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A tropical cocktail!

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88 reviews for Hawaiian Slam

  1. kyle w

    70/30, 0mg, Tastes exactly like Hawaiian punch!!

  2. James H

    It’s like vaping my favorite childhood drink, all I can say is amazing!!!

  3. Lainee G

    Yummy so good just like gaping it right out of the jug

  4. David J

    One of the most flavoured choices, taste’s exactly like hawaiin punch with a good throat hit ! Top 5

  5. Ken R

    This is the best tasting juice I’ve had to date, keep a good supply handy sellers as I’m sure others will be all over it once they’ve tried it.

  6. Sean C

    Tastes just like the juice and also has a great throat hit! One of my favourites and I would recommend it to anybody!!!

  7. Jonathan R

    HOLYVAPES this stuff is amazing! I wanted to drink a full glass of it, unfortunatly I only have 25 of the 30ml that I purchased yesterday, so I’ll continue vaping it as recommended. At first the taste was bold but not overpowering, then it progressed to very sweet (probably a result of chain vaping all night), but I now find that it’s absolutly perfect. Tastes just like the drink, I’d recommend buying this stuff by the 2 litre jug

  8. Tim L

    Tastes just like the drink. I enjoyed this flavor, nice TH!

  9. Anthony T

    First best tasting juice that I ever tasted here in Canada. TH at 12mg is just what I needed, I would definitely recommend this to my friends.

  10. nigel a

    A bit too sweet for me. Left a bit of a burning at the back of my throat. I added a bit of menthol crystals to it which did improve the throat irritation but still not one of my favourites.

  11. Kevin S

    i love this juice i can’t seem to put this one down good all day

  12. Duane N

    This one gets a 4 because it tastes so much like it’s supposed to. I would have rated it a 3, but that would have been biased, and based solely on my disappointing discovery that I can only handle so much Hawaiian Punch.

  13. Sherikeeley

    This is a good one if you love the taste of Hawiian Punch…

  14. Jrhold

    I found this a pleasant vape and as someone said earlier it is just like the drink It was in 6mg I will continue to order this flavor

  15. Dany S

    Excellent flavor, exactly like the juice. Will surely buy more!

  16. Tony W

    Nice Sweet Vape will buy it again 70/30 12mg

  17. Joey M

    Good but not great. I don’t know if I can say that it tastes exactly like Hawaiian Punch but it definitely tastes and smells like a fruit juice. I find it’s really nice at first but after vaping for a while I get sick of it. Maybe that has to do with its overall sweetness. Still not a bad try.

  18. MH C

    This is my second favorite flavour (next to sweet strawberry) – the flavour is a perfect strength and tastes exactly like Hawaiian Punch! I always keep this juice on hand!!

  19. Nicholas C

    I thought i would only have one flavour for a all day vape….this is just like having a glass of the the drink, very nice, great throat hit and tons of vapor

  20. Rodrigo S

    A little to sweet for me, good vape but cant have often.

  21. Alex T

    Great juice! Good throat hit too, even at 12 mg. Just like the red juice i used to drink as a kid.

  22. Dale W

    Found it to be a little to sweet. Still a decent vap but not an ADV. I have this in the evenings.

  23. Antoine C

    My favorite vape up til’ now! Excellent taste and vapor, i tried 70/30 0.6mg. This one is a must try!

  24. Dale W

    Tastes just like the juice itself. A little bit too sweet for me tho. It has a good throat hit to it which is maybe why it’s not one of my top picks. Still very good.


  25. Kyle B

    One of my favorite just like the juice could vape this all day! Will be ordering again

  26. Rob K

    Wow! Great and sweet flavour, throat hit and vapor production is very good. I’ll be ordering this again!

  27. tony b

    Excellent – Loved it, Spot on… Now I have my favorite childhood drink without all that sugar.
    Will reorder 30ml’s forsure.

  28. Corey S

    this one is very sweet, almost too sweet sometimes.

  29. Michael K

    Really nice juice reminded me of the drink for sure, bit of a chemical taste but the drink has it too. 5 star juice for its description.

  30. Kim M

    My most favorite ejuice yet!!!! An all day vape for sure. I will definately order this one again and again…….

  31. Gordon C

    Just tried this. mmmmm mmmmmmm.
    Going to get 30 ml of this one. I can vape this all day.

  32. Jeremy G

    It’s a flavour like this one that I wish I could give 6 stars. This has a fantastic flavour and would work well on it’s own for an all day vape. If you like hawaiian punch, then you will most likely love this. I like to mix this one with double menthol to give it an extra kick, but that is just me. My wife says mix reminds her of tutti-fruity gum.

  33. Ruth-Ann

    This tastes just like the drink, but I can’t make it an all day vape. Not a bad flavor, but a bit too sweet for me.

  34. Daniel P

    I’m a sucker for super sweet vapes, and Hawaiian Punch definitely does it for me. 18mg out of a Protank and all I can say is YUM! Hawaiian punch was one of the first juices I got when getting into vaping and continues to be one of my favorite, all-day vapes. Highly recommend!

  35. Joseph B

    Awesome flavor!
    Probably a close second for me next to Perfectly Pomegranate.

    Delivers subtle, sweet fruit punch flavor, while not being too overpowering.

  36. K.C.

    For me this was amazing. I love a sweet vape and this really hits the spot. I can vape this all day. It has a really aromatic fruit punch flavor. At 12mg with an ISmoka mini BCC, this is one of my top 3 faves. Keep up the great work Canada e juice!!

  37. Christopher

    This is a very very sweet flavour, and can even overpower other flavours its mixed with. Tastes and smells exactly like hawaiian punch. 12mg 70/30

  38. Michael T

    This is a good flavour, taste Alot like Hawaiian punch, perfect vape during a meal or while eating something.

    Overall a good vape that I enjoy along with a couple of friends. Really good juice when your craving some Hawaiian punch.

  39. Kerry D

    If you like a sweet taste in your juice and/or you like hawaiian punch, this is the vape for you! Tastes EXACTLY like the drink!

  40. Larry L

    This is by far the best fruity flavor I have tried to this point. Got a 6ml and will be adding a 30 to next order for sure

  41. May D

    Tastes exactly like hawaiian punch the drink. Nice and sweet. I don’t really like hawaiian punch myself but it’s not a bad flavor. 3 out of 5 stars.

  42. kevin m

    This is my favorite juice so far. It really tastes like Hawaiian punch, and I like hawaiian punch, its not rocket science folks.

  43. Sadiya D

    My first juice from here. I got the 12/mild. I was used to a brand that was much stronger but I’ve adjusted and really enjoy the flavour now. I’m going to try more flavours but will probably order this again.

  44. edwin b

    Loved this liquid! Very fruity, nice and sweet. Tastes just like the drink. This will definitely be in my everyday vape rotation.

  45. Kelly C

    Loved this flavour, nice and sweet without being overpowering.

  46. shonne s

    Tastes exactly what i remembered this as as a kid.Excellent e-juice.Ihave it with 18mg nicotine and it gives me the perfect cigarette hit and taste ..Excellent product will oreder again

  47. ryley o

    good sweet flavor. Would definitely get this one again.

  48. Jonah D

    this is one of my favorites! can vape it all day!!

  49. john l

    This juice is a great vape. I would describe the taste more of a fruit punch if anything.

  50. Bobby G

    taste like hawaiian punch


    This is one flavor I will keep buying. S0o0o smooth and juicy! This is by far my girlfriends favorite.

  52. Wanda V

    This juice is very smooth and tastes great. If you like Hawaiian punch you have to try this juice.

  53. Matt M

    So so good. Just like the drink – a wonderful juice blend! Mixes amazingly with menthol and banana bonanza.

  54. David

    It is delicious. I would recommend this one for a change of pace from your regular vape.

  55. Chris R

    Great taste, one of my new favourites

  56. Jessica

    Love this flavour. Not a fan of it on it’s own, but great with banana and/or watermelon.

  57. Halley

    Super smooth and hard hitting juice, I’m not sure how you guys managed to recreate this, but I thank you! Other Hawaiian punch juice i’ve tried taste noting like this. Must have for anyone who loves this drink!

  58. irina

    Loved it. Just like the real drink 🙂

  59. Stephen S

    What can I really say about this other than it really is Hawaiian Punch. Personally I could take it or leave it as I was never a big Hawaiian Punch fan, but it definitely delivers the flavor that it promises.

  60. jeff

    great sweet taste its not an all day vape but it taste just like the drink

  61. rye h

    Great taste. recommend this would puff on this all day reminds me of a kool aid jammer

  62. Loree

    I love this! Totally delicious!

  63. Steve

    Another great juice…not an all day thing for me but very tasty in small doses. Would order again.

  64. Dave

    I’ve ordered 20 different eJuices so far, this one is by far my fav. It’s like smoking fruit punch, ordering me a big bottle!

  65. calvin

    I like this one. Taste good right away without needing to steep. Only complaint is that it doesn’t seem to be producing as much vapor as other liquids even at 100 vg.

  66. Warren S

    Great vape. One I could do all day, and most sweet vapes I can’t. The sweetness from the vape disappears really quick, dose not leave any after taste or residue in your mouth.

    PG/VG 70/30

  67. Michelle

    Because this juice had such great reviews (and an overall 5 star rating), I jumped in head first and bought a 30mL 70/30 PG/VG 0mg bottle. I can’t express how disappointed I am. I don’t expect it to taste exactly like Hawaiian Punch, but it barely has any flavor other than a slight medicinal (and really disgusting) flavor. Maybe it was just a bad batch, but I definitely won’t be flushing any more money down the drain to find out. I’m not going to be using this juice at all. I emptied out my first tank of it and am out 16$. I guess I’m back to mixing my own fruit into fruit punch.
    I’m sad :'(

  68. RYAN

    This has to be the best one I tried so far. I can vape on this everyday will be buying more of this.

  69. Anca

    Not my favourite, the vapor is not great. But I didn’t dislike it, though.

  70. t franco

    Packs a punch!! Strong Hawaiian punch favor and produces a great vape!! A nice change from the fruit juices, tastes just like the drink – very delicious!!

  71. van p

    this was ok wasnt my cup of tea tho…i find it a little too strong of a taste..

  72. Lane s

    This one is very tasty, it actually tastes like punch! Very very good 10/10

  73. Daniel A. N.

    Kinda just tastes like sugary bubblegum. It’s alright but not the biggest fan, probably won’t get this one again. Good amount of vapor. 24mg 70/30

  74. Neil

    Strong flavour, but not too sweet. Good amount of vapour. Nice change from my usual daily flavours.

  75. Heather B

    I was surprised how much I loved this ejuice, bought it for my hubby and tried a bit in mine, what a great vape and fantastic flavour! ordering 2 more today!

  76. Sean

    I got 10ml of this ejuice for free when I ordered my MVP v2 and was a bit disappointed at first. I vaped it in my Protank 2 on the MVP v2 and it didn’t have nearly as much flavor as expected when smelling the juice. It had a weird flavor for the first few sessions but I must say after a while I started to enjoy it more and more. Not something I would vape everyday but I guarantee lots of people will really love this flavor. Good stuff from a great company!

  77. Anthony

    Vaping on Kanger EVOD kit, just seems not to have a lot of flavour. I may pick up some lower ohm coils and try it on those. May come back to this one.

  78. AlwayMissyV

    This is one of the most bang on flavoured/scented ejuices I’ve tried to date. Brought me right back to drinking Hawaain Punch as a kid.. and it tastes great to vape 9/10

  79. Heidi

    Hawaiian Punch is a favorite for both myself and my husband! This flavour is a perfect match for the drink, and a repeat order for us!! We like the 100%VG-24mg.

  80. Greg P

    Nice scent, vapour production and throat hit. I did get it with 70%VG, but the flavour could be a bit stronger.

  81. Matthew

    Was awesome in a tank! (I used the Nautilus) vaping at 10.5 Watts, but in an RDA it game me, something like a burnt taste, wasnt good.. If you’re vaping in a tank it’s killer

  82. Johnny Vape

    Not too bad. I like the hints of Kerosene…

  83. Annie M.

    J’ai adoré le goût très réaliste.

  84. Kobie

    Order this at 70pg/30vg-0mg
    Vaping this on a Nautilus Mini with a fresh coil. It has a very dull punch taste with a rancid aftertaste.
    Although, judging by the other reviews here, it sounds like there’s something wrong on my end.

  85. Chuck

    Great flavour & good scent. This is my 6th flavour try out & 2nd from this store, it is my favourite so far .

  86. Jamie

    I think this does have a striking resemblance to the juice with a slight koolaid taste not a bad vape

  87. Kristan Panamick

    Really liked this flavour the best out of all the ones I ordered in my sample pack.

  88. Brian

    Best eJuice ever. Intense fruity flavor, no chemical taste. Tastes just like the drink. I found myself vaping way more when using this flavor just because I liked the taste so damn much. Definitely recommend, even if you’ve never had the real Hawaiian Punch.

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