Roasted Mellow


Roasted Mellow

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Campfire toasted!




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45 reviews for Roasted Mellow

  1. Jon R

    18mg 70/30 very sweet and delicious. Tons of vapor and good throat hit for something so delicious. The toasted flavor really comes through on this juice, I’ll be back for more!

  2. Chelsea

    I will be ordering chocolate flavor so I can mix this to get a s’mores taste 🙂

  3. Jennifer M

    Was very excited to get this one. I’m pretty happy with it as it does taste like marshmallow but it is mising the roasted flavour. I would like to try mixing with english toffee and I like the idea of s’mores with a bit of double chocolate.

  4. AJ S

    Im sure im not the only one who was thinking of smores when they saw roasted marshmallow, classic haha….Deffinitly not smores, but a bang on marshmallow! I love it, I mix it all the time. My wife wasn’t a fan, but my bottles gone 😛 so clearly I liked it.

  5. Chantale D

    I tend not to like dessert flavors but gave this a try. I did like it, not too sweet. 70/30 12mg.

  6. Sandra S

    Lovely marshmallow scent and definitely tastes like marshmallow. Sweeter than I look for generally, so this is one that I will probably try mixing with a less sweet e-juice or use , as recommended, as a dessert.

  7. Matthew M

    This one was alright. Definitely missing the roasted flavour, but the marshmallow does come through a little bit. Not my favourite, but not a bad choice for marshmallow lovers.

  8. Pete A

    A nice, smooth vape with mild TH. Flavour is rich, though somewhat non-descript. A decent enough base to blend with a bolder flavour, but would be inclined to reach for something more distinct.

  9. Larry

    At first I didn’t much like this flavor but as I Vaped it a bit longer and with a high voltage I had to change my mind. Has a real buttery taste to it and somewhat sweet but not overwhelming. Marshmallow taste but I agree it could use a little more of the roasted note. Will buy again….Thank You.

  10. Robert H

    This is a nice flavour, mild, sweet and creamy, with a touch of smokiness.
    I’m not sure how, but the taste of a marshmallow roasted over an open flame is accurately captured.
    A very nice vape. For me it’s a treat, for her it’s all day!

  11. Desiree

    I really thought this wouldn’t taste anything like marshmallows but wanted to try it out. I love it! Definitely a favourite!

  12. Crystal C

    Shocked how yummy this was. Mixed with Bavarian Cream, even better 🙂 Has a nice coconut flavour to it, bit of a nutty quality too. Really nice vape too; going for the 30ml on my next order.

  13. Michael K

    Never finished my 6ml bottle.. I don’t recommend the 100%VG, but after leaving it for a while it smells just like the description, so I’d try a 70/30 mix!

  14. hesham m

    great vap nice mild flavour sweet and creamy wih a coconut hint to it !!

  15. Charmaine F

    Sweet tasting without being too sweet and smells great

  16. Corey S

    At first it tastes as it smells but after a bit it looses is flavor.

  17. Chris E

    This is one of my favourites to date. One of my daily vapes, and mixed with cotton candy for a all day flavor.

  18. Kim D

    I did’nt really enjoy this ejuice…dark in colour,maybe different combination
    in VG & PG I bought the suggested

  19. Ruth-Ann

    One of my favorites and I have re ordered this!!! Not too sweet, so it is great for an all day, every day vape. This smells great too!

  20. Rachel P

    I’ve used this product a few times now, and I find that the flavour is too mild for me. I can tell there’s a little bit of sweetness, but I don’t find it to be very marshmallow like. I would definitely try this again if it came in a double strength.

  21. Daniel R

    To me it was way too sweet at first then it lost it’s flavor all together. If you enjoy super sweet flavors you’ll definitely enjoy this one.

  22. micheline m

    great vape.. sweet flavor.. i found it tasted better after i left it for a couple days… i think it gets more flavor as it sits.. either way good juice..

  23. Anthony T

    roasted aroma when you drag, and marshmallow when you exhale love the sweetness. definitely recommended flavor for those who likes marshmallow, I bet its good when you add a chocolate flavor. 4 stars!

  24. Kerrie-lee H

    I love this flavour, it’s the only one I have ordered so far. I keep saying next time ill try something different but I just keep coming back to this one.

  25. Nick f

    This is a great flavor after you get over the campfire taste it’s really good this is the one I use a lot lol

  26. Kim M

    I’m still not sure if I like this one. It has a weird flavor that I can’t pinpoint but I don’t feel it actually tastes likes roasted marshmallows.

  27. danielle l.

    I really disliked this one as it smelt and tasted like a campfire , it just was not what I exspected !

  28. jessica h

    I liked the flavor but I did not like how it smelt like burnt wood and made me smell like that all day

  29. Sosan F

    Love it, love it, love it. I will order more.

  30. rye h

    One of my fav flavours. really brings out the roasted marshmellows.

  31. Adam

    Well is was bound to happen, i have found a flavour that i really don’t care for. The initial taste is great you get that marshmallow almost vanilla taste but then comes the burnt after taste which totally ruined it for me. I may try and mix it with something else that has a stronger after taste to drown out the burnt after taste. But on its own i would have to say i will not be buying this flavour again.

  32. Warren S

    Marshmallows burnt to a black chard lump over the campfire, the only way I eat marshmallows, If you don’t like burning your marshmellows over the campfire, and only like browning them, you may not like this vape. For me it was great. Wouldn’t be able to do it all day, but for an hour or two here and there, I love it.

    PG/VG 70/30

  33. Kim Gilbert

    Love it, love it, my favourite one so far.

  34. jay d

    this one did not taste good for me, it did taste kinda like marshmallow but i didnt like it at all

  35. Christine H

    I didn’t think I would love it, but I do. I have been "mixing" this half and half with a more traditional "tobacco" flavour and just love it! A must to re-order

  36. Neil

    Love this flavour. It’s been my daily vape since day 1. Not too sweet like some of the fruit flavours. Good amount of vape. Smooth taste and throat hit. Definitely try it if you like Wers Caramel Candy

  37. Yolanda

    The taste was too burnt and not enough marshmallow. Wanted it to be a bit sweeter. It was not bad. I think from reviews I was expecting to love it.

  38. Daniel

    This one is incredibly sweet… It’s a bit too much for my taste but it’s good! I’m not really big into super sweet foods and I thought this one would have a smokey flavor but if you like marshmallows you’ll love this.

  39. shane

    Burnt taste I wish it were sweeter I wish it was also sweeter don’t think ill get this one again .

  40. Blake

    Got this as part of a dessert sampler package – it’s not for me, I think. I found you occasionally get the marshmallow flavour, but it’s often just a sort of burnt taste (was with a new atty.) I’ll let it steep for a while.

  41. Chantelle

    Did not like this one personally, tasted more like burnt marshmallow

  42. Kelly

    Just received it today. It has to be the worst thing i have ever had. No marshmallow taste. No sugery tast. Not even a burnt taste. Just a moldy tadte. Then i looked at the DOB. It was from Dec 2013. What the hell! Why i’d like to know?

  43. Chris

    6mg nic 50/50. Good vapour production. Sweet taste on inhale. Creamy taste on exhale. One thing I found about this flavour is it has a horrible mouth to lung hit. Direct to lung hits are the key.

  44. Jessii

    MAX VG, 0 mg.
    I really wish I could give this a higher rating. SO CLOSE! Not bad, but also not good enough. It tastes more like a marshmallow that was roasted in a brick oven. It’s not terrible, a bit more burnt than roasted but not completely burnt. Definitely not an all day vape, but great to save for when you go camping.

  45. Jamie

    To me this is as close as you can get to the real thing. Very nice flavor, smooth, good on cold days reminds me of the fire. I like to change things up so this is in my favorite list.

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