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Orange On A Stick

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Orange and Cream!

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Weight50 g
Dimensions1.5 × 1.5 × 2.5 in

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133 reviews for Orange On A Stick

  1. ben y y

    This eliquid is a must tried for everyone is really freshing Taste awesome.

    Is like eating a real orange creamsicle.

  2. jean-francois

    Nice Taste and plenty of vape. Lovivg it.

  3. Elie K

    Great Vape tastes just like a creamsicle.

  4. Sherikeeley

    It is a nice flavour…true real taste of creamsicle…I would buy this one again ..

  5. Adrian S

    I’m so glad I decided to try this flavor! It’s pretty much spot on! Tastes exactly like an orange creamsicle! I’ll be buying this one again! 70pg/30vg 12mg all day!

  6. Adriel S

    I enjoy this flavor very much, i love orange creamsicle so this one is one of my favourite juice.

  7. Trevor P

    All I can say about this juice is WOW! I ordered 70%pg/30%vg at 24 mg. The throat hit is very good and the flavour and vapour is wicked. This will be a favorite of mine.

  8. Erik R

    Amazing flavor, make sure you get it in the recommended mix otherwise the taste is a bit weak.

  9. Steven D

    Love this, 70/30 at 18 mg. fantastic throat hit. This is a definite all day vape, in my permanent rotation with the RY 4 double.

  10. marc n

    Pretty good taste and aroma. A little harsh on the throat.

  11. Mary J

    Very good juice, just like a creamsicle. πŸ™‚

  12. Kevin D

    This is great juice nice and mild, vape all day with it. One of my fav’s 70pg/30vg/24mg

  13. Mel M

    This is exactly what you would expected. Ordered 70%PG / 30%VG, 12mg. Perfect blend

  14. Jordan

    Ordered the 70/30 recommended in 12mg. Great vape comes on orange and the creamsicle part you can taste by the time you feel the throat hit. Highly recommended.

  15. Debbie S

    Tastes exactly like a creamsicle, loving the smooth vape with that hint of orange, you need to try this one!

  16. James C

    Flavour was fairly light. (0 nic)

  17. Tony W

    Nice Mild Vape 70/30 12 mg

  18. MH C

    I love Orange Creamsicle but the flavour in this juice isn’t intense enough for me. I will try Orange flavour next – if I reorder this juice I might have to get some flavour bottles to enhance the vape flavour.

  19. Ryan P

    light flavour 6nic 6ml 70pg/30vg… needs a bit more punch of orange..

  20. Chelsea

    12mg- not enough orange flavor for me. This was the one I was looking foward tote most πŸ™

  21. Rodrigo S

    Pretty good vape. Not an all day for me but a good here and there vape.

  22. Rev F

    Decent hit but a bit lacking on the flavor. I love the taste of orange so this one was a bit light for my tastes. 70/30 12mg
    Nice juice nonetheless.

  23. Jennifer M

    Not as much of an orange zing as I had hoped. I think adding peach or strawberries and cream to this would be really nice.

  24. shaun d

    Was looking forward to this juice but
    I found it had NO taste at all. 70-30-18.Great company fast shipping.

  25. Zane

    it has a mild orange flavour, and does taste nice. I prefered it mixed with something stronger to make a nice vape.

  26. Marcia G

    Nice citrus flavor – a nice change from the tobaccos. Not an all day vape for me but definitely a nice treat flavor.

  27. Antoine C

    I tried this vape 70/30 0.6 mg. Not to my liking, didn’t find the taste was so good but the vapor is consistent. Needs improvement πŸ™‚

  28. Dale W

    Oh man this is gonna be a nice summer vap. Great flavor and a good TH to go with it! Thanks guys


  29. Chantale D

    Didn’t like, but I got 18mg and normally order 12.
    I found this juice VERY harsh. Perfect for someone who likes a lot of TH at 18mg.
    Extreamly fast shipping.

  30. Pete A

    The orange flavour dominates, not especially creamy. Very strong TH, almost harsh. Thin vapour @ 70/30. Mix with richer flavours (creams, vanilla, chocolate) for a smoother vape.

  31. AJ S

    Orange Creamsicle mmmm….Enough said

  32. Kevin W

    Not as strong flavour wise as I would have liked but that’s ok as I like different intensities in flavours depending on what I’m looking for at that particular time. It is orange creamsicle however which is super yummy for my tummy.

  33. Jennifer S

    Needs more flavor I can’t taste orange creamsicle at all all I get is it’s so harsh you cough n gag

  34. Desiree

    I enjoyed the creamy orange flavor but it took me a while to like it.

  35. Adam F

    I didn’t really like this one myself. The flavor just doesn’t seem to work well as an inhaler. Probably won’t buy again, but there is lots of other excellent juices to try here!

  36. John D

    Tried this at 24 mg and I hope that if I let it steep a while it will bring out the orange flavor as I could not taste very much on my eRoll or in a Mini Nova tank, Would not buy again as is ( will see after it steeps for a while) unless you could have a choice to add more flavor to it as a addon.

  37. Zachary S

    Its true that it could use a bit more flavor, but Its decent stuff for a light vape. Not meant for a night out drinking, more of a morning and afternoon vape, or maybe for a drive in the car.

  38. Erin L

    I think this is a bit of a miss for me. I actually found it to have an overpowering flavour of the orange zest which I’m not a fan of. I’ve put it aside and will let it steep longer, hoping it calms down!

  39. Peter B

    At 12mg, 70/30 this was a great vape. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a real creamsicle. But this juice tasts like what I imagine the real thing does. Just the right level of sweet for me and a great orange flavour. I’ll buy it again.

  40. Irene N

    A nice balance of orange and cream makes this e-liquid true to it’s name in flavour. Although, not an all day vape for me, I do enjoy this juice for a occasional treat.

  41. Corey S

    this is a mellow flavour and is good but not an all day flavour

  42. Kim M

    I was so excited to try this flavor, but was somewhat disappointed. I found it to have a slight burnt taste. I tried it on my ego-t with a clearomizer, I’ll try it on my 510 with a regular cartomizer and see how it goes. For now though, I’ll stick to my favorites. πŸ™

  43. barb l

    This is one of the flavors I bought and I must say I am unimpressed with this one (the only one I don’t like) There just isn’t a lot of flavor and certainly doesn’t taste the way i expected it too.

  44. Jennifer S

    70/30 18 mg did not taste like orange at all will never order this one again I think you need yo go back to the drawing board for this flavor because it does not taste anything like it should just plain harsh nasty and gross

  45. George

    It actually does taste just like orange creamisicles….. It’s very good but just slightly harsh on my throat, none the less, it’s still a good flavour for sure.

  46. Kim D

    An all childhood memory flavour…very tasty orangiee cream…even on the hottest daysss…lol
    I will be Purchasing this Creamsicle Juice again…awesum in my ego…smells yummy too…=_)

  47. Lewis M

    This is the second flavor I have tried from CanadaEjuice and it’s another win for sure. I’m glad I got this stuff in the 30ml bottle because I’m gonna be hitting this one a lot!

  48. Charmaine F

    great taste but a little harsh. will try it again in a weaker strength.

  49. Lori O

    This wasn’t a bad vape, but probably won’t order again. found the orange to be a bit overpowering, while the cream flavor a bit weak. 70/30

  50. Felipe G

    Thought I would enjoy this as orange creamsicle is one of my favourite summer treats but didn’t like it at all. There is the orange flavour on the initial draw but when exhaling it has a very strange after taste.

  51. Candice A

    Sweet and light. Could make out some orange taste, but not much cream taste.

  52. april g

    pretty tame but still a nice vap

  53. Kerry D

    LOVE!!!! so yummy and the perfect ratio of orange to cream! Not super strong so maybe not recommended for those who want a huge flavor hit but delicious!

  54. Daniel R

    Good god this is dead on! I ordered this one not quite sure what to expect and was really surprised with how realistic it tasted. It was was a bit too strong to be an all day vape but for after dinner maybe or relaxing by the pool it’s perfect!

  55. Jon R

    a very nice balance of sweet with smooth and creamy. I’m not usually a fan of orange flavour, but this one is quite nice and about as close to an orange creamsicle as you could get. I’d order this juice again, but I might go with a little less nic so I could enjoy puffing on this for longer periods of time. I can see why this juice is always out of stock. mmmmm

  56. Michael P

    Nice citrus orange flavour with a hint of cream in the under tone. Not an ADV, but is a good switcher for something fruity

  57. Nick f

    Reminds me of the ice cream and like the ice cream I can’t put down. Can clear a tank in an hour lol

  58. Michael T

    This flavour reminds me Alot of my childhood, it is a good nice orangy taste to it, I didn’t notice any chemical taste in it either.

    Good flavour highly recommended.

  59. cole l

    It tastes just like an orange creamsicle! 5/5

  60. Diane F

    This is nice, even if I’m not a fan of the creamsicles but if you are go for it you gonna love it.

  61. Tanya p

    Loved this, didn’t want to stop vaping! Takes me back to the dicky dee ice cream days!

  62. TimothΓ© L

    I went through this one so fast on my eCab. Wish I still had some to try out on an eVic. Reminds me of childhood summer days. Go for it if you like those frozen treats

  63. Kelly C

    not my favorite…didn’t quite have the orange flavour I was looking for

  64. Winston13

    Very good taste,if you like cream sickles you will like this flavor


    The taste!! OMG just like eating a high quality Popsicle, its great!

  66. jay d

    didnt taste enough orange for me but it was good

  67. joe m

    tried some my friend bought was great

  68. Jarvis D

    Just like the name! Pure awesomeness!!

  69. Matt M

    Yep, very good – Great orange taste, Smooth and creamy aftertaste. If you like the frozen desert, you’ll like the vape.

  70. Darlene F

    By far my favourite so far. Like the orange taste, and especially like the slight cream aftertaste.

  71. Wanda V

    One of my favorite ejuice, tastes just like the real thing. Great vape production and throat hit in 18mg and all day vape for me.

  72. jessica h

    Tastes just like a creamsicle love this one will buy again

  73. Kyle r

    Tasted just like the real thing. Love it!

  74. Ron S

    This one has grown on me. At first I found the orange taste a little muted, but subsequent reloads revealed a more in the way of flavor. Perhaps my taste buds are recovering after years of analogs. This is one of my favorites.

  75. Chris R

    Great orange creamy flavour

  76. Jessica

    Love this, very sweet and orange tasting. Only tried this from someone else, but have my own on the way and can’t wait!

  77. Rochelle

    Love this one .. Very sweet and I also like it mixed with menthol

  78. Chase

    Very smooth and flavorful juice. At first didnt much like it but it grew on me and have been really enjoying it lately.

  79. Candy B

    This is defiantly my favourite flavor so far, it is nice and smooth and leaves a nice after taste. Taste just like the real thing to me, and I have already ordered and received more!

  80. Halley

    This juice tastes EXACTLY like an orange creamsicle! Must have for anyone who wants to relive there childhood love for creamsicles minus the calories! Woot good job Canada E-Juice!

  81. Jeremy W

    Very authentic flavour, although not as strong as I would prefer

  82. Josh

    Bought this for my girlfriend, she enjoys the sweet candy like flavor. Tastes exactly like those campino candies…tasty buy very sweet(in my opinion).

  83. jane

    Taste was not strong enough

  84. David N.

    It really does taste like creamsicles. I was impressed with the flavour although I found it too sweet for extended vaping. If you like creamsicles or Stewarts Soda Creamsicles, you’ll like this. The flavour could be a bit stronger. Tested the 70PG/30VG mix with 18 mg nicotine.

  85. Mikey Bikey

    I found I had to let this one steep for a day to bring out the real flavor, it tastes great after I steeped it! the wifey loves it!

  86. calvin

    to me it taste like orange cream soda

  87. Warren S

    My favorite ejuice from here. I have been addicted to Orange Creamsicles since I was a child, and can not get enough of this vape. Perfect reproduction of an orange creamsicle. Dose not leave that sweet sugary aftertaste that many candy type vapes do, so you can do this all day. I will be ordering 3 X 30ml of this in my next order. I rate this the #1 ejuice here, but I am bias, as I am addicted to creamsicles πŸ™‚

    PG/VP 70/30

  88. Michael

    One of my favourits out of the 5 or 6 samples i baught so far. Hint of sweet with no lingering aftertaste. verry pleasnt. potentialy an all day vape.

  89. K.C. Penfold

    This was pretty good but waaay more orange than cream flavor. Tastes almost exactly like orange freezie. I mixed it with a little apple and it was really good. I recomend this if you enjoy a really sweet vape.

  90. Heather B

    Im not a huge fan of this one, it was ok but I felt that it was missing the cream part, it just tasted like oranges to me. Using a Kanger Evod(which I LOVE BTW)

  91. Adam

    This is a nice light flavor with decent throat hit. Not an all day vape, but very good after dinner πŸ™‚

  92. Jon

    Purchased this the other day. Love it, tastes just like the real thing.

  93. Candy B

    I love this flavour, it has to be one of my favourites!! Nice and smooth, not too over barring and give a great hit!

  94. Christine H

    Overall a pleasant juice but not as strong an orange flavour as I had hoped.

  95. Jeff

    One of the best dessert flavor I’ve tried so far. The orange flavor goes well with the creme flavor and to me this can be an all day vape.

  96. lewis

    this is my all time favorite ! Ordered a small sample with minimal nicotine now trying another sample with 12 mg and then will order a few of the big bottles πŸ™‚

  97. Lane S

    This is a strong but satisfying vape

  98. Daniel A. N.

    Tastes like the real thing. Really good. Surprised at how they managed to capture the creaminess so well. Will order again. Good amount of vapor. 18mg 70/30

  99. jojobean

    not much flavor, should be stronger. if it came twice as strong, would order again. needs a 2.0 version

  100. Ron V

    I’m fairly new to the vape game. I ordered a 10ml bottle with a 30/70vg ratio with no nic. It gives a lot of smoke and has a nice hint of orange creamsicle flavour to it. I do wish I got 70/30vg ratio for more flavour.

  101. nick payne

    I loved this flavor and will definatly order it again.

  102. suzi

    I really loved this one. Not overwhelming flavors,just a nice blend.excellent .will orde this one again

  103. VaperVic

    could have at least twice as much orange taste but is a pretty good vape anyway. A ten minute vape after meals is a good way to enjoy this juice. I would buy again, I got this out of the 2 for $20 basket in the store along with the green apple. Great deal.

  104. Robert

    Absolutely awesome taste! My wifes new all day vape, will be buying in 30ml.


    i ordered a 70/30 24 mg.. i wasnt overly excited about this one.. but its ok.. i think im stuck in the world of mountain

  106. Marlyne

    I hesitated to try this flavor, oh boy, do I really enjoy it. Really nice blend! I really enjoy vaping this one after supper, sweet and smooth flavor. Must have in stock at home at all times!

  107. LouLa

    This orange creamsicle is just right for me. Not too powerful, a little tangy with smooth. Very nice for any time.

  108. mike

    Not bad not my favorite
    but I will get it again it makes for a good change once in a while

  109. Dylan

    Awesome creamsicle flavour! I love it!

  110. anthony

    tried it on 70/30
    really nice cream taste
    could be a little more orangy

  111. Reg

    Not my everyday Flavour, however, I keep coming back to it every other day, While the Orange Flavour is a little on the light side, It does remind me of the Orange Creamsicle, and will always be one of my top 5 flavours in stock.

  112. MissV

    I love orange creamsicles as ice cream treats! This flavour could be a little more orangey but I did like it. The next time I order it I’m going to order a higher nic. amount and see if it makes a difference. 6 wasn’t cutting it for me but it’s a tasty little vape nonetheless.

  113. Mike

    I prefer the real thing.

  114. Nikki

    I love this flavour, it is in my top 3 favs. Most of the bottles I have gotten have been excellent, except the last one which was lacking in flavour. Hopefully my next bottle will be more flavourful. 100%VG 12 mg

  115. Paul J L

    Better than I thought it would be. Smooth and velvety, with just enough orange flavor.
    I’d say that the tank you’re using makes a huge difference in your vape quality, so, when reading comments about burned or weak flavors, consider that it could be the persons coils or wicking issues that are affecting the taste. Invest in a good tank, and all your flavors will improve.
    Orange creamsicle is a nice one.

  116. Angie

    Not very flavorful, but nice vapour and throat hit

  117. Mathew

    not that good really. i was hoping for more orange flavour i guess it just seems kind of muddled…. it’s ok, but not for me i guess

  118. rob

    Taste is amazing! Definitely will be ordering again.

  119. Lorna

    Love this one good flavour, just enough orange taste, not too strong…will buy again

  120. Braden

    No idea why anyone would rate this less than 5 stars. I got 10ml 100% vg not knowing how i’d enjoy it. It is stellar. Good vapour, no throat hit, good taste (Exactly like an orangesicle). Couldn’t ask for anything more. If you’re looking for more of a throat hit, i recommend 70/30 pg, but that may affect your vapour production. Overall, 5/5, will buy again, but in 30ml

  121. sandra

    Love the creamy taste, just like the real thing! All day vape for sure. Another on my reorder list

  122. Adam

    A smooth and creamy vape at 70%VG. Great vapor production. Was hoping for a little more orange flavour but that happens sometimes with high VG juices. But with so many juices on the market that go too far in regards to amounts of flavour, this is a nice change of pace and could easily become an ADV! As always I got exactly what I ordered in a timely fashion even with the cheapest shipping option.

  123. Evan

    I don’t have the best sense of taste or smell but can say this juice is very pleasant. It is indeed representative of the pictured creamsicle. If you like creamsicle’s you’re going to almost certainly enjoy this thoroughly. I’ll be buying a larger quantity on my next order.

  124. che

    did not enjoy this flavor was really hoping i would πŸ™ not enough orange in there for me but hey its all good

  125. seth

    good flavour
    good vapor production
    a little weak in the taste but not under powered
    would recommend letting steep for about a week

  126. Jason

    I got 50/50 no nic mix, personal not enough orange taste for me and I can only do a quick 3second draw after that I start coughing from this mix. I’m going to leave it for a bit then try more but I don’t think I’ll be ordering this one again

  127. Curtis

    Received this with my freshair box. Not thrilled. I get a small anise like taste and not enough orange. Maybe it’s just my tastebuds, some of you seem to love this juice. Probably wouldn’t order unless the recipe is revised.

  128. Jen

    i’ve tried orange creamsicle from another company but this ones got more flavor and is SO good!!!! can’t say anything bad about it!

  129. Rena

    Love it!! Tastes like an orange creamsicle! ! Will buy again!

  130. Tamara B

    LOVE this one. Terrific flavour just like the creamsicles used to be! Will order it again!

  131. CMA

    I enjoyed this flavour. Light and fruity – smelled and tasted just like I expected a creamsicle would be.

  132. J.S.

    This is great. I found it to be pretty light, not overbearing at all. Pleasant orange aftertaste left in the mouth. Using it in a Nautilus X (mouth to lung) and I can’t find any fault with this juice at all. If you like orange creamsicles, you’ll love this.

  133. evelyn puls

    it is nice and tastes just like it, thanks for all the other reviews, helps make the choice.

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