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Raspberry Sour

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A sour twist on Red Raspberry!


*Canada E-Juice #10 Best Seller!*

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36 reviews for Raspberry Sour

  1. Nelson F

    Tested on SR atomizer. 70/30 mix, 12 mg. I’ve tried a few raspberry vapes in the past, but was never really a fan. However, this is the nicest raspberry vape I’ve tried so far. Vapor production is great and throat hit is pretty good too, as I don’t really like a hard hit. Smooth and gentle on the throat.

  2. david f

    i tried this on a stone tank and a LT at 4.0v this is a great vape tastes just like the Raspberry Candies you get i love it and it has a lasting after taste just like the candies lots of vapor at 70/30 mix nice throat hit very smooth at 12mg.

  3. Mike H

    Not bad, I’m totally getting the Swedish berries flavor, and with my 18mg pg/vg mix get lotsa vapor. Bit of a soapy taste on this, it’s not unpleasant mind you, it’s almost like those little chicklet style soap gums you used to get in coin vending machines.

    I’m going to let it steep and then try it on my new Ego Twist and get back to ya’ll.

  4. Caitlin S

    The best e juice flavor we have ever tried! We use it in the ego-c, it tastes great and is easy on the throat!

  5. James H

    Tastes just like the candies on my VVG.. Good job!!

  6. Peter B

    I’m new to this and tried this product for two days on my new Maverick 510. I thought the flavor was good. It wasn’t too strong a taste. So far it’s the smoothest vape I’ve tried. I give it a 4 only because it didn’t have quite enough of a throat hit for me.

  7. Silvio L

    I tried this with a DCT smoktech cart and the Kanger T2, seems that the T2 always brings through more flavor and Raspberry Candies definitely is flavorful, i found it sweet. If you like sweet, then try Raspberry Candies.

  8. Antoine C

    Tastes exactly like Swedish berries, i tried 70/30 blend, 6mg, i find it doesn’t give much of a hit though.

  9. Joanne G

    Now this is down right yummy one of my all time fav’s. would get again for sure.

  10. Jeremy B

    nice n sweet just like the candies.. goes together very well with double chocolate.
    good job

  11. Steve

    I’ve tried 8-10 different flavors from Canada E-Juice and this was a completed shot in the dark. I ordered a 30ml (70/30, 18mg) without trying it and WOW….this is far and above the best flavor I’ve ever tried…from anywhere! I bought it with my usual…Menthol, with the idea of mixing it with the menthol (I like to mix fruit with menthol for the xtra flavor and kick) but the raspberry candy is so tasty I’m enjoying it on its own. At 18mg it has a great throat hit, lots of vapor and smooth (no throat irritation). I mixed 50/50 with the menthol and am vaping it as I type this…perfect…highly recommend!

  12. Antoine C

    Tastes exactly like swedish berries! The throat hit is a bit harsh though but nevertheless a good vape! 70/30, 0.6mg.

  13. Dean C

    Of the six flavours I ordered to start, this is my favourite. Tastes like the old nutty club raspberry candies that you used to see at gas stations. Ah, memories. Good aftertaste too. My sister says it smells "plasticky" in the room after, but I like it.

  14. Jon R

    18mg 70/30 – I really liked this juice. It’s sweet and a little sour and tastes just like the hard raspberry candies in the picture. I like the sweet flavours and this one just seems to hit the spot every time I go to it. A lot of flavours get tiring after a while, but I’m still enjoying this one so it’ll be on my next order. I’d give it a try if you like sweet candy flavours.

  15. Patrick M

    This is currently in my rotation for liquids I vape all day… tastes just like the hard candies… Awesome job guys!!!

  16. Tgcompletecc

    taste just like raspberry candies its amazing how good it tastes

  17. wesley d

    Tried raspberry, didnt find enough flavour. So tried raspberry candies, usually sweet gives more flavour. It’s not a bad flavour but I just didnt find it very strong.

  18. Christian E

    My Brother in law ordered this one and at first taste i was hooked!! Will order a couple of these next time very good!!

  19. Ryan P

    Good to Vape.. find it needs something extra.. Mixed with Fresh strawberries for more of a kick

  20. Jeff P

    great vape. one of the milder tasting juices but still very good.

  21. Charmaine F

    tastes great and smells good.

  22. Cory B

    Cory B

    Flavor is bang on. Smooth Vape @ 70%PG / 30%VG – Strength: 24 – Extra Strong. Very sweet!

  23. jay d

    they hit the nail on the head with this one, a bit sweet for me tho

  24. Dan M

    by far my favorite of the candy flavors. nice and sweet with strong flavor. this flavor was a bit harsh which i actually enjoyed. it’s difficult to come across harsher flavors when looking at candies and fruits. vape production is on point. this flavor mixes incredibly well with RY4 double. 5/5

  25. Matt M

    Definitely a bit milder than I prefer but still very tasty! Mixes very nicely with Blueberry 2.0 and Menthol (or Double). If there was a Double version of this I’d definitely buy it.

  26. Arvin

    I was hopeful with this flavour as it was one of my favourite candies as a kid. To me it smells like nail polish remover. The flavour is ok but not one of my favourites.

  27. Nick

    I’ve never tasted the actual candies so I didn’t know what to expect. Not bad, just not as good as almost every other juice I tried. I can see why some people love it though. If you like the candies you’ll probably like it.

  28. sadiya

    This juice smelled really nice but the taste wasn’t one of my favourites. It kinda had a plasticy taste to me.

  29. jojobean

    meh. decent. try it, its worth the try! but not as good as grape juice/juicy fruit.

  30. Rob

    Awesome taste, mixes really well with Mountain dew.

  31. AlwaysMissyv

    This is one of my new favorite flavours – actually has a sweet fruity taste! 8/10.

  32. Nick

    Best flavour on the site for sure

  33. Matthew

    I ordered mine with an extra flavor shot, it was awesome! tasted amazing, best off in an RDA!

  34. sandra

    This is one of my favorites, vaping it now! I ordered with a extra shot and I love it. Like switching between this one and blue raspberry. On my reorder list.

  35. Claude T.

    I just received my sample pack that include this Raspberry Candies. …. Like Arvin (18/09/2013) said smells like nail polish remover and for me it taste like bad perfum …. not a good taste at all and had that taste in mouth for hours 🙁
    I hope the others flavors from the pack are not same. This is my 1st try from CanadaEjuice … maybe a bad batch ? i’m kinda very disappointed.

  36. Jay

    ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS!! one of my top 3 vape juices! I will forever buy this flavor.. always good to have after a stressful day at work and vaping on my way home… gives me some good vibes down below too WOOHOO

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