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Red Raspberry

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Freshly picked Red Raspberries!

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76 reviews for Red Raspberry

  1. Tracy H

    This liquid is spot on for a real raspberry flavour. It brings me back to the days where I would help my grandma pick ripe, juicy ones from her garden. Nice tart taste with a clear sweet taste that follows. Perfect!

    Vaped in a boge lr carto with a tank.

  2. Timour I

    Ordered 30mL each of RY4 Double, Tobacco, Pear, Smooth Peach, and Red Raspberry, all in the recommended 70/30 mix.

    RY4 Double has a strong TH with sweeter, stronger tones. One 30 yo smoker told me he really liked it and thought it would help him get off cigarettes!

    Tobacco is milder but very pleasant, slightly less TH but it is quite there.

    Smooth Peach is wonderful, very sweet.

    Pear is a little milder than the peach but the flavour is exquisite!!

    Red Raspberry was my least favourite, but still vapable.

  3. JLee_audio

    70/30, Mild(12mg) tastes just like freash picked raspberries, sooo good my new fav. Good throat hit, and good vape.

  4. Lainee G

    I tryed but didn’t really enjoy the flavor

  5. Thierry D

    An excellent juice, taste like real raspberry, not the generic "candy" taste. Took it at strength 0 and it’s super smooth. By far one of the best fruit juices I’ve tried so far!

  6. Debbie S

    This one is becoming my all day vape favorite, I really like the taste and its a definate re-order for me!

  7. Misti W

    6mg 70/30 I have tried a lot of raspberry flavors and this was the one that had a good flavor, sweet with a touch of sour but not overpowering!

  8. Jason L

    70/30 Mild:Tastes just like fresh rasberrys can’t get enough, bigger TH then most

  9. Jonathan R

    I agree with the other reviews, the flavour is very much like the real thing, no artificial flavours here! It’s very plesant, sweet, but not as sweet as some other rasberry juices that I’ve tried. 70/30 12mg

  10. Stuart R

    Very real. Mild Flavour, not to overwhelming . Slightly Sour. Nice but not my thing but great if you are looking for a subtle fruity juice.

  11. Duane N

    If it wasn’t so dangerous, I’d drink this stuff! What a light fruity treat. Nice while relaxing after a big meal.

  12. Jason R

    Tryed this raspberry @70/30 and its is now one of my top 5 .. I love it .. Thanks great job on this one

  13. Emil T

    How could I resist getting my favorite fruit? well I couldn’t, and it didn’t disappoint either. Raspberry lovers rejoice , this is the vape for you. Mixing with double chocolate makes a nice mix too.
    0mg 70/30

  14. wesley d

    I vape 18Mg, found the taste very very subtle. I had to mix with another flavour just so I got some more flavour. If you’re looking for a mild flavoured juice get this one, if you’re looking for a bolder flavour I would skip.

  15. Stuart R

    Very nice flavor, either on it own or mixed. Taste like natural raspberries, but not as sweet/sour. I find it’s subtle but still very enjoyable. Highly recommend mixing it with peach.

  16. Eric H

    Amazing juice! quickly became one of my top choices! I vape this one all day and never get tired

  17. Johanne F

    Very subtle, but great aftertaste. My favourite fruit is raspberry, and this is working it’s way in to my top vapes. Mixes well with lemon drop! I will be reordering this one for sure!

  18. Clint D

    I bought this in 12mg 70/30 and found the the flavour very light but good. Throat hit was decent. Lots of vapour.

  19. Dany S

    Tried a lot of raspberry juices and it seems I’m really not into those, never found one I loved (still love to eat raspberries so its kinda weird). This was a bit better than the others I tried but still not for me. If you enjoy raspberry juices, get this, it’s the best i tried.

  20. Mel M

    70%PG / 30%VG, 12mg – This flavor is strong and I love it. Would be great with a higher nicotine. Will order again

  21. James C

    This is a re-order for me.

  22. Chelsea

    Not enough flavor for me 🙁

  23. Jaycarlson

    70/30 12mg…I have not tried the raspberry candy flavour but to me thats exactly what this tastes like…pretty sweet so I wouldnt recommend it as an all day vape but its a great "treat" or "dessert" vape.

  24. Heather W

    I really like this flavour. Actually tastes like raspberries. I can vape it on its or or mix it with the double chocolate.

  25. Ian M

    Good flavours. Not too sweet, and a nice smooth. (6mg 70/30). Was happy with this one

  26. Kyle B

    Nice flavor, not to strong good all day vape

  27. Allan T

    Husband (heavy ex-smoker) & Wife (never smoked): (Same as the pomegranate) This flavour is quite pleasing, but unfortunately “muted” and dissipates quickly – the flavour is virtually gone by the time you exhale. The base seemingly mutes or overpowers the taste but much less so than in the Hypnotic flavour. Both of us would like the “flavour power” increased, especially if there were a bit of a lingering bouquet.
    Husband(heavy ex-smoker): I really like the raspberry flavour, it is my favorite of the 7 non-tobacco (or even the tobacco) flavours I have tried so far but I want it stronger. Even so, I will definitely be ordering more.

  28. MH C

    100%VG 18mg – this might be my second favorite vape flavour; mild but still bang on for the taste. I would recommend trying this one!

  29. perry d

    Full of flavour, will re order again, nice strong rasberry.

  30. Sandra S

    I added Red Raspberry to my favourites and reordered. Definitely raspberry taste and nothing else, with no artificial flavour or phony scent. I love it. i also tried Raspberry Candy, which has the same good raspberry flavour with additional sweetness. I prefer the simpler Red Raspberry but if you have a fondness for candy, the Raspberry is great too.

  31. Mike

    Tried in 6ml 70% PG and 30% VG with 18mg of nictotine, Very good flavour and vape production will definetly order more in, really tasty mixed with other flavours!

  32. audrey m

    This one has some great flavor and some great vape. Not my favorite thats for sure but it was good for a change. Only reason I would not be ordering again is not the biggest fan of raspberry. If you are however a fan of raspberry then I would recommend.

  33. samantha c

    Full of flavour will re order again my favourite so far

  34. Laura M

    I have added this to my list of favorites. Really good raspberry flavor and definitely not too sweet or overwhelming. Is great mixed with blueberry or strawberry.

  35. courtney

    great flavor it was perfect mixed with strawberry and a drop of menthol.

  36. George

    Tastes like raspberries and its quite sweet…. Really delicious…. Might try mixing it with chocolate next time

  37. micheline m

    not a huge fan of raspberries, but i love this eliquid.. has a nice sweet taste.. very good vape

  38. Kim M

    very good vape, and nice flavor…tastes like raspberries…will order again

  39. Bobby G

    very good , not too sweet.

  40. Dawne P

    A very nice refreshing raspberry flavour that is not too sweet. I will be ordering again. It is yummy.

  41. Kathleen B

    I love raspberries and this doesn’t disappoint…great flavour.

  42. Dawn H

    Nice light vape, great raspberry flavour. Sweet, but not too sweet. Will order again.

  43. Michael R

    Like most juices on this site, this one is great! Great flavor, sweet, but not too sweet.

  44. Kerry D

    Nice tart flavor without being too sweet! Pretty strong too! Mixed it with lots of other juices to make interesting mixes! Peanut butter and jelly anyone?!

  45. Lindsay N

    One of my favourites. Great flavor, not too sweet. I found it’s good for an all-day vape, and great for making other flavors taste even better if you mix. Definitely will reorder. 50/50, 18mg.

  46. ross c

    Ross C. It has a Raspberry flavor but I found it quite mild I would only give it a 2.5out of5.l

  47. Diane F

    I really enjoyed this one strong but not too strong… sweet but not too sweet, just like real red raspberry melting in your mouth.

  48. Frankie B

    Really enjoy this flavour. No trace of an artificial taste whatsoever. Mix it with some chocolate for great results!

  49. Andrew c

    Awesome flavour mixes well with mango

  50. John C

    So far so good, vaped it in 6mg 50-50

  51. Jessica M

    Amazing flavour when you first start vaping with this one. Doesn’t last long though.

  52. Gabe

    Tried this on in 70/30 12mg,WOW, quite surprised, not too sweet but resembles a cigarette with the good throat hit! Canada e juice does it again!

  53. David M

    I liked this flavor alot actually i used 70% pg taste good not to overpowering just right.Highly recommend it to anyone!

  54. Sarah V

    Okay so raspberries are pretty much my favorite fruit. That being said, I absolutely love this flavor. Some flavors I find do not have much taste, although the raspberry flavor definitely tastes exactly like raspberries! The raspberry is one of the few flavors that I could vape all day with!

  55. David N.

    A great flavour, if a bit too subtle. I would have preferred a more distinct raspberry. Not too sweet, but not quite tart enough for my taste. Would probably make a nice all day vape. 70/30 mix @ 18mg nicotine.

  56. J Woodland

    A nice raspberry flavour that I am quite enjoying

  57. Cameron M.

    I really like this one. Flavour is so fresh. Not too sweet but sweet enough. I recommend to anyone on the fence and is reading this.

  58. jay d

    i love this one but i like all the berry flavors, the taste is dead on like always with this site

  59. shana

    I got this at 50/50 with 12mg and I loved everything except the flavour. The throat hit was good and the vapour was plentiful but the flavour was muted, like watered-down kool-aid or something. It wasn’t unpleasant, just a little tame for my sensibilities. (Note: It was only born a week and a half ago, so I will report back if aging it has any effect).

  60. Colin J

    Awesome taste.. Great Product.. Canadaejuice is the best..

  61. Ed B

    Tried this on in 70/30 18mg, very surprised, not too sweet and I absolutely love it! As another reviewer stated, it has a good throat hit! It is my new favorite for sure and I highly recommend this flavor to everyone. Canada e juice does it again!

  62. Jacinda

    I liked the taste of this, but I wish the flavour was a little stronger. Nice and sweet if you like a sweet vape.

  63. Alicia

    Nice, fairly realistic flavour, could be a bit stronger though. Anybody who likes the berry flavours should like it though.

  64. Nick

    It was an OK juice. Tried it right after my favorite so the contrast was high.

  65. Al B

    Love raspberries but find this a little overpowering.

  66. mike

    Good juce good flavor at first but looses its taste for some reason but mix it with mountain dew and you have a killer raspberry citrice flaver ! I think this mix is my new favorite

  67. Paul J L

    Sharp raspberry taste…mixes well with all my flavors.

  68. Nikki

    Same as other review, love raspberries but found it a bit overpowering and bitter. 18 mg 100% VG

  69. TaMara

    A bit sweet. Couldn’t use as a stand alone vape, but works well as an add to juices that are a bit heavy!

  70. Darrell

    Amazing smell and amazing taste! One of my favorites for sure.

  71. It’s kinda nasty

    It’s quite sour and wasn’t too tasty

  72. Rob

    Nice taste, light throat hit in 70/30. Will reorder!

  73. Rob

    Pretty good, not enough throat hit for my taste but the flavor is great.

  74. Shawnee

    One of my favourites from this site for sure

  75. zetaren tarek

    If you love sweet Red Raspberry then you will love this

  76. Jamie

    For me this was very hard hitting and watery not my usual thick juice PG to high at 70/30 maybe at 50/50 will be better for me love raspberries though.

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