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Very realistic to a certain American Tobacco Brand.

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Weight50 g
Dimensions1.5 × 1.5 × 2.5 in

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32 reviews for MLB

  1. Christina

    Very strong tobacco flavor, i found it very harsh for a throat hit. Its great for puffing like a cigar and has a great taste for that. I have found it makes a great additive to a mix if you add a few drops in and it spices it up to a good extent. Will always order a small bottle or two with my orders to make a mix stronger tasting. 18 mg was the strength i tried.

  2. Jesse M

    50/50 12mg: The flavor on this one was very very strong, a bold, dry tobacco with no sweetness. It would make a good tobacco base for a fruit or maple bacco but on it’s own it’s a bit overbearing and almost like a woody cologne. It does taste closer to an american smoke than anything else I’ve tried though.

  3. Billy M

    Great flavor! It was the closest you can get to a American cigarette without actually smoking one. I will definitely order it again.

  4. Zana S

    Tried 12mg 70/30. Strong tobacco flavour with great throat hit but a bitter aftertaste. No musty sweetness, very different than the american red and dk tobaccos.

  5. Arkadiusz Z

    MLB 50/50-18mg: Strong, yet smooth, without being excessively sweet. Has a bit of a fresh tobacco flavour, a little grassy, with hints of something floral in the background, a bit like orange blossom honey. Very pleasant overall, and good daily vape.

  6. Jeffrey c

    My everyday juice for sure, perfect American tobacco flavor with a great throat hit with a nice honey tobacco aftertaste, I will make sure to always have this on hand as it scores in all the right places.
    70/30 18mg

  7. Tuhin N

    Tried 12mg 70/30. Strong/hush tobacco flavour with great throat hit but a bitter aftertaste. I found it very dry. I may not consider buying it again.

  8. Robert H

    This has a fantastic cigar like flavour. I really like it.

  9. Rodger W

    70/30-18mg. New to vaping and this was my first flavour based on so many good reviews. This is my chain-vaping flavour of choice! I love the sweet undertone and I haven’t touched analog smokes in a month!

  10. Gabe

    Really like this one, tried 50/50 mix, very smooth, will buy again, Canada ejuice does it again!

  11. phan m

    Smooth taste great throat hit. Will definetly try again.

  12. Tylor E

    Not an all day vape, but remarkably good. Great throat hit, very smooth and sweet flavour. My only complaint isn’t about the flavour at all, just that after vaping it, the smell lingers in both the room, my nose and the back of my throat. Still, tasty! I’ve had it 50/50 and 100% VG, don’t recommend the 100% VG, doesn’t wick at all unless you heat it up first.

  13. Gregory G

    Flavour is too nutty for my taste, very similar to Marlboro Light flavour. 70/30 6mg.

  14. Michael R

    I didn’t like this one too much, I found the taste to overpowering. Not for me, but a friend thinks it’s amazing.

  15. Josh M

    Very realistic to the actual thing. Sweet aftertaste kind of like a honey. Very nice vape

  16. D Brown

    I like this tobacco flavor a lot, really does the trick if your looking for something close to an american cigarette. One of my newer faves.

  17. Frank

    I’m sorry to say this stuff was awful, It has a strong chemical taste. It was so bad I threw out the entire bottle minus the 1st 1.6ml in my e-cig. Then i threw out my clearomiser because I could not get the taste out. The only disappointing flavor I’ve had from Canada e juice.

  18. Keith

    My cavorting juice so far! Smoke free for 2 weeks now and when I crave a real cigarette I take a vape of this and the craving goes away in seconds. This juice is a must have for me.

  19. jay d

    prob my favorite tobacco , it has a kinda nutty taste, im ordering a 30 mil of it right now lol, def an all day vape for me

  20. Donovan guertin

    Not a terrible juice, but my personal favorite. Has some bad tasting undertones, might be better at a higher voltage.

  21. Ian

    Doesn’t really taste like a real MLB to me, but I do like this one. I only got 6ml, but I’ll be getting more. To me, the finishing taste is a little bit like hay. Kinda nice and "country" tasting to me.

  22. Marc-André

    I really like the taste, the smell and TH!
    Great vape for me.
    70%PG / 30%VG Strength: 18 mg.

  23. Mark

    This product is very good, i ordered Strength: 12 – Mild, 70%PG / 30%VG, Taste good. Service was great. Will definitely order more !!!

  24. Anca N.

    The taste isn’t similar to a Marlboro, but maybe I am used to smoke European Marlboro and they are different. The flavour is great for those who desire something not sweet and strong.

  25. Stephen Shaw

    I did enjoy this taste but I must warn that it doesn’t taste like any marlboro I have ever had, it is a nice smokey flavor with rose hints and I found that 70/30 was FAR too strong on my throat but that is only personal preference. What I really must say about this is I bought both this and Wer’s Caramel and I have yet to think about going back to cigarettes in 2 weeks.

  26. Randy

    Agree with some reviews not a very great vape, over powering

  27. Jeremy W

    A very nice vape with a pretty authentic tobacco taste. I would reccomend to any ex smoker

  28. jay d

    this has a ok taste i like the others like nice and smooth and ry4 double much more i dont think ill order this one again

  29. Mike Traboulay

    I am typically a pack and half a day smoker. When I am in the USA I smoke Marlboro 83.

    I had a problem finding a Canadian supplier that had strong enough liquid all I could find was 18 MG.

    I can tell you that in my opinion this stuff taste more like Marlies than the real thing ! AWESOME .
    Nice and in your face …like Yankee smokes really are . No fruity sweet taste.

    This store is ultra professional and I will be going back. I use a cool fire IV with a Sub Ohm stock tank.

    I had got down to a pack every 3 days …but then started creeping back ….I know this juice will stop that.

    Using these items has helped me cut down on smoking significantly…I am not a doctor though.

  30. Abe

    Only tried this one once and did not like it. It tasked like an ashtray smells. But I could see how it would work for someone who is looking for a strong cigarette taste.

  31. Tammy

    This is my favorite flavor so far

  32. mdcm

    Best e juice ever i love it thank you!!!!! my fav,

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