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Full flavour, fine cut tobacco

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32 reviews for Tobacco

  1. Nelson F

    Tried this vape on SR atomizer with 50/50 mix at 24mg. Excellent throat hit with clouds of vapor from this vape. As far as a tobbaco vape goes, this one does the trick. It’s smooth and not harsh on the throat. Would consider this one an all day vape for sure.

  2. Habib A

    Tasted on Ego-C with a drip tip. 70-30 mix with 24mg nic.

    This tastes like nothing. No flavor (good or bad), just pure smoke. No after taste in mouth and no smell what so ever. It more than satisfied my TH and nic cravings. This is the closest thing that I’ve smoked thus far that tasted like a cigarette.

    Like Nelson said, I could vape this all day, but I just like my RY4 better πŸ™‚

  3. Timour I

    Ordered 30mL each of RY4 Double, Tobacco, Pear, Smooth Peach, and Red Raspberry, all in the recommended 70/30 mix.

    RY4 Double has a strong TH with sweeter, stronger tones. One 30 yo smoker told me he really liked it and thought it would help him get off cigarettes!

    Tobacco is milder but very pleasant, slightly less TH but it is quite there.

    Smooth Peach is wonderful, very sweet.

    Pear is a little milder than the peach but the flavour is exquisite!!

    Red Raspberry was my least favourite, but still vapable.

  4. Anthony R

    Good throat hit although I found it left a bit of a bitter after taste.

  5. Jason S

    18mg on Boge LR carto, 3.7v, 70/30 mix, unsteeped
    Odour was odd to me, smelled similar to all purpose spray cleaner, soapy is one word to describe it.
    Flavour was very mild and hints of the odour carried over into the flavor, I did not get the impression of tobacco at all.
    Vapour was excellent and the fluid was very cartomizer friendly, color was a very slight tint of yellow.

    This is a fresh from the package review and may not accuratly represent the true intended flavor of this juice as steeping can make drastic changes in the way a juice tastes.

  6. kyle w

    70/30, 0mg. Tried this flavor on an ego c twist Ce4 clearomizer and the flavor i get from this is that of a very mild tobacco. If you like mild tobacco flavors then this liquid might be for you!

  7. Adrian L

    I bought this liquid (70/30 18mg) based on previous reviews that it has no flavor. I used it in an eGO CE4. It may have been my batch but it has a very strong flavor of roses perfume that honestly I don’t like. Besides this flavor I cannot sense anything else because it is just too strong. I also bought Tobacco Menthol which has the same flavor. Other than that seems to be OK.

  8. Zenna

    Sweet and somewhat perfume-like. Tastes more like bettel quid than a typical tobacco. Very smooth but an acquired taste.

  9. Yvon P

    I bought tobacco 18mg, 50/50 basis, I found a bit much for me, still a good taste

  10. Daniel R

    I bought tobacco 18 mg in the 70/30 mix. With standard 808 cartos, it works very well. The liquid is clear. Unsteeped, I doesn’t really make me think of tobacco. It’s very smooth. and mild. Nothing fancy, even somewhat drab, but that’s what I need sometimes.

  11. Albert C

    3/5 good Vape but it has a bit of soapy taste, the smell and aroma are tobacco flavoured just that soapy taste couldn’t get over it. gave it some time and tried again with the same results.

  12. Rob W

    18mg 70/30 – I have to agree with the other reviews on this one. Mine also has a *very* distinct rose taste. I won’t say it tastes bad, it’s just not what I was expecting. I actually like the flavour, and suspect that if this was re-branded as a rose flavour it would have a 5 star rating. Mild TH, would work well for someone who chain vapes, but don’t expect it to taste like other tobacco flavours out there.

  13. Yvon D

    6ml 50/50.. Have to go with the concensus on this one but if you want to spice it up nicely, mix in a touch of Black Cherry to it. Perks it right up! πŸ™‚

  14. Kevin L

    70PG/30VG 30mg nic. As others have already mentioned, this flavor carries a rose flower essence along with other notes that are reminiscent of other tobacco flavors. It’s interesting once you go beyond the novelty of vaping flowers and does vape smoothly, but there are better tobacco flavors out there if you are in the market for them.

  15. Kellye W

    I finally tried this in a 70/30 mix and loved it. Very smooth with a nice taste.

  16. Gregory G

    Smooth tobacco flavour with rose undertone. Liked it and will buy more. 12mg 70/30.

  17. Kerry D

    Very smooth! Tastes just like the cigarettes I’m trying to leave behind! Good for those who are trying to quit!

  18. Michael R

    My favorite no fruit flavored tobacco by far, may consider grabbing a 30ml of this.

  19. Bobby

    not bad a bit strong, gonna try the nice and smooth one next.

  20. Josh M

    Not a bad tobacco flavour, but not the best. Found it to be a little bit harsh tasting. Enjoyed the nice a smooth a little better

  21. Brian G

    Smooth. A little mild however tastes quite a bit like tobacco to me.

  22. Jenn B

    I keep coming back to this liquid. It has a nice Canadian tobacco flavor and so far tastes great in any tank I’ve tried. It’s one of my regular liquids now for daily vaping!

  23. Amanda

    Great Mild taste for daily vaping but I wouldn’t consider it an all day vape.

  24. Kim G

    yuck did not like this one at all.

  25. Paul L

    This is a nice canadian tobacco, very smooth and great tasting.

  26. Lane S

    70/30 mix with other flavours to calm down strong tastes

  27. Henty M

    70vg/30pg 12mg I found this a bit strong to vape on its own, it was good though no chemical aftertaste. It came in handy to tone down the chemical aftertaste I had on the Cinnamon Red Hearts.

  28. Mary

    Good strong canadian tobacco flavour

  29. Terry

    Not a bad vape until the floral aftertaste hits you, otherwise would be pretty good. Mixed this 50/50 with RY4 double (which I really didn’t care for) and the result was toning what I didn’t like about both to a nice smooth vape.

  30. TrMacph

    Tastes like perfume, not good at all. I wouldn’t recommend getting a large bottle first, try the 10ml instead. Mine was the 70/30 12mg. I don’t recall any cigarette tasting like this.

  31. Ange Miao

    Mine doesnt taste like tobacco at all, it tastes EXACTLY like rose and I LOVE IT. The reason I say "mine" is because its tasted different the 3 times I ordered it, never like tobacco, but always tastes good, so I order it anyway.

    I let my friend try it and just called it rose, and she loved it too and asked me to order some too. I would however label it as rose flavoured and not tobacco because I cant for the life of me figure out how it can even be considered tobacco.

  32. awesome possum

    the flavor is a lot like bug spray πŸ™

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