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All the complex subtleties of a light fresh cut tobacco

*Canada E-Juice #6 Best Seller!*

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81 reviews for Nice & Smooth Tobacco

  1. david f

    tested on a stone tank with a LT at 4.0v 70/30 mix at 12mg very smooth TH but very weak tobacco flavor got more flavor from vapor (smell) then taste but was smooth not one for me. nice if you just want the smell no taste of tobacco .

    taste is going to be different for everybody try it you may like it.

  2. Michael G

    Not bad! While it is not my favorite, I think this flavor would be great for those who want something that perfectly mimics a real cigarette. This flavor tastes EXACTLY like a real cigarette. I like my tobacco flavor a little sweeter though (like the RY4 double).

    There is no sweetness to this flavor, it tastes like a real cigarette. I don’t like it that much, but I’m sure lots of other people would!

  3. Ken R

    Lives up to it’s name. I like it.

  4. Jason M

    Very mild tobacco flavour – I enjoyed it but if you want a strong flavoured tobacco this is not the juice for you.

  5. Kellye W

    I really enjoyed this. Used with a Vizy vaporizer. Suited my needs nicely.

  6. James H

    Not sure what to say really, I don’t usually like tobacco flav juices but this one was actually pretty good, if your just starting to vape and want to try a good tobacco flav I’d def pick this one… Very smooth..

  7. James W

    This was a decent tobacco flavor. Vaped at 70/30 , has a semi sweet taste and the vapor production is good. The aftertaste can get bitter if you are using it a lot I find, so a few drops of something like vanilla to sweeten it isn’t a bad idea if you don’t prefer that kind of thing.

  8. Trena L

    Not a bad tobacco flavor not to strong. Good vapor. Tobacco is not my favorite to vape but out of all this was okay. My husband really liked this one. Does have a bit o a sweet taste.

  9. Keith E

    Odd taste, not quite tobacco tasting. Enjoyed the fruit flavours better over time.

  10. suzannah r

    I tried this one one night after a few drinks and it was nice and smooth. The next morning,however, it tasted to me like peanut scratch-n-sniff stickers and artificial butter, which became gross to me. That night I made my boyfriend try it to see what he thought and he really liked it. He said it was his favorite tobacco flavor yet. I tried it again and it was good again. Conclusion: for me, this is only good after a few beer… I guess beer and peanuts are a classic combo.

  11. robin b

    This is by far the best tobacco flavour I have ever vaped !!!!! I stared vaping to quit smoking , and this juice satisfies my cravings. It is my new all day vape!!!!!! It has a nice tobacco flavour with what seems to me , a coconut undertone. It also has a perfect throat hit .

  12. Kevin S

    this juice is really good in the morning with coffee. ps it is allso good with beer

  13. Peter B

    I tried this juice in 12mg at 70/30 in a kanger cartomizer. It has a light tobacco flavour and about as smooth as it can get. I didn’t find it had much of throat hit and did have a bit of sweetness. I like the sweet flavours and haven’t smoked a real cig. for about a month. It’s a nice throw back but nicely in between a typical light cigarette and the sweet fruit flavours I’ve been vaping.

  14. Clint D

    When I first tried it I didn’t care for it but used it for a couple days and it really started to grow on me. light throat hit for me 70/30 12mg. I could vape this all day.

  15. Ovais J

    I ordered the 70/30 12mg. Nice tobacco flavour. Smooth with a good throat hit. All my friends that tried it loved the flavour and ended up ordering a couple. Good for daily vape.

  16. WITOLD S

    it tastes alright, not too overwhelming tobacco flavour

  17. Chris F

    This is really nice, made the mistake of mixing with Orange Mango, which tasted like Skoal Citrus chew to me but afterwards I mixed with a little bit of butterscotch and it turned out really well. On its own, it does not have a tobacco taste to me but it’s still a nice flavor on it’s own.

  18. Jennifer M

    Not bad. It tastes like a real smoke with a bit of sweetness but it has a chalky aftertaste. Lots of vape 70/30.

  19. Susan E

    This is definitely nice and smooth. It does not have a lot of flavour for me, which is ok because I like to vape it first thing every morning which is when I want smooth with mild taste (24 mg 100% VG).

  20. Marcia

    I use a EGO TS 900 Mah battery with a Ce-4 Clearomizer and the Nice & Smooth creates a very good vapor. This has a slightly coconut after taste which I really like. Will be ordering this again.

  21. Rob K

    It’s not bad, but overtime I’ve been vaping some vivid flavours and maybe my vapor tolerance has increased. So I find the flavour to be a little weak for my taste. I can see it being great for those starting out though.

  22. Leonid Z

    (50/50 12 mg) Nice mix , nice taste , pretty long after-taste , something like coconut . Not the really tobacco taste but something that make you feel in that way . Good amount of "smoke" and still nice "throat hit " .

  23. Christian E

    I love this one!! After Trying the majority of flavors you just can’t go wrong with this one!! By far my favorite all day vape!!

  24. Olesia A

    Odd taste, not quite tobacco tasting. Very good for mixing when you need to soften other strong flavors like double chocolate and such.

  25. Michael K

    Nice tobacco flavour, definitely smooth. I can see it being an all day vape for some but not for me, slightly chemical.. If i’m getting a tobacco flavour it will be something strong but full of flavour.

  26. Joey M

    This one is pretty good as far as the tobacco flavours go. I can definitely sense the tobacco taste and it is not too hard on the throat. If I was looking to replicate a real smoke, this is probably as close as it would get.

  27. Vance Y

    the nice and smooth was what it is! Not to harsh on the throat hit but smooth going down. I will be ordering this as my main juice

  28. Carole a

    My friend ordered me some of this and it’s a really good all day liquid. Will definitely be ordering more.

  29. Christian E

    This is by far my favorite all day vape ordered 5 30ml bottles and will be ordering 5 more you just don’t get sick of it’s clean flavor!!

  30. Thomas S

    Not a flavour I’d vape alot. It’s really nutty tasting so not really a flavour for me.

  31. Bhan P

    70/30 @ 6mg I really liked this one. Felt like i was really smoking without all the coughing

  32. Arkadiusz Z

    This really is a great daily vape. Nice and smooth, slightly nutty. Overall very well balanced: not too sweet, not too dry, with a "lighter" tobacco taste.

  33. Guru G

    Probably my favorite liquid of the four tobaccos I tried in my last order. I find the nuttiness and tobacco well balanced. Not too sweet for an adv either. Ordering more right now!

  34. Jesse M

    70VG/30PG 12mg – Man do I ever love this juice. I’ve tried it in the past and liked it a lot, but got stuck on RY4 Double and this one fell to the wayside. A fresh bottle came in today, and as usual with CEJ I vaped it straight from the mail. Compared to other tobacco juices this one is a refreshing change. The flavor is much brighter and fresh tasting. It is a more of a fresh nutty flavor, almost like coconut with some slightly spiced notes in the background. It’s on the sweeter side but not so much that it feels too rich and heavy. Similar to the smell of a fresh tub of tobacco.

    If you don’t like traditional tobacco juices, but want a nice, non-descript flavor for an all day vape, try this one.

  35. Cory B

    I really liked this flavor, unique hint of tobacco. light vape.

  36. Crawford L

    When I first started vaping I tried several tobaccos from other vendors and never liked any of them. I tried this in my last order and I am now ordering a 30ml bottle. This really reminded me of having a "real" cigarette and has great throat hit in 18. This is the juice I will be putting in my tank when I am having a couple of beers as I find it goes great together!

  37. Samuel S

    This is my favourite all time juice. Nice and light taste, with strong throat hit. Would vape again A+++.

  38. Michael R

    One of the better tobacco flavors I’ve tried. I might order a 30ml of this, I could see this one being a great all day vape.

  39. GEOFF J

    I don’t know where other people get the idea that this tastes anything like tobacco. This is definately a melon flavour. I’m guessing canteloupe. I tried it when I first got it and decided to let it steep. Well it’s been a week now and it tastes more like canteloupe than ever! I’ve had better luck with other flavours, but I am still not getting the tobacco flavour that I crave so much.

  40. Kim M

    I really like this flavor. I have to agree with Geoff G though and say it doesn’t really remind me of a true tobacco but maybe that’s why I like it so much since I haven’t enjoyed most tobacco flavors I’ve tried so far. It has a bit of a vanilla or caramel flavor to it which is really nice.

  41. Tuhin N

    Tried 6ml 70/30. In my consideration this is okay flavor – very smooth and flavorful. I will consider buying it again.

  42. Michael P

    Name really says it all. A nice, light and smooth tobacco flavour but I found it very dry in my bcc’s. This is a tobacco flavour for people that typically dont enjoy tobacco flavours. I LOVE tobacco flavours, so I was hoping for more.

  43. Justin

    Tried a 30ml bottle of 50PG/50VG nice and smoth tabacco and compaired to RY4 Double which we tried in a 30ml bottle 50PG/50VG it didnt last nearly as long. Seems like it vaped a lot faster. Not bad flavor but will be sticking with RY4 Double from now on just because of how fast it seemed to vape for us. I would say 7.5/10 🙂

  44. Diane A

    i really like this flavour

  45. Chris B

    This is a good tobacco flavour. Similar to RY4, but with less vanilla/caramel undertones. If you’re looking for nice tobacco vape with less sweetness than than you get with RY4, give this one a try!

  46. Winston13

    It is the only tobacco flavour that I have tried and is quite a different taste from the ones that I am used to, it is a nice tobacco flavor

  47. jay d

    very good juice, sweet tasting, i will buy again

  48. Tylor E

    My regular all day vape. As the name says, nice and smooth. Last batch was more fruity than my first order, but still delicious.This is my go-to, first thing added to my cart when placing an order. Highly recommended. 50/50 mix.

  49. Josh M

    Like the title, it is a very smooth flavour, ordered in a 6mg and would advise a higher strength just because it is a very light taste to it. If you don’t like a very bold tobacco flavour would make a good choice! good vape

  50. Jeremy W

    This one has a great throat hit and authentic tobacco flavour

  51. ashley r

    just like the name says it has a smooth taste one of the best tobacco ones ive tried

  52. normand legros

    This is the second mild e-juice I try and I love it,no after taste and just enough trought hit! you can not go wrong!!!!!!

  53. Colin Jacobs

    Very nice taste.. I smoked smooth cigarettes for 10+ years, this is giving me the same flavor as cigarettes…

  54. The K. (Jimmy)

    Great vapor and throat hit very nice tobacco juice its not as sweet as RY4 but does have a little sweetness and its so smooth on the inhale .Very nice Juice but I would recommend a 48hr steep to get its full potential.

  55. Kim G

    I like it but i found it had an Coconut after taste.

  56. justin A

    great vape for simulating cigarettes . Has a bit of a sweet after taste, kind of like perfume , but overall very good.

  57. H. Davies

    I like this one a lot – tobacco flavor, without the "celery taste" I perceive in many straight tobacco flavors. I use it in my favorite mix – 50% Smooth and Mild Tobacco, 50% Black Honey Tobacco, 3 drops Menthol Tobacco – fantastic!

  58. Jenn B

    The name is totally accurate! This is a very clean and smooth tobacco with no funny after tastes. It’s my daily go-to in between trying crazy flavours!

  59. Tunde

    Perfect name! Nice & smooth. slightly sweet. I like it.

  60. Barb F.

    This is my favorite so far. Tried RY4 double, fresh tobacco, RY4, pineapple, strawberry and butterscotch, This is my all day vape that got me off analogs (after 40 years). Slightly sweet, might be the 70/30 mix, ordering the 50/50 next time, but I’ll always have this one on my order.

  61. van p

    this one was ok i recommend this to those who likes a little sweet in their tobacco…

  62. Leanne

    Very smooth flavour and I found too light for me. But I mixed it with some stronger flavours and it took the edge off perfectly. I am really glad now I ordered the large bottle, enjoying the mild vape, especially at night…relaxing vape :):)

  63. Christine H

    Great flavour and very close to a "Canadian" tobacco. A go "go to".

  64. Jeff

    Great tasting juice. The tobacco flavor is on the stronger side with a hint of floral taste.

  65. Laurie

    like this one…exactly as name says very smooth!!

  66. Yolanda

    I did not like the smell of it while smoking. I could actually smell it in the room. To woodsy for my sense of smell. Didn’t seem like a cigarette, I would have compared it more to a cigar.

  67. Marlyne

    I’m loving this flavor, this is my favorite tobacco flavor. Not stong more smooth, hardly no smell when vaping and enjoying this anytime of day.

  68. Angela P

    I love this juice!! This is my all day vaping juice. It is smooth & mild…very similar to a Canadian cigarette, which is what I wanted. I just bought the bigger 30ml bottle in 70/30 12mg. I also just tried the RY4 Double which is great also…but this one is still my fave for now….going to try some other new flavors!

  69. Rodger W

    70/30/6 : At first the floral/perfume taste was a bit shocking. After a few days my palette became used to it and it is milder. Subtle sweet undertone and the woody backing on it makes for a good all-day vape.

  70. Dave M

    Took a bit of getting used to, but it does satisfy when i get a tobacco craving. Nice and smooth with just the right amount of throat hit for when I really want to feel a drag. Great taste on the exhale, fruity and spicy.

  71. Tim

    An excellent all-day vape. I’m tasting the tobacco note that is used in some colognes, which is what I think others are calling floral. To compare the flavour of this juice to something commonly understood, I’d have to say it tastes like the sweet note in new car interior smell.

  72. Dave C.

    a very small floral & coconut flavor, just a little to tobacco tasting great product burns smooth & has lasted longer then the "other guys product" looking forward to trying all the other flavors !


  73. AlwaysMissyV

    At first I was quite put off with the coconut after taste – and honestly probably had a bit of dif. flavor vape in the tank. I did end up liking it, but it didn’t actually taste like tobacco to me – just some weird lightly coconut flavoured juice.

  74. SMACDEE2012

    very mild an pleasant tasting e-juice
    will recommend it to friends

  75. Terra

    Smooth and nice, also a good base to add other flavours too.

  76. MORTIS

    I don’t understand most of these reviews. I very clearly taste nothing but coconut in this ‘Smooth & Mild Tobacco’. To me there’s no tobacco flavour at all; but if you like coconut, then I guess its ok. I personally don’t care for any tooty-fruity or dessert type flavours.

  77. Terry

    Definite coconut aftertaste which I originally found a little off-putting but once you get used to it lives up to its name. Nice and smooth vape.

  78. Dale

    This flavour does have a slight coconut taste as the previous reviews have stated. I don’t taste any tobacco, just a weird slight coconut tasting e juice. Don’t really like this and it is near the bottom of my list of the 11 flavours I have tried. 70/30 12mg

  79. Alain


  80. Rayy

    My husband and I went into the shop on Sunday expecting to use the vape as a supplement to quit smoking. We still have both of our half empty packs because we havent picked up a cigarette since. This flavor is harsh at first like it will be for any person who is new to vaping, but we haven’t had a single cigarette craving. It’s not exactly like a cigarette at first because you can taste sweet undertones, but eventually you become accustomed to it and very rarely taste the sweet part of it. It only appears when its either your first hit of the day, or you haven’t hit it for a few hours. With the added 12mg of nicotine, I highly recommend this one for someone who is looking to quit smoking. You’d be surprised how little you care about actual cigarettes after you start. Its been 4 days for me and I already hate the smell of cigarette smoke.

  81. daball39

    Perfect juice 🙂

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