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Peach Blend Tobacco

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Tobacco with a smooth peach kick.

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Dimensions1.5 × 1.5 × 2.5 in

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38 reviews for Peach Blend Tobacco

  1. Blaise G

    Only a small noticeable amount of tobacco flavor to me. I still really enjoy it, a little sweeter than i thought it might be, but still enjoying it.

  2. suzannah r

    i really like this one. it tastes like peach iced tea, not too sweet but very enjoyable. I’d definitely get this one again.

  3. Duane N

    The tobacco flavour is negligible, although as I continue to try many different juices, it turns out that I’m quite glad for it. The sweetness of the peach is muted, as expected, making this easy to vape all day long.

  4. Silvio L

    The Peach Tobacco was a bit of a mystery to me as i found it similar to the Black Honey Tobacco. When i wrote my review of Black Honey Tobacco, i actually said it reminded me of bacon, although now i crave black honey tobacco and will reorder it, I find that the tobacco flavor’s grow on me and Peach tobacco is no different. Will this be an all day vape? No, but will be on rotation.

  5. suzannah r

    Hi all, I just wanted to add something… If you mix this one with RY4 double and a few drops of the flue cured tobacco for smokiness, oh man! It’s an amazing combination! If you’re looking for a real peach tobacco that’s what I found.

  6. Joey M

    I enjoyed this one. Not too sweet with just the right throat hit at 70/30 6-strength. Tasted kind of like a primetime peach flavoured cigar, which was exactly what I was looking for. Will likely buy again in the future.

  7. Timothé L

    Tried it in 70-30 PG-VG mix with Joyetech eCab. I love it and do recommend it. The flavour is just right, not too strong and doesn’t feel too artificial. Glad I ordered 30ml of it. However, if I constantly do smoke it, I stop tasting it. I must calm down on vaping to enjoy it fully.

  8. David G

    Very smooth tasting, I will definitely order it again.

  9. Jennifer M

    More of an intense ripe peach flavour than tobacco, but very nice. Fills your room with athe scent of peaches. It’s my husbands all day vape flavour for his vape pen.

  10. shawn f

    Awesome smooth peach flavor A+++++++

  11. Antoine C

    Absolute best tobacco flavor. Mild and sweet, tons of peaches, i love it. Tried 70/30 0.6mg. This one is a must try 🙂

  12. Alexander B

    Not bad. A hint of peach. I Would prefer a little sweeter. 70-30 w/ 12 mg

  13. Craig J

    Has a nice blend of peach and tobacco flavor a great flavor with a sweet aftertaste. Definitely worth it.

  14. Paul D

    I really enjoy the subtle peach aftertaste. It doesn’t linger around to long and It’s very smooth.

  15. perry d

    Really loved this one, very smooth and not so much of peach, just right.

  16. John D

    Not one of the better tobacco flavors I have tried. I felt the tobacco came through all right but I did not get a good peach flavor from it, it kind of tasted a little bit chemical. Tried it at 70/30- 24 mg on my eRoll but did not bother to try on my twist. Nice Throat Hit and good vapor.

  17. Brian J

    not a bad flavor. Not much peach flavor

  18. Crystal C

    I’m def a fruit vaper, but thought I’d give the tobacco a go. I like peach Prime Times, so this seemed close enough to try. Not bad, actually turned me on to the tobacco flavours a bit!

  19. Melanie C

    This is my go-to flavour for vaping. It is consistently good and a very pleasant flavour for all day use. Highly recommend!

  20. Mike

    Tried in 6ml 70% PG and 30% VG with 18mg of nictotine, Not my go-to vape flavour, it is a nice strong throat hit but i didnt taste much peach, i thought i would enjoy it more than the fruity flavours because i love peaches but wasn’t overall impressed with the tobacco flavours. will try a different type of tobacco to see if i enjoy it more!

  21. joseph

    got this one free I ordered 5 and got a this one with them 🙂 thanks Canada e-juice not sure why but thanks 🙂 very nice turned me on to the tobacco flavours I think I may like them more then my usual fruit flavours less sweet subtle aftertaste good throat hit and vapour

  22. Dan M

    This juice has a nice smell but a little strong compared to the smell of the smooth peach. The flavour is good and is similar to a peach primetime witch is a very good thing. The flavour tastes like a rich cigar tobacco with a slight peach undertone. I enjoyed this vape a lot and think its a pretty good all day vape. If you just want a peach taste I suggest you try the smooth peach flavour in the fruit section. Watch my video review at :

  23. Michael R

    Very nice vape. I mixed this with some non-nic peach e juice and it’s quite pleasant.

  24. Daniel R

    This one is really good in terms of tobacco but kind of lacking in the peach department. I absolutely love peaches and was expecting this to be peach-tastic but it just kind of tasted like tobacco. Overall it’s not bad just not what I was expecting.

  25. Kerry D

    Love the throat hit on this one! I’m typically not a tobacco flavor kind of person but I needed something stronger for when I’m at the bar and I think I found it! Not too strong on the peach which is what I wanted and it’s got this nice almost cigar taste.

  26. Chris B

    Very nice flavour to this one; peach + tobacco makes a good tasting combination. I didn’t find the peach flavour to be too overpowering – just a nice undertone beneath the tobacco.

  27. Kim M

    I’m not usually a huge fan of the tobacco flavors, but I really like this one. It has a smooth flavor and not too harsh. Nice for an all day vape.

  28. danielle l.

    A perfect mix of sweetness with the tabacco flavor I love ! , perfect combo I must say

  29. Boris

    Really good peach tobacco flavour. I was worried it would be too peachy but it’s got a good balance of tobacco/peach. A nice surprise was the good throat hit.

  30. Mat S.

    Initially I was going to give this a 6/10 as the Peach had a somewhat "over ripe" flavour, but after letting it steep for a solid 1-2 weeks, it became my go to. Ordering more and in a larger size to boot — great vape.

  31. Marc

    Very nice and smooth hint of peach. 70pg 30vg 12 mg Nice all day vape light nice TH.
    The service is top notch fast shipping I ordered on Monday afternoon and I received it wed morning amazing service.


  32. suzi

    Amazing! I found it had more peach flavor than I expected it to. It’s now one of my top 3 favorites!

  33. Patrick

    At first I thought it was awful. started off with a really bad perfumy/chemical aftertaste. (50pg/50vg) But after letting it steep for about a week, the bad flavor is completely gone and it tastes amazing! Has a really nice peach flavored tobacco taste. Almost reminds me of a Peach Primetime. If you order anything other than the 70pg/30vg blends, you should let it steep for about a week to get the full experience of the flavours.

  34. MissyV

    This flavored tobacco wasn’t as awful tasting as the apple, but it was still not quite an identifiable flavor to me.. I mixed it in with some other flavours just to it wouldn’t get wasted. 50/50 12mg.

  35. Daniel

    So I absolutely love this one. I used to think it was kinda nasty tasting but decided to give it another chance (thank God I did). This is one of my faves as it isn’t too strong but still has a nice taste.

  36. TaMara

    My go-to fav! Out of every e-juice I’ve tried I always come back to this. Still has the tabacco flavour (ex-smoker) but just a hint of peach! Love it

  37. Teri Ameloot

    Smooth & mild tobacco with a hint of peach at 6mg nicotine & 70PG/30VG. Nice mid-range throat hit & great vapor on a Spinner II at 4.3V with an Aspire K1. One of my fav tobaccos so far.

  38. Julien

    Nice peach intensity with the tobbaco

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