cup Cake without the Calories…soooo goood…
    & there Delivery is like express…Order Bing Bang So fast…luv how fast
    this Company is…ty Canada ejuice

  37. Irene N

    I wasn’t crazy about this flavour at first which really surprised me considering I love vanilla and cake. However, after continuing to vape it, it has grown on me tremendously.

  38. Corey S

    Nice and creamy, fun to vape.

  39. Goran Z

    Really great stuff – not overpowering, nice subtle vanilla flavours, will definitely order again.

  40. Hammad H

    ordered this one at 6mg , love the flavour and ive been vaping it non stop since i got it. Probably going to order this in 0mg so i can vape it all day without worrying about having too much nic in me. – Hyder

  41. George

    Very subtle vanilla flavouring and is good to vape all day….. Good sweetness and not fake tasting

  42. Felipe G

    Not my favourite on the site but it’s not too bad. Like everyone says, it has a very subtle vanilla flavour and can be vaped all day.

  43. Michael P

    I was really surprised by this juice. Good right out of the bottle and great flavour. Rich, buttery flavour with obvious tones of vanilla and sugar. Not much of a throat hit but a great change up to my usual tobacco juices. I will certainly reorder this again for a change up.

  44. april g

    My hubby got me this as a surprise treat to give a try and I must admit it was a very good surprise the flavor is spot on it just such a smooth pull def a winner in my books !!!!

  45. Kerry D

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! great flavor on the inhale and the exhale! smooth and fresh, can’t wait to get a bigger bottle of this!

  46. Kim M

    Love this flavor….one of my favorites for an after dinner vape. Will definitely get this again

  47. Ruth-Ann

    I enjoyed this a lot. It is nice and not too over powering with vanilla. I would get this again.
    I was expecting a stronger flavor, but because it is so mild it is an all day vape and it can go with anything.

  48. Peter B

    This was a great juice. It’s a good imitation of the taste of the cake and icing. Not in my top 5 but I’ll pick it up again to have something for a change.

  49. John G

    You can’t mistake this one at all, It’s definitely a vanilla cupcake!. Really good taste and vapour but not an everyday vape for me.

  50. Jeff C

    It’s not a bad juice, but it doesn’t taste much like vanilla cupcake to me. Had it in the 70/30 low. I’m willing to give it another try – it’s not bad, just not what I expected – but I’ll try steeping the one I have for a bit to see if that improves the flavor.

  51. Dawne P

    I bought a sampler and love this and the French vanilla. Nice and smooth and great to use as a mixer with other juices. I did find it a little sweet on its own but great with a cup of coffee after dinner. Mmmm.

  52. derek l

    I’m with Jeff C; the sweetness of icing is definitely there, but it’s lacking in vanilla and "caky" flavor. It’s not bad, but my hunt for a go-to dessert flavor will continue. I also ordered it in the 70/30, weak strength combo.

  53. cole l

    I didn’t like this one, to me it didn’t really taste anything like vanilla.

  54. kevin m

    I liked this one alot when I first fried it but I slowly came to dislike it. Not sure why, it is rather sweet. Its really not bad I just won’t be getting it again.

  55. Michael T

    OH. MY. GOD. So remember that flavour from when you were a kid that you would sneak into the fridge to have more of when your parents weren’t looking because it tasted so darn good?! This is that flavor!!! I just had my first couple of hits on this and I’m almost too excited to type this. What are you waiting for?! BUY THIS JUICE NOW!

  56. Tylor E

    Would not recommend or order again.

    Can’t taste vanilla at all. Has a "creamy" taste and smell to it, but nothing like vanilla or cupcake. Ordered the 50/50, initial taste was unremarkable. Let it steep for over a month, can’t even vape it. Appalling taste, no hint of vanilla, the creaminess is still there but not at all pleasing. Throat hit is overwhelming, it’s the only juice I’ve tried that actually chokes me, and I use dual coil tanks with 30mg juices. Perhaps a bad batch, but I won’t risk it again.

  57. Michael R

    Not a huge fan at the moment, but it might grow on me. I’m not usually a fan of desert flavored juices.

  58. David

    It is not pleasant at all. Does not taste like a vanilla cupcake and is far too strong to vape for me.

  59. Jessica

    Didn’t like this one at all. Vanilla is my favourite flavour so was very excited to try this. It smells amazing but the taste just isn’t there for me. Almost tastes like burning all the time. Tried it a few times with different atomizers cause I really wanted to like it, but it just wasn’t working out.

  60. Jen M

    I was very excited to try this flavour because I love vanilla and I love cupcakes. I was kind of disappointed. All I got was sweet, no real flavour at all. And not a lot of vape produced either. Needs improvement.

  61. Brett

    Tried this one, it wasnt for me. Not saying it wasnt an excellent juice, because it was. It tasted very much like a vanilla cupcake, a little burnt, but just too sweet for an all day vape.

  62. Johneal Pineda

    i like vanilla cupcakes so this flavor was a must get for me i would recommend this to anyone this is an all day vape but thats just my opinion if you love vanilla cupcakes you should get this vape if you dont still try it

  63. mark s

    This one isn’t bad. It surprisingly tastes pretty similar to its namesake.
    It’s not something I can puff on all day though.

  64. Kim G

    Loved this one, it was like having Vanilla Cupcake – Perfect.

  65. sol m

    the first time i ordered this it was good the second and third time they both have a very burnt bread taste to them and im not sure why anyway not a fan anymore

  66. Yolanda

    It was okaaay…I really could not identify the flavour as being vanilla or a cupcake…it was still nice but I was unsure of what flavour I was inhaling.

  67. Brian G

    Nice flavor. Definitely tastes like cupcakes 🙂 will order again

  68. sol m

    awesome it really does taste like a vanilla cupcake soo good ran out of this fast

  69. Rita

    This was very nice on its own, and very nice as a mix, I added some to the coffee favours.. And it made it nice and rich..

  70. Jeff

    This juice is great if vaped occasionally. It is a good alternative from your main go to juice.

  71. Robert

    My wife and I loved this! Great taste and smell, not too strong at all in my opinion. Very smooth.

  72. Lewis

    I enjoyed this flavor quite a bit . The vape is sweet, but not too sweet!

  73. Redsnake

    Super gout je suis vraiment satisfait c’est comme vapoté des petits gateaux a la vanille. j’achetais mon e-juice d’un autre détaillant et canada e-juice est vraiment un changement formidable je le recommande fortement!

  74. Alicia

    Not a fan of it by itself, but it mixes well with fruit flavours

  75. laura

    I like this one 70%PG /30%VG 12mg very tasty , liked it better then smooth peach, won’t buy smooth peach again and going to stick to ordering 6mg of nic only. I just ordered , milk chocolate 70%PG /30%VG 6mg 10ml bottle , orange creamsicle 70%PG /30%VG 6mg 10ml bottle , and peanut butter 70%PG /30%VG 10 ml bottle 0mg . I was planning to mix the milk choco and peanut butter to see if I can get the reese pieces flavour, Wish they would make a Reese Pieces one that would be AMAZING. I vaped half of the vanilla cupcake already while playing call of duty Ghost on PS4 lol.

  76. sheila

    I did not enjoy this one at all. It reminded me of burnt sugar and the flavor was just as bad.

  77. ROBERT

    very good 5 stars taste just as it sounds would buy again.
    70 30 mix 18 percent nic

  78. Matthew

    Probably one of my favourites they offer! Tastes just like a sweet vanilla cupcake! 100% VG

  79. Bob

    Maybe the old taste buds are going, but I could not get hardly a taste of this product. Cleaned unit and everything, new coil, but nothing.

  80. Jordan

    Very weak taste on this one.

  81. Kelly

    Again, received this today along with the roasted marshmallow. Very bad. And, just like the roasted marshmallow, the DOB was Dec 2013! I wish someone would explain to me why i’m getting ejuice that’s from 2013 in 2015! 4 times this has happened this year. With 4 different 10 ml samples. I think i’ll be moving onto another vendor.

  82. Jamie

    this is a very light cake flavor it’s got a smooth hit when fresh. I found that if it sits too long it has a vomit like taste and smell. sorry guys wont get this 1 again.

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