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Has a light yellow colour. Tastes like ripened strawberries in all their sweet summer deliciousness!



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86 reviews for Sweet Strawberry

  1. Chris M

    Liked this one very much. This is more of an earthy real strawberry taste than a candy type strawberry although it is still sweet. I am a big fan of another vendors strawberry, but I may consider switching after trying this one out, or at least vape both πŸ˜‰

  2. Christopher D

    I ordered a 30 ml 18mg 70/30
    Ordering the 30ml bottle was not a mistake. Very nice. Using low res cartos on 3.7v devices.
    Nice strawberry flavour.

  3. Kurt F

    This one is awesome!! To me it tastes more like the big league strawberry gum from back in the day, sucked back 30ml bottle in about 2 weeks and all my other juice has been sitting since, great all day vape and just an awesome taste

  4. Donald P

    Just received my order yesterday and the service was excellent! Out of curiosity I ordered a small bottle of Sweet Strawberry 100% VG @ 18mg and vaped it with a standard 808d-1 at 3.7v. Awesome vape production and good throat hit, the taste reminded me of a thick strawberry milkshake on a hot day. Can’t wait to try my other selections!

  5. Martin B

    Vaped this on a ego-c on 3.7v mod with stardust clearomizer its simply awesome

  6. Sarah H

    Out of all the flavours I purchased this was by far my absolute favourite! It tastes like strawberry candy. I got the recommended 70/30. Definitely an all day vape for me.

  7. kyle w

    I agree with another reviewer when he said this e-juice could be compared to an earthy real strawberry taste. Definitely tastes as advertised!

  8. Margaret B

    I got the recommended 70/30 mix at 12mg. Nice TH and vape production. It isn’t really like real strawberries to me, but thats my favorite fruit so I am picky πŸ™‚ It does remind me of a nice strawberry flavored drink, a little on the candy side but not as sweet as a candy flavor. Overall very nice.

  9. JLee_audio

    70/30, mild(12mg) nice suddle strawberry candy flavor, good vape but low TH I find. Very tasty

  10. Lainee G

    Tryed one and loved it recomended for sure

  11. Roger S

    I tried this flavour and got the 50/50 mix. Tasted really good. The wife also liked the smell of it when I vaped around her. It really does taste like strawberry.

  12. Gerard R

    12mg 70/30 in a Vivi Nova. Very nice flavour however, despite the name, it wasn’t very sweet. More of a "rich" flavour. Would make a great all day vape. Good vaper and decent TH.

  13. R G M

    In my opinion, this tastes strawberry-ish, more like candy than the fruit. A little too sweet for my taste, so I can’t vape it too long. Good for after dinner and mixing. 70/30 @ 6mg.

  14. Michael G

    One of my favorites! Definitely an all-day vape, in my opinion. I get it in 18mg strength, 70/30 as the site recommends. Delicious strawberry taste!

  15. gurvir s

    loved it was nice sweet and refreshing one of my favorites so far

  16. Julia M

    Out of the 5 juices I ordered this one is my absolute favourite! I got 18mg 70/30. This is my all day vape for sure. The flavour stays with you, and it has a pleasant aroma (Actually smells like strawberry!). I will definitely re-order this one! πŸ™‚

  17. Roger S

    This is a decent sweet sort of flavour. Unfortunately for me, it makes me hungry.

  18. Sean C

    I really liked this juice and wow does it ever taste like strawberries!!! Nice sweet vape with a perfect throat hit at the 18 strength!

  19. Misti W

    6mg 70/30 I have tried every strawberry ejuice I could get my hands on and every one was like licking a sugar coated strawberry candy (not a fan of that at all myself) but this was like taking a bite of a juicy strawberry just without the juice (strange how that works!)

  20. Jason L

    70/30 Mild: Not the biggest strawberry flavor, but still a nice one to vape

  21. Leon M

    This has a very nice flavor and for me will be used as a nice change from time to time . I have a 70-30 mix with 18mg

    Leon MN

  22. Yvon D

    30 mg, 70/30.. This one goes on my reorder list. Taste like I just ate some fresh strawberries πŸ™‚

  23. keith l

    Very nice juice. Very realistic strawberry flavor. At 70/30, 18mg, quite nice.

  24. Trena L

    I love the strawberry flavors and have tried a few from different places this one definitely makes the top three along with the strawberries and cream from here. It is my all day vape. Perfectly wonderful!

  25. tracy b

    I love this e-juice Its not too strong just the right amount for me. I will be trying other fruit e-juice. Five stars

  26. Jason R

    This is to (earthy) as others call it for me .. I found it tasted like strawberry leaves more than the fruit . .. The smell is nice and is noticeable to others

  27. Thi Phuong Trang P

    My favourite ejuice from this site! I’ve tried other strawberry juices but this one is my favourite.

  28. Slawomir K

    Great flavor, great throat hit, what more do you need.

  29. Trevor P

    Overall a good juice and one that I could easily vape all day. It has a good strawberry flavour, not too mild or overbearing. Maybe it’s just me but it kinda has an odd taste to it but I can’t put my finger on it. I am finding that more I vape it the more it is growing on me though.

  30. Therrien H

    La saveur est très bonne goûte vraiment la fraise, mais pas trop douce pour moi. Je recherche des saveurs plus forte. Je prends toujours du 70/30 12mg

  31. AJ S

    Enjoyable flavour, reminds me of the dentist tho. But that’s what I get for picking a flavour of fluoride I like at the dentist haha…wish it were a bit more fruity rather then candy like.

  32. Ovais J

    Smells better than it tastes. I found the flavour too sweet for my liking. Caveat: I ordered the 0mg and it may be why I don’t like it as much as other flavours.

  33. Mel M

    Great taste. Can easily use this all day. Will be a repurchase

  34. Joey M

    Not as a big of a fan of this one as some of the other reviewers seem to be. I find it’s a little too sweet for my liking but it does taste and smell like strawberries if you’re into that. It’s a good switch up but not an all day vape for me.

  35. Jon R

    18mg 70/30 Great Strawberry flavour! I was worried that this might taste like artificial strawberry, but to my surprise, it tasted very close to the real berry. I haven’t found a time when this juice wasn’t appropriate, so it’s going to be on my repeat order list for sure. If you like strawberry, this one is for you!

  36. MH C

    I bought 4 flarvours with my last order and haven’t switched from Sweet Strawberry. I use 100% VG and enjoy the vape better than any mix I’ve tried; it’s a little thicker so I recommend using the VG with a BCC cartomizer.

  37. Daniel R

    This is a definite repurchase… very sweet and good vapor production

  38. Denise b

    Really don’t like the this flavor. It tastes really fake and I wouldn’t purchase this again. I couldn’t even finish the bottle unfortunately.

  39. Nicholas C

    Ah man i hate writing a bad review. This is one flavour i am appalled with. There was the weakest flavour of strawberries, but there seems to be so many other flavours going on it is utterly disgusting/.

  40. Paula R

    Love this ejuice….great sweet strawberry taste just as written…will def get again!! πŸ™‚

  41. MH C

    This is my third order of Sweet Strawberry and it never fails to satisfy! The taste is perfect and I could – and DO!- vape this flavour day in and day out! My mixture of choice is 100%VG 18mg!

  42. Zane

    Very nice balanced sweet taste.

  43. Antoine C

    Tastes like Mondou strawberry candies! Tasty…. love it. Nice vapor too. I tried it 70/30 0.6mg and it’s fantastic!

  44. Ruth-Ann

    Not a fan of this flavour. I find it has almost a chemical taste and not much strawberry flavour. I didn’t like it at all and will throw the rest out.

  45. Min K

    One of my favorite from canadaejuice so far. 70/30 xxstrong. Initially purchased 6ml to test it out and will be purchasing 30ml soon.

  46. Pete A

    I’m not much for fruit flavours on their own, but full marks for tasting like real strawberries. Makes a great mixer. Pretty aggressive TH.

  47. Kyle B

    Tried 12mg 70/30 great taste and mixes well with others one of my favorite flavors will always have some of this juice around! Canada E-juice has great prices and fast shipping.

  48. Ian M

    I tried 6mg 70/30 mix (i’m used to 16-18mg but cutting down on the nic, with this being the first juice at that level). I enjoyed this and found it to have a good taste and sweetness level.

  49. MH C

    My mix: 100%VG 18mg Sweet Strawberry is by far my favorite! I always sample other flavours but my main tank is always the sweet taste of candied strawberry. I love it so much- as does my husband- that we will only vape this flavour and neglect the others for weeks! 6 out of 6 if I could!!

  50. Claude

    After having tried few other fruity flavors, this is still my preferred one. Also very nice with a dash of menthol flavor, giving more presence to each puffs. Now I will order both strawberry flavors (sweet and fresh) to taste the difference.

  51. Nadia G

    Three words: Yum!
    *using up characters for review to be accepted :-)*

  52. joseph

    it has a very nice smell to it like walking into a field of strawberries. taste could be worked on a bit to make it taste more like strawberry but it is the best strawberry flavour ive had so far and I have tried a few sites

  53. Jason R

    Picked up a 30ml of this yesterday thinking I could use it as all day vape but as a heavy smoker just getting into vaping I realized strawberry just is not a good all day vape for me, possibly later on it could be but right now I need tobbaco flavors in order to really fulfill my cravings. It taste exactly how described though so anyone who really enjoys strawberries its a good choice.

  54. Gord H

    At first this flavour made me want to gag so I set it aside and forgot about it. After a week I tried it again and it was awesome. A little too sweet for my taste though. 12mg 70/30

  55. Tim L

    sweet strawberry is ok. It doesn’t taste like natural strawberry, more like the flavour you find in candy. I would consider trying a different strawberry

  56. Christian E

    Excellent Flavor best strawberry by far love it!!

  57. Candice A

    The flavor was really good and sweet, but had a bit of a bitter aftertaste. Mixed with double menthol and it was really nice. Tastes like strawberry hard candy.

  58. Brandon F

    Loved this flavour, at first the flavour wasnt too good but i tried it again after a couple of days and it tasted great. Would definetly recommend trying

  59. Jeff C

    It didn’t taste much like strawberry, and had such a strong, sharp flavor that it was impossible to vape. I’ve still got about a half-bottle of 30mL in the 70/30 low nic that I can’t even consider giving away to friends. I don’t recommend this one.

  60. Jason A

    Its very subtle, not going to make you think you’ve bit into a strawberry, I added it to the peanut butter, makes it work much better then on its own..

  61. Rachel P

    I ordered a number of juices from Canada E Juice. The strawberry has a very full flavour with a hint of tartness and sweetness. I enjoy fruit flavoured vapours, and this is one that I go back to often.

  62. Courtney D

    I love this flavour, tastes like a real ripe strawberry. I found that it tastes better if you let it sit for a few days before using it. Definitely one of my favorites!

  63. Michael T

    This was sent to me as a gesture of good will, because Canada eJuice was not able to provide me with a 50/50 blend of Orange Creamsicle so i got this one as a freebie.

    This product is awesome great taste and great vape, nice throat hit without the added chemical burn to your throat.

  64. Winston13

    One of my favourites, I really like the strawberry taste!

  65. Kim M

    My favorite flavors are the fruit ones, and this is definitely at the top of my list. I will order this again for sure.

  66. Michael R

    Really good juice. I thought I wouldn’t like it as much as Fresh Strawberry (thought it might be too sweet) but I was wrong, it’s not overly sweet. Reminds me of strawberry Fruite juice if you’ve ever tried that. 70PG/30VG 6mg

  67. Dan M

    great taste and great vape but i would prefer fresh strawberries. i thought there would be more flavor with sweet strawberry but was mistaken, the sweet strawberries was a bit too sweet with not enough strawberry flavor in comparison to fresh strawberries. still would reccomend trying it.

  68. Donald D

    Got this a free sample, I had just wrote strawberries and I was hoping for the fresh strawberries but received sweet strawberries instead. This is actually really nice, not as sweet as the name would imply but sweet enough. It’s like a cold strawberry fruit drink. 70/30 at 18mg and it’s very smooth vape. Would definitely recommend sampling this. I will be trying the fresh strawberries before deciding which is best.

  69. daniel

    Pretty tasty. I like it but i feel it has a very artificial taste at the end. Great smoke output.

  70. David M

    i really enjoyed this flavor it taste good i would recommend it to anyone its not to overpowering the taste is perfect πŸ™‚

  71. coolcut

    My favorite flavour – good hit.

  72. Brandon K

    Delicious flavor, great throat hit! This flavor is awesome and smells great when vaped but slightly too sweet for my liking. I imagine many people wont be bothered by the sweetness and I most likely would daily vape this if i hadn’t found it too sweet for me. Great liquid great price.

  73. sol m

    not a bad juice but you can taste the sweetener to much even with a 50/50 mix

  74. Anca

    Good hit, nice taste. A little too sweet, but I ordered again.

  75. Dan

    Vapour production on this juice is amazing as always in a 100% VG mixture. Throat hit is also very exact to amount of nicotine. As for the flavour it tastes just like a REAL strawberry. If your looking for a candy strawberry this might not be for you. I’m personally not a fan of strawberry so I got some of my friends to try it and they loved it. The smell of the juice is also very good. If your a fan of real strawberrys make sure to try both "fresh" and "sweet" strawberry flavours. As stated in the description there is a slight yellow colour to this juice. Also make sure to watch my review at :

  76. Silvia

    Have purchased this item twice! Sweet, smooth and super flavourful!

  77. Alicia

    Great flavour, and great vape. If you like strawberries this is definitely something you should get. It’s amazing on its own, or mixed

  78. Matt

    If you love sweet strawberry jam then you will LOVE this! 70VG30PG at 2.1oms and 4.5 blows my mind.

  79. coolcut

    This and grape are my favs

  80. jonathan v

    maybe its just my juice but i bought the 100% vg and i didnt really taste anything… used it with a davide bdc 1.8 and the aspire vivi nova bdc… just a subtle flavour of strawberry and its not even sweet…

  81. Vespar

    This juice is a little on the weak side for flavour, but it could be the 100% vg that’s making it a little weak. But the flavour is definitely there, steeping should help.

  82. Nicole

    love it, got it in my sample pack and it’s my favourite of the 5 i got, for sure getting it again!

  83. Irene

    Love it! My second best flavour after the Choco Mint! Hope you get more in stock soon. MMMMM

  84. Stacey

    Best strawberry ever!! This has been my all day vape for 3 years now! ***5 STARS ALL THE WAY***

  85. Lisa

    My All Time Fave Juice! Always my first choice!

  86. Ian Patterson (verified owner)

    Not at all what I expected. I use 50/50 15mg fruit flavours from here religiously because I like CEJ’s throat hit at 50/50 15mg, but this stuff has zero throat hit and is not pleasant to vape with a mouth to lung tank.

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