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RY4 is a classic strong Tobacco flavour. Thousands of vapers love it!

***RY4 in the 50/50 Ratio has been discontinued for the time being. We apologize for any inconvenience.***

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69 reviews for RY4

  1. Habib A

    Tested on: Joyetech Ego-C with standard cartridge and atomizer. Base: PG70/30 (Recommended) 24mg Nic. RY4 is my favorite flavor for ejuice. This one is rather on the mild side (If you like your RY4 with a bit more flavor than a subtle hint of it, go with RY4 Double, my favorite here). I couldn’t really taste the vanilla as much, and the caramel is rather maple syrup-ish. But really good flavor nonetheless. I’ve had it yesterday and again today after steeping the bottle in warm water. The taste definitely opened up a bit more today after steeping since I got mine of a fresh batch.

  2. Christopher D

    30ml 18mg 70/30
    I let this flavour steep for a couple of weeks. I had high hopes and they were met. Leaving a delicious sweet nutty chocolaty tobacco aroma throughout my living room.

  3. Adrian S

    Has a vanilla & caramel type taste to it. Definitely worth trying out. Not too sweet at all. Just right!

  4. Jonathan A

    I’m using 18mg, 70/30 mix on a boge cartomizer and stardust. When I first used this to me it had an overwhelming vanilla taste, after steeping for a few days the taste is ok, but still not amazing to me. I like this flavour, but it has a slight vanilla/caramel sweet sugary taste and I don’t like vaping it for long.

  5. Habib A

    I reviewed this juice back in April. Two months later, it’s well steeped and it tastes drastically different. I figured I’d post a follow up review.

    I’m now trying this with a Lavatube Mini at 4.5v with a CE3 Clearomizer. I had also steeped the juice last month with the cap open and cap closed.

    The juice tastes SIGNIFICANTLY better. One of the subtle, yet best RY4 I have ever tasted. It’s much sweeter now, but it’s not sugary sweet, but rather pleasant flavorful sweet. Inhale taste is bursting with flavor, mild vanilla and caramel, with a slight hint of citrus. Exhale taste is very very subtle but it doesn’t matter.

    Vapor production is decent for the mix I got (70-30). It’s my all day vape now and I have been smoking this for two weeks straight now with no sign of stopping.

    My advice to potential buyers is steep this bad boy for at least a month. One of the best juices I have ever tried!

  6. Zenna

    I liked the RY4 double so much I tried the RY4. Good but not as tasty. Fantastic TH.

  7. Roger S

    Got the 50/50 mix with 18 nic. Unfortunately for me, personally, it was not my cup of tea. I will be mixing it in with other flavours later on. It may provide the flavour boost for another one. It does have a very prominent taste.

  8. Gord F

    Now this one I really liked. The RY4 Double was a bit too strong and or sweet for me, but this one was just right. Not too heavy or over powering sweetness, nice and mellow. Will definitely order this one again.

  9. Joanne G

    love this one just a nice smooth flavor.

  10. Michael G

    Tried this through my Bloog MaxxFusion. It’s OK, but I like RY4 Double a lot better. This normal RY4 isn’t as sweet or robust as the RY4 Double. The normal RY4 isn’t to my liking.

  11. Ian P

    70/30 mix is nice, i found the double to be a little too much. This is a nice comprimise for people like me who smoked light cigarettes i think.

  12. chad m

    not bad if you like a smooth nutty taste i will have to try the ry4 double and see if i enjoy that one better.

  13. Joanne G

    Again another of my fav sometimes i add a little flavoring to change the taste but its a very smooth tast not over powering.

  14. Matthew R

    Great mild taste that keeps you coming back for more! I used to be a smoker and i find that this is in my top 5 for vaping flavors that comes close to simulating a real smoke. Definitely going into my regular rotation!

    Ordered the 30ml 70/30 mix at 24 strength

  15. Dave S

    Coming strait to this off of healthcabin ry4 once customs started stopping my shipments, I was a bit disappointed! Flavor was lacking from what I was used to and the throat his wasn’t as strong. I will saying after about a week of use I became accustomed to this juice and it was alright..but I would recommend the double or the asian version over this in a heartbeat! It’s all personal preference so if you like that sweet, caramelized tobacco flavor in a mild, decent hitting package, this is a great juice!

  16. Frank H

    Its a nice clean flavor and hit. Its refreshing. I orderd the recommended 70/30. I don’t know your tastes, but I doubt it will disapoint. It doesn’t taste like anything that I can compare it to.

  17. James W

    One of my favorite all day vapes. Really nice sweet flavour but not over powering. Milder than the RY4 double but they are very similar.

  18. Trena L

    This is a smooth tobacco flavor but a bit strong for me. Not really liking the tobacco flavors as much as I thought in general.

  19. tracy b

    Thi is a good e-juice Nice throat hit. Just the right amount of liquid I will be buying more o this in the future Thanks again

  20. suzannah r

    I tried the double before this one so I was expecting the same flavor but lighter.. The taste, to me, was quite different. This one tastes more like juicy fruit gum flavor tobacco. And as gross as that might sound, it’s not gross. I actually really like it. It’s good for all day and night I found. (some I love in the day but don’t do it for me at night, some are great at night then gross me out in the day… Anyone else find that?)

  21. Colin T

    One of the cleanest, smoothest e-juices I’ve tasted. Throat hit is fairly tame and the flavour is sweet. Went through a 6 ml bottle in about 4 days, and I will certainly be buying more of it. Also considering trying the RY4 double.

  22. howie o

    Smooth and tasty, tastes like eggnog to me. i got it in 70/30% and 24mg. so there is lots of throat hit, but mostly because of the nicotine im sure. it’s my all day vape. it had a bit of a soapy taste for the first week. but now it’s Delicious. i am going to buy this again and again.

  23. tracy

    I ordered this not really knowing what to expect other than the reviews and i was extremely happy that i did! By itself i find it quite lovely, it has a nice sweetness to it and best of all i find that mixing it with my other flavours is brilliant. This flavour plus the blueberry is my ultimate favorite right now, i have been vaping it for 2 days and it is perfect. Highly recommend trying it!

  24. Amanda M

    This is probably my second favorite after the double double. But a really close second. Nice and smooth with just a tad of sweetness. And no bad aftertaste.

  25. Therrien H

    Bon goût mais trop doux, j’aime mieux plus fort en saveur. C’est du 70/30 12mg.

  26. Amanda M

    After trying this again in the 70/30 compared to the 100, I still love it. It’s not quite as creamy and rich as the double double but still fantastic!

  27. Rachel P

    Tis was just so so for me. At first I thought that it was really good, but then after about a day of it, it was just to sweet. So I mixed it with mentol and then it was really good. By its self, not so much.

  28. Ovais J

    I ordered the 70/30 12mg. Subtle tobacco flavour with a sweet touch. Good throat hit. Not as strong a flavour as I would like, so I usually mix it with other flavours.

  29. Michael K

    Solid throat hit with a sweet after-taste. Flavour is mild though, only reason I gave it 4/5.

  30. AJ S

    Not sure the difference between the RY4 and Double RY4. But both are great. Personally found the RY4 to be a bit smoother then the double. I ended up adding a bit of vanilla cupcake to mine since I prefer it a bit sweeter. But with all the versions of RY4 out there its hard to give it a star rating, they all have so many different characteristics…I went with a 4 because It was missing something for me, but I will vape this mix again

  31. Laurent L

    I honestly didn’t like it for the sheer fact that I do not like any of the tabacco flavours (which I just realized).

  32. perry d

    easy going ry4, really enjoyed it, works well with my e roll.

  33. Heather W

    This is a great flavour. Has a nice throat hit as well as a pleasant nutty taste.

  34. Allan T

    Husband(heavy ex-smoker): I find the added sweetness provided by the caramel and the vanilla flavour significantly cut down the harsher tobacco flavour. It is much smoother than many of the other “plain” tobacco flavours I have vaped. I would recommend it.

  35. Chris R

    Vaping this today, 70/30 18mg. Very sweet and smooth and could be an all day vape for me.

  36. Carole a

    This liquid is really nice in various different clearomizers and cartomizers. It is definitely one that you keep going back to. If you like the real tobacco taste then this is a good one.

  37. David C

    An all day vape without question. very nice tobacco with an undertone of creamy caramel… 70pg /30vg nice vapor. A must try and you will rebuy…

  38. Lewis M

    RY4 is one of my favorite tobacco flavors. This RY4 double is one of the best tobacco vapes I have tired in a long time.

  39. april g

    RY4 is by far my go to of choice I loved it so much when I polished off mine I took my mom’s lol this is my choice juice I love it and can not stop raving about it !!!!!

  40. Gregory G

    Good all day vape, less harsh than RY double, more creamy taste. 70/30 6mg.

  41. Amanda R

    Great tasting -if you like a caramel flavoured tobacco-stress the caramel. Not an all day vape for me-found it too rich. Would be a good after dinner vape.

  42. Jeff L

    Overall great tasting juice. Comparing to the RY4 double, the taste is lighter and somewhat refreshing.

  43. justin w

    By far my favorite tobacco flavor.

  44. Sharon H

    Fabulous vape! I actually will add a touch of butterscotch liquid to it to make it a bit sweeter. Definitely a re-order for me!

  45. Randy B

    Of the three flavours I’ve tried thus far, ry4 is hands down the best vape. Smooth sweet and just right. Definetly suggest and will reorder this one !

  46. ross c

    Ross C. I enjoyed this juice on it’s own and it mixes well with other juices I will give this a 4.5out of5 rating

  47. Gary D

    First time buyer – absolutely loved the customer experience!!!! Great Job!! I will be a loyal customer!

  48. kevin m

    This juice is very good in my opinion. It has almost a fruity taste to it combined with tobacco, can’t quite put my finger on it though. I like it.

  49. Josh M

    Tried Ry4 from several different companies and found this to be the best one so far, also tried the Ry4 double and didnt seem to be as smooth, this is a favourite and will keep ordering! 70/30 was a good blend. Very enjoyable vape

  50. B P

    I just ordered this for the third time, 6 bottles on my last order alone. I cannot go without this RY4 – I’ve tasted over 10 other RY4’s from other vendors and this is my favourite. It’s light, not overly sweet, and just perfect.

  51. The K. (Jimmy) C

    Okay when I first got this it was still kinda fresh & cleary (liquid color) so I let it steep for a few days. Not a bad vape but not great . the tobacco flavor was too mild & it seriously lacked in the vanilla caramel department. Compared to RY4 double …well lets just say its not half of what it should be . Its definitely an all day vape for some but not me.

  52. Calvin L

    Really good. Last time I ordered this a while ago, it was the best tobacco flavour I’d had vaped before.
    Would recommend again. 9.5/10

  53. John C

    Not sure if I received a bad batch, but it tasted horrible…

  54. Josh M

    Excellent liquid, one of my favourites and will keep ordering. Very different taste than any other tobacco flavor. Also found it to be smoother than RY4 double. Also found this to be the best ry4 from any vendor so far. Will order more

  55. Boris

    Not sure why this is called RY4. Is there menthol in it? It’s really weird and not what you’d expect an RY4 to taste like. If you like Dekand RY4 don’t buy this.

  56. Jessica

    Not a fan of tobacco flavours one bit. They just taste nasty to me. Much rather fruity and sweet flavours. I quit smoking for a reason, not many people enjoy the taste of a cigarette.

  57. Julian W

    I have to say I am not a big fan. I found the flavour to be spicy and in my opinion almost ginger like. I wanted to love this flavour but I just could not vape it all day long. I am still vaping it but only in small amounts. I preferred the RY4 double, for a much more realistic tobacco smoke.

  58. Stephen S

    This was only the second tobacco flavor I had tried but I found it to be quite nice. I was surprised by how mild it was with a bit of sweetness. I have not tried any other RY4 but I would suggest someone looking for a tobacco flavor at least give this one a try.

  59. FraserM

    I like a little of this added to menthol. Seems to be a good vape.

  60. Christine H

    I liked it very much, but the Royal Oak won out for me over this one. A good juice though!

  61. Jeff

    Delicious! Never knew what to expect but this one was a pleasant surprise.

  62. Rodger W

    70/30/12mg : Very light taste, almost transparent, compared to RY4 Double. If you like sweetness, but not too much, this is good. My preferred is Double personally.

  63. James

    Taste great but double ry4 taste better

  64. SpencerH

    Very smooth with a tiny throat hit, good flavour has a sweetness to it that makes it a delight to vape.

  65. Michelle W

    I was excited to get RY4. I had tried it from another vendor and absolutely loved it. I was addicted to it. When I got my order (which came very fast…ty) I opened the RY4 right away and was very disappointed that it did not taste anything like the one I had before. It’s slightly sweet and there’s a hint of menthol? Maybe? The one I had previously was more of a caramel, nut and tobacco flavour. I didn’t taste any of that in this one. I also bought the double RY4 but haven’t tried it yet. I’m hoping its much better.

  66. Katherine F

    Just tried this at random and by chance had to give a call about something else, so happy I called. It seems the men out there luv this and the RY4double. Well, this is the closest to a real CIG for sure. Had to cut it cause my allergies are killing my throat but I do luv this one. Vapping right now 😉

  67. matt

    Absolutely love this flavour amazing nutty after taste and refreshing. I reccomend it for anyone looking to have a nice vap

  68. chris

    it’s decent, not as good as people said tho… but i still like it

  69. Jason

    Trying this flavor for the first time and it’s ok. I prefer the taste of MLB the most so far but will definitely be trying other tobacco flavors.

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