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Juicy and delicious! its gonna move ya!

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Dimensions 1.5 × 1.5 × 2.5 in

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130 reviews for Juicy Chew

  1. Chris M

    To my surprise this actually tastes like juice fruit! you pick up the JF flavor mostly on the exhale, but it is there, another good juice.

  2. Alicea E

    70/30 at 24mg-would have liked a bit more flavor to it, however, it does have that "fruity" taste, just subtle.

  3. Zenna

    I ordered 18 mg 70/30. Awesome flavour, great throat hit! Super for the 4 o’clock and afer dinner sweet cravings. I would order again, just in lower nic content,

  4. Tim

    Jf has a more sweeter candy like taste compared to the fruit flavours, as it should. It isn’t overwhelmingly strong, just the right balance between fruit and candy. If your looking for a sweeter vape this one would be good to go for.

  5. Andrew

    I tried the little 6ml sampler on this and love it so much I just ordered the 30ml of it. Tastes just like juicy fruit.

  6. Lainee G

    Good juice if ya lov the the gum you will lov the vapor

  7. Paul D

    70/30 PG/VG @ 18 mg/ml
    I love this one! I am a big fan of the gum and this definetly tastes like the gum! It has nice throat hit and makes for a sweet vape. I would recommend this to anyone who likes sweet vapes and Juicy Fruit gum. I ordered the sample size and wish I had ordered more!

  8. Caitlin S

    Tastes just like the gum! Would definitely recommend this, very sweet and smooth.

  9. philip s

    Tastes exactly like the gum. I was vaping it while I was sitting beside my buddy and he asked if I was chewing juicy fruit. I love this one!

  10. James H

    Get The beat turned up Grab a stick Of Juicy Fruit The taste Is gonna move ya It’s a song Sing it loud The taste Is gonna move ya When you pop it In your mouth…… Oops sorry got carried away haha… Everybody asks me for a stick of gum, man this is good!!!!

  11. nathan s

    If you like the gum, the flavour is bang on

  12. Sean C

    I love Juicy Fruit and man this juice didn’t disappoint! It tastes just like the gum in my opinion and I would recommend getting it in the 70/30 mix at 18 strength!!!

  13. Jason L

    70/30 Mild: Tastes mild but very juicy fruit, great one to vape

  14. Ariel G

    Pretty good, tastes like the banana medicine you get when you are a kid.

  15. Matthew R

    Flavor is awesome, as it happens it’s my girlfriends favorite gum and now she hounds me all the time get more!

  16. Robin B

    Good mild taste. The name says it all.

  17. Bill H

    Tried the Juicy Fruit. Too sweet tasting for me. It does taste like the gum however but defineately not one of my favourites – Used 70-30 mixture, 18 mg and dripped.

  18. Silvio L

    Another hit for me, i have not chewed this gum since i was a child, when i tried this i was so impressed with it. This really does taste like juicy fruit gum. I am hooked on this one. My wife tried it and she also loves it.

    70/30 12Mg

    Another winner, another juice to re-order!

  19. Igor G

    Love the gum and this e-liquid does it justice. I highly recommend this to anyone that loved the gum flavor.

  20. ben y

    WOWW this juicy fruit taste exactly like the gum , just couldnt stop vaping .

    AWESOME !!!!

  21. Yvon D

    This is a winner.. even the wife likes it when I’m vaping with it. 😉

  22. Anthony T

    WOW! not too sweet not too gummy flavor. just the right juicy fruit gum. I wish they also have a chiclets red flavor gum, just like the one in the Philippines. Been vaping this for a week now, taste good on a 1.5ohm Reb atty.

  23. Trena L

    This one is awesome. Great flavor. Exactly like the gum. LOVE IT. Definitely recommend it if you like the gum you need to get this.

  24. Andrew M

    the flavor is exactly like juicy fruit gum i really wish it was stronger though to give a full flavour rather then just a taste.

  25. Amanda M

    The only reason I even bought an e cig was because I had tried a friends and she had a bunch of different flavors from here. This is one of those reasons…love it!!!

  26. Thi Phuong Trang P

    I love the JuicyFruit ejuice! Not too strong, but not too mild either. Tastes pretty much like the gum I grew up with.

  27. Eric O

    Wonderful, tastes just like the gum, fruity and sweet. I just wish it was a bit stronger!

  28. Slawomir K

    By far my favorite juice… vaping the gum, will be reordering this one for sure. The flavor is there, the throat hit is there, it’s great!

  29. Stuart R

    If you took a piece of JF and chewed on it for 5 minutes, took it out of your moth, and then picked it up and chewed on it again a couple hours later, that is exactly how this vape taste. Not to strong but exactly like the real thing.

  30. Amanda M

    This flavor gives you exactly what you were hoping for. That sweet gum taste and a great throat hit. Highly recommend.

  31. Kevin S

    what can i say this juice tastes exactly like juicy fruit gum if you like juicy fruit gum you will love this one

  32. Kyle V

    tastes exactly like the gum and good throat i will keep this on hand when i want something sweet

  33. Shane O

    Absolutely love this flavor and would recommend to anyone who likes a sweet taste and who loves juicy fruit. Great vape and throat hit, 70/30 18mg.

  34. Adriel S

    I found the juicy fruit flavor too sweet for an everyday vape. This would be good for people who likes very sweet flavors. For me, this will be on my occasional flavor. Taste is not 100% juicy fruit I found.

  35. phil b

    This flavor smells and tastes great. I tend to like the fruity flavors best. I recommend it.

  36. Jon R

    Good flavor, just like the gum! Not my absolute favorite but good nonetheless. 70/30 12 mg

  37. Peter B

    I found the flavour didn’t come through much on a tank. But on a carto at 18mg, 70/30 this was a great vape. It has that sweet familiar flavour and a good throat hit too. I enjoyed it and will get it again.

  38. Amanda M

    This is a great flavor. Wish it was a tad bit stronger but still like it alot overall. Produces a great throat hit. Would def order again….and again.

  39. aaron m

    i found it did not really taste like juicy fruit but was a sweet alright taste

  40. Mary J

    Not my favourite, I liked the aftertaste better than the actual flavour.

  41. AJ S

    GREAT JUICY FRUIT. I have tried a few versions. They are all week. This one was bang on! Flavour danced across my tongue I swear! Delicious! Would recommend to any fruit flavour lovers.

  42. derek c

    I’m pretty new to vaping, but i really like this one.Taste is pretty close to the gum and has a nice throat hit. Mine is 70/30 12mg. Recommend it.

  43. Steve

    Took a while to warm up to but after a full day of vaping I have to say I really like this one. Will order again but have to try some other flavors first. Prices are excellent on Canada E-juice and the shipping is super fast!

  44. Ryan

    tastes great. was the first flavour i tried when getting my vape pen and have been pleased since.

  45. Daniel R

    This one didn’t really taste much like Juicy Fruit but it did have a very sweet aftertaste that was kind of gum-like I suppose. I tried this one in 70/30 and it was alright… it might taste different with 100vg.

  46. Crystal C

    Liked this one quite a bit…the flavour was dead on, but not an all day vape for me. Got a small one just to try. Not on my "top" list, but a fun one to have around for a certain mood 🙂

  47. Rev F

    Nice throat hit and very close to the gum indeed at 70/30 12mg. Would recommend it and order again for sure.

  48. Jennifer M

    does taste like juicy fruit, but quite mild when refilling an e-cig. Pretty sweet, nice to mix with RY4 Double.

  49. Dale W

    Such a great flavor! Not my favorite but still a great vap none the less!

  50. Trevor P

    Well what can I say other than it taste exactly like juicy fruit! Anyone who loves juicy fruit flavour will not be disappointed. Unfortunately for me, I was never a big fan of juicy fruit so I can’t say I love the juice. Maybe I shouldn’t have ordered the flavour if I wasn’t a big fan of juicy fruit to begin with lol.

  51. Kyle B

    Not the best, kinda of a dull flavor and didn’t mix to well with others. Canada E-juice has fast shipping and great prices will be ordering from them again.

  52. Tgcompletecc

    taste just like the gum I like this smooth flavour

  53. Jesse M

    It really does taste like the gum, I haven’t vaped it much as I’m fresh off the cigs and I need strong flavors (this ones a little mild) but long time vapers should be able to really enjoy it.

  54. Shawn U

    yummy Just like the gum. Wont disapoint

  55. Christian E

    The taste of this is great!! Will order again, convinced my brother in law a 20 year smoker to quit smoking and start vaping because of this one!!

  56. Diane F

    Just like all the other Canada E-juice flavours I tried so far… amazing, this is smooth juicy fruity, if you like the gum you will like this one.

  57. Irene N

    This flavour was so good that this was the first bottle I finished from my huge stock of juices. It is an exact replica of the gum. So much that I almost started chewing when I vaped it. I will definitely reorder this one.

  58. George

    One of the best juices I’ve tasted so far…. Tastes exactly like your chewing juicy fruit when you take a puff.

  59. George

    Testes exactly like juicy fruit… It’s great

  60. Danny

    Chewing gum in a bottle 🙂 definite fruity vape with a bit of citrus after taste.

  61. Jeff P

    great similarity of taste to the actual gum. kinda got sick of it for an all day vape though

  62. Christian E

    The name says it all just like the gum will order again!!

  63. Bobby G

    very good, i thought i was chewing the gum , tastes exactly like it.

  64. Charmaine F

    tastes just like the gum. great taste.

  65. Brandon F

    For me this one had a aftertaste of juicy fruit but also has a odd kind of taste to it, would order it again but wont vape it all day.

  66. David B

    This is very good, tastes like the gum. Highly recommended.

  67. Tanya p

    Awesome flavour -just like the gum. Nice smooth taste and easy on the throat. Definitely adding this to my favs list!

  68. alex b

    Tried this flavor at 70/30 12 mg and i must say this is an amazing flavour for vaping. tastes just like juicy fruit . this is a must vape for people who have not tried it !!

  69. David G

    70/30 vg/pg
    Tastes just like juicy fruit gum!!!

  70. Dan M

    A very mellow and neutral vape. Smells pretty good and tastes pretty good. Tastes pretty similar to the gum but not completely there. Very good as a all day vape or for mixing. Vapour production was amazing in the 100% VG mix.

  71. justin w

    great flavor ! would highly recommend

  72. Kerry D

    I wasn’t sure how this one would go but I have to say it was surprisingly great! Not at all harsh and tastes frighteningly like the gum! If you’re a juicy fruit fan, you should try this!

  73. Sharon H

    Smell is 100% like the gum but flavor in 100% VG is maybe 80% there. A bit lighter than I expected.

  74. David B

    It is surprisingly very good! It tastes exactly like the gum. I ordered it as a sample and will order it again. Not an every day vape for me but it is now in my regular rotation.

  75. Michael T

    Defiantly 5 stars great flavor mixes well with other flavors would defiantly recommend this to anyone! One of my favorites by far will defiantly order this one again. Canada E-juice has great prices and fast shipping!

  76. Donny t

    Real true taste I don’t find a lot of vapour but all and all the taste is there

  77. Lauri F

    Tastes just like the gum! Great flavor. Love it!!

  78. Chris B

    Yes, this does taste just like the gum it’s based on. Lots of juicy fruity flavour and rather sweet. Makes for a nice change from the tobacco flavours I usually go for. If you’re a fan of the gum, you won’t be disappointed!

  79. ryley o

    good flavor! tastes very similar to the gum! very good.

  80. john l

    This juice taste exactly like the gum. Didn’t really like it at first but after vaping it for a bit came to love it. I would recommend going with a 70PG and 30VG blend for best flavor.

  81. Joe G

    I found it to be alright. It is definitely authentic juicy fruit taste if that is what you’re going for, for me it was wierd to be getting nicotine with a juicy taste so i may just save the fruity stuff for the hookah however if a fruity ejuice is what you want and you liked this gum, i would recommend it. also, the flavor doesn’t go away after 30 seconds like the gum! an idea might be to chew some gum and vape it at the same time?

  82. Elizabeth B

    My favorite flavor, never got tired of it.

  83. Winston13

    If you like the gum…you will like this flavour.

  84. Suzi S

    This one grows on you.I wasn’t sure I liked it at first,but It’s nice:)

  85. Matt M

    Yep, just like the gum is very accurate for this flavor. Tastes great and mixes quite nicely with Menthol Double for a cool version of the original. Great for all day.

  86. Darlene F

    This was the first flavour I tried. Was quite surprised it actually tasted and smelled like the gum.

  87. David M

    Taste exacly like the gum very good i like it!

  88. Jessica

    Love this one and wasn’t expecting to! Sweet and perfect. Haven’t owned my own bottle yet, but one is on the way and I can’t wait!

  89. mark s

    It’s sweet, and it does taste a little like Juicy Fruit. It’s just not quite there yet.

  90. Michael

    OMG I LOVE IT!!! When I vape this flavor it makes my mouth water. This is one of my top 5 flavors!

  91. Mike

    THis is my favorite kind!!!!!!!!

  92. Mike

    this is the best falor I have ever had

  93. Dirty Steve

    My girl loves this one and I agree with her. Sorry I didn’t buy one for myself so now I got to steal a puff when I can.. Great vape and loads of flavored after taste. That’s something I love in a good vape. like most 70pg 30vg, vapor and throat hit is also very good. I give everything a good try and this is a 5 star for me.. Cheers !

  94. Stephen S

    I have to say I really like this flavor. It truly tastes like Juicy Fruit and I would gladly purchase it again.

  95. Lane s

    I have started to buy juicy fruit again because of this vape! Soon good!

  96. Katie

    Did not like this one.. Sticking with the fruity ones..

  97. sol m

    taste more like bananas than juicy fruit gum not a fan of this one

  98. Jason

    I’m quite please with this juice. It’s not exactly Juicy Fruit, but pretty damn close. I’ll be ordering a 30ml next time!

    70/30 pg/vg 0mg

  99. doctor moohk

    i was pretty excited to find juicy fruit e-juice. this flavour tasted like juicy fruit, but it was pretty subtle. tasted sweet, yet refreshing. better with less nicotine.. all in all, the taste is pretty great. the taste is gonna gonna mooove ya..

  100. Luciano Campoli

    Got my juicy fruit ejuice today. Just want to say it tastes just like the gum. This juice tastes great. I enjoy it on my ego. Great juice and I highly recommend it

  101. Frankie

    Ordered a 30/70 PG/VG mix this past summer because I loved the flavour of the 6ml i had ordered in the past. I have really been enjoying the juicy fruit juice. I am just over halfway through the bottle, and I am finding that the more I vape it, the more it tastes like bananas (of which I am not a fan).
    Overall great ejuice!

  102. Chase

    Not a fan of gum but this juice flavor is really nice. More of a smooth juicy fruit taste. Would definitely recommend it.

  103. Rita

    This was a nice fun candy kinda taste. Just like the gum!

  104. joy

    Got this on in 50/50 wish I got it in 70/30

  105. Sarah W

    Very tasty! Will order this one again! Not overly sweet, but just perfect!

  106. jojobean

    love this stuff! been using for over a year. strong and very satisfied. an all day vape for sure! get a large bottle, or two, this stuff is that good!

  107. Marc

    The Taste is right on 50pg 50vg 6mg. I will be ordering this again. Sweet taste !

  108. Emmanuel

    Tastes good… reminds me of the gum. Got it in 70/30 0mg.

  109. Jay j

    Have to say its one of my favs 🙂 love it!

  110. Marlyne

    OMG! I’m really loving this flavor! I especailly love after dinner with a steep tea, its like a sweet loving dessert without the calaries. I use 50/50 blend with 12mg. I will get a large bottle on my next order!

  111. Jason

    Very nice I love juicy fruit and this tastes just like it.

  112. Chris

    By far my fav so far!!! mmmmmmmmm

  113. Cristy

    Love it! Its nice and sweet.

  114. Nikki

    Got 10 ml in 100% VG and I can’t stop thinking about it. Fabulous flavor will be ordering more immediately. My favorite so far, I think this one will get me off cigarettes altogether.

  115. Meredith

    I’m not completely thrilled with this. Was expecting it to be more juicy I guess. It is one of the better I have tried however.

  116. jess

    Best juice ever would definitely buy again

  117. Jackie A.

    Great juice nice and sweet, but not overly sweet. Got this with the sample pack. Very pleased with it, a definite all day vape. 70%pg/ 30vg . Will most certainly be getting this again another time.

  118. Braden

    Got 30ml in 100% VG. Good vapour production, smooth hit, no throat hit, just isn’t as flavourful as I would have wanted. Maybe a 30/70 mix would have been better for the flavour. Still 4/5

  119. Shawnee

    Love this one. Good flavour.

  120. Joey

    Wasnt as flavourful and juicy as i thought it was going to be I guess. Still was a decent fruit tasting vape and i did finish the bottle after letting it steep a bit. Alright vape just not for me I guess.

  121. Leehd mtl

    Hated this at first with my kangertech eMOW on an eleaf 20.. But I put it into an Evod 2 on an innokin I taste clk 1280 and loved it! I was almost going to "file" it with the ones I have bought at my local stores that tasted better IN STORE and different at home.
    I’d give this one a try. A bit harsh for a noobie on throat hit at 18mg.. But i can say it worked great for me after a few tries. Ordering again today.

  122. chris

    Good fruity flavour. Taste like juicy fruit but doesn’t pack the punch of a fresh stick of juicy fruit…more like gum you’ve been chewing for 5-10 mins

  123. Jamie

    I thought this tasted just like juicy fruit. Loved it and will get it again. Not an all day vape but good all around.

  124. ken

    Flavor needs to be stronger.

  125. sandy

    OMG, I love this flavour !!! It tastes exactly like I am chewing a piece of juicy fruit gum, and the smell is to die for !!! Will definitely be part of my permanent vape 🙂

  126. Sandy

    OMG, love this flavour !!! Just like chewing a piece of juicy fruit gum….will definitely be part of my permanent vape !!! 🙂

  127. Chris H

    Still on my hunt for a bubble gum ejuice replacement and while this is not 100% it is a very good ejuice. The smell is 100% on target and the flavor is great. This gum flavor is much better then the normal bubblegum flavor. Will buy again.

  128. Jessica

    So far my absolute favorite. I got a coupke sample packs to try a few flavors and I will definitely be ordering a larger bottle. Totally tastes like the gum. I got a max VG at 9mg and it’s working very well for me.

  129. Julian

    it was just like the gum (:

  130. John

    This flavour helped me realize, I don’t really like Juicy Fruit gum.

    By far an inferior gum… but if you really like juicy fruit

    This taste is gone move ya. I will rate high for correct flavour

    Will never order again.

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