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Green Apple

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Sweet and Sour just like a fresh picked Granny Smith.

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44 reviews for Green Apple

  1. david f

    This Green apple is very good i enjoyed this flavor very much i have found another all day vape in this flavor thank you for a really good green apple.

    Taste is different to different people i like it you may not.

  2. Chris M

    Surprisingly good vape! Reminds me of those multicolored rocket pop things that rip out kids fillings haha. Nice mellow apple flavor. I am not a big apple vape fan but this one is good.

  3. Roger S

    Tastes just like the namesake, to me. Not my personal fav but not to be ruled out to buy again.

  4. Peter B

    I like this flavour quite a bit. Not as smooth as some of the other ones, which makes it a nice change once in a while. It has a little more of a throat hit, and a great taste that isn’t too strong, but just right. I started with a 30ml on this one, and it was a good call. I’ll get another soon.

  5. Dany S

    Was my first order and was a lot better than every other e-liquid providers i tried before. Really great vape, really good flavor, it was like eating an apple. Excellent, would be a nice all-day vape.

  6. Alexandre S

    Realy good. A bit stronger then red apple a whole other flavor… realy nice

  7. Rodrigo S

    I didnt really like this one, the taste was GREAT but barely any throat hit for me. If your into taste and dont care for throat hit then this is the juice for you.

  8. Daniel R

    This one is very apple-ish which is a nice change… I found the throat hit to be a bit rough but its good for occasional vaping (not as an all day thing)

  9. Joey M

    Pretty nice flavour that tastes just like green apple. Found it wasn’t as good as regular apple but still is pretty nice. Tried it in 100% VG at 6mg.

  10. Jack Y

    What can i say? Tastes just like Green apple. I haven’t compared with regular apple, but this one is highly recommended. 70/30 12nic.

  11. Donny t

    I could smoke this all day it’s suttle enough too! And true jolley rancher taste

  12. tony b

    My favorite!!!!, mixes very well with others, Try Pear and Green Apple for a great combo ejuice.
    30ml on my next order, don’t want to run out of this.

  13. Jaycarlson

    Faint apple taste and very sweet…Im not much of a fruitie tho

  14. Crystal C

    Wow, I didn’t care for this at all. Guess it tastes just like green apple, but was faint and sour to me. Just have to try it to know if you like it 🙂

  15. Mike

    Tried in 6ml 70% PG and 30% VG with 18mg of nictotine, it was a decent flavour more candy green apple where i would prefer a fresh apple taste but if you like jolly ranchers this is for you!

  16. Olivia S

    I didn’t enjoy this flavour. It did taste like green apple to me but in the same way that Palmolive green apple dish soap smells. I couldn’t even finish the 6ml bottle. It just kept tasting like soap.

  17. courtney

    I didnt feel that this flavor shined it did taste like apple but more of a candy. It was good but I didnt feel that the flavor was strong enough. I did like mixing it with other juice though – it made a great sour candy apple!

  18. Michael K

    Taste more like a green apple candy than the actual fruit, but one of my favourite fruit flavors. Has the sweet and a bit of sour.. mixes very nice with a menthol flavor!

  19. Tim L

    bought both green apple and the jolly green apple, both are very similar. green apple is a bit more tarty then sweet, still a great vape

  20. George

    Very delicious flavour…. Reminds me of jolly rancher green apple flavour… Yumm

  21. Daniel P

    Fairly decent vape, but I wanted to do something different and I tried it in a 50/50 mix. Definitely tastes like a green apple, but it could have used a little more flavor. Got this in a 6mL tester, and I might buy it again – only next time i’ll try it in a 70/30.

  22. Jason A

    Not bad, not the strongest Green Apple, has an odd after taste.

  23. manilyn

    its okey…not bad..i love the regular apple more….a little bit sour

  24. Sandra S

    I eat green apples and so I enjoyed this very accurate green apple flavour. I am going to try red apple to compare.

  25. Stephanie E

    This is a great juice! I have tried various green apple juices from different suppliers and have always been disappointed, but not this time! Finally one that tastes great. My new "all day" vape.

    P.S. even my brother who has decided he hates green apple juices liked this one when he tried mine 🙂

  26. Michael T

    Defiantly 5 stars great flavor mixes well with other flavors would defiantly recommend this to anyone! One of my favorites by far will defiantly order this one again. Canada E-juice has great prices and fast shipping!

  27. Timothé L

    I used to like this one when I first got it in February. Mixed 70-30 0mg and vaped with an eCab. Eventually, I got a lot dry hits even if the eCab tank was full and wick was wet. I started getting an unpleasant flavour over and over which I assumed was due to the eCab attys getting old and not matching this flavour properly. I just got an eVic and tried the flavour again and, maybe the juice is just getting old, but I am not impressed anymore. Still gives me the same chemical taste. It was good in the beggining but I guess something happened over time.

  28. K.C.

    For me this was a nice treat but not something I could vape all day. It reminded me of jolly ranchers and was about as sweet too. You can mix it with other flavors but only in small quantities as it has a tenancy to dominate most other flavors you try to pair it with. I mixed about 3 drops into 2 ml of fresh strawberry and it was nice but the apple still came through more than the strawberry.

  29. wesley m

    was not impressed with this flavor was looking for that sour green apple taste and was blown away by a taste of funk did not enjoy smoking it alone but added some jolly grape to the mix and it became passable mine was a 50/50 mix 24mg

  30. Jeremy W

    Nice subtle taste with great vape. Been really enjoying it

  31. David M

    This green apple was pretty good had a bitter taste to it wich was good also,i would recommend this juice.

  32. FraserM

    Really nice taste and very smooth. This will be a regular.

  33. Brian G

    Chose this as my free juice with my kit purchase. If you’re a fan of anything green apple I’d suggest this one. great taste and good vapor

  34. Kerry D

    Sour and delicious just like the real thing! Not super strong but a great flavor! Tastes like a real green apple and not like a candy!

  35. jane

    Love this one but not in the 50 mix found the taste very mild

  36. joy

    Iiked this I got it in 50/50 strongly recommend getting the 70/30

  37. Monica

    I bought three bottles, different flavours, in 70/30 18 nic. The base and nic level is wrong for me and I am experimenting with different levels but I love the flavour of this one. It is very authentic apple taste, sweet and tart at the same time. I have some tobacco flavoured juice a friend gave me which is horrible but I am mixing a bit with the green apple – to use it, can’t throw it out! – and the apple apple still comes through, I have just ordered more, 50/50 12 nic, and plan to keep ordering this one.

  38. David N.

    A fairly good apple flavour, but not as tart as actual green apple. It is a bit more subtle than I would have liked, but still a very nice vape. Make it a bit more tart and you would have a fantastic juice.

  39. VaperVic

    good vape but needs to be a little more tart. Great treat for after meals although I could not vape it all day. Peace!!

  40. Aaron

    I liked this juice. Subtle green apple flavor, not too over-powering. Would order again. 70/30 18mg

  41. nick payne

    Tried this on my last order and will order it in the future…..absolutly loved it

  42. Marlyne

    I’m really enjoying the green apple. I placed an order for 50/50 blend with 12nic, I mix the smooth tobacco flavor 3/4 and top up with green apple. I absolutely love the mix, its my favorite so far. My husband mentioned it almost smells like cigar but it sure doesn’t taste like it! I’m more in the fruit flavors than any other flavors.

  43. Rip

    the flavor isnt too strong with a nice throat hit (70/30) but i wouldnt vape it all day.
    for a strange reason my coils gurgle faster with this juice.

  44. Brad Hall (verified owner)

    Initially I didn’t like this, greatly preferring the Lemon Lover I got in the same order. It tasted too much like soap to me.

    But after coming back to it once in a while, it grew into my favorite of the 4 (Lemon Lover, Pineapple, PMP were the others). I’m not sure if that’s from “steeping” or perhaps just the nature of addiction, but I’m satisfied.

    I will be reordering it now, in a much bigger volume.

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