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Refreshing Lemon and Lime mixture, quite similar to a popular beverage…

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Weight50 g
Dimensions1.5 × 1.5 × 2.5 in

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166 reviews for Mountain Fog

  1. ben y y

    Anyone who loves to drink mountain dew pop will definitely like this .

    Taste exactly like Mountain dew .


  2. Stacey W

    OMG!!! This was amazing. It Tastes just like the real thing. 70/30 at 12mg of nic.

  3. nigel a

    Like the other reviews here I must say how close the flavour is to the real drink!!! Great flavour and with a bit of menthol added it was very smooth…

  4. Kyle V

    Super sweet but tastes exactly like mountain dew awesome throat hit i mix with a bit of no flavour and it is perfect 70/30 at 12mg will definitely order again

  5. Rev F

    What can I say but… WOW!!!

    Great taste and really nice throat hit (70/30 18mg).
    This stuff has a really nice finish that almost feels carbonated if you can imagine that.
    Citrus and sweet with the perfect hit, this is my favorite all day vape.

    Great work!

  6. Steven D

    Tastes just like Mountain Dew. You can almost feel the carbonation. A bit too powerful for an all day vape. I can only take this in small bursts.

  7. Therrien H

    Très pétillant comme la liqueur mais la saveur est un peu douce avec un peu plus de citron lime il serait parfait . J’ai du 70/30 12mg.

  8. Jimmy P

    All I can say about this is WOW! I never tried mountain dew juice before but on the first toot I became a fan. This is just personal, not a all day vape for me but I find myself going back to it multiple times in a day. It surely tastes like a real deal and moreover, throat hit and flavor are amazing. Again 70/30, I am not a big fan of this, vapor production is decent but would have way way better on 50/50 ratio.
    I will definitely get it again.

  9. Jon R

    Absolutely my favorite ejuice! tastes just like the drink and even a little carbonation as another review stated. My first all day vape that I don’t get tired of. 70/30 12mg.

  10. marc n

    Tastes a bit more like 7up but still very yummy. Smooth on throat as well.

  11. Jasdev K

    This is my favorite e-juice I’ve ever tried, and I’ve probably tried around a dozen of them or so. I’m a fan of Mountain Dew, yet no longer drink it due to its obscene sugar content. This is the fix.

  12. Johanne F

    I was sent this as a tester… 6mL 6mg strength. Tried it on a whim, and I LOVE IT! I will be reordering this product again for sure!!! Great taste and lots of vapour!!! Yay!

  13. Kevin D

    This juice is one of my Fav now, realy great taste 70pg/30vg/18mg ordering more.

  14. Rob K

    (70%VG / 30%VG)
    Whoa! The reviews that stated this flavour contained a carbonated feel that simulates the drink itself were pretty accurate. I don’t know how it was done but it really helps!

    Great flavour, throat hit, consistency, and vapour! That’s all I could ever ask for. Excellent e-liquid!

  15. Mary J

    Funny, I’m not a fan of Mountain Dew, but after reading the other reviews I gave it a try – and it’s awesome! I’ll definitely order it again. 🙂

  16. AJ S

    Taste exactly like the real deal! Can almost taste the fizz…Its a little to much for me. Far from my all day vape. But fun to pass around with friends. Everyone else seems to enjoy it as well. I have tried a different mt.dew blend, it is sitting in my failed ejuice bucket, this ones not 😉

  17. Andy B

    A friend gave me some of of tis to try…I have to say it tastes like the real mt dew….Nice th too…a good on for the end of the day…

  18. Nicholas C

    There is a nice hit of lime on the draw in, and seems to leave a "clean" taste feeling in the mouth. Using this on the eroll and i am still able to get a decent throat hit while vapor production is very impressive

  19. Dany S

    What to say about the Mountain Dew? RIGHT ON IT! It’s defenitely one of my favourites and will continue to order it over and over again! (70/30 @ 12mg)

  20. James C

    (0 nic) Tastes like MD. Don’t think I will re-order, but yo may like it if you enjoy citrus vapes.

  21. Debbie S

    Excellent throat hit and taste! I got this one as a sample and was pleasantly surprised at how close it actually does taste like Mountain Dew, yum!

  22. Chris S

    Excellent Juice, vaping it 24/70-30 in a VIVI tank on a Zmax 9watts. Not an all day vape for me, but great in the evening.

  23. Anthony T

    Burp! I vaped half of my 6ml bottle the first day. Very mountain dew, highly recommended juice from canada ejuice. worth every single drop. +10

  24. Rodrigo S

    Pretty good vape, but for some reason cant vape fruity flavors all day. Would recommend for anyone who like fruitiness though.

  25. Michael K

    I think I can say this is my favourite. Perfect mountain dew/sprite taste, with a refreshing sparkle. Would recommend this for any and everyone.

  26. Stefan S

    GREAT E-Juice! was my first try from the site and I’m already hooked! Love this flavor! Although it is a bit dry, it has a great flavor! 5/5

  27. Corey S

    Highly recommend this flavour if you enjoy sweetness. Very enjoyable.

  28. Trevor P

    WOW!! I ordered this thinking it should be ok but I was pleasantly surpried that I actually love this juice! This juice is now on top of my favorite list. It’s a great all day vape.

  29. Tony W

    Tastes like Mountain Dew what can I say.

  30. perry d

    very cool vape, tastes just like the real thing, will oreder again.

  31. Matthew M

    WOW! This flavour was awesome! Tasted exactly like Mountain Dew…. the coolest part though is you can actually taste the bubbles! I don’t know how, but it definitely comes through. Probably my favourite liquid.

  32. Aaron S

    This is my favorite juice so far! It tastes very close to the real thing and has a smooth taste. This is my all day vape.

  33. Jeff P

    If you like mountain dew you’ll love this juice. Great pop fizz taste at the end

  34. Kevin W

    As all reviews state if you do the dew than this ones for you. Mountain Dew in a vape period.

  35. Ian M

    Was not expecting much but I was impressed. The flavour is spot on and great as a vap.

  36. Tgcompletecc

    excellent tastes just like the real thing vaping this one right now

  37. Larry

    Probably my favorite juice so far. Very similar to the real thing.

  38. Stuart Q

    I drink WAY to much mountain dew, so much so. I had to stop drinking it.
    This juice curbs my mountain dew cravings. It even tastes fizzy & I don’t know how they did that.

  39. Dominik F

    Delicious! my god! tastes very delicious, doesn’t make me nauseous at all, every time i hit a puff it makes me glad i am a vaporizer, because this flavor makes the Dew go up to the Mountain.

  40. Tammy S

    I’m not much of a Mountain Dew drinker, but this is simply amazing! What a great flavour. I will be trying this one again.

  41. Christian E

    I don’t drink much pop but this one had hit the nail on the head with it’s flavor!! If you like mountain dew try it out you wont be sorry!!

  42. Josh J

    Spot on Mountain Dew flavor. Wife loves it. Occasional vape.

  43. John D

    WOWWWWWW I have not drank any pop for a long time and I did not miss it at all but I am glad that I tried this in a 6 ml size at 24 mg as now I do not have any reason to ever buy some pop again as I can just use this juice. I love it but just wish Canada E-Juice would carry it in a 2 Ltr size so I will be able to let it steep to see how much more flavor comes out. 🙂 it tastes great on both my eRoll and my 1000 mah eGo twist.

  44. Chris B

    While Mountain Dew isn’t my favourite soft drink, this e-juice is tops with me! The flavour is spot-on and lends itself extremely well to vaping. There aren’t too many flavours I’ve come across that I can vape all day without getting sick of, but this Mountain Dew is definitely one of them!

  45. Zachary S

    Nice! It has the correct level of sweetness and a slight but of citrus taste, not to mention the other subtle tastes in Mountain Dew… Quite strange, and enjoyable. If you like a bit of exotic, try this, and it doesn’t get old too quick either, not like drinking the pop!

  46. Kevin L

    70PG/30VG 30mg/ml nic.
    This flavor is exactly as everyone else has mentioned. True to its name, this juice tastes exactly like the drink and vapes beautifully. No compromises. No drawbacks.

  47. Erin L

    Very good juice with a nice vapor production. I didn’t find the flavour to be true to the drink, but very similar. I found it had a tad more lime than I was expecting. Still a great flavour though!

  48. Crystal C

    Pretty tasty actually. Not an all day vape, but a fun one to have around. Even has a "sprite" to it.

  49. Charles M

    Tastes just like mountain dew. Not a flavour I could vape all day, but it’s good to keep around to vape on occasionally.

  50. Mike

    Tried in 6ml 70% PG and 30% VG with 18mg of nictotine, my absolute favourite of the juices i tried, Taste just like mountaindew and is really good mixed with fruity flavours ex. blackcherry, raspberry, grape will order 30ml next time!

  51. Kim D

    Awesum ejuice has a zing to it & head on bang of a taste of Moutain Dew
    would definately recommend a try…yum~yum

  52. George

    Tastes like Mountain Dew… But I just don’t like it for vapeing…. Maybe you will though

  53. Nadia G

    Very true to life taste. For those looking for vapes that taste like drinks, this one and Key Lime (just like Sprite) are great choices.

  54. Jordan

    Nice vape, have used it for an all day vape while at work. The flavor holds strong all day.

    Fairly smooth with a slight citrus bite at the end, could have be a tiny bit sweater but very close to the real deal.

  55. Allison M

    This has the strongest th of any ejuice I’ve tried, 6 mg at 50/50. I’ve never been a big mountain dew drinker, so I bought this based on the reviews. Can’t really speak to the accuracy of the flavour, but it is a refreshing citrusy one. I will repurchase.

  56. Scott P

    I swear it’s like warm Mountain Dew trickling over your tongue with each draw! Stand alone it’s my absolute favourite…mixed with blueberry, strawberry, or cherry and it’s a whole new flavour that’s just as amazing. I burn through bottles of this stuff so quickly because it can become so many great tastes!

  57. Rob P

    Excellent flavor! Not too sweet and perfect for all day vaping, mixes well with other flavors!

  58. attila v

    70/30 this one i didnt care for. But everyone else seems to like it. It gave me too much scratchyness in the nose on the exhale. I guess it just doesnt vape right for me. It could have been an off batch. Flavor wise though, it was pretty on the money.

  59. Chulai T

    taste very similar to actual thing good th and vapor at 70/30 18mg

  60. Lewis M

    Very good flavor. In my personal top 10. I’ll vape this all day and it mixes great with Jolly Green Apple.

  61. Christian E

    Tastes just like the pop-very realistic!! if you like the pop get this one you will not be sorry

  62. Bhan P

    70/30 @ 6mg awesome…really fresh, doing the dew!!!

  63. micheline m

    omg my favorite so love love it.. did i mention i love it?? very good vape and tastes deeeeeeeeelicious…
    there should be an excellent button….

  64. Kim M

    Not my most favorite flavour……Not too bad though, but think I’ll stick with my fruit flavours

  65. Charmaine F

    has a nice subtle taste, smells great.

  66. Crawford L

    Love this one and I am about to order a 30 ml bottle after trying the sample size. Nice flavour, not too sweet and I can vape it all day. As others havE said, it is weird but you can almost feel the bubbles. Love it! 30pg 70 vg 18. Mg.

  67. Hammad H

    I like this but for me the nicotine level destroyed the taste, i still havent been able to find the proper nic level for my self, the vapor production was good, the flavour was excellent but i was getting this fizzy feeling in my nose which was a nice touch but was irritating me. I blame the nic level but the juice is as close to mountain dew as its going to get. Will reorder this for sure in a lower nic.

  68. Christina J

    I can’t say it tastes exactly like Mountain Dew, but it is very, very close. It seems like the first two seconds on inhale is close, but then the taste fades very quickly into a sweet lemon/lime flavour. Not bad, not my favourite though. There’s just something that’s off about the taste, but from reading the other comments, perhaps it is the nicotine level that might interfere. If you’re one for low nicotine doses, give it a try.

  69. Dan M

    got this flavour to review. When I opened the bottle I was extremely pleased with the super accurate smell. At first it didn’t really taste like mountain dew but after a few minutes I starting getting the mountain dew flavour I was expecting. Not an all day vape for me but great for mixing and good for people trying to get off soda. I recommend getting a 30ml bottle in 0 nic just to enjoy the flavour and amazing smell. Overall I did enjoy this flavour. Shipping was very fast at only 1 day. customer service was 10/10.

  70. april g

    This juice is a very relaxed flavor not over powering but at the same time not to low that you think what where is it

  71. mike p

    taste like drinking warm mountain dew. makes decent smoke 70 -30 no nicotine. not to sweet missisng a bit of taste should be a bit moresweeter but its good

  72. danielle p

    Best e liquid ive had. i love and will be buying this from now on without nictotine. i recommend this for people that drink mountain dew or just like the taste. 5 out of 5.

  73. Ruth-Ann

    Wasn’t a fav of mine. It was a decent representation of Mountain Dew, but it just didn’t do it for me. The smell seemed a lot more powerful then the actual flavor. if you are looking for a citrus juice I would take Hypnotic any day!

  74. alex b

    This is absolutely my favorite flavour so far from canada e juice. tastes just like mountain dew!! this is my go to all day vape. most days of the week. this flavour does not dissappoint.

  75. Ming P

    Was surprised the first time I tried it! It is now one of my favourite vapes!

  76. Jeff C

    I tried this in the 70/30 no nicotine since that seems to be the suggestion from most people in the comments – but it tasted nothing like Mountain Dew and had a strange off-flavor to it. Now, that was about a week ago, and I’m going to try letting it steep for a bit to see if that makes a difference since this juice has such a high rating. But right out of the package, it was a disappointment.

  77. Daniel P

    Interesting vape for sure – definitely tastes like a mountain dew! Vaped it out of a vivi nova at 18mg, tasted alright but something I don’t think I’ll get again. It’s really weird though, you can almost feel the fizziness of drinking a mountain dew when vaping this.

  78. Amanda R

    We like this one-very mellow and easy vape. Mountain Dew flavour tastes like Mountain Dew. Husband likes to use this one all day. He shared this flavour with a few guys at work and they are now full time vapers. That speaks for itself 🙂

  79. Daniel R

    Tastes absolutely delicious! Just like the drink! Definitely try this one!!!!!

  80. justin w

    great flavor. taste is identical to the drink

  81. Dawn H

    Tastes like the drink is right. Somehow they manage to make the vape feel carbonated. A new fav, will order again!

  82. George K

    exactly like the drink!! amazing.. only thing I did wrong when ordering this last was too high of nic levels for my first time buy.

  83. Stephanie F

    I ordered this one for my fiance to try and ended up taking it for myself! It tastes just like Mountain Dew. Produces a good amount of vapour as well. Will definitely order again.

  84. Michael T

    This one is definitely for anyone who loves mountain dew.

    I love this flavour because I love mountain dew.

  85. Justin

    Pretty good liquid, I found it to have a slight vodka taste to it. Maybe its just my e-cig? I use a 2.8omh atomizer in a jac vapor ecig. anyway I tried a 50PG/50VG and I say its a solid 8/10 liquid 🙂

  86. nick p

    Taste like mountian dew but not a whole lot of flavour…..something to puff on ocasionally but not all the time.

  87. Chris L

    This flavour was one of the first one’s I tried. I found the taste to be more like a lemon/lime flavour as opposed to Mountain Dew. Pretty harsh throat hit even at 6mg nic. Not an all day vape. This product does mix well with cherry.

  88. Tobbie86

    Tried this one because i secretly have a obsession with mountain dew, and its quite spot on!..Great smoke off this one, and a really nice throat hit. Got it with 24mg and its not overpowering.

  89. mark s

    This is just mediocre. It tastes more like 7Up than Mountain Dew.

  90. Roy D

    Great all day vape. The flavour wasn’t overpowering and I’m loving it.

  91. michael h

    Pretty good juice maybe an all day juice doesn’t really taste like Mountain Dew tho

  92. brocke f

    very good mixing vape. tastes like sprite hahah

  93. Calvin L

    Tried this a while ago, pretty damn good.

  94. Gabe

    Tried this one, 100% vg, really does taste like mountain dew, not an all day vape,but really nice occasionally,however who really drinks mountain dew all day tho? Lol, All in all five stars

  95. Frankie B

    Bit on the light side but certainly taste likes mountain dew. You really do get a fizzy/carbonated feeling from it!

  96. Jeff B

    A good juice if you like the drink you’ll love the vape.

  97. John C

    ordered this in 6mg 50-50, almost tastes pretty close to the actual soda.

  98. Nic L

    Nailed it! It really tastes like Mountain Dew.

  99. trish candow

    Great strong vape. Tastes just like it.

  100. ashlet r

    tastes just like the drink awesome , would buy again 4 sure

  101. D Brown

    I ordered this in a sample size and found it to be way to strong a taste, did not
    like it very much. It was also very hard to get this taste out of the atomizer, it would not wash away.

  102. David M

    Taste like actual mountain dew i recommend it its really tasty 🙂

  103. Kevin MacPherson

    It really does taste just like the drink…not being a fan of the drink, I’m not sure why I got it, but if you do the dew you’ll puff this stuff…ya that was on purpose…. Sorry lol.

  104. dave

    Love this, everyday vape, second time ordering

  105. Jules

    I love this one, my all day vape at work, taste like Mountain Dew, very refreshing, 70/30 is great, awesome stuff!

  106. Josh M

    Dead on with this flavour. Tasted exactly like mountain dew, even tastes carbonated somehow.

  107. Aly

    Just started vaping this week and the Mountain Dew flavour is my favourite! It tastes just like the real thing!

  108. Donovan Guertin

    Great juice! Tastes great just like m.dew. Good for a dessert vape or an all day vape!

  109. calvin

    taste like mountain dew but with a chemical perfumy aftertaste, I tried the 100 vg version so it probably needs time to steep

  110. Warren S

    If you like Mountain D, you will love this vape. I found it actually a little strong on the taste side, I couldn’t do this vape all day, but it is a great change up for an hour or 2.

    PG/VG 70/30

  111. doctor moohk

    was stuper stoked to find this flavour option. the flavor is actually pretty good and very close to what an actual mt. dew tastes like. the throat hit for this flavor was pretty big or at least more than i’m normally used to. i really didn’t expect a beverage flavor to have as much throat hit as this did. it was actually very good – close to the real deal.

  112. Brody Long

    Tastes just like it, love this stuff!

  113. K.C. Penfold

    For me this was pretty good. It tastes more like Mountain Dew slushie than the actual pop wich was actually a plus for me. It’s definitely not an all day vape for me but a nice treat when I get tired of my 3 faves. If you like this you will probably like the cola flavor as well.

  114. Bjarni

    This one was great, tastes just like it’s name sake soda and made another strong candidate in my search for an "all day vape". Great job!

  115. Ian

    I just got 6ml of this and wish I got more. I went through it really quickly, it’s pretty good!

  116. Heather B

    This was a great vape, definitely mtn dew, had a strong throat hit with lots of flavor, nice all day vape.

  117. Cameron M.

    Great citrus flavour. Taste almost identical to the drink. Not my all day vape, but pretty close. Definitely worth trying!

  118. derek R

    taste like mountain dew for real but is not for all day vape

  119. Kyle

    I love this juice. I just quit smoking this week and this flavor has been a life saver!

  120. Steve

    Nice vape just like the drink spot on definitely a all day vape for me ! Very good !

  121. Grace

    It’s good. Tastes like mountain due.. Isn’t something I would vape on a regular

  122. Daniel

    It is good.. does taste like mountain dew but I would only vape this once in a while

  123. D Brace

    Taste like mountain dew, but I would not buy again. Almost too sweet.

  124. Alex

    Go to – all day. Very good taste, close to the pop. Not too sweet.

  125. Jeff B

    Picked this up in the store in Oshawa. Although I’m not a fan of the drink, I gave it a try on Marks advise. It definitely tastes like Mountain Dew. Not quite as sweet but has the same citrus flavor to it. I found the throat hit a little lacking for me. Will let it steep for a while and see if it gets better.

  126. Sarah Watier

    This is by Far my favorite flavor! I will be ordering a big bottle 🙂 So tasty!

  127. kyle r

    Tastes just like mountain dew…nice vapour too.

  128. Lane S

    This is one of my very favourite! It tastes just like the drink

  129. Henry M

    70pg/30vg 12mg – this was great, the flavour was full bodied and no aftertaste. Not an all day vape for me but good for when ya went a flavour chnage

  130. Daniel A. N.

    Tastes like Mountain Dew. Good flavor and vapor. 18mg, 70/30. Will buy again.

  131. Chris S

    I wasn’t sure what I’d think of this one but it’s turned out to be one of my favorites. Very accurate taste!

  132. Paul Z

    Tried this on a whim and WOW what a surprise!! This juice was more than I ever expected. The flavor is spot on. Not too much and not over powering. I really enjoyed this and would recommend this to anyone.

  133. Steph

    This flavour was so bang on. I almost felt like you could feel/taste the carbon! So realistic and just a great all day vape. This is one of my new favourites!

  134. Daniel

    This tastes exactly like the drink… maybe not an all day vape but it’s nice every once in a while. It’s good to mix with fruity flavored juices (I mixed it with watermelon)

  135. Colleen P.

    Yummy vape. Great to mix with the sweet tarts flavor. Will definately order this one again.

  136. Tori

    It tastes like Mountain Dew but it’s not my favorite. Probably will pass on this one next time.

  137. Chris

    This one is really nice! It doesn’t taste EXACTLY like mountain dew but it is pretty damn close! Very nice flavour to this one and not insanely sweet. Very nice!

  138. Marc

    Ok very good flavour, taste and bubbles.
    Great as always.

  139. Marc

    Ok very good flavour, taste and bubbles.
    Great as always.

  140. Ron V

    I personally found this flavour potent as fuck at first, then as I kept vaping it, I got used to it. It tastes like Mountain Dew (full of citrus flavours). Would I vape this again? Most likely not, but I wouldn’t mind. Not my favourite.

  141. Alan

    I received this as a free sample. Definately not for me, but everybody has different tastes.

  142. mike

    Good juce buy it’s self even better with red raspberry love it

  143. Hillary

    Just ordered yet another bottle (70/30 @ 6ml nic)…guess that pretty much says it all.
    I don’t know if it’s the light flavour, the clouds of vapor or the fact that it doesn’t goop up my atty but if they sold this in larger bottles I’d be all over it.
    I’ve tried other Dews but none capture the fizz like this one. It’s my go-to vape to the point I often gap out & find I’ve filled all my tanks with it D’oh 😉

  144. Emmanuel

    Got it for free
    Didnt really liked first but ill give it an other try

  145. Cheryl

    Love this one, this is what I smoke almost all day everyday. This is the best mountain dew I have tried, it even tastes fizzy.

  146. Nazdek

    as a friend once said, it is like u popped a cap on a real DEw fantastic!

  147. Tim

    Highly recommended for first-time vapers. This is what is known as an ‘all-day vape’, which is to say you can vape this juice all day and not get tired of the flavour. As another reviewer says, this juice even tastes fizzy like its lemon-lime namesake.

  148. Bud

    This is by far my favorite e-juice. I received this one with a sampler pack and have already ran out of it.
    I love it.

  149. rain stevens

    love this is my favorite…however don’t really care for it alone…it is best mixed with another makes any other flavor better

  150. Blake

    Not very enjoyable on its own. It tastes like Sprite if anything, defiantly not Mountain Dew. Its not horrible but not what was expected.

  151. Kathleen

    Good but not my favourite. Tastes realistic, just not for me 🙂

  152. Jake

    Could barely taste, if at all. Maybe i was just imagining the flavor. But still vape-able.

  153. rob

    One of my favorites for sure. Tastes just like the real deal.

  154. Adam

    Doesn’t taste like Mountain Dew at all. Tastes like Sprite. But that’s okay. Still a refreshing flavor.

  155. chris

    Not at all like mountain dew. just vaping it for nicotine

  156. James

    Absolutely amazing. Tastes just like the real deal, i guess some people just have a bad set up. Such a good flavour!

  157. Joey

    Doesn’t exactly taste like mountain dew to me, lots of citrus flavour and reminds me more of sprite. Good flavour if you like citrus vapes

  158. Jerry

    Tastes just like mountain dew, i’m now off the cigarettes and drinking a lot less mountain dew, win win!

  159. Jason S

    Just got my order today. Quick delivery! E-Juice is great quality, great taste! I mean, it tastes more like White Mr. Freeze, but still very tasty!

    I think it is important to state that i ordered the 50/50 – 12mg version of it.

  160. Jesse

    Tastes like mountain dew and I’m completely off the smokes

  161. Tamara

    Doesn’t quite taste like Mountain Dew to me but is nice in a citrus kind of way. Leaves a Peppery taste in the mouth to me but isn’t bad at all :).

  162. Sandra

    I am a fan of this juice! I really enjoy to mix it with a berry flavour that is not already a candy (unless you like a good sweet hit). really tasty with fresh strawberry and a little hit of lemon drop. I have nothing bad to say about this juice, I order all my juices with a extra shot of flavor, 6 nic, max vg and I vape sub ohm. I find I get huge amounts of flavor this way. Totally off of cigs now for almost a year and a half, and have managed to work my way from 18 nic down to where I am now at the 6 nic, not sure when I will decrease again but I am totally happy where I currently am!! Thank you for your extensive knowledge, help, fast service, and always kind words.
    Thanks cej!! :))

  163. JRFed

    Not everyday flavour as it would probally not taste as fresh after a while – 100% good for a change up juice for when your others are boring you or tasting flavourless.

  164. kyle

    good stuff, great to mix with others, nice citrus taste, clean vape

  165. Jay

    Not an everyday juice. Very much resemble mountain dew but isn’t very sweet. I added honey dew island by dr.fog and it instantly became a top 3 flav for me. Long/short would recommend mixing a sweeter juice with it

  166. Jay

    So update, I won’t buy this juice again – it’s a bland flavour that loses the taste of Mountain Dew quickly. There’s a harshness from the flavour – almost like they were trying to emulate carbonation from the drink. Honestly, spend your money on one af the much better juices, this one just isn’t all that great

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