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Irish Cream

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A new take on the old Irish drink!

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73 reviews for Irish Cream

  1. Margaret B

    Tried in the recommended 70/30 mix at 12mg. To me this is a really nice smooth Irish Cream flavor. Not too overwhelming and would be nice as an all day vape. Good TH as well. I am looking forward to trying it after it fully blossoms with some steeping.

  2. Gordo

    This was another very nice juice after steeping a while. It has a nice smooth flavour.
    I made myself a nice big fat tank mod, and because it holds about 5 mls, it actually steeps quickly from the heat. For me, mixed with a favorite tobacco is ideal.
    Thanks CEJ, you have a loyal customer.

  3. Cloud

    smooth, creamy, teasing hints of vanilla ,slightly nutty – lightly sweet after taste

  4. JLee_audio

    70/30, mild(12mg) Very nice smooth irish cream flavor, vape all day with this one and never get sick of it. Great vape and Th

  5. Abdul C

    Great flavor, great vapor. I was skeptical about this one as i love Baileys and i thought this wouldn’t live up to the expectations but the flavor is bang on ! Exactly like irish cream ! Love it in 70/30 ,12mg.

  6. Yvon P

    50/50 basis 18mg, smell and taste a really late Irish Cream, a true delight

  7. Antoine C

    This juice is insanely good. If you like bailey’s this is for you. Love it I’m buying again for sure good job on this one!

  8. Sean C

    I have to say at first I didn’t really like it but I’m glad I didn’t give up on it! Once I vaped it for a while I really started to love this juice!!! It tastes just like Bailey’s and also a little similar to the Pina Colada!!!

  9. Jason L

    70/30 Mild: One of my favorites when im not wanting to sweet of a flavor, really nice vape, great taste

  10. Peter B

    WOW! Had this one for the first time today. By the end of the day I just had to get on here and rate it. It’s my new favourite. The taste is great. It’s perfectly smooth with just the right throat hit for me. I love Baileys and had very high hopes for this one. It was NOT a letdown.

  11. joe C

    I find this to be a good vape. Possibly an all day vape. It has a nutty flavor with a slight sweet fruit flavor undertone. Tastes great. 70/30 12mg.

  12. phil b

    30ml 70/30mix 24mg: This one has lots of flavour and tastes very Irish Cream-ish. However, I don’t like to vape it for too long as it gets a bit much. I prefer the fruit flavours for daily vaping and the Irish Cream for desert now and then. It is one of my wife’s favorites.

  13. Yvon D

    6 mg tried both 70/30 mix and the 100% one just to compare.. to be honest didn’t see much difference. taste reminded me of something else but may be due to old content of cartridge.. Now if we could only convince this site to sell blank cartridges we’d be set.. this one is still worth a retry in my books

  14. Risa R

    I expected the flavour of Bailey’s, kind of a nutty, and sweeter version, but a little disappointed in it. All-in-all still smokable when mixed with fruitier flavors.

  15. Dany S

    6mg 70/30. Tried that one wishing it would have the nice coffee/bailey’s taste that I like so much. Unfortunately my bad, no coffee flavour. Still a good Irish Cream but I love fruity flavors. Worth a try if you love baileys

  16. Eric O

    Not a very strong flavour, a hint of whiskey and a whisp of cream. Not amazing, but not bad either. I mixed it with coffee and /then/ it was amazing. Extra points for that.

  17. Emil T

    This is possibly my favorite one so far, tastes just like the real thing. Mixing this with the double chocolate makes a great Nutella vape (chocolate hazelnut spread), I highly recommend it! a good hint of hazelnut in this.

  18. Rick R

    Not a real fan of this one. Was hoping for coffee/Irish cream. But can only taste the Irish cream. I then realized it doesn’t say anything about coffee. This was my fault when reading it.

  19. Jon R

    Pretty strong flavour on this one, I just dont enjoy creamy flavours. Im not sold on this one just yet because im hooked on some of the fruity flavours right now. Give this a shot if you like creamy flavours, youll probably enjoy this

  20. Kamilla L

    I love this one. Will buy again!

  21. Kevin S

    tastes like baileys without the alcohol

  22. Duane N

    This one is in my TOP 5 vapes! I like to relax with this one after dinner. A great way to enjoy a Bailey’s without the booze. Yes, sometimes it’s still quite nice without the alcohol…

  23. Jrhold

    j hold
    I have tried this flaver and shared some with friends we all agree that in great with coffee and will be ordering more soon

  24. Timothé L

    Not bad but not the best. Mixed 70-30 PG-VG and used with Joyetech eCab. Has a good creamy flavour to it but I wouldn’t file it under irish cream. It is really subtle and I prefer something which tastes a lot.

  25. Therrien H

    Bon goût assez marqué un peu riche mais je l’aime bien, j’aime les saveurs assez prononcé.

  26. Rev F

    This one is pretty close to the real thing. Got it at an 18mg, nutty and creamy, very rich flavor. Goes great with a coffee.
    Will get this one again. Very tasty

  27. Johanne F

    Not quite what I was expecting, but still interesting. Very full flavour. When drinking Bailey’s at the same time, they do not compare at all – but this vape compliments the Bailey’s nicely. Good with coffee. A bit too rich for me for an all-day vape, but nice as a treat.

  28. James H

    I received this one as a gift from the great people of Canada Ejuice and I had this tucked away for the winter Ice fishing season because its tradition to have a coffee with a shot of Baileys on first line drop, vape this after having a sip of coffee and let me tell you its like its in the coffee. Great job Kylan!! cheers

  29. nigel a

    Very Nice flavour… Not as sweet as i expected but that’s a good thing. I got 12mg and it was great.

  30. nigel a

    Flavour was good. Not too sweet. Good at 12mg

  31. Jeremy B

    tastes very close to the real deal.. we had combined this one with double chocolate, an awesome combo.. flavour city thats for sure!

  32. Heather W

    I just received this item today and i really like it. Nice flavour and doesnt leave an aftertaste in your mouth. I will be ordering more of this

  33. Yury S

    By itself, not that great. But mixed with a coffee-flavoured juice (like cappuccino) 40/60, makes a very nice "Irish coffee" blend for a morning vape. I prefer it in the KR 510 clearomizer but it can probably still taste fine in a different set-up.

  34. AJ S

    Fan Frickin tabulous! Love it. Its my coffee vape that usually ends up being an all day vape haha. two thumbs up on this one!

  35. Sosan F

    Love this one with nutty favor. This is one of my favor. Might be good to add coffee with it, need to try that.

  36. Jennifer M

    One of my favourites by far. Tastes exactly like I’m drinking an after dinner liquor. Nice for morning or after dinner even all day. Great when mixed with coffee based vape flavours. I order the large bottles of these!

  37. audrey m

    just got this one in 6mg.I am loving the taste I was hoping for a little bit better vape but I still give this one a 4 just because how awesome it taste.

  38. Shawn U

    not bad, I like it but to me tastes more nutty/bacony still good either way. Strong throat hit 70pg 30vg 24mg

  39. Dale W

    creamy is the way to describe this juice. This is one of my favorites to vap all day. Loaded up in my 510 SMK DCT 3ML :D.

    Excellent job!

  40. Craig J

    one of my favourites i enjoy this one with my morning Tims or after a nice dinner. I got the 100 vg … its a lil thick but has a nice throat hit and very good smoke!!

  41. Pete A

    Very smooth and creamy. Mild TH. Doesn’t emulate the real deal particularly well, but my wife (who LOVES Bailey’s) wants more of this ASAP!

  42. Patrick M

    Awesome creamy taste guys… Canada E juice you never seem to disappoint… Another one of my all day vapes…

  43. Kyle B

    Not my favourite was expecting something different had a weird taste but I could taste the cream wouldn’t order again.

  44. Paul D

    smooth and creamy with nutty finish and slight coconut flavour. Didn’t remind me of Irish Cream but still very enjoyable easily one of my favorites.

  45. John D

    Nice creamy taste, but is missing some flavor I was expecting ( Bailey’s maybe) Tried it at 70/30 and 24mg on both eRoll and my Twist with a T3. Feel that the flavor comes out a litter better on the Twist, must be because of the higher voltage and the heat brings out the cream flavor a little better. I would try this again, maybe when it steeps a little bit it will be better.

  46. Jaycarlson

    70/30 @ 12mg…A little strong on its own but really nice with dbl choc or other cream types.

  47. Denise W

    We have the 20/80 (pg/vg). This one was good, but not excellent. Good flavour, creamy and subtly sweet. However, it wasn’t as much like Irish Cream as I had hoped. Good in it’s own right, just a tich shy of true irish Cream. Not as heavily vapoured as some but still a good draw and the scent after is very pleasant.

  48. Christian E

    Love it! tastes sweet and creamy!!

  49. George

    I like this one as a mixer but on its own was a bit strong and burn tasting for me…. Good mixer though

  50. Chris E

    Mixed great with Bavarian cream. Goes great with coffee in the morning!

  51. Tanya p

    Wasn’t a fan of this one – had a faint burnt taste and didn’t find it similar to Irish cream. Might try mixing it as others have suggested.

  52. Alicia P

    Not a fan.. tasted wayyy too coconuty, wasn’t good for mixing because of the strong unpleasant aftertaste

  53. Daniel P

    This one is just OK for me – 18mg out of a vivi nova. Nice with a coffee in the morning, but nothing i’d vape all day. I did end up mixing this one with the Werther’s candy juice from Canada E-Juice, and it improved the flavor, but still nothing spectacular IMO.

  54. Kim M

    I liked this flavor mixed with vanilla cupcake, but on its own I wasn’t a huge fan.

  55. Robert H

    Great Irish Cream taste, my favourite choice when drinking coffee.

  56. Michael T

    OH. MY. GOD. So remember that flavour from when you were a kid that you would sneak into the fridge to have more of when your parents weren’t looking because it tasted so darn good?! This is that flavor!!! I just had my first couple of hits on this and I’m almost too excited to type this. What are you waiting for?! BUY THIS JUICE NOW!

  57. danielle l

    Remids me just like the irish coffee creamer , must say I love this one

  58. Steve V

    This one had excellent flavor, throat hit and vapor for me. Highly recommend it.

  59. Johneal Pineda

    this flavor was pretty good not an all day vape for me i usually enjoy these types of vapes in the morning but its a good morning before work

  60. Mari A

    Good taste, good vapour. The flavour is really smooth but I wish it had more of coffee flavour and a bit more cream. I mixed it with bavarian cream and it’s one of my favourites.

    6mg – 30/70

  61. Matt in Vancouver

    Did not like this juice. I couldn’t taste coffee or cream, in fact I couldn’t taste much of anything.. I added a couple flavours to it in hopes that I could find a nice combination but this one just didn’t do it for me.

  62. Kim G

    This is my favourite one of all the ones i have tried so for.

  63. MichaelDC

    This is an excellent flavor to go with your Morning Coffee. In fact, that’s what I use mine for. I have separate tanks for different points in the day.

  64. Luciano Campoli

    Just got my Irish cream e juice. Got to say it tastes great with my ego… For all u coffee drinkers, u will enjoy this juice. Will try out other coffee juices.

  65. Yolanda

    This flavour has a very smooth taste and feel to it…I actually feel I can smoke this one the longest without getting a weird taste in my throat after smoking for long periods of time (flavour is so nice I forget to stop LOL) …I would say this is my second favorite next to Banana Bonanza…I will definitely get this one again!

  66. Amanda

    Great Flavour.. for a stronger hit(with dark roast morning coffee) , I mixed it with R4Double.. Delicious combo n throat Hit… for medium-light roast it’s great on its own

  67. shana

    This is a good, solid flavour. It definitely tastes like Irish cream and goes well with coffee or desserts. At 30%pg it had a really nice cloud of vapour and a mellow throat hit.

    I will definitely give this bad boy another dance.

  68. Henry M

    70%PG/30%VG I was very impressed with this one good flavour on the inhale and exhale no aftertaste. Ordering a 30ml 50pg/50vg to have a regular vape.

  69. Luis

    not as flavourful as the Caramel Cappuccino or the French Vanilla but very good anyway. I really enjoyed it.

  70. Rob H

    The first juice I haven’t liked . It tasted more like toasted coconut than Irish cream . Not being a coconut fan I was not impressed . Oh well I can’t be a fan of all of them , on to another flavour tomorrow .

  71. Rob

    I wasn’t a fan. It is ok with coffee but i didn’t like it after a meal. I didn’t find it tasted too much like the actual Irish cream but as I said, in the morning with a coffee was ok. I prefer peanut butter and morning tobacco.

  72. David

    I love this flavour! As mentioned in above reviews, not so much an Irish creme coffee flavour but tasty nonetheless. I’m really enjoying it with my morning coffee and after dinner as a desert vape! I will be trying to add a little Banana Bonanza to the tank, should almost taste like banana creme pie! I will be ordering a 30ml bottle very soon!


  73. Jessii

    MAX VG/0 mg
    I instantly hated this one, it literally made me gag. I can see other people liking it though, it has some hidden likable flavours in the background, but the forefront flavour is disgusting. It’s like all the "Irish" without the cream with a shot of just "too much"… I think?

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