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Like a spoonful!

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45 reviews for Peanut Butter

  1. Patrick M

    Mmmmmm peanut butter… Don’t know how you did it, but it sure tastes like peanut butter without the stickiness…. 🙂

  2. Zachary S

    WOW! I was skeptical about this one, but it smells wonderful. I got it mostly becuase my wife loves PB, I like PB, but not as much as her. I like it alot. They managed to really replicate well the PB flavor. Good for a morning vape.

  3. Sandra S

    Absolutely tastes and smells like peanut butter. Amazing. If you want peanut butter in a vape, this it it.

  4. Jesse M

    Just like everyone else is saying, this really tastes like peanut butter and smells EXACTLY like it. I don’t know if it’s allergy safe, but considering how spot on the flavor is I wouldn’t risk it. I like this flavor a whole lot more than I thought I would. It’s actually a really nice vape. It would probably be awesome with some sweet strawberry or raspberry mixed in, like a PB&J you can vape!

  5. Corey S

    Amazing! Flavour and smell is just awesome. Definitely recommend.

  6. Felipe G

    Initially tried this on my eVic with a Kanger Protank at 2.2ohms. Found the flavour a bit muted. Then tried it on my RDA at 1.5ohms and the flavour just kicked in. Would definitely recommend!

  7. Spice I

    Didn’t believe this could ever make a flavour I’d want to inhale, but after trying it out I ended up really liking it. I also tried Jesse M’s ^ idea of mixing it with Fresh Strawberries to make a "PB&J sandwich-vape" and IT ACTUALLY WORKS! (for the PB&J effect, I almost fill my clearomizer with the strawberry juice, then add only two to four drops of peanut butter juice as it’s much stronger in flavour than the strawberry)

  8. attila v

    Epic peanut butter! True to its name and is awesome by its self or mixed in with any bakery flavour. Fantastically rich vapour production for a 70/30

  9. Daniel P

    Highly recommend! Absolutely delicious. I’ve got this running in my V4L Vapor Zeus, and it seems like this juice was made for it. Probably not quite an all-day vape, but definitely nice with a cup of coffee in the morning or after dinner with dessert. 5 stars!

  10. Jason A

    Awesome…. Have 3 tanks on the go, 1) Peanut butter and Banana.. 2) Peanut butter and Strawberry and just the peanut butter by itself…… The only problem with having this juice is I ran outta tanks..

  11. Jeremy G

    This eLiquid is fantastic. If you like peanut butter, you will love this. The flavour is strong, but it just tastes so good. This one will fill the air with the scent of a freshly opened jar of peanut butter. Usually I can’t vape rich eliquids for long as I tire of them quickly. This one I can vape much longer. It goes well with strawberry eliquid as well to give you a PB&J flavour. This is on my highly recommended list.

  12. Jon R

    does taste like peanut butter, a little strange to vape on its own but as others have mentioned; mixing it with fresh strawberry makes a nice PB&J sammie. I’ve also added a little double chocolate for the nutella effect.

  13. Kerry D

    I can’t believe how fantastic this is!!! Tastes JUST like peanut butter! SOOOO good on its own or mixed with banana and or red raspberry. Only down fall, get ready to REALLY need to clean out your tank after! the scent lingers, you MAY want to dedicate 1 cartomizer JUST for this, or replace wick when changing juice. But worth it! I can vape this ALL day!

  14. Ahmed B

    Ok…BEST VAPE EVER. I’m a huuuuge fan of peanut butter and this is the best best best liquid I’ve tried. EXCELLENT

  15. cole l

    One of my faves! Real peanut butter flavour 5/5

  16. mark s

    Have you ever been relaxing in your recliner with the Sunday paper, after a big feast, reached for your favorite pipe, and wished you had a big spoonful of creamy peanut butter to pack in it’s bowl?
    If so, then this juice is for you! It doesn’t taste exactly like peanut butter. But it’s close enough to give you your fix, weirdo.

  17. Chris B

    Well, it definitely does taste like peanut butter! But I find it kind of a strange flavour to vape on its own. The aftertaste it a little bit weird, too. As others have mentioned, the taste lingers quite a bit so you will definitely want to wash your carto before switching flavours.

  18. Roy D

    Had a really strong nut flavour that I wasn’t expecting (and didn’t really enjoy) despite being a peanut butter addict. Would’ve given this a 4 but it took 3 cleanings to get the flavour out. I found that it tasted more like hazelnut than peanut butter.

  19. K.C.

    This is by far my fave ejuice to date. I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical at first but after 3 puffs, I was hooked. I have tried PB’s from other vendors but this one beats them all hands down. I can vape this all day and not get tired of it. It has a very natural peanut butter flavor that’s not too sweet but full of flavor. I’ve also noticed that it has a slight hint of saltiness that just makes it pop so much more. I keep a clearo of pb at all times. 70/30 @ 12mg

  20. Lane s

    Crazy similar taste! You guys nailed this one!

  21. Nikki G

    Has a nutty taste but not quite like pb also a weird taste in exhale and leave a residual flavour in your mouth, likely wouldn’t get this one a second time.

  22. Sharon H

    I didn’t care for this on it’s own. Smells sort of like peanut butter but really doesn’t taste/vape like it. That said, I tried some mixed with double chocolate and THAT is a killer combo! I’m not sure what it tastes like together. Not really Reese’s peanut butter cup, but definitely vapable.

  23. ariane d

    It doesn’t really smell or taste like peanut butter. It has a strong sweet hazelnut taste. Still very good though !!

  24. Scott M

    Smelled totally amazing when filling a vision nano 510 bcc. However the flavor if any is nothing like peanut butter….I was pretty disappointed in this one mostly because of how great the liquid smells. I’ve tried mixing it with some chocolate and cinnamon flavors with a little success but not very much. it just makes my other flavors slightly worse but its almost all gone now anyways. 70%PG/30%VG 12mg.

  25. Nic L

    I really hated this one. If you really want to try it, you should only buy a single 6mL bottle first.

  26. danielle l.

    I liked that the flavor was so smooth altho it was not for me but I would recomend it to p.b lovers

  27. danielle l.

    I liked that the flavor was so smooth altho it was not for me but I would recomend it to p.b lovers

  28. jessica h

    Wasn’t bad but must admit I would not buy this again

  29. David M

    Power of this is to overwhelming for me not to good in my opinion it does taste like peanut butter… just not the peanut butter i wished?…not sweet… hmmm DEFINITELY not a all day vape.

  30. Jen M

    For extreme peanut butter lovers only! Great to try, great peanut butter flavour but I got sick of it pretty quick. Not for all day use, for me anyways. I would like to try mixing it with a strawberry or grape vape for a p.b and jelly experience.

  31. Kenneth L

    My friend got me to try this. immediately impressed! Can’t wait to try all the flavours! ill never smoke cigarettes again!!!

  32. Jules

    Everybodies taste buds are different, for me it taste weird, won’t be buying this again.

  33. Matt in Vancouver

    I am a peanut butter addict and was pretty excited to try this juice. It does have a hint of peanut flavour to it and maybe a little hazlenut? It was quite tasty and did taste a little like peanut butter. It seemed a bit of a weird flavour for an e-juice but it works!

  34. doctor moohk

    i am a huge peanut butter fiend. i did not find this peanut buttery enough – however, i know i am a big weirdo, and my friends did enjoy this flavour. smooth and nutty was the general review. unfortunately, it was a let down for me, i was really excited to fill my lungs with peanut butter extremeness. however, my boyfriend says that i’m sick. it packed a pretty good throat hit, however.

  35. Shai

    This is by far my favorite flavour at the moment! I purchased this in 70%PG / 30%VG 12mg. I was surprised that I enjoyed this as I do not generally like peanut butter itself. This is nutty and smooth, very rich tasting. Great throat hit. This has been an all day vape for me, although it is possible to tire of it after a whole 30 ml bottle! Great to mix with other flavours, fresh strawberry was a hit. I will be ordering again and recommend anyone to try a 6ml bottle as I almost didn’t give it a chance due to mixed reviews. The downfall to this flavour is that it is quite thick and does a nasty job on my atomizer.

  36. Lewis

    This is a very different flavor. It is tasty and has a fairly strong peanut flavor. I usually go for sweet vapes, but this is a nice change up.

  37. James D

    Had 1 half decent batch, the first time I ordered this. The second time I ordered a 30ml of this Peanut Butter, it was bland and flavourless.

    Throat Hit: 8/10
    Vapor: 7/10
    Flavour: 1/10

    Would not recommend.

  38. Neil

    Light peanut flavour. Great for a morning vape with your coffee. Leaves a slight dry taste in your mouth, just like the real thing!

  39. kuffs06

    I tried a 10ml bottle of 6mg nic with 70/30 mix. I usually buy 50/50 so i found it a little too much throat hit for me but the flavor was fantastic so i just ordered a 30ml of 50/50 along with morning tobacco. Looking forward to it.
    If you like peanut butter…this is a no brainer!

  40. David

    I was a bit hesitant to try this juice, to be honest. But lately, I’ve been trying to go outside of the fruit spectrum and gave peanut butter a try. I’m glad I did, it really is a good emulation of peanut butter (in vapor form). Actually pretty great for the mornings for me, and it goes pretty well with coffee as well. Thumbs up!

  41. Mathieu

    I was thinking it would be a stronger peanut flavor. You definately feel the butter side! I took this one 70/30 and it is a bit too strong. It would be a rebuy but 50/50 and mixed with something else such as chocolate. I think the best option with this one would be to use a good clearomizer with a configurable air flow and get a higher % of VG.

  42. Jeff

    the smell is amazing. the taste….could be more peanuty, but still good. especially for peanut butter fans. um, i have PG30 VG70 10 mg nic.

  43. halfyearnocigs

    Will order a larger bottle next time as the first was a test bottle. Could posse be my fave. Natural PB. Nothing to sweet. 70-30.

  44. Irene

    Not usually a fan of pb but this one had good smell and taste though I thought a bit weak in a 50/50 sampler so I like the 30pg/70vg and may have to try this one again at that ratio to see if the flavour comes out more!

  45. Em Thayer

    Not a fan, was one of the first juices I tried when I started vaping. Find it has a funny after taste.

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