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Citirus & Grapefruit paring to make a delicious drink flavored juice, just like the popular drink!

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Dimensions1.5 × 1.5 × 2.5 in

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51 reviews for Hypnotic

  1. Ryan P

    Ordered 70pg/30vg 6 ml taster 6 ml … twas ok for me…

  2. Rev F

    I`m a bit behind reviewing juices but I HAD to chime in on this one ASAP!

    I ordered a 30ml because I had a feeling I was gonna like it but not more then my Mountain Dew… WOW…This one just replaced it as my all day vape. Tastes of orange, lemon, lime and grapefruit coming together in an amazing blend. Not too sweet or too tangy. Makes my tongue happy!
    I only wish it came in a larger size!

    Great mix straight out of the bottle (12mg 70/30) no steeping. I would love to see how it gets better with age but I`m going through it too fast.

    Definitely getting more of this one, in Bulk lol. Great Job!!!

  3. Brigitte B

    I just wanted to chime in on this one.. I really like it. I like grapefruit flavor. I did let it steep and it did improved. It’s almost all gone. Have enjoyed it. My favorite so far is Juicy fruit. Will be buying this one again.

  4. AJ S

    Great! Really enjoyed this one. Was a little to strong out of a RBA for me. But carto was perfect. Gave great vape and made my taste buds dance haha. I cracked the bottle gave it a whiff and got really excited, this flavour did not let me down.

  5. steve p

    this one makes me want to go out and have a drink. loving it.

  6. Amanda M

    This is exactly what your hoping for. Flavor flavor flavor!!!

  7. Ruth-Ann

    This is great, it tastes just like Wink pop.
    Grapefruit flavour but not too strong. Really refreshing! Reorder.

  8. Keith A

    An absolute Fruity Delight!
    Wonderful flavour, from the start. I got the 0mg. Don’t need TH to experience this one.

  9. Keith A

    AWESOME. This is on of the juices that, you really can taste the fruit.
    It’s good, from start to finish.
    Definatly great with breakfast.

  10. Jon R

    18mg 70/30 – I was really hoping this juice would be similar to Mountain Dew just as Rev F was expecting, however I didn’t get the same result. The citrus was overpowering for me and instead of being tart/sour, it was a little on the bitter side. I found the TH to be quite harsh, but I added a little sweetner to help this out. It’s a good blend of flavours, but for my own personal taste, it could use a little mellowing out (steeping perhaps).

  11. Sandra S

    Excellent. I vaped my 30 ml bottle in a flash. Wonderful, but not overpowering, taste and smell. Grapefruit high note. I am ordering more.

  12. perry d

    one of the best they have to offer in my opinion, all around great, will re order.

  13. Dale W

    A great vape for me. It’s not overly powerful but nice enough to give you a good kick. Good job on this one CEJ!


  14. Ian M

    Bought this one (6mg 70/30) on a lark. I found it to be one of my favorates. Good from start to end, a good flavor, and will be a staple for me.

  15. Joel C

    This is a great flavour. All day vape. The best part is it has next to no smell. Meaning I can vape in the office and no one notices. Really tasty, but not so sweet as many others.

  16. Tgcompletecc

    one of my favorites went skiing and vaped this one all day never get sick of this one

  17. Allan T

    Husband (heavy ex-smoker): mild citrus flavour, good but unspectacular – essentially too mild for me. The base seemingly mutes or overpowers the taste. Good for toning down the overpowering taste of the tobacco flavours – the flavour virtually disappears into the tobacco (depending on the mix proportions). I would like the “flavour power” increased.
    Wife (never smoked): She said she could taste a hint of grapefruit and lime and didn’t find it too mild. She liked it.

  18. Danie

    Husband didn’t really care for this one

  19. Steve

    Another great flavor! Nice almost grapefruit taste. Not an all day vape but a nice treat!

  20. Josh J

    Sweet and fruity, sad the flavor doesn’t last very long. On exhale is virtually gone. My wife loves this however. If your a bit fruity, give it a try.

  21. Chris B

    Nice, smooth citrus flavour on this one. Somewhat mild as others have said, but to my taste that’s a plus as I find some citrus-based flavours too overpowering. Hypnotic isn’t too harsh, but still gives a nice throat hit.

  22. Jaycarlson

    Definite grapfruit taste but I’m more creams than fruits

  23. Melanie C

    I like this one as an occasional vape. It’s like a lightly boozy drink to me! Lol. Very pleasant and unique flavour.

  24. Nadia G

    Was surprised with this one, very nice taste! Reminiscent of the drink with similar name. 70/30 18

  25. attila v

    12 mg 70/30 I wanted to like. . I really did. I just don’t. To me it has a nice grapefruit taste but I’m also getting a soapy taste. Other who I have shared it with seemed to have liked it though. I guess this one just isn’t for me.

  26. George

    Fruity tasting but also a little too chemical tasting to me

  27. Gord H

    I really like the citrus flavour, its a nice vape for sure! 12mg 70/30

  28. Bhan P

    70/30 @ 6mg This is a fun vape, i mix it pear just to change it up, very tasty by itself

  29. Erin L

    Not a fan of this although I’m not a fan of grapefruit so take that as you will. I did pass it on to a person who liked grapefruit and they seemed to like it. It does pack a punch with flavour.

  30. Rob P

    Not bad but a little weak for me. The wife wasnt a big fan of it either, guess it just isnt our taste but it does smell great!

  31. Joseph B

    Excellent flavor, if a little muted.
    All of the citrus elements were present and accounted for, but maybe an extra shot of flavor would take this from a 4 to a 5 for me.

    Still amazing. 2 days and my 6ml sampler was gone!

  32. micheline m

    nice citrus flavor but not very strong .. i would use once in a while but i still loveeee my mountain dew the best..

  33. Michael P

    Lots of flavour here. Nice citrus juice with good flavour. If you liked the Dragon Fruit but found it a little too soapy, give this a try

  34. Michael R

    Decent juice, tastes a lot like Fresca to me! Although I wouldn’t vape this every day it’s nice to have some every once in a while.

  35. Michael T

    Excellent flavour, a little bit light for my liking but the flavour was awesome, not much of a chemical taste in it.

    Still amazing though, anyone who likes this product should try it out.

  36. Roy D

    This flavour was a nice sour change from the usual sweet vape. Was surprised how much I enjoyed this one.

  37. Matt M

    Tastes great but a little overpowering for mixing with other flavors. I found this to be a little soapy/perfumey at times but still very good when craving some citrus.

  38. Jessica

    I wasn’t a big fan of this flavour, got more of a chemically flavour more than anything. Fortunately just tried this from someone else and didn’t spend my money on it.

  39. Derek R

    don’t taste good to me taste like vodka with a bit of citrus not what i was expect

  40. Johneal Pineda

    this flavor was good was pretty similar to the hypnotic drink i wouldn’t make this an all day vape but all in all this flavor was good

  41. Kerry D

    do you like Vodka? Do you want to vape vodka? Look no further because this is SPOT ON. Exact flavor of lime smirnoff vodka! I didn’t love it but because it tastes EXACTLY like vodka, I’m giving it a 5 star!

  42. Bruno

    This has a lot of good reviews, and people seem to really like it, however I didn’t find it to taste anything like the actual drink. I wouldn’t buy this flavor again, it had a weird taste in my opinion.

  43. Adam W

    This is straight vodka through and through. I found it a bit too harsh to vape, but if you like vodka with a citrus kick, this is a good vape for you.

  44. Yolanda

    I don’t know…I almost felt like a inhaled a throat lozenge. Not one of my fav’s.

  45. Ted K

    Didnt know what to think of this one. But pleasantly mild. Citrusy perfumy. Nice after dinner vape.

  46. t franco

    Nice vape and has that Hypnotic flavor aftertaste I was looking for! Really surprising flavor and something different if you’re looking for a change. Ordered the 50/50 and couldn’t complain!!

  47. Daniel A. N.

    Good flavor. Having never had Hypnotic the drink, the closest comparison I can come up with is a blue freezepop. Nice and refreshing. Good amount of vapor. 18mg 70/30

  48. Mikey Bikey

    I like this one, I feel like you can actually taste the alcohol in this one haha its pretty good

  49. robert

    70 30 recommended mix 18 nicotine week flavor hardly vapour smoke not a fan wont buy again

  50. MissyV

    Tried the 12 mg 50/50 version of this juice and it was very tasty! It was just the right amount of flavor and sweetness to give a nice light tasting vape. I would definitely try it again.

  51. John B

    After seeing some reviews, I gave it a try. It does have nice flavour but it seems to be too sweet for me.

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