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A light, refreshing, fruity flavour that will remind you of a certain energized drink…

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83 reviews for Rouge Cattle

  1. Cameron M

    Tastes similar to the real thing! Tried it with 12 mg, feels like a 50/50 blend with a good TH. Would recommend for a try!

  2. Stacey W

    The Red Bull is amazing! My friends and family love it. It gives a strong TH and stays true to its name. Every time I have ordered 70/30 PG recommended base at a level of 18. Once you taste this it will become one of your favorites.

  3. Misti W

    6mg 70/30 This is a great flavor, very sweet almost like swedish berries! YUMMY!

  4. Matthew R

    Ordered the 6ml 70/30 mix at 24 strength and just trying it now, it tastes almost exactly like red bull, very true to it’s name. Don’t think i would put this in my regular rotation but is solid juice none the less.

  5. Jonathan R

    Very distinct taste! I wasn’t sure it tasted like Redbull at first, but after a few puffs it certainly wasn’t very far off. I don’t find it too sweet or overpowering, good TH in the 70/30 18mg mix, I’ll be ordering more for sure. Good for taking a break from the sweet stuff!

  6. Kodi B

    Tastes exactly like the Red Bull energy drink! Great flavor, I got 18 strength with 100% VG and mixed it 70% VG with 30% PG myself and it is bang on perfect, the consistency is great and it is not harsh at all, very sweet but not overpowering. My family likes it as well.

    Highly recommended. Will be doing lots of business with Canada E-Juice in the future.


  7. Anthony T

    The BULL! 18mg kicks like a bull into your throat, if you like TH 18mg of this is the right one for you. strong flavor, the only thing is it lacks the vapor unlike the other juices like juicy fruit and hawaiian punch. 1.2ohms at 3.5V will burn your throat, I’m getting the 12mg next time. 🙂

  8. James W

    Really nice for an all day vape, it has a bitter-sweet flavor that is different from most other juices. Think this is the best Red Bull I’ve had.

  9. Eric O

    Excellent flavour, fruity, sweet yet slightly bitter, very close to the drink, minus the characteristic acrid tang of caffeine and guarana. Not that I’m complaining. I find it’s similar to the Juicy Fruit, though not as sweet.

  10. Kevin D

    Ordered Red bull 70pg/30vg at 18mg really nice stuff, I will buy it again.

  11. Shane O

    Really good flavor, although I didn’t find it as close to the red bull flavor( i drink a redbull on a daily basis) but it is very good, sweet and the taste is great. The after smell from the vape is very nice also, get a lot of compliments on how good it smells. 70/30 18mg, definite buy again

  12. Trevor P

    Well I am probably the only person out there who has never tasted a Redbull energy drink but I thought I’d give the juice a try. All I can say if this is what the Redbull drink taste like then I will be getting me some. I really like the flavour of this juice. The throat hit is awesome at 24 mg and almost makes me cough but that is how I like it. I am very impressed and will stock up on this one for sure. Please don’t change a thing about this recipe!

  13. wesley d

    pretty good flavour. I find that it kind of has a sweet tart candy flavour to it. Quite pleasant tho.

  14. nigel a

    A bit too sweet for my liking. Good when mixed with a tobacco or coffee flavour.

  15. Rev F

    It Is Red Bull!!!
    Yet again they have managed to make a juice that tastes EXACTLY like it’s name. If you like Red Bull you will love this! (18mg)
    Well Done!

  16. aaron m

    Good taste just like red bull i would reccomend to people who like redbull

  17. AJ S

    I have not drank much red bull in my life, but this flavour was awesome. I was a little nervous for an over powering energy drink flavour, but this was just right. Super sweet, lots of flavour and all around good taste. Two thumbs up on this one for me

  18. Cory B

    Now this is one sweet hit. Tastes like liquid rockets with a hint of cherry, but then again so does red bull. A little too sweet for me, but flavor is really close.

  19. Rodrigo S

    Perfect all day vape, a lil sweet and a good throat hit, will buy again.

  20. Nicholas C

    first off i have to say this is the closest red bull juice flavor that is true to the original. Second when you red in the description that it ~may~ have a red color do not be put off. The color of the juice reminds me of a grape fruit color. I think this is going to become a all day vape for me again

  21. Steve

    This was one of my favorites of the initial 4 I ordered. The funny thing is I’ve never tasted Red Bull so it was a total shot in the dark. Very sweet and smooth vape with a nice strong throat hit. Loved it and will order again.
    Canada E-Juice has the best prices I could find with super fast shipping. Will continue to buy from here.

  22. Michael K

    Fruity! has the citrus base that Redbull has, but definitely not the same.

  23. Erik K

    If you like Red Bull and a sweet vape, I would recommend this juice. I would suggest getting a lower nic level than you think you need because it tastes so good that you’ll want to keep vaping it just for the taste.

  24. Alex T

    Vaping this juice in a mini Vivi Nova at 8 watts. Great vapour and throat hit. Don’t think it tastes much like a red bull though. Resembles some kind of berry. Like a raspberry or something similar. Great juice none the less. Would definitely recommend.

  25. Antoine C

    This juice has a red bullish taste, not quite the same but still not bad. The vapor is consistent and even if the taste is a bit off track it’s still pretty good. Needs improvement 🙂

  26. Amanda M

    Received this as a sample on my last order and was very impressed. It’s a great juice for when your craving something sweet. Will definitely re order this one.

  27. Raymond p

    Best tasting juice I have vaped yet can’t steer away from it I injoy it day by day 5 stars on this juice

  28. Aaron S

    Just my personal preference but I did not like this one very much. It has quite a chemically taste for me when exhaling and gave me a bit of a headache. I can see a little bit of resemblance to Red Bull though. Some people might not mind this flavor but just something about it that it’s not for me.

  29. Jeff P

    Doesn’t really taste like red bull but still amazing flavour and throat hit. One of my favourites. great all day vape. Personal top 3

  30. Kyle B

    Doesn’t really taste like red bull kinda tastes like rockets the candy. Pretty sweet taste couldn’t vape this all day.

  31. Justin

    Wow… I left this one for last because I didn’t expect it to be very good but boy was I wrong.
    This is amazing! I’m not sure it tastes like red bull but it is really good none the less. Kinda like red bull, however it tastes like something else which I could not put my finger on until reading Kyle’s review… This tastes like just like ROCKETS! Those little chalky white pill shaped candies. Even tastes a little sour but really sweet which I love. Definitely ordering this again!

    Great vapor production and taste. Throat hit I cannot accurately comment on as I vape 0 nicotine liquids, so it was pretty low unless you take in alot of vape. Especailly considering I vape menthol all day nothing really compares to menthol when it comes to throat hit in a 0 nic liquid.


  32. Rob P

    Definitely red bull flavor, tastes amazing! decently strong and an all day use for sure. Will be reordering this again.

  33. Sean P

    Delicious! If you like Red Bull, but wish it had nicotine rather than caffeine, you can’t go wrong here.
    It’s got a moderate throat hit and a bright red colour that’ll definitely attract attention. Bottom line is that this is one of my all-time faves. Don’t change a thing here, CEJ; we have a winner.

  34. Jeff E

    Great flavour and decent throat hit. I didn’t think it tasted much like red bull, and I can’t really put my finger on what it tastes like, but it’s delicious whatever it is. The colour is cool too; it has a light red tint. I don’t find it too sweet like one of the other reviewers. I had the 70/30 PG/VG mix. Going to order again for sure.

  35. perry d

    Really love this one, i am going to re-order now….

  36. Wayne

    Tastes and smells just like redbull. Had a bit of a dry throat hit feel. One of my favourites so far, I will buy this one again.

  37. Nadia G

    I liked the flavour on this one, but would not say it tastes very much like Red Bull. Still, might very well order again.

  38. joseph

    it was good but its not a red bull taste… I have tried pretty much every energy drink… closest I could put the taste is a red rain energy drink def not red bull but nice

  39. Gord H

    Tastes exactly like redbull! It also mixes well with other flavours. 5/5 for sure. 18mg 70/30

  40. Joel

    Definitely one of my favourites. Tastes very close to the real thing.

  41. Joel

    Definitely one of my favourites. Tastes very close to the real thing.

  42. Bobby G

    my favorite, great all day vape, ordering a 30ml for sure.

  43. Alicia

    Wouldn’t really say that it tasted like redbull, maybe more like amped, but definitely like an energy drink. It was a bit sweet for all day vaping, but it also mixed really well with other things

  44. Joseph B

    The wizards at CEJ definitely stepped up in a big way on this juice!
    Tastes like Red Bull to a tee, without the fizz that comes with the drink.

    All of the flavors are there and obvious.
    Great job!

  45. Daniel R

    This one tastes exactly like the drink… I didn’t really realize that I don’t really like the taste of redbull till after ordering this one. If you like the taste of redbull you’ll fall head over heels for this one! I gave this to my best friend who uses this as an all day vape and loves it!

  46. manilyn

    this is one of my fav……

  47. Ruth-Ann

    I found this a bit harsh, and it left a strange aftertaste as well. It did taste like red bull though.

  48. Ahmed B

    Got this in 100VG and have to say it’s pretty amazing how they included a lot of taste in 100VG. Nice job Canadaejuice!

  49. cole l

    Really does taste like red bull so if your a fan you will love this one.

  50. Justin

    I found that this liquid didnt quite taste like red bull (this coming from an addict..) BUT it did however taste like an off brand energy drink. Pretty good, will buy again. I tried a 50PG/50VG 6ml bottle. i would give it an 8.5/10!

  51. mark s

    This is one of my favorites so far. It doesn’t really taste like the drink though. To me, it tastes very similar to the Sweet Tarts juice.

  52. Lane s

    Not the biggest fan of this one, kinda tasted like medicine. I soupose so does red bull though so they did get the taste right

  53. brocke f

    LOVE it! vaped all my friends flavs this one is a buy for sure

  54. Winston13

    This is probably the most popular flavour with my vender, it is really tasty!

  55. Dan M

    tastes like some sort of sweet energy drink, but not red bull. many people praise this juice but i wasn’t too big of a fan although i found it was great for mixing with other juices

  56. Mike O

    It doesn’t taste like redbull, 100%. They hit the fruity taste bang on, but it doesn’t have that sour-ish kick, red bull has. All things aside, this has become my all-day vape.

  57. Adam

    I bought a 6ml bottle to test as I’ve tried other brands and was not happy with the overall flavor and after taste. I was quite impressed with this one however as the flavoring is pretty close to the actual drink.

    I will be ordering another bottle of this on my next purchase.

  58. jessica h

    If you like the flavor of redbull this is the juice for you tastes just like a real red bull I was impressed

  59. trina

    Love this one. It is my favorite.

  60. Ty C

    It actually tastes like Red Bull! Incredible!

  61. Jessica

    Love love love this flavour! Very fruity and lots of flavour comes off it.

  62. Brett

    My all time favorite, all day vape. Definitely tastes exactly like the drink but is vapeable all day long. can say enough good about this flavour.

  63. Shay

    Tastes like Red Bull without the "zapp" or "zing" on your tongue – So basically like cherry cough medicine. The flavor is there, but I came in expecting too much. 5/5 because it is accurate in flavor.

  64. K.C. Penfold

    I was not a huge fan of this one. You really have to love red bull to enjoy this. I personally have not had a Red Bull since I tried Monster.. which by the way I think would make an awesome flavor;);)

  65. mike p

    Doesnt taste like red bull at all. it was probually a bad batch but it had a weird taste and very disapointed spent alot of money on it and it was terrible. worst ejuice ever do not recomend

  66. Chris

    Solid! Def a flavor you can vape all day.

  67. Mikey Bikey

    Taste just like energy drink! love it!

  68. Blake S

    Tastes/smells just like Red Bull! Great throat hit, big vapor, no problem getting it to wick. Would buy again without hesitation (70PG/30VG, 12mg)!

  69. Kingsman

    Taste nothing like red bull, more like cherry with a bad after taste. I’m glad I only got a bottle of 10mL. Never again.

  70. Emmanuel

    Really nice flavor and smells great
    One of my favorite when im not vaping ry4 double !!

  71. Darren

    Just got Red Bull today!!!!!
    Wow, this juice is awesome. Can’t say enough. Perfect, Perfect, Perfect………
    I got 70/30 , 18mg which is perfect for me being used to smoking 30 years. I also got a 12mg which is also real good, a little less throat hit.
    I’m new to vaping and almost got turned off from vaping because I didn’t use quality juice and I had really bad flavours from another company / country.
    I’m so glad I found Canadaejuice and Dragon Vape in Mississauga, Ontario. I wanted a company I could trust that was on the high end of quality control and knowledge, boy I found it.
    Thanks guys for your awesome product, I can’t believe how good this RedBull is and RY4 Double, Watermelon, Honeydew and the Banana. Love them all…. Thanks

  72. jay

    it tastes like soap, got 70/30 bleh

  73. Chris

    my absolute favourite! definitely an all day vape. 18 70/30

  74. Greg

    My new "all day vape". Very smooth throat hit, and what a nice flavour and scent. Red Bull just makes sense as an e juice. I will definitely be getting more of this.

  75. Devin

    Got to say didn’t like this at first. so i put it away then came back to it. And now think its pretty awesome. more of a sweet like red bull taste (candy like) but to me its not a vape all day but very close. Good juice! 12mg 70/30

  76. Devin

    Got to say didn’t like this at first so i put it away and came back to it and now i think its pretty awesome. more of a candy like red bull taste. Borderline all day vape.
    good juice! 12mg 70/30

  77. Simpo

    At first I wasnt too impressed with it.. I found like others, that it tasted like cherry or cherry cough syrup. After a few days now I like it a little bit more. Im a Redbull drinker and can tell its not close to tasting like a real Redbull. Hopefully it will get tweeked with a bit and eventually taste like actual RB.

  78. Pork ‘n Cheesies

    I was really impressed with this Red Bull juice, let it really soak up on to a fresh wick before you take your first puff and you won’t be disappointed. If you feel like a little change up – try mixing this Red Bull by 1:2-3 with the Grape Juice flavour for an awesome grape Kool Aid twist.

  79. seth

    a little sweet
    not over or under powering flavour
    ready to vape with no steeping needed imo

  80. Mike

    There was a vape shop I went to when I first started vaping and this was the first flavour I tried. After a couple bottles they didn’t carry it anymore, so I decided to order it online. Needless to say I am not disappointed with this EJuice. It has a very unique taste, it doesn’t quite taste like Red Bull but if you’re thinking about Red Bull you can definitely see the resemblance. Good flavour for an all day vape.

  81. Alain


  82. Anthony

    Awesome e juice! Doesn’t taste 100% like red bull but it’s strikingly similar. Will definitely be ordering again.

  83. Travis

    This juice tastes a lot like red bull. It’s sweet, and I like the level of sweetness BUT red bull is a very sweet drink. So it doesn’t taste exactly like red bull but its still a very good juice. I’ll try steeping it to see if I can get it a little sweeter.

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