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House Blend Tobacco

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House Blend was created to mimic the Fresh Tobacco Flavour. A smooth yet rich tobacco.

*Canada E-Juice #7 Best Seller!*

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21 reviews for House Blend Tobacco

  1. Blake

    just picked this up a a half an hour ago and throughly enjoying it. it tastes like a aromatic pipe tobacco (captain black gold) but not too sweet. i would reccomend this to anyone that enjoys captain blacks, colts, or good old pipe tobacco. will buy again

  2. Michal

    I tried this one and enjoy the taste of it. I used to smoke light cigarettes, and this has a really nice taste. I like the taste of the House Blend Tobacco, that I stopped smoking for 4 weeks now. I tried the RY4 but did not like it. Only liked RY4 if I mixed in a little of the Menthol flavour then it was ok, but still like the house blend tobacco the most.

  3. Rodger W

    70/30/12mg: Not a fan of this. At first seemed ok, but after about a week the throat hit is far too sweet. Much sweeter than the likes of MLB or RY4 … and it’s a chemical sweet, not fruity at all.

  4. anita

    Love this house blend. it has a nice sweet taste to it. will most certainly get it again!!!

  5. Anita

    Love this house blend. It has a nice sweetness to it. Will most certainly get it again. I am very new to this and thought a tobacco blend would be nice to start with. Love the flavour!

  6. Katherine F

    You guys are right! Luv this straight or as a base for mixing. Base this in 30 mg with 10 mg of RY4 is the best all day vap! Thanks!

  7. Terry

    Just got in 5 different flavours to try. Started with this because the smell was most appealing. Something just a tad off for me that I can’t quite place but overall very nice vape. Very smooth and without any annoying after taste.. As a fairly new vaper this is the best I’ve tried yet but 4 more flavours to try from my order. 😉 FYI, 50/50 mix at 12mg.

  8. Mathieu

    Nice throat hit on a 50/50 mix! It was nice at first but too sweet after a while. You get tired of it. It seems like they mixed it with cherry or something. That it where the sweetness comes from. It would be a good one time buy.

  9. Justin

    70/30 18mg. At first has a very strong cigar flavour but after a few days got used to the flavour. It tastes very close to a pipe or colt tobacco.

  10. Bev

    This is now my go to flavour. I find it smooth, flavourful with lots of vaper. 50/50 mix, 18mg. I have been off analog cigarettes for one year and don’t believe I’ll ever go back. Thank you Canadaejuice!!!

  11. Dave

    very nice flavour, sweet with a hint of orange or tangerine. (in my view)
    it’s so tasty that my wife started kissing me more often 😉

    does not in any way taste like "Dumaurier" to me,

  12. Eric

    Found this one alot better than RY4 Double, most authentic tobacco taste I’ve come across yet. Standard 70/30, 30mg

  13. new vaper

    Got my second batch of this, 50/50 mix. Perfect throat hit – not too hard, not dry. Good cloud. Nice taste. Closest to an actual cigarette. ADV. Will get a bigger bottle next round.

  14. chris

    far from a Dumaurier… smells great… taste not so much lol

  15. Erin

    I love this juice! Tastes kind of like pipe tobacco or a sweet cigarillo.
    I’ve been on my vape for a few weeks now, thank you Canada e-juice for making the quitting a million times easier!

  16. Morimoto

    I have been vaping House Blend for 2 years and I love it, has kept me satisfied, in the 2 years I have tried every other tobacco flavor from many sources and this is the only one that I could vape all day every day for years. Very good 10/10 A+ Side note: I live around the corner from CanadaEjuice and I must say, they are the best! excellent staff, excellent products and competitive pricing!

  17. Sherry

    I don’t find this at all like tobacco. I’m getting a hint of black licorice I think. I do like it a lot though & will order it again in a larger size. It’s just not what I expected. I ordered 4 other tobacco flavors I still need to try. I don’t want anything added: just plain tobacco. It’s been hard to find something like this. I’m vaping 12 mg of the 50/50 in a Kangertech Subtank mini @ 20W. Yum!

  18. Shauna

    Wow. I’m still trying to figure out the flavors I’m getting. I always seem to get distracted by the wonderful taste and end up forgetting to try and figure out what it is I’m actually tasting. Sweetish after taste to this blend. But it’s absolutely beautiful. I’d love to know the exactly the flavors added. All I know is I’ve yet to have a cigarette taste anything like this. If they did I would probably be still smoking. Vaped at 70/30 in my iTaste for a smooth flavourful vape. And also tried a max VG in my Smok Alien which gave me a much more intense flavor. Just wow… Would be an all day vape. Still can’t decide if I like this one better or the Black Honey Tobacco. Which I also recommend. Especially if you already like this one.

    Keep it up canadaEjuice this is another 10

  19. Chris

    70/30/0mg. Sweet taste. Almost a menthol finish but very, very faint. One of the better tobacco flavours out there.

  20. Abe

    This so far is my favourite. I’m not sure what I’m addicted to more the flavor or the nicotine. It has a wonderful sweet taste to it. Also if there is a flavour I don’t like I just add a bit of house blend tobacco thihis changes the flavour so I can vape it and not throw it out. To those who are not sure about if they could quite smoking with a different taste then your favorite cigarette I suggest you try this one. I been a heavy smoker for 22 years and never thought a flavoured ejuice would cut it for me. But this flavour is all I needed to quite smoking. I didn’t even plan on quiting smoking but when I opened my ejuice and mod package I filled the chamber as I was sucking on my last cigarette and haven’t smoked since.
    I have used different mods althou one produces more vape then the other the flavour is still there.

  21. Debbie H

    I really like this flavour…the maple taste is very pleasing. You must try this!

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