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A deeply rich oak infused pipe tobacco

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Dimensions1.5 × 1.5 × 2.5 in

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25 reviews for Royal Oak

  1. Arkadiusz Z

    Has a slightly smoky, woody/grassy flavour, with a hint of spice, but relatively mild; not as quite as intense tasting as MLB or Fresh Tobacco. Great for those looking for a drier, less sweet tobacco.

  2. Houston F

    I got a complimentary sample of this and its really good, I’ll be ordering 30ml at least as it’s also an all day vape, my main vape is Double RY4,

  3. Michael R

    Pretty good juice. Personally I wouldn’t use this as an every day vape but I can see myself buying this one again. Very smoky/woody flavor.

  4. Michael P

    Good smokey earth tones on a tobacco foundation. The tobacco is a undertone to the earthy smoke. I’d order a again, but not large quantities.

  5. Gabe

    Absolutely love the smokey flavour of this one, could relate to a pipe or cigar, great taste! Will get again!

  6. Chris R

    I didn’t get much of any flavour from this juice

  7. Christine H

    Really enjoyed this juice. Ordered a small bottle to try and it is sweet and really smooth. Will be ordering the large bottle next time.

  8. Christine H

    Really enjoyed this juice. Ordered a small bottle to try and it is sweet and really smooth. Will be ordering the large bottle next time.

  9. Paul L

    I agree with Gabe on this one as it has a smooth smokey flavor. I do like cap. blacks so this is great.

  10. Paul L.

    I agree with Gabe on this one with smooth smoky flavor, very nice.

  11. Christine H

    My absolute favourite tobacco flavour. I ordered a small bottle and it was the second one I finished. Definitely a large bottle for the next order. I found a sweet "finish" with this one and really enjoyed it, while it lasted 🙂

  12. Gary V

    mmm… A perfect evening vape. Once the day’s done and it’s my time Royal Oak is my favorite vape. I find it a little heady to start the day with but perfect to settle down with at night. Great tobacco flavor at the bottom with and a sweet smoky hint at top.

  13. Mace.

    At first I didn’t like this taste at all. I want back to cola bottles. After a few days I tried the oak flavour again and now I appreciate this flavour it’s great while drinking.

  14. Kyle

    Very sweet tasting, overtones of fresh pipe tobacco. Reminds me of when relatives would smoke pipes when I was a little kid. A little too strong tasting for a morning vape, or something to use all day. Great evening "smoke".

  15. Rodger W

    70/30/6mg : At times I get a burned rubber taste. Not sure if it’s the relative newness of the batch, and perhaps needs a bit more steeping. I am definitely getting more as I DO like the cigar taste and it is slightly less sweet than my primary MLB or RY4.

  16. Chris V

    This is not my favourite tobacco flavour but it’s pretty good. Not one I’d want to vape all day, but a few puffs now and then as a change from what I’m vaping that day is good. I don’t know if it’s just in my mind but the darker the juice the more it seems to gum up my coils so it requires much more frequent cleaning. Still I’d rate this at a 4/5. I tried the 70/30 (recommended) and at 18 mg.

  17. Joe

    This is now my everyday vape. Just the right amount of flavor and no aftertaste. Definitely worth a try if you are looking for something smooth and relaxing.

  18. Krsyszek

    people love ry4 double so i bought it along with this royal oak, so, royal oak is more of a cigar and i found ry4 double to be gross and found royal oak way more appealing and enjoyed the cigar feel because of royal oak flavor i am now addicted to the tobacco flavors and royal oak is definitely in my top 3 best flavors in my opinion

  19. Terry

    Pretty good for something more rich and robust now and then. Toned back a bit could make an all day vape but happy with a change up now and then.

  20. Hasan

    Royal Oak is the best e-juice I have ever vaped and never get sick off especially with a brand new coil, such a smooth vape. I love that woody smokey flavour but at the same time it’s not harsh. I have tested many flavours and Royal Oak is my favourite and will stick to it. I highly recommend you first try it with a brand new coil.

  21. chris

    Found it taste like pure nicotine… not great

  22. Dale

    Tried a sampler of 5 different flavors and this one is my least favorite. I’m a fan of tobacco flavours but I found this flavour to be overpowering with a coconut taste & aftertaste. I purposely avoided the "Nice & Smooth" tobacco as the reviewers mentioned that it had a coconut taste. Either the Royal Oak I received was mislabelled or the mixture was off. Either way it’s going into a drawer and I’ll have to label it "For Emergency Use Only"

  23. Christo

    As Dale review: I’m a fan of tobacco flavours but this one really had a coconut taste & aftertaste.
    I purposely avoided the "Nice & Smooth" tobacco as well for this reason.

    I guess i was expecting something more Woody like Flue cured. I will have to try this one instead. Im looking for something with pine or cedar aftertones so i thought that Oak might be good however it wasn’t even if it was 100%VG.

  24. Richard Cheese

    Just tastes like an Ry4 to me..still good nonetheless

  25. Jason

    I decided to try a sampler of different flavored tobacco juices and I enjoyed this one. It wasn’t one that I could vape a whole bottle of but I did enjoy the occasional switch up and hint of coconut.

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