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Want a vacation for your taste buds? Try the mango!

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Weight 50 g
Dimensions 1.5 × 1.5 × 2.5 in

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31 reviews for Mango

  1. Margaret B

    I tried the Mango in the recommended 70/30 mix at 0mg strength. It was a very nice and smooth fruit flavor. The mango seemed a bit understated which was fine for me since its a very delicate flavor in the real fruit. Very smooth to vape and not overly sweet.

  2. Lainee G

    Light fruity flavor also sweet

  3. philip s

    Has a fruity flavor and not very strong. It was a little on the sweet side but I still enjoyed it.

  4. Joanne G

    love the nice fruity flavor on this just enough of a good thing.

  5. Sean C

    I love mango’s but I didn’t really like this juice! It was nice and sweet but I couldn’t really taste the mango in it!

  6. Jason L

    70/30 Mild: Very nice sweet flavor, not really mango but still really nice

  7. Stacey W

    I love to eat mango’s and love this juice. I have tried other flavors but always come back to this one. 70/30 18 nic It will always have 5 stars in my book!

  8. MH C

    I really enjoy that I have a 100% VG option; I find it is a smoother vape. The mango flavour is delicious but not very strong; I lean towards the heavy flavours but will re-order mango again!

  9. AJ S

    Great tasting mango! This one did the trick for my wife and I…I give it a 4 only because everything needs something to work towards 😛

  10. Jon R

    18mg 70/30 This juice did taste like mango, but I found it to be quite dry. The vapor was fine, but the aftertaste was similar to drinking a dry wine. It wasn’t bitter or bad in any way, but probably not my favourite juice.

  11. Peter B

    I have a hard time with this one. I like the flavor but there’s just something about it that’s a little off for me. It’s got a strange tang to it that keeps it from being as smooth as I would like. I had high hopes for it. It’s not a bad juice, just not quite there for me.

  12. Jack Y

    This juice has decent Mango flavour, but i do not find it as smooth as some of the other flavours.
    70/30 12nic.

  13. Thuan T

    70pg/30vg 12mg
    Probably my favourite flavour so far, it’s much smoother than the other flavours i’ve tried so far. Also for a nice surprise, mixing this with a little pomegranate makes it taste like bubble gum!

  14. hesham m

    Great vape would def. recommend!!

  15. George

    Tastes good, very similar to my favorite flavour… Pineapple

  16. Julio M

    a lot aroma from the bottle , Good throat hit and great vapor production

  17. George K

    Great throat hit mellow tangy & sweet mango flavor! If you like flavors like pineapple, be sure to grab this flavor as well!

  18. Michael T

    Excellent flavour, a little bit light for my liking but the flavour was awesome, not much of a chemical taste in it.

    Still amazing though, anyone who likes this product should try it out.

  19. Matt M

    A little light on its own but that’s not always a bad thing. This flavor mixes very nicely with Banana Bonanza and Pineapple!

  20. David M

    I like this flavor does taste like mango would recommend it!

  21. rochelle

    Ordered the recommended and I really couldn’t taste the mango

  22. Josh

    Flavor was a little light. Other than that this is a great; not too sweet, all day smoke. And its perfect for mixing.

  23. garnet

    great flavour. like others said light but good

  24. Kenneth V

    Definitely my favorite flavor, tastes exactly like mangoes.

  25. Daniel

    I dont know if its me using the same clearomizer but i dont feel it has a strong mango taste. At best it has a slight sweet dried mango sort of taste.

  26. barbx

    One of my favorite. tastes like mango and smooth but the throat hit is still there 🙂

  27. Dylan

    Definitely a favourite of mine! Tastes amazing!

  28. Candice

    This one is delicious and sweet, but it was a bit harsh on my throat at 12mg

  29. patricia p

    One of my faves. (Other fave is Fresh Strawberry). I’ve tried other vendors, but I would say canadaejuice makes the best fruit flavours out there! I find that I don’t really need much nicotine with canadaejuice’s juices.

  30. heidi

    Smooth mango flavour, the taste improves after I let it steep. It’s a light flavour tho – don’t expect it to be as strong as Strawberry or Peppermint, but it’s delicious light juice – 6mg max VG

  31. Jamie

    My daughter turned me to mangos so when I tried this vape I was sceptical but it was very smooth and not too sweet or fruity

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