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RY4 Double

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RY4 Double is a classic tobacco flavored e-juice for vaping.  It is a strong Tobacco flavour, with subtle hints of Vanilla and Caramel. Thousands of vapers love it!

*Canada E-Juice #5 Best Seller!*

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Weight50 g
Dimensions1.5 × 1.5 × 2.5 in

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292 reviews for RY4 Double

  1. Habib A

    Tested on: Joyetech Ego-C with standard cartridge and atomizer. Base: PG70/30 (Recommended)with 24mg Nic.

    Now this is an amazing juice! The flavor is intense, very sweet and tastes very much like maple syrup. Good throat hit, good vapor. Doesn’t leave much of an after taste in your mouth, which could be a good/bad thing depending on you.

    The batch I got was very fresh, waiting for it to steep a little bit before I try it again. If it gets any better you are gonna have to add another star to the review system cause 5 isn’t enough!

  2. Bonnie B

    Tested on: Joyetech Ego with Ego Booster – direct dripping. Base: PG70/30 with 18mg Nicotine. I wasn’t sure if I liked this flavour initially so I let it steep for about three days and wow – this was really good. I found it very light tasting with just the right hints of tobacco and sweetness. This juice is excellent for direct dripping – the vapour production is great!

  3. Justin F

    Tested on: Xtream 510 3.5ml carto. Base: 70/30 with 24mg. A sweeter version of RY4, doesn’t really have that much flavor other than sweetness to me, but it’s a nice simple all day vape.

  4. Tracy H

    The flavour is quite pronounced in this liquid. I could taste undertones of the various flavours, which is a good thing for RY4. It does have sweetness to it and it has a good solid flavour to it. For my tastebuds, it reminded me too much of black licorice which has never been an appealing taste for me. That wouldn’t deter me from suggesting it to others though, since taste is subjective. For what it’s worth, it wasn’t a terrible licorice taste, but it did remind me of it.

    Vaped in horizontal kanger and boge cartos at 24mg with 100% vg base.

  5. Dale Q

    Fabulous juice. It has great throat hit and a subtle nutty taste. Used this on an ego with drip tip and also a horizontal cart. Great, great. The 70/30 mix is perfect.

  6. Darren S

    This product is very flavorful, I am quite enjoying the taste,and I haven’t even steeped it!!!. The vapor is very good. It does in fact have a maple syrup taste which is great. Its stats are 70/30 24 mg. Has an excellent throat hit as well. Keep the good ones rollin out!!!

  7. Thanh L

    just received my bottle, refill took like 5 mins to do, put everything back, vape and WOW, taste amazing! bottle will last me 2 weeks which is good cuz i vape alot, nicotine strength is alright, wish it was stronger (i have the 24mg), shipping was not bad, took like 1 week to get here. transaction went smooth as expected. i recommend order over 50$ and save the shipping cost, this seller is legit! A++

  8. Christopher D

    30ml 18mg 70/30
    Its sweet, at 18mg wouldn’t say it had a harsh throat hit. Seems as though its getting better each day. Friends and family have said they could smell chocolate, caramel. For me I just get a sort of cotton candy taste. Comparing it to other RY4 its nothing like what I thought. I guess that’s why its called RY4 Double and not RY4.

  9. Martin B

    very good tabbaco mix lots of flavor pretty good in a stardust

  10. Timour I

    Ordered 30mL each of RY4 Double, Tobacco, Pear, Smooth Peach, and Red Raspberry, all in the recommended 70/30 mix.

    RY4 Double has a strong TH with sweeter, stronger tones. One 30 yo smoker told me he really liked it and thought it would help him get off cigarettes!

    Tobacco is milder but very pleasant, slightly less TH but it is quite there.

    Smooth Peach is wonderful, very sweet.

    Pear is a little milder than the peach but the flavour is exquisite!!

    Red Raspberry was my least favourite, but still vapable.

  11. Jonathan A

    This is one of the only juices I really like here. I’m using 18mg 70/30 mix on a boge cartomizer and while this doesn’t really remind of any other ry4 and isn’t amazing I really like the taste and can taste a bit of caramel and tobacco.

  12. kyle w

    I have no experience on what a good or bag RY4,double at that,should taste like. However, i really really like this e-juice. The caramel flavor is definitely present and mixes well with the tobacco flavors. I have been vaping on this e-juice all day through a V2cigs long battery with a blank cartomizer and it produces TONS of vapor. My only regret is that i didn’t buy a larger quantity!

  13. Margaret B

    This is the first tobacco flavor I’ve tried so I can’t really compare it to anything else. I do know that I really enjoyed it. To me it was a well balanced blend of caramel and nuts with a light sweetness and not at all harsh. I tried it at the recommended 70/30 mix with 0 and 12mg strengths. I will definitely be buying this again.

  14. Stephane d

    My prefer ate RY4 on all the RY4 in the market. Great Vape, Great taste!

  15. Mike H

    Love it, vaping the 70/30 pg/vg mix on a Ego Twist in a Phoenix bottom coil tank and it’s one of my all-day vapes. I particularly like it with beer. Kind of sweet, kind of nutty, I almost get a hint of chocolate at times I think, all folded on top of a nice smooth tobacco flavor. Glad I got two big bottles of this stuff.

  16. Jason S

    18mg on Boge LR carto, 3.7v, 70/30 mix, unsteeped
    Odour is very similar to cotton candy juices I have tried before.
    Taste was very similar to cotton candy as well.
    Fluid was cartomizer friendly and made good vapor, color was a light yellow.

    The cotton candy flavor is not uncommon to a fresh bottle of RY4 type juice, Halo’s Tribecca starts life tasting like cotton candy as well but blossoms into an incredibly good tasting juice after a short time steeping, I look forward to seeing how this RY4 Double blossoms.

  17. Paul D

    I have no previous experience with the RY4 flavour but this is great! There is definitely a caramel taste with a hint of tobacco. I tried it unsteeped and think this is my new all day juice!

  18. Andrew S

    I tried a few of their 6ml samples including the double Ry4 and this one really grew on me.

  19. Noreen A

    70/30 0mg and 12mg. Tried this based on all the positive feedback and was not disappointed. It more than met my expectations. This is absolutely my favorite flavor. Steeping just made it more flavorful and rich. It is my all day vape and I am back to buy more.

  20. Gordo

    First day out of the box it did have a soapy flavour. I waited a couple of weeks to do this review to give it a chance to steep a little. It has made a very nice difference. For me, the caramel sweetness was a tad heavy , so next time I will order it 50 pg and 50 vg instead of the recommended 70/30. That should mellow it a bit, I think. lol.
    Also, loved the great service and quick delivery times. Thanks.

  21. Cloud

    very smooth mild flavor, like vaping velvet wrapped in satin.
    smooth tobacco, light caramel with a hint of honey.
    slightly sweet after taste

  22. John D

    Tried the RY4 double , was the first e juice I had ever tried and it was great!! Lots of flavor and vapor.

  23. Jeremy D


  24. Daniel R

    50/50 24 mg, unsteeped. My favorite juice in my first order from Rich, powerful, but still smooth. I sometimes mix it with a little bit of PG. It’s nice!

  25. James H

    Pretty good but a bit strong for my tastes. Pretty good in moderation.

  26. Dan C

    Got the RY4 double 18mg 70/30 mix good tobacco flavored but to strong for me

  27. Thierry D

    Great taste, better than the regular RY4, a classic! (RY4 Double @ 70/30, 6-Weak)

  28. Bill H

    Was looking for a strong flavour with good throat hit. This is it – 18 nicotine – 30-70 mix

  29. James H

    I have to do a second review, after it’s been sitting around for awhile the taste is unbelievable!! It is my all day vape!!!

  30. Michael G

    By far my favorite flavor! This is my all-day vape! It tastes like a real cigarette, but with a hint of sweetness. I love RY4 Double!!!

  31. Jeff H

    I can’t believe I found Tribeca in Canada!!!!! Finally a way to get the best e-juice flavour in the world and not have to worry about it getting seized at the border!!! If you’re a major fan of Halo’s Tribeca like me, then RY4 Double is the juice for you!!! God bless Canada E-Juice for carrying this amazing flavour!!!!

  32. Scott R

    Awesome flavour, great TH… My daily vap

  33. Kathy S

    I’ve used this in a 50/50 mix/24mg and a 100% VG/24mg on an Apollo extreme battery and cartomizer This is absolutely delicious! This is by far my favourite ejuice. It has a very pleasant tobacco flavor to it with a nice hint of caramel flavor with real sweetness, not an artificial sweetness. (I tried the tobacco flavor once, and I found that to have an artificial sweetness to it.)

  34. Ian P

    Has a nice clove like flavour, definitely give it a try if you like nice spicy tobacco.

  35. Sean C

    This is without a doubt one of the best e-juices I’ve ever tried!!! To me it tastes like butterscotch and it also kind of had an eggnog taste and since i like both those things I REALLY loved this juice! This is a must vape and once you try it I guarantee you’ll have trouble putting it down! LOL!!!

  36. James C

    Nice tobacco flavor, not overly sweet and a hint of spiciness to it, good TH too. My go to when I want that cig feel. 12 nicotine strength, 50/50 blend

  37. Tyler A

    This Tobacco is really good. I’ve tried a few and like this one the best, it has a nutty flavour with some caramel undertones. Delightful!

  38. Cruise D

    I vaporized this version of R4 for a while and it is a consistent vape
    Has a nice smooth hit every time
    The flavor is light but I had no dry burn flavor like I had with other eliquids
    Subtle undertones of caramel hazelnut flavor
    I use a Joyetech Ego T if that helps anyone

  39. Peter B

    This is one of my favourites. It’s smooth, a great taste and not harsh at all. A nice vape.

  40. Scott M

    Tastes good, definitely my one of my fav’s out of the bunch I ordered!

  41. Kellye W

    Used with a vizy vaporizer. Nice but I found this one a little to harsh for my liking.

  42. Dave S

    Used with an ego C type ecig and its great! 70/30 wicks well in this atomizer, even in the cold. Flavor is HUGE and having tried the ry4 and the double back to back, the ry4 tastes like nothing after hitting this. Very sweet so not for some people, but I’m a convert and asian and double is all i vape now!

  43. Bill H

    The RY4 was good but the RY4 Double was even better! It has a sharper throat hit. I used it for dripping in a 70-30 mix, 18 mg strength with an ego standard and highly recommend it for anyone looking for a harsher throat hit. One of my favourites!


  44. Leon M

    This is my favourite to date and I am ordering a 30ml of 70-30 mix with 18mg . This will be my main vape for now

  45. Sig G

    Slight tobacco, hint of sweetness and some underlying flavour that is exotic somewhat like Chinese five spice. This remains one of my favourites after many months of vaping some every day.

  46. Frank H

    I like the throat hit and the yummy flavor. I also liked the ry, but this is better for those who like a more distinct taste. I’m about to order my 3rd bottle (the most and only consistent) after being a customer here. Hope this helps!

  47. tracy b

    Very good throat hit last awhile. I order the Ry4 double 70/30 Its the best ive tried just like the others

  48. Corey M

    This is favourite of mine. A perfect all day vape.

  49. suzannah r

    All these good reviews are not wrong. I got this one as an extra – I ordered the ry4 and 5 other tobacco flavors, they were right to send me this one 😉 so glad too cause it ended up being my favorite one. I didn’t order it at first cause I’m wary of caramel flavors but this one is good. I was afraid it would be like the v2 Sahara (which I personally don’t like at all) but it wasn’t. Try it, you’ll like it 🙂

  50. Rick R

    This is a real nice tobacco flavour. I use it when I don’t want menthol. Strong hit. Recommended.

  51. Kevin D

    I had this in 70pg/30vg at 12mg, I liked it but I wished it had more tobacco fav.

  52. Vel C

    Taste and flavour is very individual…. having said that this is a fantastic juice to vape all day when it comes to tobacco flavours very smooth with a great throat hit ,vaping with a provari V2 set to 4.2v with a boge 3 ohm carto tons of flavour and vapour.Thx for a great product!

  53. Joey M

    This was a really nice change up from the usual tobacco flavours I’ve vaped in the past. Nice subtle hint of caramel flavour adding a semi-sweet touch. Got the 70/30 mix at 6-strength.

  54. Kamilla L

    this is my favorite tobacco flavour so far!

  55. Amanda M

    My absolute favorite of all. Don’t want to run out of this one!!!

  56. Rev F

    One of my favorite juices to date.

    I have tried other RY4’s but this one is fantastic. Smooth taste and nice throat hit (70/30 18mg).
    One of the best tobacco flavors out there. This one is in my regular rotation along with Mountain Dew.

    Great work!!!

  57. Timothé L

    Awesome one. Used it with Joyetech eCab and love it. However, I do not get too much "tobacco" flavour out of it. Sometimes, I use it to boost some other juice which I find do not taste much and to give them a better hit. Must try.

  58. amanda t

    Excellent…. kinda like a sweet Virginia tobacco.

  59. Adriel S

    My favourite flavor so far, I started using this flavor everyday. Strong throat hit and has a nice mild sweetness to it.

  60. Steven D

    Wow. 70/30 at 18 mg. superb. All day vape for me. Very tasty. Will definitely re order.

  61. Therrien H

    Mon préféré pour toute la journée en 70 /30 comme recommandé 12mg. Bonne saveur, juste assez corsé, un peu sucré parfait pour moi.

  62. Jimmy P

    I’ve been an all time big FAN of Ry4 doubles and said to myself, let’s try it out this one here.
    Always tested the new juices on fresh heads and wicks on a VIVI NOVA 2.4ohm(Silver Bullet-Kicked at about 7.8-8.0 watts-AW IMR 18490). I liked the taste and throat hit on this one. But the vapor production on a 70/30 was lacking in volume. I tried my old Ry4 double on 50/50 ratio and I could easily feel the difference.
    All in all this juice here (Ry4 Double on 70/30 18mg) was definitely able to satisfy my cravings for that good old Ry4 Doubles) – I can’t put a street shout on it but definitely a go getter.
    I will buy this again.

  63. Jimmy

    I’ve been an all time big FAN of Ry4 doubles and said to myself, let’s try it out this one here.
    Always tested the new juices on fresh heads and wicks on a VIVI NOVA 2.4ohm(Silver Bullet-Kicked at about 7.8-8.0 watts-AW IMR 18490). I liked the taste and throat hit on this one. But the vapor production on a 70/30 was lacking in volume. I tried my old Ry4 double on 50/50 ratio and I could easily feel the difference.
    All in all this juice here (Ry4 Double on 70/30 18mg) was definitely able to satisfy my cravings for that good old Ry4 Doubles) – I can’t put a street shout on it but definitely a go getter.
    I will buy this again.

  64. AJ S

    Great RY4. I have blended my own RY4 mixture for a personal all day vape. This RY4 double almost hit it on the button! Only thing it is missing for me personally is a bit of cream. I will explore with a few different flavours – Irish cream, vanilla cupcake. but i know it wont take much…Defiantly a great tobacco!

  65. derek c

    Very good flavour to this one. Best tobacco flavour I have tried yet, Pretty good throat hit too. Keeps me away from cigarettes which is always good 70/30 12mg

  66. Nicholas C

    i will give this juice the benifit of having the vapor, while the throat hit is no where to be found with 18mg (or 1.8% nic). There seems to be a few flavors trying to compete at the same time to bring you the flavor. I know there is supposed to be a vanilla and camel flavor mixed with tobacco. What i seem to get is the old DK tobacco base taste and a musty Carmel mixed in with it. This is one flavor i am going to pass on as i did try to become a fan of it.

  67. Dany S

    Tried 70/30 PG/VG 12mg. I’m not really a fan of tobacco vape but wanted to give it a try and I’m glad i did, it’s a really good RY4.

  68. WITOLD S

    I LOVE THIS JUICE! will definitely reorder this one, prefect throat hit on a 12 strength and a nice sweet aftertaste…will try the 100%VG to get a better vapour amount

  69. Anthony T

    RY4 is my first ejuice when I started vaping 3 years ago. I miss the nutty taste, but this one is good may 12mg is not for me gives me a hard TH. Sweet aftertaste and a very nice tabacco when inhaled. +5

  70. Jennifer M

    My favourite for all day use. Tastes most like natural tobacco. Good for those tring to quit smoking. Good throat hit and best for mixing with flavours. Great for mixing with Cappuccino or Vanilla Cupcake. Makes it taste like you’re having a smoke and a coffee at the same time.

  71. Bonny Z

    I found this juice to have good vapour but didn’t like the perfume taste it left in my mouth. I prefer the regular RY4.

  72. Jennifer M

    This is my go to for all day smoking. (70/30 P/G V/G) Tastes most like a real cigarette. Burns really well and gives you lots of vape. Great for mixing.

  73. Jaycarlson

    70/30…12mg…very interesting flavour…not sure if its just the name fooling my brain but the slight sweetness in this juice reminds me of a sweet whiskey. Great all day vape. Thank you Canada E-Juice for turning this 20+ year smoker into a vaper!

  74. Susan E

    Ah,this is very pleasant favourite all afternoon and evening vape. A subtle tobacco flavour. Not much of a TH, but likely because I vaping 100% VG (at 24) and I don’t really mind the trade-off. Need to keep this one around for sure.

  75. Zane

    Makes an great all day tobacco flavour. I like to mix it 50/50 with other flavours and it always tastes good.

  76. Antoine C

    How does that even taste like tobacco o.0. I found it tastes almost like cotton candy! Didn’t like it much but the vapor is still good. 70/30 0.6mg.

  77. James B

    Great on it’s own, but mix it 75/25 RY4Doub/Werthers original… Freaking awsome!

  78. shaun l

    This is my full time juice, it is easily the best RY4 I have tried. I also really like Pina Colada, Watermelon, and Juicy Fruit. I have to say that you can buy with confidence here. Fantastic service and products!!!

  79. steve p

    i just had to order another 30 ml bottle of this one, i could vape this one all day.

  80. Amanda M

    This is my absolute favorite. I order lots if this one every time as this is one you don’t want to run out of!!

  81. Jewel D

    This is a very smooth flavour with a good throat hit. I tried another liquid from another company as my first vape ever and hated it as they made me cough terribly. Customer service told me I should not add this to other companies’ liquids as there was no guarantee it would mix well. However, I added this, (I only vape the other because I paid for it and want to get rid of it. Never again. Only Canada E-Juice is worth vaping! I did mix it though, it smoothed it out and it kept me vaping. Had this company not been here with this wonderful liquid, I would have given up and kept smoking analogs! It has been an easy transition and smoke-free for 5 days with little transition problems! This particular liquid is an excellent way to start vaping. 18mg and the recommended dose of VG/PG. Thanks so much!! The customer service with Canada E-Juice is simply a dream: old-fashioned customer service, generous and really aims to please. Treats customers like royalty.

  82. Ruth-Ann

    I tried this as my first vape, I didn’t like it because it didn’t taste like a cig. I tried it again after being off cigs and I love this!
    Nice flavour, with a bit of caramel, sugar hints.

  83. Alexander B

    This has a great taste A+++++

  84. Paula R

    This is the absolute best ejuice I have ever vaped…smooth and a little sweet….an all day vape for sure….all of canada ejuice is wonderful and I love lots of flavors but sometimes you get sick of too flavorful vapes after a bit and this one is one that never gets too much and always tastes great!!! Thanks so much for all of your great ejuice!!!! 🙂

  85. Kyle B

    Amazing flavor nice and smooth taste will defiantly order again and it’s amazing to mix with other flavors! Canada E-juice has great prices and fast shipping.

  86. Aaron S

    This one was OK but a little too sweet for me. It has a little fresh tobacco taste but with an overpowering caramel and vanilla tone. It’s a good vape for when I’m in the mood for something sweet.

  87. Ian M

    Very smooth with a hint of sweet…this will be one of my regular order items.

  88. Kevin W

    Subtle tobacco flavour with great balance and taste. Not over powering and smooth smooth smooth. This is my favourite vape period. I have one cig loaded with one of my sweet flavours and the other one is always loaded with this. Good for times when your having a drink or simply as an alternative to fruit, food, drink etc vapes.

  89. Katarina C

    I first got this many months ago. HATED it. Flavour was overwhelming and sickening. Instead of chucking it, I more or less stashed it away as emergency stuff. Well, got the chance to use it a week ago – steeped perfectly, and is now a great juice. If you hate it, there’s a good chance you’ll love it after steeping.

  90. ash g

    Ordered this for the first time. I appreciated that I could select the nicotine levels as the juice i was getting from overseas was seldom available in a lower nic level. @12mg I like the hit. I am interested to see what happens as this steeps (how long is a normal "steeping time"?) but i do enjoy the flavour of this one – and will certainly order again.

  91. tony b

    Vape this almost everyday.. I have a spare CE4 just for this flavor..
    I like trying different flavor juices but always have this one ready to go.

  92. Shawn H

    Loved this juice, its the only tobacco flavor i have tried and its so good there’s no need to try the others LOVE IT

  93. Erin L

    My first ‘tobacco’ flavour that I’ve tried. Even with all the good reviews I was skeptical because I really like the fruit & candy flavours as a general rule. Turns out it to be quite enjoyable! Good vapor production & nice throat hit at 12mg. Don’t think I’d order this again just because of my preference for the candy stuff but I’m very glad I tried it.

  94. Diane F

    Since I started vapping I turned more into fruity flavours, this one is the first tobacco I’m trying here and I’m happily surprised how nice this one is, if you like a good tobacco flavour this one is a must try.

  95. Jesse M

    I’ve tried this juice in 18 and 12, and if you’re trying to cut down your nic levels this is a great juice to do it with, I actually enjoyed it more at 12 and I prefer higher nic usually. It’s got a nice rich dark caramel flavor, almost creeping into coca-cola territory. This flavor is also pretty strong so it makes a nice vape after food or with a coffee. The throat hit is really nice on this one even at 12mg. Definitely worth a vape and seems to find it’s way into every order of mine.

  96. Josh J

    This flavor is my all time favorite RY4. 18mg 70/30. I’m about to order more. Great jobs guys. Its a 10 if that was possible.

  97. Chris B

    I’ve only been vaping for a few months, and was looking for a good RY4 after reading many positive reviews for this flavour on various e-juice websites. I’ve tried several but found them all lacking–until I tried the Canada E-Juice version. I find this one has the best balance of the key flavours, especially the tobacco. It’s not overwhelming, but just strong enough that I don’t need to add any additional tobacco flavouring (unlike all the other suppliers’ versions of RY4 I’ve tried). Canada E-Juice RY4 Double is definitely a 5-star vape for me!

  98. Emil T

    Tried a friends vape of this flavor , then had to order some right away! I really didn’t think I would enjoy this flavor because I was thinking it would be more like tobacco, Why I never ordered it before.

  99. Zachary S

    I am the friend who Emil T tried the RY4 Double flavor from. (You are welcome Emil, how you life is complete) I ordered a 30ml bottle of it right away because i KNEW it would be good. Ya, that’s right, I know these things. But seriously, its nice, Its not as strong of a tobacco flavor (but the tobacco is still there) its nice and sweet. yum. I’d order 60ml or 90ml jug if i could.

  100. John D

    One of the better Ry4’s that I have tried, nice tobacco flavor, mild nutty flavor also. Nice Throat hit 70/30 -24mg. I think I will try a few drops of the Menthol Tobacco in this to see if it will make a nice menthol tobacco flavor ( been looking for a sub for the Kool’s I smoked as analogs) Will definitely be getting this one again.

  101. Brian J

    Good RY4 version. I’ve tried a few different versions from other stores and this is my favorite so far

  102. Judy C

    This has a very nice flavour, not to overwhelming, just the right amount of taste. Will be ordering this again

  103. Clint D

    This juice is awesome! It’s one of my all day vapes!!!

  104. Christina

    I found this to be my favorite base tobacco flavor, great by itself but amazing to add a bit of black cherry cherry or honey tobacco into. Definitely what i like to vape all day. Will be buying alot more of this next time i order.

  105. Aaron A

    was pretty nice, a good choice to start with when transitioning off cigs

  106. hesham m

    Tried the RY4 through my brother and i bought my own vap. and i would recommend it if you want to stop smoking period

  107. Justine B

    Love this one!! just recently quit smoking after 10 years and after reading all the reviews i thought i would try a small bottle to see how it was.. Thank god i did..the fruit flavors were not really helping me quit but the RY4 Did..sweet in take with a smoke like aftertaste.. Really helpful and good all Day…Will for sure have to order again 🙂

  108. Charlene D

    This was a great choice for me. This is the best tasting in the tobacco line. I was a real heavy smoker and this product has done the trick for me. I would recommend this product.

  109. Olesia A

    Amazing flavor, nice and smooth taste. My 3-rd order of RY4 Double. Mixes well with other flavors! Canada E-juice has great prices and fast shipping.

  110. Mike

    Tried in 6ml 70% PG and 30% VG with 18mg of nictotine, Ry 4 double was recommended by a friend of mine, Strong taste with a noticable feeling on the throat! Couldnt vape by itself i enjoyed it mixed with fruity flavours, would try again!

  111. George

    Not too bad… I like it, pretty sweet

  112. JamieSmith

    Recently ordered a 6ml 50/50 bottle and loved it. Ordering a 30ml right now! Great flavour.

  113. Wes M

    Tried this 2 weeks ago. I have to be honest I love this. Probably my go to juice for an all day vape.
    Will be ordering again. This was vaped using a Kanger T2 low res on an Ego C Twist.

  114. Aron F

    One of the first flavours that I tried, and immediately enjoyed. Like someone dipped tobacco in caramel. nicely done.

  115. Wayne

    Favourite E juice. I use this one as an all day vape. Great for if you want to mix it with a bit of chococlate e juice, or banana.

  116. Danny

    I started vaping 4 weeks ago and after trying different e-juice from another vendor, the Fresh Strawberry and the RY4 double are my favourites after trying a few 6ml samples. I’m ordering the 30ml for both today.

  117. Mat L

    I found this one quite sweet at first. After letting it steep for a few weeks it toned down and it’s quite enjoyable. I typically prefer more subtle flavours and will try the regular RY4 next time. A nice all day vape though, it’s all I took with me on a long weekend fishing trip.

  118. Jason R

    I started vaping 2 weeks ago and picked up a 6ml trial of this yesterday and a 30ml of sweet strawberry along with a 1000mah ego t battery and a Kanger T3 clearomizer and this is by far the best flavor I tryed so far it really gets rid of those cigarette cravings I have been having. I’ll be picking up a 30ml of this soon.

  119. Jean-Paul G

    Just got the RY4 Double 30/70 24mg and it so nice and smooth, light I love it. Will be back for more.

  120. John G

    Awesome, Most likely will be my everyday juice. Great taste, nice hint of caramel.

  121. ede f

    RY4 double is a bit creamier and smoother than I am used to, but apparently I wasn’t used to the good stuff. Love the variety PG/VG mix and origin of products here at Canada E-Juice. This is an all day vape.

  122. Jennifer S

    Not bad good th nice taste at 70/30 18 mg good vapes

  123. Billy M

    Not a fan. It had a strong ceder wood after taste. As a smoker of thirty plus years i was looking forward to this flavor, but was very disappointed.

  124. cenon d

    Ordered my third bottle today RY4 Double 70/30/6. Thanks to an honest product description this
    product is trully one of your best on your list, smooth and just enough throat hit. Highly recommended!

  125. Jon R

    didnt start out liking this, but ive been off the tobacco flavours for awhile. just tried it again today and now im seeing why everyone loves this stuff. great vapor, TH, and mellow taste. id suggest this for anyone who likes the tobacco flavs or for the sweet lovers who just need a break from the sweetness. 70/30 18mg

  126. David C

    What a nice flavor, An all day Vape for sure. Very nice tobacco flavor with a creamy caramel undertone. A must try if you like tobacco flavor and caramels.

  127. Chulai T

    best tobacco flavor ive tried, good th and vapor at 70/18 mg will reorder

  128. Gord H

    This flavour rocks, in combination with my eroll I sometimes forget im not smoking! Definitely recommend. 12mg 70/30

  129. Christian E

    Very nice flavor you get alot of the carmal and vanilla undertones off this one!!

  130. Thomas S

    Bought this on a recommendation and was thoroughly pleased right out of the bottle without steeping. This could replace my old favourite. 70/30/18mg

  131. Braydon N

    Ordered this on at 70/30 18mg
    One of the smoothest vapes I’ve had. Will be ordering it again for sure.

  132. Lucas S

    50/50 6mg – The first bottle I received of this had a bad metallic and perfumey scent. I went ahead and filled up a new iClear30 and the metallic/perfume taste was present throughout the day. After consulting with the staff they offered to send out a replacement bottle which I received the replacement bottle THE NEXT DAY and it was 30ml! (Incredible customer service.) When I first unscrewed the cap I was hit by an even stronger perfumey scent and was disappointed. I hot water steeped it for about 3 hours. Started vaping it this AM. The perfume/metallic taste is essentially all gone and now I am left with a mild caramelly/vanilla/white chocolate tasting tobacco. A very refreshing alternative from my much sweeter custom mix. I can see this easily becoming my all day vape, but if for some reason it looses its magic on me, I will definitely be ordering from again as the service and shipping are fantastic. THANK YOU CANADA E JUICE.

  133. Charmaine F

    Felt like the strongest cigarette I ever smoked. Will try again.

  134. Lori O

    Definitely a fav and all day vape and will order again – love the carmel/vanilla undertones. bought 70/30 higher strength.

  135. Lewis M

    RY4 double is my favorite tobacco flavor vape. Solid tobacco flavor and just the right amount of sweet.

  136. Dan M

    I got this one as a juice to review. When I first opened the bottle I was very pleased with the sweet smell. I personally don’t really like tobacco flavours but this one is very enjoyable. It has and strong caramel flavour with a nutty undertone. This is now one of my fav vapes. It is also a good choice for a all day vape and is great for mixing. I personally thought it tasted just like a cigarette but since I quit a long time ago I got some of my smoker friends to try it and they also thought it tasted exactly like a cigarette. Shipping was also extremely fast, 1 business day to gta. Customer service was 10/10 . Thanks I will definitely order again. Here is the link to my review .

  137. Sharon M

    I bought this because of the great reviews. I should have know better, have tried RY4 before from a different place and didn’t like it …. thought I would try again and I still don’t like it. For some reason, I think it has an everygreen taste. Personally not for me but obviously everyone has different taste.

  138. Houston F

    I absolutely love this stuff, YUMMMMMY. 🙂

  139. Michael P

    First RY4 i tried and still go back too. Carmel and vanilla flavours take a bit of a back seat to the nutty tobacco. Provides a good throat hit and a nice all day vape. Did need to steep for a few days to get rid of some of the harshness

  140. Spice I

    After smoking tobacco for almost three decades, I thought I might have been more keen to the fruit e-juices but RY4 Double is now my favourite out of the twelve flavours I’ve tried. I’ll be returning for more of it soon!

    – James

  141. Aaron C

    70/30 18mg: This juice is off the hook. Best RY4 juice from any vendor I’ve had and ranks in top 3 of all time favorite juices. Caramel undertone is noticeable and mixed very nice. Vanilla is a little hard to spot at times, which is great IMO as vanilla can overpower certain RY4’s. The “cream” in the caramel really comes out and adds a nice sweetness to this juice. This is a constant stock juice for me and should be a must try for everyone.

  142. Kerry D

    Was just as I was expecting! Reminds of me of the real deal! Also fun to mix with other flavors!

  143. Howie B

    Very tasty, but a little on the sweet-side. Those around me while vaping have said it smells like cotton candy

  144. Ming P

    Great flavour and a good mixer as well. I mixed this with the mango and I vape it all day.

  145. Cory B

    Cory B

    I would have to agree with most and say this is a must have flavor. I find my self always coming back to this.

  146. Kevin M

    This is the "must have" for my wife. She thought she would prefer the sweeter flavors but keeps going back to this. We only purchased a 6ml bottle to try but the 30ml will be in our next juice order. Excellent vape.

  147. Tanya p

    Haven’t had much success with tobacco flavors but this one is quite nice. Kind of a vanilla/caramel taste to it but not too sweet. Great to vape all day.

  148. Dawne P

    I received a sample of this and will be ordering a 30ml bottle. I love the flavour , it tastes like a caramel maple tobacco that is both sweet and savoury. I think it would also be great mixed with either a little chocolate or vanilla which I can’t wait to try.

  149. Michael R

    Just received my first order from Canada E Juice and this was the first flavor I tried. Absolutely fantastic! I vaped on this and had an actual cigarette, puff for puff. This is so much better! Put my real cigarette out about half way and just continued to vape on this. Getting a 30ml/12mg for sure!

  150. Jason A

    Never had a Cig with this taste, and I’ve smoked a couple dozen different brands in my day. Glad this is the best tasting tobacco I’ve had, or I may not have given up the analogs so easy.

  151. Kim M

    This is really nice, one of my favorites! I will definitely order this again

  152. Matthew H

    I’m liking this a lot. Works well with coffee (especially in the morning).

  153. The K. (Jimmy) C

    Great taste has that mild semi-sweet taste its one of my all day vapes. Also great for mixing if u like that hint of semi-sweet tobacco taste in your vapes. Although its RY4 double didn’t taste that much more than the reg RY4 I got . Also would suggest steeping for a few days to really let this one shine. I tried the 18mg nic and throat hit was …well.. I guess how a 18mg T.H would hit :)… kinda mild imo .

  154. Kerry D

    My first RY4 juice, went for double because I wanted a strong flavor. SO smooth and delicious! Creamy and warm! I can vape this all day and it’s a great vape when I’m patio drinking 🙂

  155. Jeff L

    Best tobacco flavor I’ve tasted so far. 50/50 6mg works well with BCC Mega and Kanger Protank.

  156. Larry L

    My new fav bought because review so high. Will never not have any of this on hand

  157. Tuhin N

    Tried 6ml 70/30. This is a awesome juice. very smooth and good throat heat. I will definitely consider buying it again. I love it!

  158. George K

    Great smooth flavor! Has a sweet and aromatic, IMO better than fresh Tobacco flavor if you prefer a sweeter vape!

  159. Robert H

    RY4 was the first flavour I tried with e cigs, and has remained my standard. I strongly prefer it over regular tobacco flavours.

  160. brocke f

    best tabacco flavor. similer to fresh tobacco with a riche smooth taste. i highly recomend this flav

  161. Christopher

    As the rest of the reviews say, great flavour. It works really well as a base flavour at 18mg, which you can then mix with different 12mg flavours to get a nice in between nic level.

  162. Jules R

    Excellent, just about the best tasting RY4 I’ve tried. Nice, smooth and sweet. Just wonderful! Will definitely buy again!

  163. Michael T

    Awesome vape, very sweet sweet vape, good for someone who’s into a sweet vape, it has a good.

    Rated 5 stars for being such a good mix of ry4, the best I’ve ever tried.

  164. Nicole

    My absolute vape flavor. So sweet tasting. Never gets boring! Also great with the menthol tabacco mixed in. 🙂

  165. Ahmed B

    Ah….what can I say? This is too good and is perfect for my RBA. I dripped this in there and heaven came out. A great vape!

  166. Kyle E E

    Excellent. This is my goes with a beer vape!!

  167. Anca N

    I like very much this aroma, it’s sweet and not very strong.

  168. TIFFANY V

    I picked up a small bottle of this at Vapecan without high hopes and I have just found my ADV…too bad I didn’t know when I was there or I would have bought more.

    The flavour is hard to explain – I didn’t find it sweet like some reviewers and I don’t find it tastes like tobacco or a cigarette, maybe it’s a "spice" flavour? I don’t know….but if you’re reading this you already know tons of people love it so you should take a chance like I did.

  169. Darren C

    Excellent flavor. Sweet not too strong. Love it

  170. Keith T

    Love this for an all day vap!! Slight sweet undertone and keeps me hanging for more!!

  171. Nick f

    I didn’t like the sweetness of this one

  172. Rodger W

    50/50-18mg. Very smooth with subtle sweet undertone. Throat hit almost too subtle when compared to 70/30-18mg which I have also tried. I prefer 70-30 personally but the flavour itself holds up well. My son actually uses this as his daily all-day vape.

  173. Tobbie86

    With this flavour alone i have switched 3 people from regular smokes to e cig’s. I think that should explain enough. I love this flavour and I always needs to have it on hand. I recommend it for sure!.

  174. Chris R

    Nice mild sweet flavour that smells like butterscotch

  175. Frankie B

    No matter how many different flavours I experiment with, I always keep a bottle of this on hand. It’s my mainstay. Enough tobacco flavour for cigarette smokers and the caramel undertones never get tiresome.

  176. phan m

    Great ejuice sweet aftertaste. Ordering more now!

  177. ryley o

    thought it’d be very strong but it was very mild and had good flavor.

  178. brocke f

    best tobacco flav i have had to date. highly recomend

  179. MJ J

    One of the better RY4 mixes I have tried, my favourite was one that is no longer produced so I’ve been trying to find another that is as good, or at least almost as good, this is my fifth attempt and so far it is in the lead.

  180. jay d

    my favorite of the tobacco juices

  181. Willi P

    People were praising this flavor so i purchased it. Not a big fan at all. Not sure what I was expecting but this wasn’t it! Will try other tobacco flavors from now on.

  182. Tylor E

    Best RY4 I’ve tried to date. My second favourite all day vape. Nice sweetness to it, but I can’t really separate the tobacco/vanilla/caramel flavours. Would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a sweeter tobacco vape. 50/50.

  183. Gregory G

    One of the best vapes, along with American Red. Rich flavour, good throat hit, not fruity. Everyday vape for me. 70/30 12mg.

  184. Dan M

    the only tabacco flavor i use. i was a bit skeptical to try any tabacco flavor at first but when read the reviews i figured i’d give it a shot. was very impressed, it’s now one of my favorite flavors. has a very nice sweet tabacco taste. 5/5

  185. Murilo

    I don’t usually like tobacco flavors but I decided to give this one a try and I got a 30ml bottle after reading the reviews here. I loved it! Specially after adding few drops of double menthol. Perfect for a drinking night.

  186. Corinne T

    I really like this flavour great throat hit

  187. Scott M

    Probably my favorite vape by far. Never tried RY4 before but this was extremely tasty and didn’t get boring at all. 70%PG/30%VG 12mg and was amazing while it lasted in my protank. I found myself vaping nothing else until it was gone and then missed it dearly. Will be re ordering this for sure!

  188. Matt M

    This is very tasty! I’m not crazy about tobacco vapes (or haven’t found my favorite yet) but this is very smooth and not too overpowering with a nice aftertaste of sweet caramel. I usually prefer a bit more throat hit and mixing with some harsher tobacco liquids works well to achieve this.

  189. Amanda

    This was the 1st flavour I ordered and am very impressed. ordered the 70/30 mix of 6ml and wish I’d gotten more. perfect for a drinking night and doesn’t get old

  190. stephanie

    Got this today and loved it!! Thanks E juice for pointing me in the right direction 🙂

  191. danielle l

    I loved this one mixed with another flavor altho alone it would give me a head rush and make me feel like I was going to vomit but mized amazing !

  192. ashley r

    i found this one too strong for me next time will have to just try ry4 , but wasnt to bad mixed with another flavor

  193. D Brown

    This was one of the first tobacco flavours I ordered and I really like it, great taste witha nice sweet caramel mixed in. i always have some on hand, you won’t be dissapointed,

  194. josh

    not a bad flavour, for some reason found the ry4 to have a smoother and less harsh taste than this one. still a decent vape though

  195. Derek R

    higly recommande this one taste verry good whitout strong taste

  196. Marc-Olivier Dumas

    One of my favorite RY4. I know now why reviews are so high. Great all day vape !

  197. normand legros

    I just begin using e-cig and I love this one,very good mild taste and just enough throat hit. this is a keeper for me.

  198. Ron from Burlington

    Good e-juice, 70pg/30vg mix 12mg nic….smooth but almost no throat hit, maybe cause I am new to e-cigs (2 weeks) but I think the 18mg nic will deliver TH. I recommend this as a good tobacco vape with mild caramel taste.

  199. Konstantin

    My favorite juice so far ever since I stopped analogues 2 weeks ago.
    50PG/50VG 12 mg nic satisfies my cravings with a descent throat hit. I highly recommend this juice to newbies like myself.

  200. Julian W

    This is the best tobacco flavour I have tried yet! This one has a great smokey flavour, and as a just quitting smoker this one has a really satisfying feel. I am getting into all the flavour options that vaping can provide, but when I really want that old school smoke taste this one is my go to! I have also combined this with the buttered rum, for my most favourite vape yet!

  201. Donald D.

    Great rich and subtly sweet tobacco flavor. My all day vape was menthol but RY4 double has been taking it’s place. Like I said very rich full flavor with an awesome throat hit with 70/30 18mg. There’s a great hint of caramaly sweetness with every vape. Goes great with the morning coffee!!

  202. Derek

    Love this product very mild tobacco taste and amazing throat hit, this one will stay in all day rotation

  203. Matt in Vancouver

    This flavour is top-notch. One of the very best tobacco flavours I’ve had. Good throat hit with a very subtle flavour – not too overbearing. This is my go-to on a daily basis.

  204. kyle r

    This is the only flavour that will satisfy my craving for a real cigarette. The flavour is great and so is fhe vapour.

  205. MichaelDC

    Excellent flavor on this one. Much better than the USA mix I started with. This one has a bit of a sweet aftertaste so it’s easy to vape it all day long. This one’s my daily driver.

  206. NatalieP

    My friend has been raving so much about this flavor, that I thought it could never live up to the hype! But then I tried it, immediately fell in love, and am now placing my order. It’s smooth, and rich, and pretty much irresistible.

  207. Treena

    Best flavour ever!! Very smooth, excellent for a first time user. It is my daily go to flavour!!

  208. Ryan Gagnon

    A very smooth blend! I can see why it seems to be the most popular of the tobacco flavors. I definitely will order this again!

  209. Laurie M

    I have now found my go to flavour with the RY4 Double…I have tried a couple different tobacco liquids and this is by far my fav…RY4 Double has a nice smooth tobacco taste with a slight aftertaste that is sweet…has a good throat hit with lots of vape…luv it!!!

  210. Bruno

    The RY4 Double gets two thumbs up from me! I will always order it. I am ordering two large size bottles as I am typing this, lol.

  211. Krissy

    Fantastic taste. My every day vape. Big fan of this flavour

  212. Wanda

    Great flavor and very smooth for this first time user. I will definitely order this product again.
    Thank you E-juice 🙂

  213. Elijah

    Again and again, it’s back to the RY4 Double. Having been vaping exclusively for 3 months now, I can safely say that CanadaEJuice has some of the most consistent liquids! I’ve tried 5 other local suppliers, and theirs always tastes better. Keep up the good work!

  214. Brian G

    Not bad. A little too sweet for me

  215. Kerry P

    This is my favourite ejuice by far. This is excellent to phase out the taste of actually cigarettes!

  216. Katie

    This would my favourite of all the tobacco flavours. Highly recommended this.

  217. Paul V

    I’m new to this – only been a week or two, and I find this flavour to be the most satisfying one I’ve found to replace standard cigarettes. I think once I’ve weened myself off of regs a bit more I might stick more with the Fresh Tobacco or similar flavour, but for now I’m finding this one to be the best "substitute" as far as flavour goes.

  218. Ian

    Didn’t like this one too much, not that it was bad. Tasted a little too "chocolatey" for me. For tobacco flavour I still go back to MLB.

  219. Marc-André

    Great juice, this has the special touch I was looking for!
    Great TH, lots of vapor, i sincerly recommend this one.
    70%PG / 30%VG Strength: 18 mg

  220. Paul L

    I found the double a bit strong for me but i agree that it is a No. 1

  221. Sam

    I have vaped 5-6 different RY4 from different vendors and this one is by far the most enjoyable for an all day vape, it is now my office and "go to" vape. It is not too strong tasting yet very tasty, hard to believe from such a nice and clear looking liquid. Enjoying it in a protank at a 70pg/30vg 12mg mix. If you tried and liked other RY4, you must try this one.

  222. Alex H.

    Very nice flavor. Great for all day vape. A sweet undertone, my favorite so far.

  223. Mat S.

    My current go to on the site. An extremely solid vape right out of the bottle, and only got better after letting it sit for a week. A 9/10 and the vape that will keep me coming back to the site. Great job.

  224. Daniel

    Has a sweet taste for a tobacco flavour.. It is one of the better flavours for tobacco

  225. Mark

    This product is pretty good, i ordered Strength: 12 – Mild, 70%PG / 30%VG, had a bit of an aftertaste. But overall good.

    Service was great.

  226. Silvia

    I can vape this for hours!

  227. James D

    Fairly good flavor. I’ve had better RY4’s, but one of the better flavours I have tried from Canada E Juice.

    70/30 – 12mg – 30ml

    Throat Hit: 3/10
    Vapor: 7/10
    Flavor: 7/10

  228. Konstantin

    New to vaping and found this juice to be one of the best so far not to sweet and not too harsh just perfect for long vaping.

  229. Ty C

    alone it really satisfies craving but it tastes incredible mixed with another flavor

  230. Calvin

    This seems to be quite a popular juice. I was eager to try it. To me it taste like toasted marsh mellows / caramel with vanilla. There is a hint of vinegar like taste that I’m not too fond of. I think I’ll let this one steep for awhile. Otherwise, the flavor is very rich and thick.

  231. Trev

    Great vape, this is one of my fav’s.

  232. Daniel A. N.

    Favorite so far. Absolutely delicious. Strong full-bodied flavor, with smooth tones of vanilla and caramel. Great with coffee and tea in the morning. Good amount of vapor. 18mg, 70/30.

  233. Brandon

    Very good juice ! got my order quite rapidly! Will be coming back again and again !

  234. Dwayne Wiebe

    Wonderful stuff! Only tobacco flavor I have found to date I actually like, highly recommended!

  235. Bob N

    Honestly, I bought this because of the reviews. Everyone was raving about it, so I had to give it a try. I can see why people like it, but it’s not for me. It kind of reminded me of the gingerbread flavour, and I wasn’t a huge fan of that either. But I’m just one man, who am I to tell you what to buy?

  236. Monica

    Love this, it has become my all day vape. Very caramel taste but more that I can’t identify. Bought 2 more large bottle today, I do not want to run out of this one. Once again I just love it.

  237. Alejandro

    I am fairly new to ecigs and ejuice and bought my first starter kit and ejuices from a very well known USA company. I fell in love with an ejuice from the states which was described as an "Ry4" recipe.
    So I gave Canada E-Juice a try. Shipped within Canada quickly and with good rates. Now let me tell you this RY4 Double is absolutely delicious and dare I say better than the product from down south!!! I am in vaping heaven right now 🙂 Keep in mind e-juice flavors taste experience etc. is different for everyone but from my brief experience with the premium e-juice from the states this RY4 could go toe to toe with it (And Win). No steeping necessary right out of the bottle and pure heaven. Great job guys I will be placing more e-juice orders with out hesitation!!!

    Details: RY4 Double 30ml PG 70/30 18mg / perfect throat hit / excellent vapor / no gunky mess at end (The juice stays true and slick) with that lovely indescribable RY4 aftertaste and aroma.

  238. Jason

    RY4 Double 30ml PG 70/30 12mg

    Really great, I’m new to E-cigs, this is only the third flavor I have tried, but it tastes so great, I dont feel like I have to search for other flavors. Very mild tobacco taste, I get more of the caramel tones, but not too sweet, which I like.

  239. Colin Fear

    This juice is fantastic. I tried 2 different tobacco flavours before finding this gem. For the foreseeable further i will not be vaping any other flavour. I have already ordered 70 mls.

  240. Marc

    Amazing taste 70 pg /30 vg 12 mg.
    I mixed it with caramel and it’s super good now.
    I will definitely be ordering this again

  241. Eric

    I can’t stop vaping this one. I’m brand new to e-cigs and this flavor is my favorite so far. (I’ve tried Strawberry & cream (here) and Chocolate-Mint (another site)). I’ve ordered a 10 ml 70pg 30vg 0% strength.

  242. Glenn

    have tried a lot of ry4’s but this one haseto be the sweetest,reminds me alot of a maple syrup with an undertone of an earthy tobacco flavor. awesome juice, will be ordering more of this for sure.

  243. Sheri-Lea

    I recently decided to give e-cigs a try. I was lucky enough to try the RY4 Double….LOVE it. I will be making this a favorite for sure!!! I cant wait to try pineapple!

  244. VaperVic

    RY4 double 70/30 vape at 3.7v 8.0watts in my iTaste is awesome. Sweet note on the end, slightly caramel and delicious. Perfect all day vape. Great product and service. I will be back to get more. They need a tasters bar but the lady said they will have one in the new location this March. Look forward to that. Peace!!

  245. willy

    Just received this flavor…the taste was not what I was expecting. I am not getting any caramel flavor that I was hoping for. I am getting kind of a sickly sweet floral taste. Will let it steep a few days and see what happens.

  246. Mike W

    I wasn’t sure what to expect from this flavor as there is nothing describing the flavour. I found it to have a very very light tobacco flavor with a very small hint of caramel that was only present when vaping over the tip of the tongue. I personally would have preferred a stronger flavour. Perhaps that will change when my sense of taste returns after smoking tobacco for 28 years.

  247. Christopher W

    I haven’t tried many different ejuices yet but my limited experience says that RY4 Double is fantastic. It’s a very hard flavor to describe but for me, it’s a very enjoyable all day vape. My first order consisted of a 10ml bottle of 70/30. Here I am one week later ordering a 30ml bottle.

  248. jeff

    Always my go to vape!!! Consistent on every order.

  249. Angela P

    The RY4 Double has a really great taste to it. The sweetness is like a light maple syrup or butterscotch flavor. It is not my all day vape juice but still very good. Will def order more of it.

  250. Mike

    Was my very ejuice I ever tried and picked it due to the review. They don’t lie….This is easily an ALV and currently mine. The flavor is not to intrusive, gives you the perfect caramel taste.

  251. Wanda

    This is by far the Best product I’ve tasted so far. Perfect for mixing as well. Two thumbs up!!

  252. Kyle

    Hot damn! I ordered this as a free sample with my newest hardware purchase and it’s fricking awesome. I need a bigger bottle, I think! Very mild tobacco flavour, under layers of intense butterscotch and vanilla. I really like it. I want to try RY4 (original) as well.

  253. Ron V

    This juice has a nice earthy taste to it. Love it love it love it! I’ve heard this is one of those tastes that you either love or hate, maybe acquired. Definitely give this a go.

  254. Jesse C

    Great vape. Smooth, maple, butterscotchish taste. Great all day vape

  255. Emmanuel

    This was my first buy on here and have to admit that the 5 stars review is right on it !!!
    Perfect flavor one of mu favorite !!!

  256. Dave

    This was recommended to me as a first time buyer and I think that was right. Its not particularly tasty but its a good place to start. It has a candy sort of taste. Doesn’t taste like tobacco though.

  257. Another_Dave

    Nice vape for my first time. Reminds me of maple syrup. Great with my coffee.

  258. daryl d

    Can’t get enough, just placed third straight order – 50/50 – 18 = clouds

  259. Chris

    Good go to tobacco flavour, although I like the black honey a bit more

  260. Long Time Smoker

    WOW, love this flavour!!…. Thats all I have to say.
    This one is now my ALL TIME FAV, ALL DAY VAPE…..
    This is my go to flavour for all day vape, this one is perfect (IMO) for people quitting smoking.
    Even with coffee in the morning I have no cravings for Cigarettes at all when I vape this one.
    70pg/30vg 12 mg nic (sometimes 18mg)
    using iTaste MVP, Kanger Aero Tank or the Mini Protank 3, set to 8.0 – 9.0 watts
    After 30 years of smoking and many attempts to quit using traditional methods (nic patch, nic gum etc.) non of which worked at all. I’ve only started Vaping just over a week now and thanks to Vaping (with nicotine) I’ve completely quit smoking 100% with no cravings at all for the first time in my life.
    Amazing finally a solution to quit smoking tobacco products.
    And thanks to Canada E Juice for providing great tasting high quality nicotine ejuice’s.
    I’m finally FREE from the clutches of those SHITTY, HORRIBLE, Cancer causing cigarettes.

  261. Chris

    Always a classic, great for mixing with anything. 18 70/30

  262. Peter hunter

    This is awesome! By far my fave. Do yourself a favor and order this one!

  263. Luke

    great vape, although I find it tastes like root beer ahaha!

  264. Rob

    Not bad at all but I find gets to you after a while. A good flavour to use, then use other flavors and go back to. Definitely not an all day cape for me. So far I like morning tobacco better. 6mg 50/50….now peanut butter…that’s what I’m talking about!

  265. Katherine F

    I thought about this one for a while and by the end of it I said why not! Go big or go home! So I got a 10 mg with the least of nic cause I am quitting. The reasoning is there are time you want to sit back, relax and have something nice and strong, so I said to myself toss in some nic to make it feel right. I grew up with when you go fishing, mostly the summer, and you take some cigars to keep the bugs off. That was what hit me when I gave this a try, reminds me of my mom and grandpa, thanks for this one! Its my special one from now on.

  266. Terra

    Great aroma, an all day vape.

  267. Paul J L

    Perfect base. I like adding a little gingerbread to this for a rich and creamy, soft and buttery, sweet and lip-smackingly tasty vape. That’s a recipe that I don’t think will get old for me…and has kept me from reaching for a cigarette.
    The RY4 is great on it’s own as well. Very nice, subtle and mellow…highly recommended.

  268. Terry

    Wow, was expecting much better considering the reviews. Over=powering, not a good taste. Mixed 50/50 with the straight "Tobacco" juice to make it decent and not a complete waste. Wasn’t bad once mixed and toned down, perhaps the RY4 without the double may be a better match for me.

  269. Doug La Haye

    Age 68. Been smoking over a pack a day for 55 years. Started vaping Aug. 2 (my birthday) have not had a craving for one since. I started with ry4 double and have not tried anything else. It works great for me. Now lets get the DIY supplies leagle in Canads…..

  270. Alex

    Mine did not have the strongest taste, but when mixed with menthol was amazing.

  271. Connor

    It’s not bad in terms of flavor, I suppose. However, not my favorite. It’s almost too acidic and not with enough of a tobacco kick. I mix with butterscotch to give it more depth but it’s still not quite there. I suspect it would be great for some people, I can see where those who like it are coming from. Give it a try before you knock it though!

  272. Eric

    Don’t know what everyone’s raving about I find this one pretty awful. It’s not COMPLETELY unvape-able but most times I’d much rather reach for something else. I’m mixing it with Bavarian Cream so as to not waste it.

  273. Jerry

    Does it taste like tobacco? Not really, but whatever it is it’s very good.

  274. che

    awesome, was the first one i tried after quitting ,70/30 18mg love the flavor i mix in a little banana and it makes for a great all day vape

  275. Christine P

    Great taste and nice throat hit. I find 12mg to be hit or miss for me and usually prefer the TH of 18mg but this one was perfect! I ordered 12mg 70/30 pg. Great all day vape!

  276. Bert

    This vape is my absolute favourite ADV. Ordered 30PG/70VG, once arrived took cap off and put in dark closet for 2 days, then recapped and stuffed back away for another 2 days, filled my tank (aspire Atlantis with aspire sub ohm batt), and boom, from there it was a magical experience. One hell of a vape, will be ordering more soon. Good job canadaejuice.

  277. Dale

    I don’t really like this one because of the after taste. It leaves a weird taste in my mouth which i cannot explain. I tried a sampler of this because of the 5 stars, but cannot get used to the aftertaste. Does not taste like tobacco to me. To each his own a i seem to prefer flavours with a slight sweet aftertaste.

  278. Jen

    i use this to mix other flavors to all the time and it always works so perfectly. this is my #1 tobacco flavor ejuice to vape! it’s smooth and satisfying, i use it at 18% and get a good throat hit. my number 1 combo is the ry4 double mixed with some root beer float. i have no idea why but it’s soooooooooooooo good 🙂

  279. Awesome possum

    not really tobacco taste but its really good. Almost like a maple/caramel with a slight hint of a mild tobacco.

  280. Kimberly

    RY4 Double is my absolute favourite e-juice so far. I started vaping a over a year ago, tried all kinds of flavours. It helped me cut down to about 1-4 cigarettes a day….but I officially quit smoking ever since I started vaping RY4 Double! it’s been 2 months now…still not tired of the flavour nor craved a cigarette 🙂 highly recommend it! I do 70PG/VG with 12MG.

  281. Al F.

    This is probably the best RY4 that I have tried. I am using an 18mg, 70PG/30VG mix and the flavour is fantastic. Great throat hit and a truly satisfying all day vape. If you like an RY4, you owe it to yourself to try this version from Canada E Juice, you won’t be disappointed.

  282. julien

    good flavours with a strong throat hit

  283. J.S.

    I had this once before, some months ago, and loved it. This time I couldn’t even get through half a tank of it. It was absolutely awful. Not sure if I got a bad batch or what. Just looking over at the bottle on the counter right now gives me a shiver from the memory of vaping it!

  284. Shauna

    Strong caramel flavors, and maybe a maple type of taste? Unless that was the caramel. It was an ok vape. Not something I would want more than a tank of at a time. The flavors were ok. But even with a brand new coil I found some draws tasting like burnt caramel. I ended up mixing it with the morning tobacco. ( which I didn’t really care for). Not an eJuice will be buying again. Vaped on my Smok Alien with a max VG.

  285. Abe

    I agree with the last review. It is a good vape but only for a short time then I get tired of it. However I love mixing RY4 Double and House Blend Tobacco together. Makes for a good all day vape. Althou house blend by itself is a great all day vape by itself. I sure will buy this again.

  286. tammy

    Love it, my second fav. juice!

  287. Warren

    I liked the taste of this so much I’m buying a big bottle

  288. Miss Wanda

    This is the best flavor I’ve bought on here. Will definitely buy again.

  289. Jason

    I don’t get it mine was horrible but that may be because i ordered it in 100%vg but yuck. On the flip side the mountain dew that i ordered which was 30pg/70vg was absolutely awesome!

  290. Kevin

    It’s a good vape, to me it tastes more like black licorice

  291. Susen

    This is a good vape. Smooth tobacco flavour with some sweetness to it. Tastes good with a touch of Creme de Menthe added, as well as alone. One of the better Canada E-Juice offerings.

  292. Drake

    Very good very smooth one of the best all day vapes iv tried good choice for anyone likes tobacco flavor with a bit extra

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