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Exactly what the name entails. Very Realistic, and quite similar to a certain childhood sweet… 

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75 reviews for Sweet and Tangy

  1. Stacey W

    Wow! Taste just like the real thing!!!! I love it! You did it again Canada E-juice!

  2. AJ S

    Wasn’t for me. Left a dry taste in my mouth, sort of that taste if you breath the dust in kool-aid mix haha..Was really hoping this one would be for me, I might mix it with some things and see what I can come up with, but over all not a winner for this guy

  3. Ryan P

    Exactly like the real thing…

    70/30 mix … pure delicious…

  4. Patrick M

    I enjoyed this juice also.. I get what Aj is saying cause sometimes it is dry.. Overall I would recommend this one.. Always great juices from Canada ejuice….

  5. shaun d

    Not sure.. I think I liked it. Got the sweet and then the tart right at the end. I ordered a small 6ml but think I will need to try it again.

  6. Christian E

    I love this one it is one of the best candy flavors this site has to offer!! Will buy this again for sure, all my friends love it!!

  7. Larry S

    If you like sweet tarts then this is for you. Tastes just like the real deal. Great vapor at a 50/50 mix and nice TH. I will order this again as it may become my "All Day Vape".

  8. Jodie

    This flavour was so good I had non vapers trying it and loving it, then asking me to blow smoke in their faces to enjoy the flavour! Great job on this one!

  9. Aaron A

    This one was recommended to me by the staff here.

    It did not disappoint. Nice and sweet. Smells nice too!

  10. joseph

    tastes a lot like sweet tarts very sweet smelling and quiet nice overall

  11. Matthew N

    This one really surprised me, it tastes EXACTLY like sweet tarts. Like wow. 50/50 mix in an iClear 16. This is one of my favorites thus far. Steeped for about 4 days.

  12. Aaron S

    This one is one of my favorites! Its has that familiar dry powdery taste that I loved about the candy, and just the right amount of sweetness!

  13. Lewis M

    Great flavor! Way to go! One of the best candy flavors that i have tried in the 7 months i’ve been vaping. Light sweet flavor goes great in my eGo-c. Will be ordering a 30ml next time!

  14. Chris B

    The flavour of this is spot-on; tastes just like the candy. Nice TH and very flavourful at the recommended 70/30 mix at 18mg.

  15. James

    This juice is the real deal, smells and taste exactly like the real stuff! My gf who doesn’t vape had to try it…and loved it. She now wants me to order her a bottle with out the nic.

  16. jesse b

    Delicious juice good vapor production first product I’ve tried from this company and I have now found my permanent juice supplier

  17. Rebecca S

    smell, taste, and vapor is amazing. Highly recommend this flavor!

  18. Rob P

    Tate just like sweet tarts! My wife found after vaping it for a while it go a little too bitter but definitely recommend if you love the yummy taste of sweet tarts!

  19. Gordon C

    Really does taste just like the candy. Nice as a treat. Wouldnt use it all day.

  20. Kim M

    Very good flavor if you don’t mind tasting it for the rest of your life!!!!! I couldn’t get the flavor off my clearomizer wick for the longest time, and every time I added a new juice, all I could taste was sweet tarts!

  21. Joseph B

    Maybe I got a bad batch, but I’m just not getting the strong Sweet Tarts flavor everyone is talking about.
    The smell in the juice and in the vapor is there, but the taste on the inhale was almost too subtle as to be overpowered by the slight sweetness of the VG.

    I’ll give it another shot after steeping for a while, but I can’t recommend it as is.

  22. Kerry D

    Great taste on the inhale and even better on the exhale!! THIS TASTES JUST LIKE THE CANDY!! if you like the candy, order the juice! I got in in 24mg,100vg and it’s perfect! every time I vape this people in the room ask what smells so good! LOVE

  23. Dan M

    Ever since I was a kid I have always found sweet tarts to be a "decent" candy but yet I have given this juice a 5/5. The reason I gave this juice a 5/5 is because this juice is 100% accurate. I don’t know how but just like the pineapple this juice is right on the spot. If you love sweet tarts this will definitely be your favourite juice. I found it to be a lot better as a juice to mix with the tobacco flavours rather than on its own. Check out my video review at:

  24. K.C.

    I have always loved sweet tarts and this is a dead ringer. Super sweet, awesome throat hit and one of the few I can vape all day. I prefer the ISmoka mini BCC for all my vaping and paired with this sweet tarts juice I get plooms of vapor. All in all, awesome! Thanks Canada e juice!

  25. Courtney D

    This tastes exactly like the candy! I like it more as a treat than an every day vape because its a bit sweet, but it’s still one of my favorites.

  26. Michael T

    This flavour is a little bit to sweet for my liking, I think that I would classify this as a dessert vape rather then a regular vape.

    But regardless this is still an excellent flavour.

  27. Larry L

    Mediocre. I loved the candies as a kid(still do now) but this juice was not for me, I found it was kind of cough syrup and to much chalky taste

  28. cole l

    Absolutely love this juice. True sweet tart flavour I gave it a 5/5

  29. Justin

    This flavor was almost right on the money, kind of a weaker taste than the sweet tarts by willy wanka but not bad. I tried the 6ml tester 50PG/50VG. if I was to rate it I would say 6/10. Not bad!

  30. Chris L

    This is my favourite e juice. Very easy all day vape. Good throat hit even at 6mg! I will always keep this juice at hand.

  31. edwin b

    Amazing! Can’t believe how close the taste and smell this liquid is. Will definitely order this one again.

  32. Jeff D

    Love it. Very authentic sweet tart flavour. I find this one fairly strong – I could smell it through the packaging when I took it out of my mailbox!

  33. mark s

    This one is great. It really does taste like the candy of the same name. It even has that dry powdery taste. Very good!

  34. Nikki G

    Absolutely my fav flavour! Tastes exactly like the candy! Ordering a 30ml this time!

  35. Jonah D

    ordered this in a 6ml and liked it so much, now getting a 30ml. tastes just as the candy, smells great too!

  36. Elizabeth B

    This one is a great, so close to the real thing.

  37. Roy D

    I’d swear that there are different flavours in this one … plus it has a purple ring on the top of it. Great flavour – better than I expected.

  38. Suzi S

    I was a bit disappointed in this one.the strong flavor I was hoping for wasn’t there.if I try it again,I would ask for extra is a nice smooth vape though

  39. kyle r

    Fastastic taste. Quality juice with a great vapour. Very smooth.

  40. Frank

    This was a surprise. It is fantastic. I love the taste and my wife and kids loved the smell, they actually put their faces in my exhale!

  41. Donovan Guertin

    Not a bad juice, a little of a rancid flavour, wouldnt try it again personally. Too sweet for me.

  42. Mikey Bikey

    This is a really good one and a few of my friends like this one better than anything else, taste just like sweet tarts and is surprisingly a good all day vape. 5/5

  43. calvin

    Its too light for me. There is a strange powdery aftertaste.

  44. Warren S

    Vape is prefect. So smooth, and great taste, with a reduced sour taste you would expect in sweet tarts. Also has a sweet taste, but no after taste, so it dose not leave you thirsty (What I was afraid of, actual sweet tarts make me soooo thirsty). All day vape for me on this one.

  45. sol madden

    best juice iv had from this place it tastes 100% like sweet tarts no joke you must try this one!!!!!!!

  46. Frankie

    This juice is great! Tastes very similar to sweet tarts candy, just a little bit more sour. I find that i taste hints of PEZ candy in here as well. Great everyday juice to vape.

  47. Julie

    tried a sampler size of this… tastes just like the candy…. tasty!

    couldn’t vape this all day though… it’s more like a dessert…

  48. Ted K

    So far my favorite! Smooth sweet but not too sweet. Easy to vape. Tastes exactly like sweet tarts

  49. Josh B

    Not too sweet and doesn’t taste too much like the candy but I like the flavour and will be buying more. Good for an all day vape.

  50. Ronald D

    This is the fourth flavour I’ve tried. The taste is mostly present on exhale. Tastes just like a handful of assorted tarts. Sweet. Like a desert or movie night vape. I’d keep a little bit on hand at all times.

  51. Jeremy W

    I was frankly surprised how realistic the flavour of this juice is.

  52. Heather B

    nice tangy, not oversweet good all day vape

  53. Daniel

    Awesome flavour. Taste very much like sweet tarts or rocket candies. Can puff on this all day

  54. Neil

    Great flavour. Nice if you like a sweet vape. Excellent clouds.

  55. Nick

    Pretty decent and realistic flavor

  56. Chris

    I was quite happy with this one and have used over 30ml of it. It is now my ADV. Flavor is exactly as stated and very realistic.

  57. Jason G

    Love this one. On my second order of it – will buy again.

  58. Aaron

    This is my 5th or 6th order of this one, it’s all I need. Ordering another 6 bottles right now, f*cking love it!

  59. Rain Stevens

    sweet tarts mixed with mountain dew…is fuckin’ awesome

  60. Nikki

    This one is fabulous. One of my top 3 for sure. Will be ordering my 3rd bottle very soon. Highly recommend. 100% VG 6 mg

  61. Alex

    m’y first pic over all Will order again

  62. Vespar

    I’m a little on the fence for this one. It definitely tastes like sweet tarts, which is great. However, something just seems… off? I don’t know if its too strong or sweet but there’s something that just isn’t doing it for me. Its not bad or anything, it vapes great. just… I’m not sure hah.

  63. Amanda

    Taste to me is spot on but like to mellow it out with a light fruit flavor. Tastey vape

  64. Melody

    Awesome, mixed it with a teenie bit of menthol and it was amazing!!!!

  65. Steve

    Great juices, tastes spot on! I am re ordering for sure

  66. DaddyDe

    This was the first ejuice i ever ordered from this site, and i was VERY pleased, tastes great and vaped great as well. will be ordering a 120ml bottle in the next few days.

  67. Shari V

    I ordered this in a sample pack , not sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised by the awesome flavors that all tie together to create a blast of fruity flavors in your mouth. Love this flavor! True to the sweet tart candies and one of my new favorites. A definite must try 🙂

  68. Shauna

    Really tastes like sweet tarts to me. Although I don’t think it’s a vape I would want to be vaping all day. Had 70/30 in my iTaste. Probably would order it again though.

  69. David

    Tastes just like a pack of the actual candy. If you like sweet tarts or not, i find this flavor to be a all day vape. The flavor is good not a overwhelming tart or sweetness its perfect, just like the candy. I am using max VG.

  70. Glenda

    Wow, this stuff is great. I can use it all day every day. Girlfriend was in my car when I first used it. She looks at me and asks, "is that sweet tarts"? Oh ya.

  71. Anders

    Good stuff! got a 50/50 mix at 12mg. tastes just like the real thing, sort of a mix of all the flavours. even has that almost chalky/bitter after taste on the exhale.

  72. Dominique

    Love it! I get 50/50 at 6mg and it tastes great! Became one of my main all day vapes. Tastes like candy, even people around me keep telling me how good it smells even 🙂

  73. Jay

    I assume this one will get GREAT reviews across the board!

    Amazing sweet candy taste, and they still managed to toss in that "bitter sweet" taste we all love on the exhale. 100% recommended as an all day vape, or a mixer!

    Taste really good along side any fruity flavors! (raz, strawberry, etc.)

  74. shan

    This flavour is one of my all time favourites. It smells so good that I feel I’m performing some sort of room perfuming service wherever I’m vaping. I have a 30/70, 0mg and it tastes just like a handful of dang Sweet Tarts to me (my man says it’s more like Pez candies – I disagree. Hopefully this disagreement can be resolved amicably. Hopefully).

  75. Lane Crozier (verified owner)

    This *if it is the Sweet Tarts flavour I ordered last time but can’t find. This is the best juice ive found. I dont need an intense flavour, this ones very smooth and i love it.

    Can someone get back to me and tell me if it is the sweet tarts flavour?

    • Eric Hutchins (verified owner)

      Hi Lane!

      That is the same great flavour you know and love! We just changed the name to comply with new Gov’t regulations.
      Thank you for your feedback!

      – Shaggy 🙂

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