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Menthol Double

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Double the cool!

No Tobacco Flavour is Added



***This flavour is recommended in only 70%PG-30%Vg or 50%PG-50%VG mixtures.  Due to the use of raw menthol crystals, and mixture higher will cause the juice to crystalize rendering the juice unvapable.***

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59 reviews for Menthol Double

  1. Zana S

    Ordered this ‘clean’, no nic. WOW. great in between flavours to clear palate and fantastic TH. Good to have around for former menthol analog user that have quit but are tempted by vaping. I couldn’t do it all day though, too fresh!

  2. jesse c

    strong. try the original first.

  3. James H

    The wife loves it, she smoked menthols prior to this and says its a perfect alternative, I say who needs to brush in the morning after this one LOL..

  4. Lainee G

    Yummy very minty is very powerful so refreshing n cool

  5. Ian P

    Strong and flavourful. It gives a nice throat hit without being to harsh. Satisfies the need for cigarettes so much that i can’t even imagine smoking a real one.

  6. Jason M

    I fing this one VERY stong at 75/25 18mg. If you like menthol a lot then it should work for you – I prefer a little milder menthol hit than this which is huge. It does work well as an addition to other flavours to give them a little zing though so for that it works well.

  7. Scott M

    Very Strong, however in my other reviews I say most of the other flavours are weak or non existent. This one is strong, I would agree with Jesse C to try the original first!

  8. Yvon D

    6ml 50/50.. Yep, this one is definetly Iced out.. Great for when you feel that chest cold coming on. Reminds me of HallsThroat Lozenges. 😉 if you find it too strong just cut it with PG/VG of your choosing. 🙂

  9. Andrew M

    tried this at the recommended 70/30 and loved it definitely my favorite so far

  10. Brett T

    Great menthol flavour. As others have mentioned it mixes well with other flavours (e.g. Chocolate).

  11. Rick R

    This is by far my favorite flavour. I use it all day. Highly recommended.

  12. Kevin D

    I think this is great when I have a cold, just like having a cough drop in your mouth, really strong menthol fav.

  13. Rob P

    Very minty! Love the cool burst and great smell! Makes great vape clouds also. Great flavour!

  14. Peter B

    I used to smoke menthol cigarettes once in a while. If you want a strong flavour, this is it. I found it was too strong a flavour for me. I would enjoy a draw or two from it, but couldn’t vape it for more than a few minutes. However, I’m going to keep this one around for mixing purposes. It’s a nice complement to several other flavours I like, such as the irish cream.

  15. Kel F

    This is very good! Crisp, clean taste – very enjoyable! I ordered the 24mg (extra strong).

  16. Ryan P

    Very very good… mixed with other flavours..enhanced other flavours and kick to the throat.

  17. Rob K

    Have a cold? Get yourself some of this and you’re good to go! I’m a chain-vaper and this helps moderation a lot, cause otherwise I’ll be spitting icicles. I had to double-check the flavour to see if it wasn’t a liquid nitrogen substitute. This is a really good (and potent!!) flavour. Soon I may try taking a drag and blowing the vapour into a balloon to see if it floats.

  18. Keith A

    WOW. This stuff is great. I’m a big menthol fan, and this stuff rocks!
    Congested, got a cold, runny nose,sore throat…? This tastes better than Halls,and you don’tsmell like medicine. I will admit, I weaken it a little, with some PG/VG.
    THIS stuff, is keeping me going… Especially with allergies!

  19. Matt M

    This flavor is awesome. Just as advertised it’s super packed with lots of menthol. Great alone or used as a base for all my other flavors.

  20. Josh J

    Great menthol flavor. This is a great additive to other flavors, or for vaping alone. Very Strong.

  21. Zachary S

    Holy $%#&! They are not lying about the strength. If you want a regular menthol flavour, get the regular menthol. This stuff is crazy strong. I like menthol, but Its really almost too strong. But thats what they say, so im giving it a 5. I will be keeping the rest of what I got, for when I have a cold. If you take it and mix about 1 part of this to 9 parts of any other Juice, it will be like the strength of a menthol cigarette. I wouldn’t vape it full strength… I might end up passed out from methol fumes, hehe. Good stuff tho, as advertised. No one would ever need to come up with a 3x.

  22. Judy C

    As advertised, this has very strong menthol taste. lots of vapor produced and good throat hit.

  23. Kellie W

    LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. Ordering 30ml of 100VG – i’m a menthol smoker and this is 100% satisfying! Highly recommend to non-methol smokers too!

  24. Wayne

    I was never much of a menthol smoker, but I got this one to try it. Definitely menthol flavoured, But I found it tasted slightly like what vick vapor rub smells like.

  25. Braydon N

    Wow. Wasn’t sure what to expect with this one. Had normal menthol from another vendor and decided to give the double from this site a shot. It is very strong.
    70 PG/ 30 VG 30mg.
    Love the extra menthol hit. Next order will include 30ml of this for sure.

  26. Lewis M

    This stuff really is strong as they say! Great on its own, but i like mixing it with tobacco flavors.

  27. Hammad H

    Okay so the best way to describe this one is, Buckley’s cough Syrup. This flavour is not something you can vape all day or everyday, its for those rare occasions where you need to clear your throat or simulate the feeling of a clear throat. This is a very very heavy menthol. – Hyder

  28. aaron m

    Menthol double is great very strong cooling throat hit nice to have once in while making my second order of it soon!

  29. Candice A

    I LOVE this one!!! It’s really strong, but I enjoy it for an all day vape. It’s perfect to mix with any other flavor. Would like to try the normal menthol, but I love this one so much I feel I would be disappointed with the normal one :p

  30. Jeremy G

    Canada eJuice is not lying when they say this is strong. It’s very strong. Used by itself it’s like vaping high powered vicks. I would not use this by itself. I like to mix it with other eliquids to give them an added boost!

  31. Kerry D

    Not as minty as I was expecting, next time I will order 24 strength. Mixed it with coconut candy and double chocolate which was tasty!

  32. Daniel P

    WHOA! Incredible menthol taste. Kinda tastes like an extra strong halls candy. Kinda overwhelming to be honest, but it’s definitely nice during the summer or if you have a sore throat. No way I could vape this all day though. Also, couple things to caution about: if you use this juice in a clearo, you definitely have to thoroughly clean it when you want to change liquids, cause that menthol taste likes to stick around when you load up a new ejuice. Also, if you intend on mixing this with other flavors, only use a few drops. I made the mistake of filling a tank half with the mountain dew juice and half of this, and the double menthol completely dominated.

  33. Julio M

    is to strong for me when I use alone ,but if I mix whit expresso or another fruit
    juices is really good

  34. Rachel P

    I ordered this because I wanted to have something fresh in my collection. I tend to have a lot of sweet juices (fruits, candies, desserts), so I thought I would go for something cleaner tasting. The double menthol is no joke – it is a pure and clean flavour, very strong and you can taste it for a while after vaping. Very reminiscent of menthol used with tobacco, but no tobacco taste at all. Not something that I can use for long periods, but it’s very refreshing. Rating it a three because it was much stronger than I was expecting, thinking about going to the regular menthol to see the difference – if you like strong menthol flavours, definitely buy this.

  35. Tanya p

    Wow, definitely refreshing! Probably better to mix with something else – by itself it’s a little intense

  36. Ruth-Ann

    I prefer using this to mix with other flavors, like RY4 or a fruit. I do like the cooling menthol sensation it leaves as well.

    I would purchase this again.

  37. Kim M

    I totally agree with the other comments and should have read them first!!! I won’t be ordering this again since now it is all I can taste in my clearomizer even after cleaning and a few tanks later of other flavors. If I want a menthol next time I’ll probably try the menthol regular or menthol tobacco.

  38. shonne s

    Wife used to smoke menthol cigarettes only and i just had to get this for her…Tastes the same she loves it will purchase more in future…Try it !

  39. jay d

    wow, very good only add a few drops and u get a great hit of menthol

  40. Jay

    One of the best Menthols yet without the chemical aftertaste. Becareful as it is very strong!

  41. Murilo

    This is part of my essential juices as well as the normal menthol. It’s very strong indeed BUT it has an amazing taste. I love mixing it not only with menthol but with RY4 as well. 100% reccomended

  42. Jessica M

    Love this flavour! Mix it with everything. Very strong menthol taste, and great throat hit.

  43. Bhavik P

    Great Flavour. Very Strong. I used to smoke Menthol cigarettes and I use this as an all day/general vape. If you like strong Menthol this will work. Remember this is not Menthol Tobacco. Also great mixed with other flavours.

  44. Ryan

    I find this to strong and I used to smoke menthol. I mix this with the the fruit flavours that way I can have the fruit flavour with a little of cool menthol taste.

  45. Jason

    Exaclty what you would expect from double menthol, almost left frost on my teeth. Not my fave but delivers what it promises.

  46. Rodger W

    70/30/18 – For those that like a bold menthol (not faint of palette) this is perfect!

  47. carlos and patricia

    Loved it, great flavor, gives that nice hit and fresh taste, recommend it 100%.. almost seems like you’ve brushed your teeth every time.

  48. Adam

    It delivers what it promises. But I will say I wouldn’t vape it straight. It’s WAY too much menthol lol.

  49. Dunk

    This stuff is awesome, I can vape it all day, without mixing. It does have a pretty strong taste. Best flavour for me hands down.

  50. Ron V

    This flavour is no joke. I mixed it with watermelon and the flavour of menthol hit me harder than a mug. The menthol is on point. If you’re a menthol lover like I am, I definitely recommend you mix with this stuff, regular menthol flavour works well too.

  51. Don

    Wow….this stuff is GOOD. I didn’t realize that an e cig could taste this good. I’ll be getting more

  52. Moe

    The best flavor I’ve tried. Very strong menthol taste alone or mixed with a fruit. Be warned that some people find it too strong even when mixed, not me though, I love it. Nothing like a double menthol vape to clear your sinuses on a freezing Canadian morning.

  53. Leanne

    This is too, too, too, mentholy for me. I pretty well only vape menthol as it is. Would be great if you have a cold. I am going to use it to "ice" some other flavours and expand my horizons. I find the menthol WITH tobacco flavor is better for me (which is amazing btw)! All in all, I can’t give a bad review for being to mentholy when it is called "Double Menthol". The description is dead on.

  54. fraenk

    Super strong. Super great.

  55. MING

    good taste, will buy again

  56. Scott

    Love double menthol, but sadly, it’s just too expensive here. There are way cheaper sites, Canadian made, same quality. I really hope Canadaejuice becomes more price savvy – I’d be back in a flash.

  57. Raed

    It’s a shame people are slamming the review for this product for the price which in of itself is wrong. First of all this flavour is friggin amazing. It’s super strong and one just needs a couple of drops with another juice combo to make it effective and give it that cool effect. This is my go to mint flavour for ultimate smoothness. Second, why are you complaining about the price? These prices are some of the cheapest you will ever find especially when you factor in free shipping and the free stuff you get when you hit 100 or 200 price point, not to mention loyalty discounts that increase with each order you make. I guess you either don’t know the prices of premium juice or you are used to getting your juice from the dollar store. Don’t slam a bad review for the product because of price, this section is to review flavour strictly.

  58. Jane S

    Love it!!!!! Catches you off guard, please don’t change it!!!

  59. Annie

    Absolutely love this flavor!
    Awesomeness of the flavor aside, the staff are professional, friendly, and quick! Amazing staff. Thank you!

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