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A True Pear Taste.

*This has a slightly green colour to the liquid

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Dimensions1.5 × 1.5 × 2.5 in

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41 reviews for Pear

  1. Nelson F

    Tried this vape on SR atomizer. 70/30 mix, 12 mg. Wow! What a really nice vape. Best pear ejuice I’ve ever tasted so far. Nice and smooth with good throat hit and lots of vaper. Definitely an all day vape. Tastey!

  2. Timour I

    Ordered 30mL each of RY4 Double, Tobacco, Pear, Smooth Peach, and Red Raspberry, all in the recommended 70/30 mix.

    RY4 Double has a strong TH with sweeter, stronger tones. One 30 yo smoker told me he really liked it and thought it would help him get off cigarettes!

    Tobacco is milder but very pleasant, slightly less TH but it is quite there.

    Smooth Peach is wonderful, very sweet.

    Pear is a little milder than the peach but the flavour is exquisite!!

    Red Raspberry was my least favourite, but still vapable.

  3. George R

    Tried this at a 70/30 24 mg, nice throat hit very tasty, somewhere between a pear and green apple, very good, will order this again

  4. Sarah H

    This ejuice is wonderful! The pear flavour is super yummy. Just the right amount of sweetness. I can vape this all day and not get sick of it.

  5. Margaret B

    Got the recommended 70/30 mix at 12mg. Nice TH for a fruit juice mellow and smooth real juice flavor. Sweet with a mild tartness nicely balanced.

  6. Gord F

    I was kinda going on a review I saw on here that made me order up the Pear Juice. I am glad I did! What a nice sweet smooth flavour. I think "exquisite" was the term used to describe it, and I agree. Will order up this one again….that sounding a bit like a broken record, but these Juices here at Canada E-Juice have all been very nice.

  7. Darren B

    Pear 12mg 70/30 tested on Ego-t with Stardust v1 clearomizer
    Flavor is crisp and clean, tastes like a fresh ripe pear. Sweet but not too sweet to be an all day vape. Fair TH and Vapor.
    If you like Juicy pear jelly beans you have to try this flavor!

  8. Jason L

    70/30 Mild: Tastes alot like pear, such a nice one to vape

  9. keith l

    Great taste. Perfect if you are looking for a fruity flavour that is not too sweet. The pear taste needs to be a little more pronounced though. The pear taste is there, it’s just a little too subtle.
    70/30 at 18mg
    didn’t steep.

  10. ben y y

    Got a 6ml bottle to try 100% vg , finish the bottle in 6 hrs thats how good this pear juice was LOL .

    this will be my all day juice . LOVE IT

  11. Duane N

    To me, this one is more like a slightly under ripened pear, you know, when they’re still a little too firm. It has a little less sugar on the palate than a piece of this fruit when it’s at its peak. Not a complaint, but I might recommend to anyone buying it, to try it first, then maybe try adding a little drop of DIY sweetener if you agree. Steeping now…

  12. Amanda M

    This is a very nice, clean, crisp flavor. If you don’t like a really sweet juice this is a great one to try.

  13. Nicholas C

    Just as the name implies. This has a naturally sweet juicy pear flavour, defiantly worth getting and making it a all day vape

  14. Crystal C

    This was the first flavour I tried when I was originally introduced to vaping about a year 1/2 ago. Naturally, since the flavour takes me back to something I enjoyed I order through canadaejuice…love it, will definitely order again, but it wasn’t as sweet as the first one I’d tried. Would like to see this one have a more definite "pear" flavour, nevertheless it was a home run for me.

  15. shaun d

    This is a keeper. Great tast everyone needs to try.70-30-18

  16. Marcia G

    Very nice subtle flavor. I enjoyed it but I think I would enjoy it even more if the flavor was just a little more pronounced. I will definitely be ordering this again.

  17. Rob K

    Exactly the taste to expect from a pear, nothing is off. Not too sweet nor sour. The smell of the vapor is somewhat unpleasant, so it’s great for when you’re around people who you like to annoy!

  18. AJ S

    Loved it…filled a tank immediately after tasting it

  19. Kyle B

    Wasn’t my favorite on its own but mixed with green apple it was really good. If you like pear this is for you.

  20. tony b

    Wasn’t really what I expected. Adjusted battery on my ctwist to low and is ok.
    Ordered up some green apple to see if its better.

  21. tony b

    Tried mixing 50/50 with green apple. Really good mixture.

  22. Jaycarlson

    70/30 @ 12mg…Was a little too sweet for my liking, but my friend really enjoyed this one.

  23. Claude

    Great pear taste. Strong enough to use alone. Not too sweet but tasty. I will reorder.

  24. Mike

    Tried in 6ml 70% PG and 30% VG with 18mg of nictotine, I enjoyed this one, not to strong but not to sweet, produce a nice vape and throat hit with a nice subtle aftertaste, really good mixed with other flavours like grape! would purchase again!

  25. Olivia S

    I did enjoy this flavour. It tasted like a pear and was sweet. It didn’t make it into my favourites but I would recommend this to others as I could see becoming someone else’s favourite. I’d say give it a try.

  26. Braydon N

    Ordered this flavor in 50%pg/50%vg. At first had a very chemical perfume taste to it. After vaping for a bit I taste less of that and more pear. I would like a little stronger pear flavor.
    Overall I ordered 6ml, I can see ordering 30ml just to have some on hand, because it is tasty. Just needs a little refinement.

  27. Bhan P

    70/30 @ 6mg I really liked this one, i mix it with hypontic very cool. Its a little sweet but its a good change once in a while

  28. Sosan F

    I like this more, very smooth and sweet. Definitely in my order list.

  29. Steve

    Add this one to my list of go to juices from Canada E Juice. This is an awesome flavour with great taste and nice throat hit and vapour. I got the 70/30, 12 strength…perfect, will order again.

  30. Bruno

    I love the pear flavor. Mixes greatly with french vanilla. Very smooth and nice taste.

  31. Matt

    Great pear flavour but the vapour itself could be a little better. I definitely enjoyed this one best mixed with others.

  32. Michael R

    Very intense flavor and not too sweet, this one is now in my top 5 for sure! 70PG/30VG 12mg

  33. Jason

    I quite liked this flavour, definitely more akin to an actual pear, no artificial/candy like quality to it. If you like fresh pears you’ll enjoy this vape 😉


    i used the 70/30.. good vape tastes like it says.. sweet

  35. Xavier G

    Tout simplement WOW! Une vraie poire en bouche!

  36. matt

    Like the other reviews said, its more real than fake..which is a shame as I really was looking for the fake, candy style pear. Definitely a mixer rather than a straight vape.

  37. Vespar

    This is a great natural pear flavour. I do however find it slightly perfumey. Its not a overwhelming perfume taste though and seems to fade as you vape. I’m going to steep it and I’m willing to wager that the perfume taste will be gone afterwards.

  38. Tamara Barber

    This is a wonderful, clear, very real flavour! I got it in 70/30 mix and absolutley love it’s crispness. If you like pears, this is for you!

  39. Alexandre

    Great flavor. This juice is in my top 10 ever.

  40. Shari V

    I recently ordered this in sample pack. 70/30 12mg. I was Leary as I haven’t found a pear I have really liked. I was looking for it to taste just like eating a pear. And it DID! I added a flavour shot as well. A new fav flavour of mine. I was pleased it wasn’t candy like.

  41. Alex

    Tastes like chewing on a pear stem

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