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A refreshing mild pineapple, one of our most popular fruit flavors.


*Warning* This juice has been reported to crack plastic clearomizers, it’s rare but it may happen *Warning*

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87 reviews for Pineapple

  1. Chris M

    I really liked this one as well, tastes like Astro Pops from when i was a kid, a nice candy pineapple flavor, has a nice fresh feeling in the mouth as well, good job on this one.

  2. Cloud

    excellent flavor, like a nice piece of dried/candied pineapple

  3. Lainee G

    So so so good I love it per fact amount of flavor

  4. Bill H

    I really liked pineapple. The flavour taste like real pineapple. At 18 nicotine strength the throat hit was awesome. WEll done!


  5. James C

    Nailed it, tastes just like a pineapple. One of my faves for sure.
    6 nicotine strength. 50/50 blend.

  6. Misti W

    12mg 70/30 I am not a fan of vaping pineapple but the taste is right on!

  7. Jason M

    I really liked this one a lot – good mild fruity flavour. One of the better fruit e-juices I have tried.

  8. Robin B

    I like this flavor. Its a nice taste of Pineapple.

  9. James H

    Pineapple happens to be one if my fav fruits, this is really good…

  10. Leon M

    I find the taste is very good but a bit mild . Not a favorite of mine even though I like pineapple .
    Still trying different products and enjoying the experience .

    Leon MN

  11. Silvio L

    As all of the fruit flavors they have been true to their name, this one is no different with that great subtle flavor of pineapple. I didn’t find it over powering and nice to vape with a decent throat hit at 70/30 12Mg.

  12. keith l

    Good sweet taste, but a hint of soap.
    70/30 @ 18mg.

  13. Trena L

    Yummy sweet pineapple. Very good. I found the flavor just right and not to strong.

  14. Risa R

    LOVED this one ~:)~ mixes and sweetens well with others I didn’t like as much ~:)~

  15. Emil T

    Very nice and smooth pineapple taste, I’m a huge pineapple juice fan and this is perfect for mixing with other flavors for that added hint of pineapple. Could be a bit stronger.
    0mg 70/30

  16. Bill H

    Been my favourite – be even better with more flavouring – use it as all day vape – 30-70 mix, 18 strength, use with ego and drip

  17. Jon R

    A good juice with mild flavour. Doesn’t have a strong flavour and although fruity, it doesn’t stand out as Pineapple specifically. I mixed this with lemon lime and raspberry to get a tropical blend which wasn’t bad, but I didn’t find my new favourite single flavour here.

    70/30 12mg

  18. AJ S

    First pineapple flavour I have personally tried. I was shocked at how great the flavour was on inhale, but seemed a little dry and disappointing on exhale. I think a little mix with the juicy fruit with be my next step with this pineapple.

  19. Dany S

    70/30 12mg Good sweet pineapple. It just tastes like it’ supposed to. Would recommand it anytime.

  20. Ryan

    tastes great. everyone who tries my vape pen loves this flavour too. will get a stronger strength next time. 70/30 12 strength

  21. Jaycarlson

    I wasnt able to taste this one at first. A few days after quiting analogs however, the taste really started to come through. Was like a nice sweet pineapple juice. Everone at work loved it too as the sweet pineapple smell lingered. Even has a nice bite to finish at 70/30 12mg.

  22. Kyle B

    Great flavor not over powering smooth taste and is great to mix with other fruit flavors. Would order again Canada E-juice has great prices and fast shipping very impressed!

  23. Nadia G

    Overall great vape, nice flavour. No complaints on this one, would order again. 70/30 18

  24. Corey S

    this is a wonderful flavour, everyone should try can smoke it all day.*

  25. Jeremy B

    The flavour on this one is outstanding, it’s sweet and smooth and absolutely wonderful. The kind of juice that you can smoke all day and I highly recommend mixing it 3:1 with the coke flavour. (70/30 PG:VG, 30 MG Strength)

  26. George

    Really delicious flavour, one of my favourites and great for vapeing all day long…. Very nice

  27. Kim M

    I really LOVE this flavor!!! I could vape this all day!!! I will order this again.

  28. Sandra S

    A very nice, mild flavour that, as has been said by many others, one can vape all day.

  29. Tim L

    Nice and tasty, I would get this again. Another flav in my top 5

  30. hesham m

    love it A very nice vap, mild flavour !!!

  31. David B

    This is the best pinapple flavour I have ever had. Highly recommended.

  32. Kerry D

    In my top 2 for sure! smooth and delicious! Next time will try 24 strength because 18 was a little too smooth. ACTUALLY TASTES LIKE PINEAPPLE!!!!

  33. Peter B

    This was an okay vape. It was quite sweet with a lot of zip to it. They’ve done a great job making it taste like the real thing.

  34. Sandra S

    I tried a sample of this and I will order this again. A nice combination of tart and sweet at the same time, just like a real pineapple. Well done.

  35. alex b

    This was an okay vape for me, not a fan of the taste. But im not a pineapple kind of guy. bought it at 70/30 12 mg. taste is subjective so new vapours you should try this one. ive had friends who loved it.

  36. Jeff C

    Along with the Banana Bonanza, the Pineapple is my favorite e-Juice from this site. I vape a 70/30 in low and it’s perfect. I’ve bought multiple bottles (now I get all 30mL for this) and every one of them has been consistent.

  37. Jeff

    Delicious taste just wish it was a bit stronger, but overall an excellent juice. Was given a complimentary sample of this through great customer service and could not have asked for a better flavor.

  38. Dan M

    WOW definitely one of my favs along with banana bananza, watermelon and creme de mint. As always fantastic vapour production in 100 vg. Great realistic taste. Im not joking its literally exactly the same as a real pineapple. It is a great all day vape and a good juice for mixing. Watch my video review at:

  39. K.C.

    WOW! Like a big bite of sweet pineapple. For me this is a great all day vape and also really good to mix with other flavors. I love really sweet vape and this pinapple can really sweeten up other flavors that need a little kick. Definitely will order this again!

  40. Christopher

    Tasted great at 12mg 70/30, a very crisp sweet vape. Can be an all day vape if you enjoy pineapple!

  41. Michael T

    OH. MY. GOD. So remember that flavour from when you were a kid that you would sneak into the fridge to have more of when your parents weren’t looking because it tasted so darn good?! This is that flavor!!! I just had my first couple of hits on this and I’m almost too excited to type this. What are you waiting for?! BUY THIS JUICE NOW!

  42. mark s

    Not bad. Not great. It doesn’t really have a weird taste like a lot of other juices here. But, it doesn’t stand out either.

  43. Joseph B

    Honestly, this juice wasn’t the best off the bat.

    I gave it a hot water soak in a rice cooker for 10 hours, and damn, son.
    Tastes exactly like pineapples, and even has that unique sour hit in the back of your throat like the fruit does!

    Good job, CEJ wizards!

  44. Tyrone F

    Not bad. Has a sweet tangy taste to it if your into that. Friends of mine that tried it and really liked this particular taste. I like my juices without the tang but ended up finishing the bottle anyways.

  45. Jacinda C

    If you love pineapple and enjoy sweeter vapes, then this is for you. I can see this being a little sweet for an all day vape for some people, but I can vape this day and night without getting sick of it. Absolutely delicious!

  46. Roy D

    Very sweet but fantastic taste. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you’ll love this.

  47. jay d

    taste just like pineapple crush pop, i loved it

  48. Jay

    I am a pineapple lover and this ejuice produced great throat hit and vapor but did not have enough pineapple for my liking.

  49. Dan M

    i personally loved this flavor. very true to the taste of pineapple, and is very sweet. friends of mine however who do not like pineapple did not like this flavor. this mixes amazingly well with pina colada! i thought it was perfect. 5/5

  50. Matt M

    Awesome! If you enjoy sweet and/or pineapple, you’ll love this vape. For a nice, "On The Beach" experience, I’d highly recommend trying a mix of Pineapple, Bonana Bonanza and Mango.

  51. Jessica M

    Love this flavour mixed with banana. A little strong a taste for me on its own. Taste exactly like the fruit and flavour doesn’t go away.

  52. Rob

    Exact pineapple taste, smooth and great after scent! Will reorder in the future.

  53. David M

    Really enjoyed this pineapple flavor very tasty its perfect for all day vape in my opinion highly recommend! best juice iv tasted!

  54. Halley

    This is a must have for anyone who loves Pineapple, It tastes great mixed with peach gummies!
    Great sweet flavour, and amazing aftertaste. Will reorder for sure!

  55. Dirty Steve

    This has 5 stars for a reason… I would prefer 18 nic on the next order for more throat hit. Great vapor and tons of flavor on the intake as well as on the way out. Nailed it !

  56. Dirty Steve

    This has 5 stars for a reason… I would prefer 18 nic on the next order for more throat hit. Great vapor and tons of flavor on the intake as well as on the way out. Nailed it !

  57. Ronald D

    30 ml

    Love it! Very sweet. Perfect pineapple taste.

    Highly recommended.

  58. John Forsythe

    My first try w vaping. Great flavour and can mix it w Piña Colada for some extra pineapple punch. Real happy with this flavour. Will buy again!

  59. MIke R.

    Great juice! Very realistic pineapple flavor. Although I wouldn’t vape it every day, it’s a nice addition to my collection of juices.

  60. Amanda

    Loved it! True taste of the tropics with this flavour. I ordered the 24xx and the throat mix was perfect. Mixed it with RY4/ Espresso for an sour twist. I’ll have to re-order this one.

  61. Ron from Burlington

    Exact pineapple flavour…I recomend this as a true taste to the fruit.

  62. Anca

    It’s very sweet. It tastes exactly like pineapple, but for me it was too sweet.

  63. shana

    I got this in a 70pg/30vg mix at 12mg. It was part of my first foray into vape flavours and I quickly discovered that A) I’m not a huge fan of fruit flavours and 2) I need more nicotine than 12mg — so, take my review with a grain of salt.

    I found the pineapple flavour way too light, I never would have guessed that it was pineapple were it not labeled as such. There is a definite sweetness to it, but it’s a "herbal tea" sort of pineapple-ish taste. I’ve heard that letting fruit flavours steep will enhance them, so I’m trying that. (According to the label it was only born 4 days ago. It’s still baby juice).

    I also didn’t get a lot of vapour off this one – of you’re a vapour fiend you may want a 50/50 or > mix.

  64. Jeff B

    Grabbed a bottle of this at the store in Oshawa.
    Good pineapple flavor and a little sweet. It is tasty though. Made my mouth water. Could be an all day vape if you like the fruit. Throat hit was pretty good.

  65. Jeff

    Tried a sample size of this pineapple flavor e-juice which tasted great. Although the flavor could be stronger, it tasted real, sweet and smooth.

  66. Calvin

    This flavor is really strong. Sweet and tangy taste. To me it taste less like real pineapple and more like candy flavoured pineapple.

  67. Rita

    Yup, just like the real thing!

  68. Jason

    Wonderful flavour! Was one of the first juices I tried and instantly became a favourite all day vape. Tried a couple pineapple flavors from other vendors since but none were as good as this at the 70/30 recipe. Good job on this one!

  69. Neil

    Robust flavour, tastes just like the real thing. Sweetness level – high.

  70. Nick

    What can I say, it tastes like Pineapple. I bet it’s a great juice for mixing.

  71. Jojobean

    After a year of vaping this is one of my favorites. If you’re new to the verb or on the fence, get this one. It’s an all day vape and it has great flavor!

  72. Gabriel

    tastes amazing especially if you mix it with mint! 10/10

  73. Tina Robinson

    Great alone or an awesome mixer! (Currently have it mixed with Fresh Strawberries). Love it! 🙂

  74. Meredith B

    If you like pineapple you’ll love it. Great mixing.

  75. Jordan D

    I have to mirror what some others have said. This is a GREAT juice for mixing. Alone, it’s actually not great. It tastes just like pineapple, however, it has a kind of funky aftertaste. When mixed with another citrus flavour, that aftertaste disappears and this becomes an epic juice. I personally LOVE the taste of this juice when mixed with Mountain Dew… If you are a Mountain Dew lover like I am, they mix to form one of the best juices I’ve ever tasted!!! Try it. Now.

  76. Chris V

    I got the 70/30 (recommended) 18mg mix. I totally enjoyed everything about this juice and it’s on my next order. This time I will get the 30 ml size and found it to be a nice flavour producing great vape and throat hit. Thanks for another great flavour.

  77. ChrisV

    LOVE LOVE LOVE pineapple. It’s on my order I’m placing today. Great flavour and I find I prefer the juices with lighter colour to them. Bravo on this one.

  78. matt

    Awesome juice! Sort of in between fresh pineapple and the sweet candy pineapple flavour. Great on its own and wonderful when mixed with juicy fruit flavour. 5 out of 5 easy! All day vape for sure.

  79. Marc Baker

    Not that great, not the flavor that I was expecting

  80. Daniel

    I really didn’t like this one… to me it tasted so bitter and it hurt my throat. Having said that I’m not much of a pineapple fan so I probably shouldn’t have tried this one. It’s probably really good for people who like pineapples and pineapple flavored things

  81. Lorna

    This juice is horrible…doesn’t taste like pineapple at all, almost has a menthol taste to it and very chemical tasting…I would like my money back for this waste

  82. Lorna

    Terrible..prob the worst juice I’ve tasted….nothing like pineapple at all…menthol tasting and chemical tasting….it’s like vamping rubbing alcohol

  83. René

    I bought a 10ml bottle MAX VG for a test . It really taste like pineapple and am really surprise. Next time it’ll be a 30ml. Tks CEJ

  84. Jamie

    Weak flavour not as strong as I was anticipating but still a nice vape maybe if you let it steep longer then I did it will be better

  85. DcC

    Ok juice. But i am horribly sick so i would not trust this review too much. I think it will tase good once im i can taste properly again . 50/50 with 15 mg nic @ 30.7 watts on .3ohm clapton coil.

  86. Anthony

    My personal favourite! Great, smooth pineapple flavour that’s not too sweet or overpowering. Just the perfect all day vape!

  87. darylbrownps3 (verified owner)

    15mg max vg nice strong puffs excellent flavour not to strong or sweet a nice mellow all day vape flavour reading about the bitter or chemical taste I was concerned but maybe those were the higher pg mixes I don’t notice any bitterness or aftertaste at all not a strong throat hit but how I like it I’m running dual 26 gauge stainless coils 0.33ohm at 21watts

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