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A Perfect Pomegranate

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44 reviews for Perfectly Pom

  1. Nelson F

    Tried this vape on a kanger horizontal cartomizer with a 70/30 mix at 12mg. I’ve never tried a pomegranate ejuice before, but wow I’m glad I did. Very nice taste; just the right amount of flavour. Excellent vapor production and throat hit. Another all day vape for me.

  2. david f

    I found this flavor very weak with a floral under tone to it. Not too bad could vape this but not a all day one for me.

    Taste is different to different people .

  3. George R

    Ordered a 24mg 70/30. This is the smoothest vape I’ve ever found. Not a lot of throat hit but it tasted so good it made my mouth water. This is my new personal favorite just wish I could order more than 30 ml bottles

  4. cindie

    I found this flavor to be very perfumy…. not one of my favorites

  5. jessica r

    I did my review in a video.

    Link here:

    I loved this juice! So good and smooth.

  6. Misti W

    6mg 70/30 This is a great flavor one of my favorite ejuices in my daily rotation! Sweet distinct flavor very very nice!

  7. Leon M

    I found this to have a pleasant flavor but found it not a favorite of mine so passed it along to a friend
    that really enjoys it . I’m sure my favorites will continue to change as they have on more then one occasion .

    Leon MN

  8. James H

    Sorry for the delay but I did let it steep, sorry but its perfumey, not there fault, its a hard flav from what I read!!

  9. jesse c

    one of the best vapes Ive had in a long time.

  10. Mel M

    Found this flavor very smooth and pleasantly fruity

  11. Jon R

    18mg 70/30 Great Juice! very bold flavour with a great Throat hit. Good vapor and sweetness, I’d recommend trying this if you like fruity flavours.

  12. Susan E

    I like the taste generally, but it would be much nicer if it was stronger and with less of a perfume aftertaste. (24 100 VG)

  13. audrey m

    Not really sure the negative reviews on this one I loved the taste off it. Very similar to pomegranate gives off a really good vape. IF you like a nice fruity taste I would highly recommend getting this one you will not be disappointed.

  14. Susan E

    Pomegranate has really grown on me. Very pleasant subtle flavour with 100% VG that I want to keep around and keep a tank full always.

  15. Trevor P

    The taste is great and very smooth. I will be ordering more of this stuff for sure!! What can I say other than another great flavour from Canada E Juice. I am still waiting to be disappointed but it’s looking like that’s not going to happen!

  16. Kyle B

    6mg 70/30 was a Great flavor will defiantly be buying this again! Nice smooth flavor and great to mix with others. Canada E-juice has fast shipping and great prices!

  17. AJ S

    Was not a fan of this one. Strong perfume taste I found…I passed it around the room one night though and 7/10 liked it, asked for more 😛 I can see why they like it, guess its just not for me.

  18. Allan T

    Husband (heavy ex-smoker) & Wife (never smoked): This flavour is quite pleasing, but unfortunately “muted” and dissipates quickly – the flavour is virtually gone by the time you exhale. The base seemingly mutes or overpowers the taste but much less so than in the Hypnotic flavour. Both of us would like the “flavour power” increased, especially if there were a bit of a lingering bouquet.
    Husband: Good for toning down the overpowering taste of the tobacco flavours – the flavour virtually disappears into the tobacco (depending on the mix proportions).

  19. Ian M

    6mg 70/30. I enjoyed this one as a mild fruit vap.

  20. wadim b

    It’s my absolute favourite. Not sure,pomegranate is the right name for this flavour, but who cares. Perfect TH,
    awesome taste, a Winner for me!

  21. Peter B

    It has a fruity sweetness that I wouldn’t describe as mild, but it’s far from too much. It’s a nice vape. I’ll pick it up again.

  22. Crystal C

    This is a very sweet juice. A bit too much for me, but just a few drops in Lime, etc worked great!

  23. Thuan T

    70pg/30vg 12mg
    A bit too sweet for my taste but still very delicious. I wouldn’t say it taste like pomegranate but it’s definitely fruity.

  24. Jeff P

    great fruit flavour with a strong throat hit. will order again

  25. Ryan P

    Where did it go…went through a 6ml bottle in a day.
    Easy to vape if you enjoy the sweet with a tang
    Ordering a 30ml bottle on next order.
    70/30 – 6mg

  26. George

    It’s a nice flavour but I found it too harsh for my throat

  27. Joseph B

    At 0mg with a standard 70/30 mix this was a very smooth vape. Needs a deep lung-full to deliver any sort of throat hit, but the flavor is outstanding.
    Not too sweet, and not 100% pomegranate (I should know, I eat them like crazy), but as close as you’d expect and very tasty!

  28. Kerry D

    Light and delicious! a lil sweet, a lil tart, a lot of good!

  29. Michelle M

    One of my favorites, great flavor and throat hit, definitely ordering again

  30. Sadiya D

    I really like this ejuice. My sis says it smells like bubble gum. Tastes great!

  31. Adam

    What can i saw about Perfectly Pomegranate, first off I enjoyed. Very smooth sweet taste not over powering but an unmistakable taste and smell of pomegranate on exhale. I would have liked it to be more powerful but maybe if i step down the nicotine (12) I’ll get the desired taste and flavour I’m looking for. Definitly try it again but with so many flavours out there might be awhile.

  32. Tim Gauthier

    The flavors are great and the strengths are pretty good as well, but I am still only getting about 25 or 26 ML out of a 30 ML bottle. Overall though, it’s pretty good…

  33. Michael R

    The longer I vape, the more I’m going for the fruit flavors over tobacco. This one is amazing, might possibly be my new favorite. 70PG/30PG 12mg

  34. Heather B

    Pomegranate is definitely a go-to flavor for me, I thought it was a really good flavor just needed to be a bit stronger.

  35. susan

    Nice, not too sweet but not enough flavour (for me) although a little tastier after steeping.

  36. Daniel A. N

    Tastes sort of like some cheap flavored tobacco product, like a blunt wrap or a backwoods cigar. Decent flavor, mostly for nostalgia reasons. 18mg 70/30. Good amount of vapor.

  37. Gabriel

    tastes like rose water. i didnt like it but some people might.

  38. Marlyne Gagnon

    I’m really enjoying the flavor, 50/50 12mg, wonderful taste and super vape. One of my top five favorites. Will be purchasing the 30ml on my next order!

  39. Bev H

    Lots of flavour with good vaper. very smooth. I use the Innokin iClear 16, 50/50 mix, 24mg. I will be ordering the 30ml next time.

  40. Chris V

    I also enjoyed this flavour. I got the 70/30 (recommended) and at 18mg strength. I like the vape and throat hit quite a lot too. I have enjoyed most of the juices I have gotten from you guys.

  41. Meredith

    Absolutely LOVE this. This may take first place from flavours I have tried. It tastes like Hubba Bubba grape gum! LOVE IT

  42. Steve

    Best pomegranate I have found, hands down.

  43. Eli

    Hands down my favorite fruit based flavor. Not too sour/tangy like some fruity juices.
    The smell really reminds me of breaking open a fresh Pomegranate.

    Max VG/3mg

  44. Gabe B

    Wow!!! Absolutely an awesome juice, true to the flavour, pomegranate indeed! Will be ordering again. 3 mg max vg with extra flavour shot.

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