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Cool and Refreshing With Tobacco Notes.

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42 reviews for Menthol Tobacco

  1. Stephane d

    I’m a fan of menthol e-juice. This one is very nice. Plenty of flavor, plenty of vape. Will buy again.

  2. Adrian L

    I bought this liquid (100VG 18mg) and I used it in an eGO CE4. It may have been my batch but it has a very strong flavor of roses perfume that honestly I don’t like. Besides this flavor I cannot sense anything else because it is just too strong. I also bought Tobacco which has the same flavor. Other than that seems to be OK.

  3. suzannah r

    Brrrrrrrrrrrr!!! Like vaping winter. I got it in 70/30 @ 18 mg (I usually get 12) I love menthols. This one is great on its own but also to add to other flavors too. I mixed it with the grape juice and even my friends that say vaping isn’t for them (they smoke rolled cigarettes) kept asking for another pull.

  4. howie o

    very minty. very refreshing. a bit too strong for me. i got 70/30% and 24mg. after about 10 hauls my throat went numb. if you love menthol/mint. this one is for you. i like it. but only for an in-between vape. not an all day vape for me. my eyes would water.

  5. Gerard R

    This is as close as you’re gonna get to a menthol cigarette. A nice cool refreshing menthol with a hint of tobacco. By far the best menthol I have ever tried. If you’re a fan of menthol or if you used to smoke menthol cigarettes this is the e-juice for you!
    70/30 12mg. on a Vivi Nova.

  6. Gerard R

    This is my favorite menthol! Has just a slight hint of tobacco to it. I ordered this in 70/30 12mg. Vaped it on a Vivi Nova. Good throat-hit, great vapour. If you’re a fan of menthol, this is the one to get.

  7. Rachel P

    This one was really good. Like a breath of fresh winter air. I also mixed it with RY4 and that made it a little milder, and made the RY4 good. I’ll definatly be getting this one again.

  8. Sosan F

    Lot of menthol, don’t need double for my taste. Can taste the tabacco. Ordered 100VG 6 mg. Refreshing.

  9. Emily H

    I bought this one because I’m a menthol cigarette smoker. The menthol taste is more of a cough drop menthol then a cigarette menthol. I wish it had a little stronger of a tobacco taste, but other then that, so far so good. I ordered 70PG/30VG 6mg.

  10. Alexander B

    This has the best throat hit that i have tried so far. It has an overwhelming strong but nice tast.
    Strong mint flavour is too much for all day vaping but great as a mix or after meals etc.

  11. nigel a

    This was ok but I found the tobacco flavour of it not strong enough. Works well if you mix it with a stronger non menthol tobacco.

  12. John D

    Tried this one at 70pg/30vg-24 mg and found the menthol taste very nice, but not getting much of a tobacco taste to it. Have tried a few other Kool type flavors and if this had a little more cig taste would be the best. I may try mixing it with some of the RY4 double I have to see if it helps.

  13. Wanda V

    Menthol Tobacco was my very first e-juice and I’m hooked!!! Just got my very first e-cig kit this week and bought this juice in 16ml 70PG30VG 18mg and I love it. I’ve been smoking traditional cigarettes mainly menthol for more than 15 years now and this juice is a nice alternative. It has the right amount of mint to tobacco ratio, even though I would prefer a stronger throat hit (I’ll be getting a stronger nic next time or mix in regular tobacoo juice) I enjoyed this juice a lot. Will definitely be trying a lot more flavors.

  14. Nicole

    Love this flavour. It’s great to mix with the ry4 double very smooth tasting

  15. Timothé L

    I wanted a strong flavour to be enjoyed without nic and it has been awesome. After a while though, this flavour becomes too much for me so I tried mixing it with other juices with great results, especially for the Double chocolate. Burns well, good throat hit, great taste.

  16. Jarvis D

    Love it! vapes well and usually I am menthol smoker and I got the 12 mild strength it works best for me! Would recommend anyone that smokes light menthol to get this one!

  17. Willi P

    I used to once in a while smoke a menthol cigarette after a night of too much smoking but never something I did regularly. So I tried Menthol vapor and loved it. Reminded me of a menthol cigarette without a doubt. Great taste.

  18. Tylor E

    Great menthol flavour, awesome throat hit, leaves a nice cooling sensation that lasts for awhile. Only juice I’ve ever ordered that regularly pops and crackles in my tank. Not a regular menthol smoker, and this isn’t too strong, doesn’t taste like cough drops like so many other menthol juices.

    Unfortunately I tossed my one and only order of this. Upon first vape, the flavour was great, but the exhalation smelled like urine. I smelled the bottle, definite urine smell. Thought it might just be me, but both my significant other and my mother could smell it too. I let it steep for a few weeks, the urine smell is even stronger. Tossed it.

  19. will d

    i got the chance to taste this form my brother and it was pretty good i love menthol

  20. vincenzo p

    not my favorite. tobacco is hard to simulate while vaping. this is my backup flavor when I run out.

  21. Ryan Gagnon

    I am a regular menthol smoker and this juice is almost spot-on! My only negative comment is that it is almost too much menthol and not enough tobacco, but definitely the closest I have tried I’ll be sticking to this blend for sure!

  22. H. Davies

    Smooth and clean – I really like this one. It produces great clouds of vapor (30%VG 70%PG) – and clears out the nasal passages! Great as a stand alone, or mixed into another flavor for variety.

  23. Josh

    Tried this at a 70/30 12mg and thought it was great. Not to much but not to little mint taste. Very refreshing

  24. Christine H

    A refreshing change. I didn’t smoke menthol cigs, but I enjoy this flavour a lot.

  25. Rodger W

    70/30/18 – My wife likes this for the cooler outdoor weather. The menthol or Menthol Double is a bit strong and almost causes brain-freeze. But this has a nice light hint of tobacco and enough menthol to keep it pleasant for her.

  26. Chris

    Nice juice! Tastes more along the lines of a menthol cigarello sans the cigar part of things. Really nice subtle tobacco flavour and strong menthol coolness to it. Not too overpowering. Tried it in the extra strong and I was not digging this one too much at first. Although now it is a favourite! 8.5/10

  27. nick payne

    Didnt like it all that much…couldnt feel it on my throat as much as I like.

  28. Dunk

    This is my number one flavour. Might take a bit to get used to the taste, but after I did all the other flavours don’t cut it for me. Really like this stuff can vap all day. was at 70/30 at 24mg.

  29. LouLa

    Thought I’d love this as I was a menthol analog smoker but not so much. I wouldn’t say it’s bad, nothing wrong with it, just not my thing.

  30. Leanne

    If you are a former menthol smoker, this is the way to go. I have tried all the menthol flavours on this site (they are all good), but this one is the best. I found the straight menthol flavours too mentholy. Needless to say, that goes double for the Double Menthol. ;0)

  31. Leanne

    If you are a former menthol smoker, this is the way to go. I have tried all the menthol flavours on this site (they are all good), but this one is the best. I found the straight menthol flavours too mentholy. Needless to say, that goes double for the Double Menthol. ;0)

  32. Carrie

    Great seller. Love it. Smoked for 40 years. 24mg MentholTobacco is working, I’m not smoking. Amen. 🙂

  33. The best

    The best juice I have tasted. I love it. No more cigarette. Thank you Canada E-Juice.

  34. M-Jo

    The best juice I have tasted. I love it. No more cigarette. Thank you Canada E-Juice.

  35. Rip

    very strong ”menthol” taste (taste like very strong halls…) didnt taste any tobacco at all.not really better after letting it steep,just a little less strong.
    wouldnt order again,i hope the regular menthol taste better.

  36. Dale

    Tastes like a menthol cigarette, it also goes down your throat like a menthol cigarette. Leaves a menthol aftertaste in your mouth. I don’t taste much tobacco flavour, but i haven’t had an actual menthol cigarette in years and i don’t remember the tobacco flavour being very pronounced with a menthol cigarette either. 70/30 12mg

  37. Kodie

    Hello friends, Ive read the reviews before me, and they are whiny little girls. Menthol strength is dead on, not too week, not too strong. Tobacco flavor is there, but not overpowering of the menthol, just as a real menthol smoke is. Long time vaper, so i would say i have expiriance. Good juice over all, would order again 🙂 🙂

  38. Richard Cheese

    Yeah this one is very good. If you like menthol cigarette, it’s almost the same taste with throat hit and all

  39. Grace

    This is just perfect for help on quitting smoking. It feels like your smoking a cig ..the throat hit and menthol is just perfect. It’s what I reach for when I crave a smoke and it takes the craving right away

  40. Shauna

    That’s menthol alright. I could not vape this juice without adding another juice to it to. It’s just so strong. To the point where I was not even sure if there was a tobacco flavor at all. Still though I would order it again. Handy to have when your not liking an eJuice. Just add some of this and it over powers anything else lol. Not something I’d want to vape all day. Cause then everything I eat or drink tastes like menthol.

  41. Steve

    Tastes exactly like a menthol cigarette. So much so, I would say this is about as close to a real cigarette taste you will probably ever find, since a regular cigarette seems to be impossible to mimic. If you like menthol cigarettes, this is for you. I ordered this in the sample pack out of curiosity.

  42. Victoria

    This is a great liquid… But I am more impressed with the shipping… Ordered it Monday received it Tuesday absolutely amazing !

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