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Peach POW!

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A sweet twist on Smooth Peach!

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57 reviews for Peach POW!

  1. Nelson F

    Tested on SR atomizer. 70/30 mix, 12mg. Vapor production and throat hit are good. It doesn’t have a strong peach taste. It’s more subtle, but still quite tasty.

  2. Chris M

    Tastes just like it should, but not too sweet. A very nice peach flavor and not overpowering like some I have tried.

  3. Kurt F

    Tasted quite good but I sort of wished it was a bit sweeter like the peach gummies actually are, found it to be very pleasant though and the flavour is a good match to the name non the less.

  4. kyle w

    This tastes exactly like a peach gummie candy without the sweetness. Very nice flavour.

  5. Caitlin S

    Very good, definitely the best peach e juice we have tried. Quite subtle, but you can definitely taste the gummy flavor!

  6. Scott M

    very mild peach taste, I wish it was more but this is very mild. Great Vapor production, good throat hit, but a little to mild for my taste.

  7. James H

    Very mild flavour, its perfect if your in the mood for something simple, it does taste like peach, very good if your not into the sweeter flavours…

  8. keith l

    Tasted kinda like fruit-by-the-foot combined with hubba-bubba, that fake fruit flavoring taste, which is kinda like peach gummies so maybe that’s appropriate… Not horrible though 😛

  9. Antoine C

    Definitely tasted like peach gummies, and i love those, tried 70/30 blend of 6 mg. I’d love it just a bit sweeter.

  10. marc n

    Pretty sweet candy smell and sugary taste but not overwhelming peachy.

  11. Elisha

    70/30 Blend – 12 mg
    This actually tastes just like fuzzy peaches! Sweet without being overly sweet and the perfect amount of flavor.

  12. Antoine C

    I just love peach gummies, so of course i like this one! Taste’s just about the same as the candy and delivers a nice thick vape. 70/30 0.6mg. Try it 😀

  13. Peter H

    Tried a bottle of the 70/30 blend of 6mg. It was awesome, I highly reccomend.

  14. Kyle B

    Tried 70/30 12mg great flavor and defiantly tasted just like peach gummies was also pretty good to mix with other flavors would order it again! Canada E-juice has fast shipping and great places.

  15. wesley d

    I liked this more than the peach flavour, but not one of my favourites. I mixed with redbull to get a more bold taste out of it.

  16. Rob P

    Very tasty. Not too sweet and great peach flavor. Not very strong for those who enjoy a bit of a stronger juice.

  17. Corey S

    If you’ve ordered the Hawaiian punch then this one is remarkably similar, it’s sweet but not very flavorful.

  18. Erin L

    Excellent smell & flavour, good vapor production. Would order this again!

  19. joseph

    my favorite e-juice out of a few that I ordered remarkable aftertaste of peach after your done with your puff. nice and smooth throat hit I really like this 5 stars

  20. Mat L

    This is a really nice vape, a great subtle peachy flavour that is not too sweet. I can’t see myself getting sick of this juice.

  21. attila v

    With a name like peach gummies, i expected it to be a lot sweeter. Its not… which is an awesome thing because i cant vape a sweet juice for too long. The flavor has just the right amount of intensity. A very nice juice. Maybe not an all day vape but i have to get myself some more. 🙂 thanks guys!!

  22. Tim L

    Peach was one of my first flavors when I started vaping. I figured peach gummies would be similar and it was. If you like the candy then you surely enjoy this flavor.

  23. Ruth-Ann

    Tastes almost exactly like peach gummies, with just a hint of almost menthol (I may just have weird taste buds). Not too sweet, but still not an all day vape IMO. I would get this again.

  24. Mark M

    This does taste like the gummy peach candies, but not the strongest flavour, not too sweet, so I can vape it all day.

  25. Kerry D

    Not the strongest flavor but a darn tasty one! Sweet like the candy with just a hint of tart peachyness! Too mild to vape all day but a good tasty treat if you need a sweet fix or aren’t a big fan of super sweet juices.

  26. Larry L

    The best peach flavor vape around. Give it a try

  27. cole l

    I really like this one because it has a good sweet peach flavour. I would recommend this one to anyone.

  28. Diane F

    This is a fun one, if you like peach gummies you gonna get hooked right away.

  29. Michael T

    OH. MY. GOD. So remember that flavour from when you were a kid that you would sneak into the fridge to have more of when your parents weren’t looking because it tasted so darn good?! This is that flavor!!! I just had my first couple of hits on this and I’m almost too excited to type this. What are you waiting for?! BUY THIS JUICE NOW!

  30. ryley o

    very good peach flavor. Actually tastes like peaches!

  31. Chris R

    Tastes just like fuzzy peach candy

  32. Melissa L

    I like the flavor, but is not as strong as I would like it to be, but that may be bacause I took only the 6 mg, which I am used to the 18. Very good flavor, its true that it tastes jst like peach gummies 🙂

  33. trishcandow

    All i can say is yummy! So great . So sweet.

  34. Johneal Pineda

    this flavor was amazing i recommend this everyone. ALL DAY VAPE

  35. Sosan F

    Very sweet, taste just like peach. Love it.

  36. Mari A

    Taste exactly like fuzzy peach candy. So yummy one of favourites, I’ll be ordering this again.

  37. Halley

    So much flavour at sub ohms, I love this juice mixed with Pineapple. 70/30 blend on a .8 ohm coil!

  38. k.bart

    Classic Fuzzy Peach Flavor, Excellent taste. Best Candy Flavor I have tried!

  39. Stanley Y

    Tastes like peach gummies. The flavour is really subtle for me so I’d go for something a little stronger if your taste buds are shot like mine are. Good vapour and throat hit at 12mg (70/30) is pretty strong.

  40. Chris S

    Very good flavour. Tastes very close to the actual candies.

  41. Julie

    got this flavour as a substitute, and I’m really not a fan, not very peachy at all for my tastes… and has an odd aftertaste as well….

  42. Stephanie F

    Loved this! Tasted just like Peach Gummies!

  43. joy

    Love this one really taste like the candy

  44. Emmanuel

    Tastes like it should. Highly recommend.

  45. vape

    Highly recommended this but make sure u get a higher strength.

  46. Dylan

    Definitely tastes like fuzzy peach! #excellence

  47. Jeff

    My all day vape, started off with 10ml 18mg, loved it so much I stocked up on 30ml 12mg. I’m constantly vaping this stuff, tastes exactly like Peach Gummies. Strongly recommend this one!

  48. MissV

    I found the flavour to be very mild and not really strong enough to call it yummy or "just like peach gummies" which are SOOOO intensely sweet and tasty. I would like to try it again with the new clearomizers I got though because my old ones used to burn the liquids kinda easily – may give it another shot with a smaller bottle.

  49. Brad

    Meh. Won’t buy again but I dont regret the fact that i bought it.

  50. Nikki

    Very good when I had it at 18mg nicotine but ordered 0 mg and did not taste very good. Would say that it was one of my favs if the different nicotine strengths did not change the flavour. 100%VG Will try again though.

  51. Nick

    Good overall. Needs a little more peach.

  52. Tina

    I ordered a sample pack and this was one I picked as part of my five. I really like the flavour and it does taste like Peach Gummies. This will be one of my favourites.

  53. Tina

    This is a really good flavour. It does taste like Peach Gummies and this will be one of my favourites for sure!

  54. Joey

    Really liked this flavour. Just got my order in yesterday and this was the first flavour I tried. Tastes like the actual candys and has an awesome peach flavour too it, highly recommend this flavour!

  55. Jamie

    I love all these candy flavors they all taste just like the candies. This one for sure is one of my favs. I think if you put more peach it might ruin it.

  56. zayd

    good but needs more peach

  57. Derek Bruneau (verified owner)

    Wow. Tastes like your peach gummies flavour from 2014. I have missed it. Been searching through competitors. Please keep this recipe. I am currently using a Damnvape Dread, single coil, 0.33 ohm, 80 watts, 2.5 sec draw. Tastes perfect.

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