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If you’re stuck out on a hot summer day, this vape is a slice!

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Weight 50 g
Dimensions 1.5 × 1.5 × 2.5 in

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30 reviews for Key Lime

  1. Jeff H

    Nice flavour and really enjoy it for short periods as it’s not an all day vape. However, this flavour is one of those rare examples of an e-juice tasting exactly like the name. Also looking forward to mixing it with some of my favourite all day vapes like RY Double and DK Tab.

  2. Misti W

    6mg 70/30 One of my favorites, great flavor, sweet and sour some how mixed into a vape!

  3. Tony W

    50/50 delicious flavor, looking forward to mixing it with my lemon making it lemon lime flavor.

  4. Stuart R

    Was some what disappointed. Smelt great but the vape was a little of a let down. Tasted a little spice to me. Definitely a little different then most fruity Juices but the more I used it the more I Started to enjoy it. Not to sweet. A little Sour. Very interesting. Worth trying.

  5. Jason R

    I enjoyed this @ 70/30 Great realistic taste and smell, Good sour flavour just enough to make your mouth water a bit
    Its a win in my books

  6. Alexandre S

    It wont be my all day smoking vap, but dam it’s good! 🙂 My wife is crazy about it. I have to admit it realy taste what it’s supposed to be 🙂

  7. Stuart R

    I guess I’m a little disappointed because I was expecting a different taste, maybe something sweeter, like the pie. It tastes like key limes and it is sour, not sweet. Haven’t tried it but this might be a really good one for those people who like to have the occasional adult beverage.

  8. Rob P

    Amazing! Nailed that key lime taste, it is the wifeys new favorite hands down! Highly recommended!

  9. Duane N

    This juice is simply delicious. Though I don’t find it to be a dead ringer for Key Limes, it’s still reminiscent of the fruit, with more sour tones that I expected. Very good after a spicy meal!

  10. Rob P

    Tastes great, will order again!

  11. AJ S

    Key line has never been a flavour for me. But this one won! Great all around flavour, and your not left with any of that funny citrus/cleaner taste…A friend of mine vapes Keylime all day. Said this is the best version he has tried. Nice work!

  12. Jon R

    18mg 70/30 This was a nice bold flavour, vaped it while on vacation and now it reminds me of sitting on the beach. probably my favourite of all the lemon and lime type flavours.

  13. Joey M

    Really nice taste. Can’t say it tastes just like key lime because I don’t know if I’ve tried it before but it definitely has a lime kick to it. I’ll vape this every now and then as it’s not an all day vape for me. I still highly recommend it though if you like citrus flavours.

  14. Tgcompletecc

    great flavour smooth taste

  15. Allan T

    Wife (never smoked): Good strength flavour, perfect balance between mild & strong. A definite lime taste.
    Husband (heavy ex-smoker): I like this flavour and agree with my wife’s comments. Since I like citrus and sour tastes as opposed to sweet tastes, this is a favorite with me. It is stronger than the Hypnotic flavour and as such would be my choice of the two (although I rather like the grapefruit taste of Hypnotic). It works well in a mix with tobacco. I will definitely be ordering more.

  16. Judy C

    great all around flavour, nice citrus taste, not an all day vape for me.

  17. Crystal C

    Tasted a bit like cleaner to me 🙁 Mixed it with others like pomegranate and it was actually quite nice!
    Each to their own, but if you don’t mind the "sprite" in a flavour (I don’t), this ay be just for you 🙂

  18. Nadia G

    I don’t know if this one tastes like Key Lime, but I can tell you it tastes almost exactly like Sprite. Very refreshing taste, one of my favourites. 5 stars! 70/30 18

  19. Daniel R

    Key Lime 70/30, 12 mg, steeped. A powerful taste of artificial Key Lime Pie filling. I don’t really like that one. Others may like it though.

  20. Lewis M

    This flavor has a bit of a sour hit to it. It’s a nice change from the sweet flavors im used to.

  21. Chris E

    Very nice, a little ‘cleanerish’ but I love it.

  22. David B

    Bitter and really strong lime taste. I would not order this again. Does not taste like key lime. I am using up the remaining juice mixed with other flavours because it is too strong on its own.

  23. Joseph B

    didn’t get much taste out of this juice. Got this on a recommendation, so was expecting a ton more flavor than I got.
    Maybe I just have to let it steep.

    Tastes as advertised, but flavor is slightly muted.

  24. Sandra S

    A very definite taste of lime with a slightly bitter edge. I would not vape this all day but it is nice for a change.

  25. Kerry D

    LIME!! a hint of sour also. Not sure what the "key" part of this is but it’s a lot of lime! I’ll mix it with flavors that I find too sweet or that need a little kick!

  26. Sosan F

    Too strong of lime for me. It is very harsh to my throat.

  27. David N.

    Not a all-day cape, but flavourful. The flavour of key lime is quite strong but too sweet for my taste. I was expecting something more tart like a regular lime. If you like key limes, you will like this. I did not, but taste is subjective.

  28. Paul J L

    I’m not a huge fan of the fruity juices, and usually have to mix them with chocolat. This one has to be mixed too, for me, but it is a nice change from the desert falvors that I prefer. Mixed it with some Ry4 and it’s a nice fresh tasting vape. It’s key lime…would probably go well with a graham or sugary flavor.

  29. Jamie

    I got this to add to my red bull to try and make a monster!!! but I’m no chemist didn’t work 🙁 I didn’t think it was a mix of lemon and lime like the picture but it was very close to the kiwi flavor.

  30. gwozdowski

    I like to mix this juice with dragon berry. Actually goes quite well with it.

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