Kanger T3S Clearomizer

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Kanger T3S Clearomizer

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Kanger T3S Clearomizer 1.8Ohm

Cartomizer: heating coil is replaceable
Capacity: 3.0ml 1000puffs
Suitable voltage: 3.2 – 3.7V
Length: 70mm x Diameter: 14mm

Ego thread capable

Additional information

Weight40 g
Dimensions2 × 0.5 × 0.5 in

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21 reviews for Kanger T3S Clearomizer

  1. Chris E

    These are the way to go, large capacity and bottom coil make this a great upgrade from the long wicked 1.5ml styles. Filling is strange at first as only the base unscrews, but less seals means less leaks also. My new favourite for sure.

  2. Thomas S

    I picked up 2 of these my last order. Gave them a few days use before writing a review. They are alot like the protank with the airy vape but with a really good vapour production. Only problem I had with these were the evic sometimes never recognized the atomizer. Otherwise a good product.

  3. Leonid Z

    Much better than standard CE4 . Much more vapor ,smooth taste .Works perfect till the last drop because it’s "sitting down" coil – liquid don’t need to go up . With the accurate resistance you are getting the steady amount of vapor till the battery drain . The short wick on the bottom is always wet so you will not get the "burned taste" . My favorite now .

  4. The K. C

    O.k been using the T3S for about a week now and I must say the draw is kinda airy . Not sure if its because the tip & inner shaft hole is bigger than the standard 510 drip tips or what but definitely airy. No leaking & can vape at any angle because of the BCC so happy with that. But because the tip is not removable cleaning the T3S will take some thought . I used a small Q-tip shaft and wrapped it with some tissue. Also if u’r gonna remove some of the wicks for more flavor it will leak a bit so I’d advise removing no more than 1 wick . Mines had 3 on top of the coil.

  5. Jovelito M

    The one I got had a tight draw. Flavor was slightly blunted, vapor production was okay. I like the protank and iclear30 better.

    Service was superb!!

    Jovy M

  6. michael f

    Put This on a ego-cjoytech 1000 mah battery and used 2.5 ohm atomizer head.Wow great vape.Good amount of vapour and easy drawing.Easy to fill and clean.Atomizer heads are simple and very reasonably priced.I love it and sure you will too!!! 11 stars out of ten 🙂

  7. Mark M

    Very satisfied with the T3S. Large 3ml capacity means you can go longer between fills, and the bottom coil lets you get every last drop of your juice without needing to refill and without any burnt taste. You get lots of vapour and good flavour. These fill from the bottom and are very easy to fill with a needle tip. I Cleaning is fairly easy, although since the drip tip is built in rather than removable, it is a bit tricky to clean around the top. The changeable coils are a huge plus, they just screw into the base, and are easy to take apart if you want to clean the wicks, remove one or even rebuild it.

  8. Michael P

    These are a great upgrade for ego users. Add more capacity, give a great vape and huge amounts of vapor for what they are. Same yourself some headaches though and give them a thorough vodka soak over night and remove one of the wicks (I do this with ALL my Kanger tanks now). You’ll be much happier with the performance and flavour.

  9. Ryan

    Went from a T3 to this but was disappointed. The draw was way to tight, like McDonald’s milkshake tight. Not for me.

  10. Brian G

    Works great for my needs. Nice draw and good vapor

  11. Lane S

    I use this for my cola bottles which is my favourite vapes, much better then the normal 1.6ml atomizers

  12. Luke

    Wow… all I can say, these tanks are amazingly built, i have had a few of them now and they just have very minimal problems or issues unlike literally every other tank i have had. Kanger makes seriously solid hardware, they practically invented the market.

  13. Rita

    This is a nice unit.. It’s nice and big.. Easy to use.

  14. lebron durant

    flavors kinda lack when i use this compared to other clearos ive used. pretty good vapor though. 4/5

  15. Joe H.

    This is a great tank and produces great vapor! It holds a ton of juice too and lasts a long time.

  16. babyfyne

    This tank is awesome !! Produces large amounts of vapor and makes everything more flavorful. Wicks on the bottom is genious and filling is also made easier.

  17. Melissa

    Not my favourite…. it was a very airy vape and the flavour seemed like it was lacking. Also, the mouth piece is quite large and takes some getting used to. I also had some issues with it recognizing my ego t battery. On the plus side though the large size does come in handy. I could go a long time without refilling.

  18. Dave C….

    I was not expecting that much when I ordered this however,
    Clearomizer has a very nice e juice capacity…
    Coil produces very nice flavor, with more than enough vapor…
    Nice airy draw, is a personal preference of mine.
    Hey no surprise it’s Kanger…
    Can’t beat it for the price…

  19. Melissa

    I have the Ego-c twist and I have been using Protank mini 2, and I was looking for a cheaper way to get my vape. So I tried the TS3, and even though they are not rebuildable exept for the coil, I really like it. The vape is very nice, much like the protank, and it actually holds more juice. I really enjoy it and I am going to order a pack of 5 of these, which come in different colors as well, awesome 🙂 You should try it if youre looking for something less than half the price of the protank… Benn having issues with the protank, where you have to change the little rubber rings and its not everyone that has them, and it can leak as well.. Good TS3, I love it and its pretty

  20. Adam

    i’m new to this but i have a vision spinner 1300 will this tank work on it?

  21. Michael

    I was extremely surprised to find that these are AWESOME clearomizers.

    They hold 2.5 ml which is as much as most of the PRO tanks.

    And the price is definitely AWESOME too!

    Thank you!

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