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It’s Lemon and Lime!

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26 reviews for Lemon Lime

  1. Paul D

    I really enjoy this liquid! I tried it PG 24 and it has a real nice TH. It is fantastic on a nice summer day as it tastes like a refreshing glass of lemon aid! I wish I had gotten more as I can see it being my go to summer flavour.

  2. jesse c

    Not too bad, good taste and vap.

  3. Lainee G

    This one is so refreshing I wasn’t sure about it and enjoyed

  4. Tony W

    I enjoyed this e-liquid very much one of my favorites out of the juices I bought this time around. Very refreshing Next purchase I will be getting more of it.

  5. gurvir s

    had a gingery after taste … did not like that

  6. Rob W

    12mg 70/30 – After getting a recommendation on this one from ECF I decided to try it out. I was told it tasted a lot like 7up, but after tasting it myself I would have to disagree with that. The flavours taste much more real than that to me – which is a good thing! That being said, the flavour of the lime very much overpowers the lemon, so don’t expect it to be 50/50, it’s more like 80% lime, and 20% lemon. I’m not complaining, it’s delicious! Also, I got a great TH off this one considering it’s 12mg.

  7. Tim L

    Tried this thinking that it would be like sprite or 7-up but I was wrong. Taste is pretty much all lime and a bit of lemon, wasn’t to my taste. The TH seemed a bit harsher

  8. Misti W

    6mg 70/30 I wasn’t a fan of this one, tastes to me like licking an empty lemonade container where you can see how it could be good…but it isn’t….in my opinion anyways.

  9. suzannah r

    I’m thinking this one has room to grow on me… It has a strong TH (12 mg 70/30). I like the smell of it but the taste is like burnt cleaner… It reminds me of a Mexican restaurant that I used to work in. I was looking forward to this one, I love lime flavor but I think I’ll only get into this one when I’m drinking.

  10. Jon R

    12mg 70/30 PG/VG. Got this juice expecting it to taste like 7-up, wasnt quite as expected. The taste was very mild, could use a little more flavour, but not a bad juice nonetheless. Not as much vapor as other juices which isnt always a bad thing (Vaping at work). Npt at the top of my list, but its not at the bottom.

  11. Mel M

    70%PG / 30%VG 6mg – This is one of my faves, however you cannot use it all day, there is a after taste that where’s on you. The first little bit is wonderful thou!

  12. Debbie S

    Nice summer vape, surprisingly refreshing!

  13. Shay

    Flavors abit more mild then id like, and there is a distinctive aftertaste – overall tastes like a weak 7up. Still good though and worth trying.

  14. Kim M

    Not my most favorite juice. I found a bit of an after taste that I wasn’t too fond of. Think I’ll keep trying new ones……

  15. Braydon N

    Not afraid to leave this one a bad review.
    More of a lime flavor than lemon. But more so just a weird flavor. Not even sure how to describe it. Found this one completely unvapable. Maybe if it was a little bit sweet?

  16. Amanda R

    70/30-My husband is a hard core lemon/lime guy and he just yelled out that he loves this one…sooo good sign 🙂 It does taste very fresh and very 7-upy. Very good all day vape

  17. Sandra S

    This is not as accurate as most of Canada e-Juice flavours. I prefer the key lime to this flavour.

  18. Jessica

    Not a big fan of the citrus flavours. But a good liquid if you do like citrus. Lots of taste to this, and true to it’s name.

  19. Warren S

    The name says it all. But for me was pretty strong, and could not do for very long. Altho it is a handy vape if you every suffer from vape tongue. The lemon/lime flavor seems to reset/clear the taste buds after about 30 min of vaping it.

  20. Adam W

    I found this flavor very unpleasant. It was like inhaling nail polish remover to be honest. I felt very uncomfortable after trying it and almost ill.

  21. Grace

    I really enjoyed this flavor. Has more of a lime kind of taste.. reminds me of a lime slushy

  22. Jeremy W

    Great vape with a huge flavour. If you are a fan of this taste, you will love this product

  23. Travis

    Did not Like this Flavor left a soapy after taste that really makes me shake my head…

    if you mixed it with something else it might kill that weird after taste but a stand alone vape it is not

  24. Rob K

    (70PG/30VG, 18ml)
    This is one of the very few times I almost felt legitimately sick from vaping. There’s a strong lemon and lime flavour in there for sure, however, there’s also a possibility that every other puff you take will make you feel like your throat is burning and cause suspicion that the coil could be a dud. I went through at least 2 more coils to determine that it was the e-liquid itself. This flavour struggles between inconsistent and disgusting. Not recommended.

  25. Jack U

    Worst expirence with this juice

  26. Brenda

    Please help. Ordered 2 large bottles of this. Was looking for a substitute for 7-up. Just tried it and I did get physically sick. Too heavy of an after taste. Any suggestions of what I can mix it with to lessen the taste?

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