Kanger EVOD BCC Clearomizer


Kanger EVOD BCC Clearomizer

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Kanger EVOD BCC Clearomizer
The EVOD is a bottom coil Clearomizer tank system that features replaceable atomizer heads and has a capacity of 1.6ml

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Weight40 g
Dimensions2 × 0.5 × 0.5 in

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15 reviews for Kanger EVOD BCC Clearomizer

  1. Chulai T

    really like this clearo, cooler vape then top coils. great throat hit and vapour definitely going to order more evods and replacement heads

  2. Kerry D

    LOVE THIS! no leaking, no gurgling! Perfect amount of juice to get me through the work day! Great size, great weight on my ego-c upgrade. Can’t wait until pink is back in stock 🙂

  3. Joseph B

    Almost a direct copy/paste from my iClear 16 review:
    Maybe I’ve just been incredibly unlucky as a new vaper, but I have yet to find a tank that works for me. I purchased two iClear 16s, and 2 Kanger EVODs. All four of the clearos immediately had a horredous plastic/chemical taste, almost akin to the smell you get when welding. After running a solid tank of juice through the EVOD, I finally managed to get about two tanks of amazing flavor before the flavor turned to burning wick over all else. I’ve rinsed both out of the box in hot water and vodka as was suggested by everyone and anyone, and nothing has worked. I’m really hoping I just got a bad batch, but thusfar everything I have tried has either leaked terribly or been un-vapeable due to taste.

  4. Doug S

    I’ve gone through many types of clearomizers and have chosen the bottom coil as my go forward option. Have never had a dry vape. Kanger has come out with a great product here. Between the T3s, MT3s, and the EVOD, I found the EVOD works best for me. Whether using thick VG eliquid or thinner PG eliquid there are options available via the replacement coil/heads (1.8ohm for thicker or 2.5ohm for thinner… but when the 2.2ohm is available it is the best for me at 3.9v).
    Keep a few available and filled for your morning kicker, daytime vape, and your end of day flavour of choice. Coils/heads last quite a while (~month) and can be easily cleaned under hot water but dry out completely before using a different blend.

  5. Gary M

    Ive been vaping for about 6 months now. (Not 1 cig!!!!! 🙂
    This is my clearomizer! It is great! Great vap (no dry hits)
    works great with the Joytech ego t and c battery.
    have a refill often but I don’t mind as I like to have many flavours on hand!
    Excellent product and a great price!!!

  6. Donald D.

    After having good success with my Iclear16s I decided to try a bottom coil atomizer. I received my Evod two weeks ago and now my Iclears are collecting dust. I love the cool vape and the fact you can chain vape without the mouthpiece getting hot. Great vapor production and flavour with no dry hits, or gurgling issues. I left all the flavor wicks in and have had no wicking issues using 70/30 eliquid. Construction is great and it’s aesthetically pleasing on my Itaste VV. I would definitely recommend this clearo for someone looking at BCC and doesn’t want to break the bank on a pro tank.

  7. Ronald D

    I must have received a bad unit. It leaks! I wasted an entire 6ml bottle of espresso e-juice trying to figure out where the leak was. Turns out the leak was where the atomizer meets the stem(tube), there was a small gap no matter how many times i took it a part and carefully re-assembled it. Had to make an extra seal.

    After the fix, no leaks, lots of vapor.

    Can’t recommend this, buy it if you’re feeling lucky.

  8. Joe H.

    This is a great little tank and it puts out decent vape. It was my favorite until I got some bad replacement coils for it.

  9. Terence

    This was my first upgrade from the iclear10 and wow what a difference! Lots more vape, no leaking from the tip or crackling. Definitely recommend it.

  10. crystal

    I really love this kanger evod clearomizer tons of wonderful warm vape and not so big so I can change flavors and it doenst leave any burnt flavor when it gets low on e-juice, highly recommended!!

  11. Sean

    Just paid $10 for one of these at a flea market vendor because I wanted to try one so bad! What a ripoff!! The vendor "Dragon Vape" claimed to be affiliated with CanadaEjuice but it looked to me like they were just ordering from your site and selling everything for way more!

    That being said, I’m about to order straight from CanadaEjuice a few more of these because they really are a fantastic tank for the price. I’ve also decided that any vape purchase I make from now on will be solely from this site. The prices are fantastic, the quality is top knotch and the service excellent. Nice to have a great Canadian vendor not too far away!

  12. Matt

    Amazing clearomizer! I’ve tried a few different types (mainly the different Aspire ones) and this is by far the best. The draw is a little thin with not much resistance. But the taste is better than anything else I’ve tried. Full flavor with no burnt taste or dry, flavorless smoke.

    Its the best!

  13. Duane

    I just got my vapemail, included two of these tanks. Both were immediately filled and tried out. Very easy to drag from, great air flow and juice flow. No gurgling or spitting. Lots and lots of vapor from both tanks with different PG/VG %. I also purchased the additional 5pk of coils and glad that I did.

    As long as I remember to, the first failure and I will review again.

  14. Matt

    Just another update on this amazing clearomizer. Infinitely better than all the other tanks I’ve used. I recently bought an itaste MVP 2.0 and these clearomizers are great….one thing to remember though is they don’t fit it right out of the box, you have to turn the kanga over and pull the battery contact out a little (use pliers). Works great. Highly, highly recommended – it’s a shame that these aren’t people’s first point of contact with ecigs. A hell of a lot more people would switch from analogs.

  15. Gary

    I highly recommend the Kanger EVOD BCC Clearomizer. The EVOD fits directly onto the eGo Innokin. I purchased some 2.2 Ohm replacement coils.

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