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Transport your taste buds to the beautiful beaches of Cuba with this classic!

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119 reviews for Pina Colada

  1. Donald P

    Looks like I am the first for this one. Tried a small bottle of 18mg at 100% VG. I did get the taste of a Pina Colada on a mild level and the sweetness is there, however I think this might be better at a 50/50 blend. I will try this again. Vapes at 100% VG are unreal!

  2. Chris M

    I loved this one, tastes just like pina colada, cant really say anything more about it.

  3. Margaret B

    Tried this at the recommended 70%/30% both 12mg and 0mg. It was fantastic. Tasted just like a Pina Colada, even the slight ‘creaminess’ of coconut milk was present. This is fast becoming my new ‘allday’ vape.

  4. Blaise G

    really delicious! nice and sweet, not over powering sweetness like i thought it may be like. i probably will get more.

  5. Andrew S

    I tried several of their 6ml samples. Most of them were very good but I really liked the Pina Colada so I came back to order it in 30 ml. Super fast shipping.

  6. Noreen A

    This was tried at 70/30 12mg and 0mg. It is a lovely interpretation of a Pina Colada. Smooth with nice flavor and great throat hit. I would definitely order again as it did not disappoint my expectations.

  7. cindie

    I love this flavor… one of my very favorites… can’t go wrong with this one!!

  8. Dave S

    Great flavor! Deffinately going to buy again

  9. John D

    I really enjoyed this one! Great piña Colada flavor . Vaping the rye double and this one is great for a change ! Will definately order again. By the way ….the shipping of the items is great!!

  10. Lainee G

    Soooo good defiantly enjoyed

  11. R G M

    Very nice vape. You can really taste the coconut & pineapple. Creamy but not too sweet. Of all the flavours I tried, this is the most "accurate". 50/50 @ 6mg.

  12. Bill H

    Enjoyed this one 18mg 70/30 mix. Good flavour and throat hit. Will order again.

    Bill H

  13. James H

    Received this As a free sample for the wife and she killed it in 2 days, says its really good… Thanx

  14. Sean C

    This is a really nice smooth sweet vape! It tastes a bit like the Irish Cream but still has a very Pina Colada taste to it!

  15. James C

    Love this stuff, has a nice pineapple kick followed by a creamy cocoanut flavor. Will def be gettin more. 6 nicotine strength, 50/50 blend

  16. Ken R

    Not bad but not that favorable. I went with the recommended mix and was still enjoyable but I think for me I’ll just use the small bottles for occasional uses.

  17. alexandre d

    The taste was ok.Taste a lot like coconut. i had the 0 mg 70/30 mix.

  18. Tony W

    I really liked this flavor even though I don’t drink alcohol. Could actually taste all the flavors coconut, pineapple and a bit of rum flavoring. Fantastic!

  19. Tim L

    One of the best flavors I think. You can taste the flavors, I bought the 70/30 and it’s great! You won’t be disappointed

  20. keith l

    Great taste, though I prefer mine mixed a little stiffer 😉 Still a great all day vape if you like it sweet. Absolutely delicious. I highly recommend giving this one a try!
    70/30 at 18mg
    didn’t steep

  21. Robin B

    When vaping this mix, I feel as if I’m on a tropical getaway. Good Vape. Not to strong, its nice and smooth.

  22. Stuart R

    Subtle flavor, not to sweet, or over powering. Very Real. Tasted more going out then in. The Coconut is very defined. Glad I tried it but not sure I would get it again, but I prefer a stronger taste.

  23. Bill H

    I like the Pina Colada. Nice taste of cocoanut, pineapple and hint of rum – very nice with good throat hit. One of my favourites – Used 70-30 mix, 18 mg and dripped. Highly recommend it.

  24. Leon M

    This is one of the best flavors but not my main vape . I started with a 6ml then ordered a 30ml .
    Will be keeping this on hand for the pleasant taste .

    Leon MN

  25. Stacey W

    Good Vape! Keep it up Canada e-juice!
    Nice smooth vape, makes me wish I was on a beach. 70/30 18mg.

  26. Jason R

    My second favorite flavor so far! As other reviews have mentioned, you can taste everything here. The coconut is really smooth, and the pineapple gives it a wonderful kick, with the rum rounding it out in a wonderful finish. Every vape just keeps me coming back for more.

  27. Yvon D

    6 ml 100% vg… Me likin this one Mahn. 😉 gotta get me a bigger bottle 🙂

  28. Thi Phuong Trang P

    When I first opened the bottle, I thought it didn’t smell like Pina Colada.. There is kind of a chemical smell to it but when I vaped it, I fell in love! It DOES taste like coconut with a hint of pineapple to it. Would buy this one again for sure!

  29. Dany S

    One of my first e-liquid. Personnaly it was not my favourite, maybe it’s just that I’m more into fruity flavours. Still worth a try.

  30. Risa R

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this one ~:)~ the sampler ran out way too quickly …. time for a larger order ~:)~

  31. Eric O

    Incredible. This one goes at the top of the list. Every flavour comes through so clearly

  32. Debbie S

    I ordered this one as my sampler, it definatley has the taste of a Pina Colada and I am not even a coconut lover but this one is pretty yummy I must say! VG 100%

  33. Kamilla L

    This is my favorite! Not to sweet, great flavour!

  34. Nathan W

    WOW! I feel like I’m back on a beach in the Caribbean. This is wicked refreshing, without being to sweet. I swear I can taste the rum in it!

    Just ordered it again, and probably will be included in every order I get from now on!

  35. Sosan F

    Not bad, very subtle favor. Maybe I like sweeter and stronger taste. I ordered from another vendor and they have a choice of adding sweetner, and I think it is a good idea for someone like me, like it sweeter and stronger taste.

  36. Jrhold

    This surely will be going to the top of my list very smooth

  37. Bill H

    Good! Can taste coconut in it – reminds me of upcoming vacation and the beach! Would recommend it.

  38. Therrien H

    Goût très marqué de coconut séché que je n’aime pas, mais j’aime l’eau de coco, alors un peu déçu
    de celui-là en 70/30 12mg

  39. Amanda M

    This is a nice smooth flavor. Could be improved with a touch more sweetness and coconut but still like as is.

  40. Tara J

    I LOVE Pina Colada! This juice is amazing, and as soon as I tried it I knew I had to get some for myself! Absolutely GREAT flavour, great throat hit, and great VAPOUR production @ 70/30. Order some of this…you won’t be disappointed!!!

  41. Ovais J

    I ordered the 70/30 12mg. Nice pina colada flavour. The coconut flavour is strong with a hint of pineapple. Strong throat hit. It’s not very sweet, which I prefer.

  42. Cory B

    Good taste, and not to harsh. I really enjoyed this flavor. 70/30 mix @ 18mg

  43. Cory B

    Great flavor, nice and smooth. One of my favorites. 70/30 at 18mg

  44. Mel M

    Not as strong as I would of liked. Can taste cocnut but personally prefer the fruity flavors. However as a floavor its still very smooth

  45. Laurent L

    Smooth and creamy. I really enjoyed the Pina Colada. Not too sweet, just the creamy taste of coconut!

  46. Stefan S

    Definitely best flavor I’ve tried. Tastes just like the drink – full of flavor and really smooth! 5/5

  47. Shawn U

    3 words….YUM YUM YUM this has to in your arsenal of juices. So tasty and delicious. A must have, will order again only bigger bottles of it^^

  48. shaun l

    So I just received my order today and I must say that product is very well done!! I am very impressed by the great flavor and vapor cloud produced. I like that they offer 6ml sizes so you can try just a bit to see how you like it, I suggest going 100%VG. I can honestly say I will be buying more juice here. Well done guys, and thanks.

  49. Rob P

    Perfect pina coloda flavour!

  50. Keith A

    I found the Pina Colada Flavour, to be OK. But… When I add some double chocolate => NOW It tastes pretty good.

    Not my favourite. Still, it’s not bad.

  51. Alexander B

    Good throat hit and taste. would recommend.

  52. Pete A

    Smooth and flavourful with moderate TH. Very tasty. A winner!

  53. Dale W

    This one has a good flavor, not really my style but good for a 1.6ml clearo every once and awhile.


  54. Allan T

    Wife (never smoked): Good strength flavour, definitely a Piña Colada. The taste of pineapple and coconut is quite evident. The Vanilla Cup Cake, Bavarian Cream and the Piña Colada flavours all had a slight after taste – a “lingering bouquet”.
    Husband (heavy ex-smoker): I like this flavour better than I like the drink. I do enjoy the pineapple and coconut tastes. I will use it for toning down the overpowering taste of some of the tobacco flavours (if the wife and kids don’t vape it all before I get to it).

  55. Steve

    Really liked this one. I tend to like the sweeter flavors and this ones very nice. Good dessert type vape but not for all day. Recommended!
    As always Canada E-juice comes through with a great juice.

  56. Christian E

    Just like the drink got my aunt into vaping because the Flavor just blew her away!! If you like the drink you will love this product!

  57. Diane F

    If you like a good creamy Pina Colada, this one is for you, lovely pineapple and coconut flavour, this is a good time vap.

  58. Neal S

    Really tasty vape, a lot more coconut than pineapple, which is a bit of a shame. Fresh flavor, nice vapor, will try 50/50 instead of 70/30 next time. Definitely ordering again.

  59. Chris B

    Very nice Pina Colada taste, with just the right balance of coconut and pineapple. This is the first juice I tried with coconut flavouring, which I thought might be too overpowering, but happily found this to not be the case at all. If you like Pina Coladas (…and getting caught in the rain? lol)–or just want to try something different–I’d suggest giving this a go.

  60. Peter B

    At 12mg, 70/30 this was not a vape for me. It did taste a little like a Pina Colada, but it had a definite chemical taste there too. I tried it on three different devices and never had the flavour consistently dominate the chemical taste. It could have been a bad bottle, but if it was, it’s the first I’ve gotten from Canada e Juice. I’ve tried juice from a few sources and Canada e Juice definitely has the best. This just isn’t one of their great ones in my opinion.

  61. Michael K

    Nice mix of the pineapple and coconut, had it in 100%VG but still had good flavour. Bit overbearing so not an all day vape..

  62. Kim M

    I just received this in the mail today….and I LOVE it!!!! It tastes just like the drink. For me it would be a good all day vape, but especially after a meal in replace of dessert! I would order this again for sure!!

  63. Corey S

    tastes exactly like a pina colada, very nice

  64. Jean-Paul G

    The best Pina Colada I have had ever!!! all day vape for this one SO GOOD!!!! and there customer service A+++ fast shipping too!!!!!!

  65. Lori O

    ordered for first time from Canada E-Juice and picked Pina Colada. Not only is it smooth, but has a great throat hit. The flavor is to die for. If you close your eyes you’d think you were actually drinking a real Pina Colada and the mix of coconut and pinapple is bang on. Also, the service is quick got the order in 2 days !. Thanks Canada E-Juice – will definitely order from you again. Lori.

  66. Christian E

    This flavor is a testament to the quality of the juices that come off this site in realistic taste!! Order it you wont regret it if you like the drink

  67. Daniel R

    70/30, 30 mg, diluted to about 25 mg, steeped. Fun realistic taste. I like it but it won’t be my main main vape.

  68. Cortney W

    A great all day vape for those who like sweet juices. Good balance of pineapple and coconut with creamy tones. One of my two favorites (vanilla cupcake is my other fave!). I’m a new vaper and have been really impressed with canadaejuice so far! And they are FAST! I got my order in two days (I live in Ontario though).

  69. Jeremy G

    This one is ok. If you like Pina Colada, then you will probably like this one. Give it a try!

  70. Beckie P

    Love this one, will definitely re-order. It smells so good I had a friend ask to try some and they’ll be ordering as well. Order arrived right on time, and was well packaged.

  71. David G

    70/30 vg/pg
    If your a fan of piña colada you defiantly want to try this one out

  72. Jason A

    Not going to be my ADV, but its nice after dinner or relaxing on the deck for a couple hours.

  73. Desiree

    Just like having the real thing. Just not an all day one for me but definitely dessert 🙂

  74. Amanda R

    70/30 -Yum!! I vape this one all day long! Its sweet , fresh, light , smells really good and totally tastes like a Pina Colada!

  75. manilyn

    this is is my fav.its so good

  76. micheline m

    MMMmmm very yummy… i mixed some pineapple in with it and extra yummy… not overly sweet.. gonna keep this one in stock..

  77. Jeff L

    Tastes like pina colada drink. I personally prefer fruit or tobacco more than drink flavors. However, for people who likes drink flavor, this can be their next favorite e-juice.

  78. Larry L

    Good vape for after meals. Taste very similar to the drink.

  79. Robert H

    I am not much of a fan of the sweet/candy flavours, but Piña Colada tastes great and works well for vaping.

  80. Michael T

    Excellent flavour, a little bit light for my liking but the flavour was awesome, not much of a chemical taste in it.

    Still amazing though, anyone who likes this product should try it out.

  81. nick p

    Absolutly love this flavor but just tastes like coconut….if you like coconutvyou will love this one.

  82. Anca N

    is not my favourite, because it too sweet, but the taste is very similar to the drink.

  83. Lyndon A

    Not bad but not great.

    Sweet taste kind of like a flavoured candy or cheap pre made piña colada drink.

    Sweet coconut flavour is good but the pineapple is a miss. It’s kinda like pineapple but has a strange minty after bite.

    More like a pineapple coconut mint drink.

    It’s not bad… I would prob order again but its not great. 3 stars.

  84. Frankie B

    Great pina colada taste. Not for me but really does taste like the real thing.

  85. Dan M

    a nice sweet taste. it tastes exactly like the real drink if you mix this juice with pineapple. i would highly reccomend this mix to anyone who likes the drink. was thoroughly impressed, although it is easy to get bored of.

  86. Jeremy W

    Very authentic pina colada taste.

  87. trishcandow

    If you like sweet. This is great.

  88. ashley r

    This is a nice smooth flavor. Could be improved with a touch more sweetness and coconut but still like as is.

  89. Boris

    I generally like tobacco flavours but this is a really good sweet one. Tastes very much like the drink. My girlfriend who doesn’t smoke or vape wants to start vaping because of this juice.

  90. Nick

    Sweet and smooth. Not my favorite but I enjoyed it.

  91. jeffery g

    Great flavour … smooth ….. sweet but not too sweet … didn’t have a perfume taste like a pina colada I tride from another site.. 5 out of 5

  92. Michael

    I did not think this juice would have much flavor, I was wrong. Tastes just like the drink! A nice change from the sweet flavors.

  93. Allen

    ONe of my favs. Very tasty and good hits. Like being in the beach.

  94. Kim G

    Sweet and smooth. Loved it!!!!!

  95. Lane s

    Very sweet, reminds me of a hot holiday taste!

  96. Yolanda

    I thought I would love this one…it was just OK to me…I felt it had a nice sweet flavour but for some odd reason, I felt it left an odd aftertaste.

  97. Rita

    This tasted more like the candy, and not the drink. But still good.

  98. Mike F

    Tastes like the actual drink surprisingly… don’t know about an all day vape though…

  99. K.C. Penfold

    This was just ok for me. I think it could really use more pineapple flavor to make it pop. I was expecting more of an authentic flavor but it’s good enough that I’ll still finish what I have.

  100. Bjarni

    Pina Colada is absolutely delicious; sweet and tastes just like the real thing making a strong candidate in my search for an "all day vape". Highly recommended!

  101. Rita

    Just the drink! Worth a try!

  102. Marty

    Nice. Not a bad flavor. Really nice throat burn for later in the day.

  103. Randy

    Tastes as advertised, pretty decent vape although not my favourite

  104. van p

    i like this flavour its sorta like coconut candy n hawaian punch…i recommed this to those who find coconut candy n hawaian punch too sweet or too strong of a taste….

  105. joy

    Really taste like pina colada wish I got it in 70/30

  106. jay d

    this one tasted great i could vape this one all day and tastes very much like the drink

  107. jojobean

    mild flavor, good smoke, is an all day vape. good substitute with your regular juice. suggest a large bottle 50/50

  108. Debra

    First time trying this flavor, the flavor is dead on.

  109. Ron V

    This is one of my favourite flavours from Canada E Juice up to date! Got a 100% vg mix and its full of flavour.

  110. Hillary

    Yup, it’s piña colada alright! This one will be relegated to my ‘in a mood for something different’ pile tho & not an all dayer but definitely a tasty morsel for when I want to take that imaginary trip to the islands.

  111. sharkyjones

    Definitely one of my go-to ejuices. Nice flavour, but milder in the 70pg30vg blend. Last I bought was 50/50 and it seemed to have more flavour. Definitely a good juice. Hits all the pina colada nodes, and gives off a wicked vapor. Tried it mixed with the Bavarian cream too, and its perfect.

  112. Marc

    Very nice change I purchased a 30 ml bottle I will buy again . Very nice sweet flavour juice at 70pg /30 VG 6mg

  113. Nikki

    Definitely tastes like Pina Colada. A bit strong for me though.

  114. sandra

    Yummmmy!! Just received this flavor and I love it! To me it tastes like lightly toasted coconut mixed with eagle brand milk, just like a x-mas treat my mom makes 🙂 will reorder a larger bottle in 70/30 recommend with 18 nicotine! Great job guys 🙂

  115. Kelly

    Like sitting on the beach watching the sun go down. Very nice. Will order again. Tried a 70pg/30vg mix. It’s nice

  116. Shar

    I bought a 30 ml bottle 50/50 and I loved it! The flavor is amazing , great vape . It taste just like a pina colada blended drink. Definitely a favorite of mine.

  117. Kim from SK

    Tried this in a sample pack – 30 mg 30PG/70VG – LOVE it! The flavour comes through perfectly! As an, omg, 30-year smoker I need a stronger flavour to taste it. It is amazing!

  118. Raggedy_Ann

    In love with this flavour. It’s delicious!

  119. Christina Gotsina (verified owner)

    This is my first purchase from Canada ejuice and so far I’m not disappointed. I’ve finally found a real Pina colada flavor. I use 3mg with 70pg/30vg. It has a bit of a strong throat hit that was not expected. But that’s because I’m not used to higher PG. overall very happy with this flavor.

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