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Nectar-ine of the gods!

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Dimensions1.5 × 1.5 × 2.5 in

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82 reviews for Nectarine

  1. Misti W

    6mg 70/30 Oh this is definitely another favorite in the daily rotation! A nice sweet flavor…YUM!

  2. keith l

    Very good. If you are looking for a sweet vape, this is a good choice.
    70/30 @18mg

  3. Yvon D

    6ml 100% vg.. found this one a bit sweet for me but the wife loved it so we’ll go with her recommendation and give it a 5 (I was gonna go 4)

  4. Debbie S

    I ordered this one as my sample for giving a review and was very pleasantly surprised on how much I like this one, only downside is now I have to order a large bottle! 🙂 VG 100%

  5. Duane N

    I really enjoyed this juice, but more importantly, I recently got my father vaping. When I did, I shared a bunch of my juices. This one helped turn a 40+ year smoker into a vaper!

  6. Joanne G

    Hmmmm this was a nice one really quite good.

  7. Jason L

    70/30 12mg: Very nice nectarine flavor, will buy this one again for sure.

  8. Cory B

    Very nice flavor, almost too harsh at first but quite smooth after a few hits. I didn’t find it too sweet, just perfect.

  9. Dany S

    12mg 70/30 Really good juice, will get a bigger bottle next time.

  10. Crystal C

    Nice light flavour, not too sweet but a bit of a harsh burn…

  11. Sosan F

    Love this one, very good for daily vapor. Recommended.

  12. perry d

    Best ever, using 100VG 6mg, lots of vape, very tasty, will buy again.

  13. Jaycarlson

    70/30 12mg…Very nice nectarine after taste…not too sweet…great for an all day vape.

  14. AJ S

    A great vape forsure! Its always hard picking fruit flavours because theirs sooooo many. This one sits near the top for my fav fruit flavours. I will deffenitily be adding this one to my line up…wife vaped my whole dang bottle tho!

  15. perry d

    The best nectorine ever, ordered 100% vg, using my eroll 12 mg nic, will order again.

  16. Dale W

    Very bery good flavor with this one. Using 70/30 18mg and it tastes amazing. weekend vap for me 😉

  17. audrey m

    Had this one 6mg 100 VG also it was awesome. Nice taste and great vape. This is in my rotation from now on highly recommend.

  18. Kyle B

    Flavor was dead on just not to strong if you like nectarines you’ll like this vapor

  19. wesley d

    Actually tasted like nectarines. Good flavour and nice throat hit. Will definitely order again.

  20. MH C

    100%VG 18 mg ; not the strongest flavour I’ve tried, but the flavour is truly nectarine. I would enjoy it more if the flavour lasted a little longer on the exhale, but on the whole it is a nice, lite tasty vape.

  21. Luc V

    Gr8t vape, this nectarine is just awesome nice and fruity

  22. hesham m

    amazing taste exactly like the real fruit would def. recommend it

  23. Peter B

    At 12mg, 70/30 this was a good vape. Not too sweet and the taste is good. I found it a little dry, but that’s more likely from the short wick clearomizer I’ve been using. I would get it again except there are just so many great juices to select from. I’ll give it another go at some point.

  24. Michael K

    Taste like nectarines in my opinion. Very strong flavour so not an all day vape, but definitely nice. Great fruit flavour.

  25. Irene N

    It’s like a nectarine was juiced right into the bottle. The closest fruit e-liquid I have tried so far. A very refreshing vape!

  26. attila v

    70/30 fruity and sweet and juicy and OMG i finished my 6ml in one session… Total… EPIC… WIN!!

  27. Daniel R

    70/30, 30 mg, diluted to about 25 mg, steeped. Refreshing fruit taste. This one is really fun! Definite re-buy.

  28. Kim M

    I liked this flavor alot and will order it again. It would be even better if it was a stronger taste. Nice for a morning vape.

  29. John G

    Like pretty much every other person has stated, Spot on. This is an awesome juice. Like you have a fresh sliced nectarine in front of you, the scent and taste is perfect.

  30. Krystina M

    It is so nice! I ordered the 12 – it was perfect – nice and smooth- will definitely order again!!


  31. George

    Very good flavour and really enjoyable for an all day vape…. You should get some:)

  32. Crawford L

    Tried this in a sample size and I am now ordering a 30 ml bottle. Nice flavor, exactly as it says and is great for an all day vape.

  33. Tanya p

    Definitely a nice smooth peach flavor, just not one of my favorites – I’m thinking I just don’t like fruit vaps for some reason.

  34. Jeff

    Excellent flavor just wish there was a little bit more vapor. Give it a solid 5 stars for the spot on taste to a nectarine

  35. Eduardo X

    One of the first juices I started when vaping. What an excellent juice, nice, sweet and smooth, leaves a great after taste and smells delicious! Personally one of the best juices I have tried! Definitely will be ordering more when I run out!

  36. Sharon H

    I got this in 12 mg 100% VG and was a bit disappointed. The smell is nice but it’s really not something I could vape for any lengthy period of time.

  37. Sandra S

    Like most of Canada e-Juice flavours, this was exactly as advertised. True nectarine taste. As a personal preference I prefer several other of their fruit flavours.

  38. Janelle T

    Has a nice nectarine flavour, but the nicotine really stands out in the aftertaste compared to other other flavours. If you like peaches and nectarines, and don’t mind the bite of nicotine in your juice, give the juice a try. Otherwise, I’d recommend something else.

  39. Justin

    I just wan to say first of all, if this is your first time ordering from the store BUY a 6ml tester of this. Your only regret is that you didnt buy a 30ml. I went threw my 6ml in a day and a half vaping almost NON-STOP lol, I bought 7 flavor and this was by far my fav. I tried a 6ml bottle 50PG/50VG and I will be buying two 30ml bottles. yay me! 10/10. will always have this in my ecig. (im not even that big of a peace/nectarine fan!!)

  40. Timothé L

    Really nice juice, good tasting and awesome vapour. It worked well in an eCab and an eVic with an iClear 16 clearo. Nice throat hit at 6mg on the eVic, not so much on the eCab.

    Recommended ? YES

  41. Tim

    Really nice juice, good tasting and awesome vapour. It worked well in an eCab and an eVic with an iClear 16 clearo. Nice throat hit at 6mg on the eVic, not so much on the eCab.

    Recommended ? YES

  42. Tyrone F

    This juice has a strong nectarine flavour and packs a punch imo. Taste like a sweet juicy nectarine party in your mouth!! Nice vape..stronger taste compared to some of the other fruit juices I typically order.

  43. Jacinda C

    I was very impressed by how much this actually tastes like a fresh nectarine… not as candy-like as many fruit flavours I have vaped. I found it very fruity and refreshing.

  44. Jay

    Tastes just like the fruit itself. Smooth and good throat hit. If you like nectarine dont look elsewhere

  45. Shane D

    Tried this at 50/50 18mg when I was first quitting and wow, the TH just about knocked me over, but not as much as the flavor. One of the most accurate fruit flavored juices I’ve had to date. Wasn’t something I wanted for an all day vape though and I switched between this and another flavor but it was in my rotation every day and was something I kept going back to.

  46. D Brown

    Very nice juice, fresh real flavor comes through, does not have an artificial taste, works great in my Eroll.

  47. trina

    Very good flavor not too strong.

  48. David M

    Really liked this flavor taste great on its own would recommend it for all the nectarine lovers 🙂

  49. Jessica

    Amazing flavour. Lots of strong taste.

  50. Mari A

    I’m new to vaping so I wanted to try the nectarine. I’ve found that I am more partial to creamier flavours so this flavour wasn’t my favourite. But the flavour is really good, its just a bit too sour for my taste.

    6mg – 50/50

  51. Kerry D

    Smooth but strong! Tastes like fresh nectarines and not at all artificial! I would order again for sure

  52. David N.

    This is a great flavour. It was subtle at first, but once I started getting good vapour, the flavour was strong but not too strong. It’s not exactly like a fresh nectarine, but it is close; both tart and sweet. I tested the 70PG/30VG with 18mg nicotine.

    A higher percentage of VG might give a better mouth feel, but the 70/30 performed nicely. Would recommend to anyone who likes fruits that are not too sweet.

  53. Luciano Campoli

    Great taste!!! Enjoyed it and recommend it to people who likes nectarines.

  54. Bjarni

    The reviews for this one they were so good that I had to try it; it’s definitely an exceptional similarity to the actual fruit, and very delicious. If you like nectarines this is a great purchase!

  55. Matt

    This was really good! Strong nectarine flavour. Great alone or mixed with other juices

  56. Randy

    Pretty tasty vape taste just like the real thing. Love it!

  57. Tina Robinson

    Absolutely delicious! Got this as a sample after I ordered Smooth Peach, and I’m highly impressed. Tastes like you’re biting into an ice-cold nectarine. Not overly sweet, the perfect match. Definitely going to order a 30ml for my next purchase.

  58. Oliver

    One of my favourite juice. Taste like a fresh nectarine and not like a candy. Not too sweet. Just perfect.

  59. Danny M

    Great juice. I ordered this after trying a couple other flavors like Jolly Grape and Fresh Strawberries and I can say for sure that this is my favorite so far. Flavor itself is not too strong/sweet like many other fruit flavors. I definitely recommend this to someone who is thinking about buying it.

  60. Nick

    My new favorite juice. Definitely going to order this in 30 mL from now on.

  61. Jojobean

    get it!!its sooooo good. Using a short wick and it’s still great! This will be a long term solution!

  62. Sean

    This is by far my favorite juice! Got it in a 70/30 30ml and I couldn’t be happier. It’s the perfect all day vape I was looking for. The flavor is perfect, not too strong but it still tastes amazing. Nice thick vapor. Overall very happy with this juice and I will be ordering more when mine runs out! Lightening quick shipping as always!

  63. Cosmin

    Great taste , great vape. used 50/50 . Sweet taste miam

  64. Alan

    My favorite…Awesome taste. Will order this every time.

  65. Hillary

    I got this mainly based on the 5* rating of the reviews but am disappointed to say that I find it bland with just a hint of fruit flavor. I prefer a distinct flavor & find if I concentrate, hold my tongue just right, furrow my brow (& maybe hop on one foot) I can imagine a slight peachy aftertaste but that could be the power of suggestion.
    In all fairness, I have not given it time to steep & I’m getting lots of vapor so I suppose if you enjoy a subtle flavor knock yourself out & decide for yourself.

  66. Dylan

    This is a very good ejuice! Tastes amazing!

  67. Elisa

    Ok so this flavour is crazy good! Nice, distinct nectarine taste. I got the 70/30 6mg blend and it has a nice throat hit but isn’t too strong. It tastes like the bottled peach juice they sell at Tim Hortons or peach fruite. If you like nectarines you’ll love this flavour!

  68. Ronald

    taste is great, i got the 70/30 pg/vg and it has a nice throat hit.

  69. Andy D

    This flavour is fantastic! For sure one of my favourite flavour so far. Excellent flavour and just the right level of sweetness.
    To make it extra good I like to mix it with the jolly grape. Soo juicy and delicious

  70. JDavis

    My all day vape. By far my favorite flavour. Smooth as Ice. Tastes exactly like the fruit. No bad aftertaste. Just sweet Nectarine goodness. Yum.

  71. Laura Carter

    Excellent nectarine flavour! Very enjoyable vapour, especially in those heat waves of summer! Thank-you again, Canada-e-juice!

  72. Jeff L

    Awesome flavor! Got the 50/50 6% nic mix. Down to the home stretch of quitting in less than a month! Highly recommended flavor that I mix with just a few drops of RY4 double and it’s perfect sitting watching some Fifa, drinking a beer and vaping!

  73. Katy

    Love this one! My favourite, great on its own, best mixed with a few drops of peppermint. Have reordered a larger size now. 50/50 6mg gives plenty of flavour and great clouds.

  74. Candice

    One of my faves as well. I like mixing it with the double menthol but it has a great taste on its own.

  75. Nikki

    Very flavourful. I would like to try again with a lower nicotine content, I got 24 mg 100% VG but find it bitter. Hopefully lowering nicotine will help.

  76. TaMara

    I was surprised that I did Not like this juice, it has a tinny taste. Very disappointing!

  77. Vespar

    This juice is spectacular. I was surprised I liked it actually, nectarine seemed like kind of an odd flavor to go for, but this is awesome. Its perfectly sweet and the fruit flavour is strong and true to the intended fruit.

  78. itotmike

    Meh! I’m gonna let this bottle steep for a while and see if it matures. Granted I did NOT order the recommended 70/30, as I prefer a 50/50 because my Nautilus Mini tends to gurgle on the lighter juices.

    It SMELLS amazing spritzing from the dropper bottle but the vape flavour just isn’t all there. Even if someone told me, "it’s nectarine", I would have had to search for it.

  79. Steve

    Was surprised by how much I like this flavor. Almost has a subtle hint of vanilla to it. Definitely recommend.

  80. Eli

    Vert refreshing draw and sweet aftertaste. Strong fruity flavour. Great dessert vape.


  81. Mark

    fantastic! Great nectarines sweetness.

  82. shan

    I got the 70/30, 0mg and it’s surprisingly smooth and nectarine-y. I’m not usually a major fruit flavour vaper (I prefer really strong, sharp flavours) but I keep coming back to this one. Definitely one of my top fruit flavours.

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