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Refreshing Minty Flavour.

No Tobacco Flavour is Added


***This flavour is recommended in only 70%PG-30%Vg or 50%PG-50%VG mixtures.  Due to the use of raw menthol crystals, and mixture higher will cause the juice to crystalize rendering the juice unvapable.***

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Dimensions1.5 × 1.5 × 2.5 in

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102 reviews for Menthol

  1. Tracy H

    This is a fantastic menthol vape. No pepper taste (as I\’ve read being the general complaint about flavours along this line). It has a light menthol taste to it, but a huge icy kick to it. Imagine vaping it from an ice cube and that is the feeling left in my mouth all of the time. Although I commented that the flavour is "light" it has staying power!

    Vaped at 24mg, 100%vg in a lr boge carto.

    This is going to be a great summer vape 🙂

  2. Martin B

    that is indeed a good one for the warm days good flavor not too powerfull but icy

  3. Adrian S

    Wow is all I can say! Every vape is an amazing light menthol flavor! It leaves your entire mouth cool and refreshed feeling! The quality here is top notch! I’m using the 18mg strength.

  4. Donald P

    I tried this because my wife likes menthol. 18mg @ 100% VG, there is a coolness that is totally not unpleasant, however I added a couple of drops of the Sweet Strawberry and it became something interesting. Menthol is not for me but being creative with it yields some surprising results.

  5. Sarah H

    I enjoyed this flavour. It really does give a nice cool freshness when vaping. It’s not over powering either. I got it in the recommended 70/30 mix.

  6. Joanne G

    best menthol i have tried yet

  7. Albert C

    Enjoyed this Menthol so much its part of my second order. And as a Noob to ecigs it was a nice transition ejuice from smoking a pack a day. I had the 70/30 18mg juice and it was the perfect combo. Cheers and Thanks guys.

  8. Rob W

    18mg 70/30 – I actually ordered this ejuice by accident. I meant to order the Menthol Tobacco, but ended up with this one instead. As it turns out, it was one of those happy accidents! I absolutely love this eliquid, and plan to order a 30ml bottle on my next order. The perfect amount of TH, nice cool menthol flavour, very clean and pure. The clarity of the menthol flavour means that you can even mix it with other juices to give them a kick (I added a few drops of it to some of the Lemon Lime from here and it is amazing). I noticed there is a Double Menthol here too, but this one is pretty intense so I’d say try this one before going to that one unless you’re 100% sure that you want EXTREME menthol 🙂

  9. Joanne G

    This is a must have flavor …i was not a menthol fan till i tried this now i have to have it everyday usually my last vape of the night plus during the day really nice taste not too strong just right

  10. Peter B

    Love it, love it, love it. Just smooth enough, with just the right throat hit. Great taste. Out of the 5 flavours I’ve tried so far it’s the one I’ll add to my order every time.

  11. Sahibzada N

    I really like this flavour and now can not try others. I would say 50/50 is the best option here.

  12. Igor G

    Enjoyed the menthol flavor more than anything else. I have tried numerous other retailers, this one is by far my favorite!

  13. Leon M

    I am not a menthol fan but I am very pleased to have this product . I use an ego-c and really enjoy adding a few drops of menthol to other juices to make them come alive .

    Leon MN

  14. Yvon D

    6 ml 505/50.. guess I should have tried this one before the double mint.. seems kinda weak after that one. lol tried it again a couple of hours later and still a nice flavor. Think I’ll stay with this one. 🙂

  15. Adriel S

    I’ve only tried menthol cigarettes once or twice in my life and this flavor reminds me of them. For me, this is a nice flavor to have once in a while, i recommend this if you are into menthol.

  16. Joanne G

    love this menthol just enough not too weak and not too strong its my last vape of the day.

  17. Joanne G

    Love this one just enough menthol not too weak or strong perfect.

  18. Gerard R

    This is a really good menthol. Most other menthols that I have tried all have a pronounced "medicine" flavor that I really dislike. This one is more of a nice cool vape. I personally find it to be a bit too strong to vape by itself but it is perfect for adding a few drops to other liquids to give them a bit more of a lift.
    70/30 12mg on a Vivi Nova

  19. Johanne F

    I tried this flavour shortly after I started vaping, hoping to get something close to a menthol analog… This sure did the trick, almost exactly like smoking a Benson & Hedges or Craven A menthol, without the yucky burning tar! Very nice vape. If you like menthol, you will like this product. It’s so menthol-y it makes me wonder what the double menthol is like (can’t imagine it needing to be more minty!) I tried the 12mg strength for this one.

  20. Joey M

    This is hands down my favourite juice that I’ve tried so far. Really nice menthol flavour. Mixed it with a couple of other juices to give it a kick, but even by itself it is a really nice vape. Leaves the mouth feeling nice and cool. Got the 70/30 at 6mg strength. Will definitely buy again.

  21. Dany S

    This has a really good menthol taste. I use it to mix it with other flavors to get a little "hoomph" and it does the trick really well.

  22. AJ S

    Love it. Love it. Love it…Although I have yet to try it on its own, I feel it might be to powerfull for me. I have always used a menthol as an addition to some of my flavours. And this version is great! I now have a different brand 30ml of menthol I will not use because this one puts it to shame haha….Looking forward to trying the creme de menth as well

  23. Denise b

    I think the menthol buy itself is really strong. The flavor is nice but I would suggest mixing it with a tobacco flavor to make it less powerful

  24. Debbie S

    Nice icy clean taste on this one, added a few drops to the double chocolate and it is super nice to vape!

  25. AJ S

    Little over powering for me, but a great menthol…I only use menthol to add to some flavours. Now I just use less! 🙂 Not sure I could vape this on its own tho. I am looking forward to trying the creme de menthe now tho

  26. Rodrigo S

    This stuff, awesome. I got a little tester bottle and was immediately sad because its so good on its own or mixed with others. Getting more!

  27. Ruth-Ann

    Wow strong taste and a strong menthol aftertaste. I think I would use this 24-7 if I had a cold, but find it a bit overpowering for regular use. I will try mixing.

  28. Laurent L

    I like the cool effect of the menthol. Can’t wait to try double menthol.

  29. Laurent L

    I like the cool effect of the menthol. Can’t wait to try double menthol.

  30. Laurent L

    I like the cool effect of the menthol. Can’t wait to try double menthol.

  31. shaun d

    If your looking for Menthol this is the one. WOW nice and cool very strong

  32. MH C

    Hard menthol hit with a slight sweetness; too intense for all day use. I would recommend as an after meal hit- feels clean and fresh.

  33. Steve

    This is by far my go-to flavor. I like to mix the mint with any of the fruit flavors for a nice clean minty/fruity taste with the extra kick from the menthol.
    Very minty and perfect throat hit at 70/30, 18mg.

  34. Stephen M

    This menthol is awesome. Very cool and refreshing taste, definitely worth trying.

  35. Steve

    I don’t place an order without getting my 30ml of Menthol. This is a must have flavor for anyone who likes minty freshness and an extra kick in their vape (mix with fruit flavors…awesome).
    As always…Canada E-juice has the best prices, shipping times and juices for us CDN vapers!

  36. Zane

    A nice cool menthol flavour. Similar to the type of light menthol cigarettes I used to like once in a while.

  37. Min K

    As a formal menthol cigarette smoker, this one does it and plus. I have tried three menthol flavors from different sellers so far and this one is definitely on top. 70/30 xxstrong

  38. Pete A

    A nice, flavourful menthol. Moderate TH. Not quite as cool as I expected. I prefer it mixed with a tobacco flavour than on its own. The search for "the" menthol continues.

  39. Aaron S

    If you’re a normal menthol smoker this one is for you! Can’t really go wrong with the comparison to the real thing!

  40. Allan T

    Husband(heavy ex-smoker): Quite strong menthol taste. Even though I never liked smoking menthol cigarettes, I quite like this flavour. It is especially good mix half and half with the tobacco flavours. I mixed it with the RY4 and found the flavour better than either one alone. Personally, I found vaping either the menthol or the RY4 all day was too much. I will definitely be ordering more.
    Wife (never smoked): She hasn’t tried it, as it has nicotine in it. However, she likes the smell of the vape. She wants me to order a 6ml sample of ‘nic-free’ flavour for her. One of our friends (ex-menthol smoker) tried it and quite liked it (bad girl).

  41. Justin

    Exactly what the name says it is, menthol. Nothing more, nothing less. Very simple. No sweet flavor added that i could taste. Vapour production and throat hit (from the menthol, im assuming) is great as well. If you like menthol this shouldn’t disapoint you.

    Vaped with joyetech ego-c
    0 Nicotine

  42. Patrick M

    Nice menthol juice.. One of the best I’ve ever had…. There is no ending possibilities using this as a mix… Have mixed it with a few flavours… Wanting a spearmint flavour though… Perfect menthol juice….

  43. MH C

    100%VG 18mg ; intense! This one is so cool you might go numb. Not an all day vape, especially if you vape non-stop because of the coooool numbing sensation.

  44. Neal S

    Not really my thing, tastes like halls cough drops to me. Not sure if that’s what it’s supposed to taste like or not.

  45. Olivia S

    Very good flavour. Very Mentholy! For me its a little bit too strong on its own so I like to mix it with other flavors. My mom is a menthol smoker and she loves it just as it is.

  46. Claude

    Great flavor. Quite strong. I rarely use it alone but more to enhance other fruit flaver which I like. Just adding a few drops of menthol, in my clearomizer, to a fruit flavor, suffice. Worth the try. I will reorder.

  47. Trevor

    Not too sure how everyone thinks that this flavor is one of the best. I read all of the reviews before I bought 2-30ml bottles because I ordered a menthol from a different supplier in the past and with the reviews here I thought I would be alright. Honestly tastes 100% like a menthol halls cough candy. Pretty surprised that only one other person has commented on that. I am quite dissapointed that I went out on a limb and bought 2 bottles that are probably gonna evaporate before I get to using them. Other flavors were good, strawberry was ok, peach was great, mountain dew was kinda a mango flavor with a bitter aftertaste, nectarine was good, watermelon was ok but weak flavor. Thats about it.

  48. Kellie W

    Tried both Menthol & Double Menthol and prefer Double Menthol for the stronger taste (not overwhelming though). I WAS a menthol smoker before though!

  49. George

    Tastes like menthol but way too strong for my liking

  50. Aron F

    Smooth and strong – good for mixing!

  51. Aaron A

    This was a nice pure mint flavor.
    Very refreshing, and potent.

    I like this one.

  52. Scott P

    I can’t get through more than maybe 3 draws of this before it’s ripping my throat out! It is exactly as advertised…it’s straight up menthol. If I have a cold I know I’ll get back to this bottle, but it’s just over the top strong for a regular vape…for me at least. I tried Creme de Menthe and that is a far more pleasant taste…clearly easy to taste and nowhere near as harsh.

  53. cenon d

    Real thing! For someone who use to smoke menthol cigarette. This product is the ONE!!!
    It is the real deal!

  54. Nichole C

    Awesome! Nice and minty, not smoky at all! I’ve smoked menthol cigarettes for years, this was my first venture into vaping. I’ve been using this for 3 days, and now I can’t go back to cigarettes, the menthol in this is so pure and smooth.

  55. Jean-Paul G

    Not for me but my wife loves it. Menthol is her all day vape.

  56. Bobby G

    had chunks of whatever was used to flavor it floating in the bottle and blocking it. had to open and wipe the top , smells like vicks vapor rub. tastes ok but not the menthol im used to .

  57. Dan M

    I got this juice to review. When I opened the bottle I was pleased with the candy like smell. The taste is exactly as described, It is a REAL menthol not a mint taste like other companies. If you want a mint taste you should try the crème de mint instead. The juice has the nice cooling sensation of a menthol and has the exact taste of a menthol cigarette. Great all day vape but not really good for mixing with anything other than tobacco juices. Overall very pleased with the taste and accurate description. Shipping was very fast at only 1 day. Customer service is a 10/10 . Here is the link to my review .

  58. Phil H

    Very nice all day vape. Highly recommended.
    Will buy more

  59. Kerry D

    Minty but not too minty! Smooth and tastes like a real menthol!

  60. Ming P

    This is my main all day vape it gives you the real sensation of smoking a real menthol cigarette.

  61. Murilo

    I love this juice so much. Tastes way better than regular menthol cigarettes.

  62. Gordon S

    I quit menthol cigarettes years ago and although I started smoking regularily again it was black cherry cigars and falsely helld onto some degree of success because I hadn’t fallen back to smoking cigarettes again.

    Boy was I ever pleased to have that menthol taste again. This is my perfect juice.

  63. Janelle T

    By far my favourite flavour. I can vape all day on this juice. It’s not from everyone, but if you like menthol or mint, give this juice a try.

    Very refreshing!

  64. Darren C

    Not too minty and very smooth. Almost like a real menthol cigarette.

  65. edwin b

    Excellent, strong menthol flavour. Leaves your mouth and throat feeling very cool. Best to mix this with other flavours. You only need a small amount so a bottle will last for ages.

  66. Rodger W

    70/30-18mg. Got this for my wife as she smoked nothing but menthol analogs. She finds this flavour to be as true to the menthol cigarettes she was previously smoking and it satisfies with decent throat hit and refreshing coolness.

  67. Davin R

    WOW… strong hit of mint and very refreshing. Can vape this for hours. Leaves your mouth feeling cool .. like I just ate a stick of gum or something haha.

  68. Nikki G

    I was a menthol smoker for a log time and I love this vap! The throat hit is amazing produces a ton of vapour and the menthol taste is strong! If you enjoy mint you will like this!

  69. Chris W

    Ordered 2 30ml bottles, 100% VG. The crystals were not dissolved at all, it had a 1/4 inch thick rectangle of solid crystal in it (was the entire length of the bottle) and the rest of it was cloudy and you can’t see through the liquid. It clogged two of my atomizers and caused them to burn from being dry. Very disappointed with them.

  70. Raj U

    70/30 18mg. By far the best vape flavor I’ve tried so far, amazing and strong menthol taste, with a great cooling effect.

  71. Curtis A

    Minty and cool, liked it. Not an all-day vape for me but a nice change-up flavour.

  72. Jessica M

    Typically mix double menthol with all my flavours but this is good if I want a little less menthol and more of the flavour. Very smooth.

  73. Donald D

    If your a analog menthol smoker this is the juice for you. I got 30ml 70pg/30vg 24mg and it’s like a kick in the head! but in a good way. This will be my all day vape as I’ve just began to get off menthol analogs and this is very close to the real thing. Mint cool with a big throat hit. Perfect for me.

  74. Steve V

    Excellent flavor, throat hit and vapor but a tad too strong for my taste, like sucking on an extra strength Halls. I enjoy menthols, but ones a bit more subdued than this one.

  75. ashley r

    i liked it but next time i will have to get the double for a stronger flavor

  76. David M

    Menthol, Simple yet very refreshing i love this flavor ,i would not vape it all day but its good on its own or mixing to get that little throat hit i love it .

  77. Rochelle

    This is my favorite juice feels like my menthol cig …. Highly recommend this

  78. Clint T

    I ordered this in a 50/50 mix which I found a touch thick. it does have a great menthol flavour though, and its great to mi with other flavours to give it that cool hit you might be looking for. Will order again

  79. FraserM

    Nice throat, very, very cool flavour. Might be a little strong for some, but if you like a full-on mint, this is good.

  80. vincenzo p

    50/50 18MG I add this to all my vape flavors to get that numbing effect. GREAT

  81. k.bart

    Cool Menthol, Not my favorite but a true menthol taste

  82. Tina

    Menthol flavour is my favorite, very smooth and similar to a real menthol cigarette taste. I switch between this and blueberry. Will try tobacco flavored next.

  83. Mikei

    I like this product over regular tobacco

  84. Daniel

    Taste like black halls cough drops. Not really my thing but I can see why people would like it.

  85. Tunde

    I like it but next time I might try menthol double.

  86. D Brace

    If you like menthol gigs you’ll like this. My favorite vape.

  87. Ronald Demers

    I ordered this flavour when I first purchased my starter kit. I had tried disposable e-cigs in their menthol flavour, i like it in that form. I wanted more, so of course I chose menthol for my new vaporizer.

    I really like the menthol juice, it clears my sinuses if I exhale through my nose. There’s no sweet taste though, I guess that’s to expected as I assume that the Menthol flavour is made to emulate menthol cigarettes. I’ve mixed it with French Vanilla, very delicious. I think that I’ll be using the menthol juice in the future as an accent flavour. Will always keep some on hand.

  88. van p

    this menthol was good i dont smoke menthol i order it for my girlfriend to try and now she wants me to buy her , her own battery so she can start vaping them menthols lol

  89. Kenneth V

    Pure menthol flavor, best mixed with another flavor as the menthol can be a bit strong. Wouldn’t vape on this all day though.

  90. Lane S

    This one is great, I like how it smells just about as much as it tastes

  91. Marc

    I can’t wait to get my order I tried menthol from a friend and it’s amazing. This is my first time ordering from here I it looks like I will be a new customer they have a one stop shop place which is nice.
    I will let you know how the melon and juice fruit tastes once I received them

    I will be back to report


  92. Gabriel

    Wow what a amazing taste! i bought a bounch of different flavors, and used the menthol as a mix. and everything so cooling! 10/10 would buy again!

  93. glenn

    huge fan of menthol and this one hits the spot!

    really good flavor! will order again.

  94. Sam

    Taste awesome in 70/30/18. Lots of vape and a nice cooling effect in the throat.

  95. Brian T

    Wow, this has a strong menthol taste leaves a nice cooling effect in the mouth!
    Great throat hit and lots of vapor!
    Ordered in 70pg/30vg 18nic

    Just placed another order can’t wait to try some more flavors!

  96. Kingsman

    This one is better than double menthol. Not as medicine like, actually taste the mint and very similar to menthol cigarettes when you mix with RY4 double. Great vap alone and as a mixer [tried with fresh strawberry, tastes amazing!]. Definitely recommend.

  97. Michal

    I find this to be great flavour only for mixing. Seems to be quite strong on it’s own. I mix in around 5-10% of this with rest of RY4 and it tastes great.

  98. matt

    Knock your socks off strong! A warning, if you cape this pure if makes all the other flavours seem weak, its hard to adjust back to normal juices. Great to add to other flavours to give them a new twist. Can make horrible juices quite smokeable.

  99. justin

    hi i find the juice a little weak for my taste but i like a very strong menthol. its still very good i got the 100% vg and it seem way cleaner than the stuff with pg in it. next i will try the double menthol and let you know.

  100. justin

    I changed my mind and this juice is perfect i had a bit of the awful kahuna cool candian menthol in and now that its vaped out its nice and strong. god i love the 100% vg.

  101. Shelley

    First menthol I tried from CEJ and I love it. I used to smoke menthol cigarettes and always went with the strongest possible menthol brands. This is strong but not over-powering. Mixes nicely with other flavors, with a good clean vape, no aftertaste. Highly recommend!

  102. Chris

    Best menthol I’ve ever had. I only vape menthol and I have a hard time finding pure menthol with no other flavour and a friend gave me this because it was ‘too strong’. Once I tried it I was hooked!! Best menthol Ever!!

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