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Best Grape vape around!

*Canada E-Juice #8 Best Seller!*

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72 reviews for Really Grape

  1. Nelson F

    Tried this vape on a kanger horizontal cartomizer. Bought the 70/30 mix with 12mg. Tastes like Welches grape juice. Awesome taste. Nice and smooth with great vapor production and throat hit. One of my favourite vapes.

  2. Chris M

    Nice grape vape. Reminds me more of grape popsicle than Welches. A decent standard grape vape.

  3. Adrian S

    This is literally like sucking on a grape freezie! Soooo gooood!

  4. Mike H

    Awesome, I’m vaping the 18mg 70/30 on an Ego Twist with a Phoenix Bottom Coil tank, and the flavor and vapor and this is my favorite juice that I’ve tried yet. It’s very juicy in flavor, as people have said, kind of like Welches or a grapesicle. People seem to really like the smell of my plumes too. 🙂

    I will be ordering this again soon.

  5. natacha sauve

    i tried many flavours im not a big fan of grapes candy….but the vapour was nice not to strong

  6. Lainee G

    Yummmmmy so good amazing how the flavor is there exactly like grape juice

  7. James H

    Most definitely tastes like a grape freezie, my fav fruit flavour by far now.

  8. Daniel R

    70/30, 18 mg, unsteeped. I like this one. Really tastes like grape candy. Not too powerful, it’s just perfect. This was my first fruit flavor, so I don’t know how it compares… but it’s really nice.

  9. Gerard R

    12mg 70/30 in a Vivi Nova. I was a bit disappointed with this one after having read all the positive reviews. Maybe it was just a case of high expectations but I thought it was a bit "bitter" tasting. Still a decent flavour but I was expecting it to be a bit sweeter. Good vaper and decent TH.

  10. Bill H

    Grape was not one of my favourites. The flavour was very muted and didn’t get the throat hit experienced with other juices such as pineapple and RY4. Good vapur though.

  11. gurvir s

    sugar water purple taste like grape drank lol .. loved it

  12. Tyler T

    The grape is amazing i love this flavor, it is definitely my all day vap!

  13. Caitlin S

    Very much enjoyed this flavor in my ego-c. Had a nice subtle grape taste and it wasn’t too sweet for me, would definitely recommend the grape juice!

  14. Misti W

    6mg 70/30 A very sweet grape juice brings me back to grape popsicles, freezies and koolaid…yum!

  15. suzannah r

    my favourite so far. tastes just like grape crush!

  16. James W

    The flavor is great and bold, but I find that it’s still not too overpowering. It’s a little sweet at first but I found that went away. If you want a flavor that tastes exactly like it sounds, this is the one.

  17. Debbie S

    All I can say about this one is YUM! Well that and this is one of my favorites right now. Whomever compared it to a grape freezie is right on the money!

  18. Jesse A

    Bought this a few months ago, it was great, I think I’ll need tog et a new e-cig for these but absolutly getting it again, I miss the vanilla, I managed to take a bit of vanilla and this and made a cotton candy flavour.

  19. Jon R

    Best described as frozen juice concentrate although not as sweet. I was slightly dissapointed with the body of this juice even though the smell and taste were ok, it just didn’t seem to give me the tangyness that I was expecting. It’s a good juice overall and definitely one to try if you like grape juice. I’ve mixed it with Juicy Fruit to fill in some of the missing body that it was lacking. I’ve got some particular preferences so don’t be afraid to try this one out!

    70/30 12mg

  20. John k

    Tastes just as described by others grape crush and popsicle.will be reordering this again

  21. Steven D

    I ordered this in 70/30 12mg. I think this tastes like grape Koolaide, or the grape flavoring you get in a snow cone. The after taste is very nice and hangs around for a while. This will go in my permanent rotation along with the orange creamsicle.

  22. Ovais J

    I ordered the 70/30 12mg. My favourite fruit flavour. Tastes exactly like grape crush as mentioned by other reviewers, with the perfect level of sweetness.

  23. Mel M

    70%PG / 30%VG, 6mg – FAVE FAVE FAVE. Can use this one all day and all night

  24. Joey M

    Pretty good. I’m a big fan of the grape flavours in general. This is a nice and smooth vape that’s not too sweet. Would try again.

  25. Denise b

    This if my favorite vape! it is my go-to for everyday and tastes exactly like grape juice. I will purchase this over and over again!

  26. Aaron D

    Love this one!! Tastes exactly like the juice. Not overly sweet, smooth and produces good vapour. Would recommend.

  27. Rev F

    Tastes just like juice. Not overly sweet, nice TH and easily and all day vape. Liked this one a bit more then the Jolly Rancher Grape. 70/30 12mg.

  28. Ruth-Ann

    I enjoy this flavour. Tastes just like grape juice, but not too sweet. Can vape this flavour all day and would re-order.

  29. Jaycarlson

    70/30 12mg…not nearly as sweet as I thought it would be…for me this was good…had a nice mild grape flavour that could be enjoyed all day.

  30. audrey m

    This is one of the best. I can vape on this all day and not get sick of it. This is easily a juice you can always have on your order. Great vape and good hit off this. Highly recommend

  31. Zane

    Very nice grape flavour. My wife’s favorite, and it makes a great all day vape.

  32. AJ S

    Two thumbs up. Tastes like grape Popsicle . But the good ones, not the grape medicine tasting ones 😛 I recommend everyone to pick this one up

  33. Shawn

    worst juice iv tasted yet…i couldn’t find any grape flavor even when I used my vivid imagination still no grape. Would defiantly never order this again

  34. brenton t

    I think I must have had a bad batch because i agree with shawn. I never tasted any grape flavor and it was very harsh. It looks as though I ordered around the same time as him as well.

  35. Tgcompletecc

    this is good but jolly grape in my opinion is better

  36. Chulai T

    great th and vape production at 18 mg highly recommended

  37. Stuart Q

    My "go to" all day vape, love this juice!

  38. Peter B

    At 12mg, 70/30 this is a good vape. Tastes like grape juice to me. I’ve tried a few grape juice flavours and this is the best one I’ve found.

  39. Claude

    Tastes like grapes. Too light for me, but even if the flavor was stronger it would not do it for me. Did not like vaping the grape flavor all day.

  40. George

    I love grape flavour…. This stuff is awesome

  41. Christian E

    Reminds me of grape koolaid i love it!

  42. Tim L

    Reminds me of grape kool-aid I use to drink. Nice taste and great vape

  43. Matthew K

    really enjoy’d the grape juice, i got the 12mg and it seems to be working the best for me, would defiantly get it again

  44. Kim M

    Love it!!!! Next time I will get the 30ml

  45. David B

    Not my favourite grape flavour I have had. It is worth a try if you like grape juice but I wouldn’t order it again.

  46. Courtney D

    This reminded me of Welch’s grape juice! I found that it tasted better right away and started to get a perfume-y taste after a couple weeks so I only recommend buying them in the small bottles.

  47. Mark M

    I personally found this flavor to have a harsh throat hit, but the flavour was amazing, tastes just like grape juice.

  48. Lyndon A

    Good flav, solid but not too strong. Tastes like a purple drink like Koolaid or something similar.

    Kinda gets old fast though. I vaped this for a day and that was enough for a while. Will buy again though.

    Only 3 stars because although it tastes good at first, there is a hint of nasty after taste that can be detected when you turn up your voltage to get more vape.

    Found a good zone with my vape turned down a notch but then was wishing for more vape. Tried with a new coil but seems to taste like burning a lot easier than other juices I have tried.

  49. Calvin L

    This was actually one of my favourite purchases!
    Tasted just like grape koolaid surprisingly.
    Expected a medicinal taste haha.

  50. Jay

    Good vape but the flavor was not strong enough just like the pineapple.

  51. Jessica M

    Really like this flavour, its in my regular rotation. The flavour lasts longer than most.

  52. Sosan F

    I found this is harsh on my throat. Maybe I should order lower NIC?

  53. coolcut

    This is a great flav – one of my go-to’s

  54. kyle r

    This is a nice vap…smooth and tasty… tastes just like actual grape juice.

  55. Lane s

    This one is good! Could use more flavour but still really good!

  56. tfranco

    Good tasting grape flavour!! Definite add to my fruit rotation for when I’m feeling a like grape kool-aid type of vape!!! Worth a try!

  57. tfranco

    Good tasting grape flavour!! Definite add to my fruit rotation for when I’m feeling a like grape kool-aid type of vape!!! Worth a try!

  58. tfranco

    Good tasting grape flavour!! Definite add to my fruit rotation for when I’m feeling a like grape kool-aid type of vape!!! Worth a try!

  59. Amanda R

    Refreshing , light, grape juice flavour. Fruity all day vape

  60. Teresa G

    I absolutely love this one! Very smooth and will be ordering again, and again!

  61. Matt M

    Love this flavor, very grapey but a little bit stronger would be good too. Will definitely try the Jolly Rancher Grape as well.

  62. tamara

    reminds me of grape medicine

  63. Jeremy Woodland

    Wonderful vape as always, although not much flavour.

  64. Jack

    Very good grape flavor. A pleasant and smooth vape.

  65. jojobean

    great flavor! great smoke. bo has been vaping this for a year/all day vape.

  66. Natalie

    This one is great has the subtle grape flavour, probably could be a bit stronger in taste. Got in 70/30 mix. My ultimate fave for everyday is Jolly Grape! Best one so far

  67. Justin U

    nice grape flavour could be a bit stronger. Nice vape 70/30 18mg

  68. Pork ‘n Cheesies

    Great flavour, not an overpowering taste. For a serious and surprisingly pleasant addition, try mixing this Grape Juice by 2-3:1 with the Canada E-Juice Redbull flavour.

    To me? THAT little combo tastes just like Kool Aid, super sweet and full of strong grape taste with every puff.

  69. Amanda

    OMG!!!! I love this flavor!!!! I used the 30S tank and it had a refreshing grape juice on the inhale and reminiscent of grape bubblegum on the exhale. Very delicious flavor. Satisfying amount of vape produced. Ordering a big bottle now.

  70. Jamie

    This flavor tastes very different than the smell. it has a hard hit and sometimes tastes like cough syrup. not my favorite.

  71. Cote06

    I am addicted to this flavour. A co-worker got me a bottle of this almost three years ago just after I started vaping. I was having trouble staying away from cigarettes because I could not find that ‘one’ ejuice to save me. I loved smoking but it was killing my lungs. I vape this juice at 12mg 70/30. I have tried so many grape flavours and it always left me lacking. I vape this sub ohm nickel coils on my Joyetech Evic vt. Set at 520 farenheit, 40 watts… man oh man… that deep heat makes the grape pop. It tasted great on my Innokin iTaste 134 on 8 watts but this juice on sub ohm… wow! I panic when I am down to my last bottle but now it is available in 50ml and 120ml there is no need to ever run out. I do puff on other flavours for a few minutes but this one has been my all day vape since August 2013. I have yet to find another flavour I can vape day after day. If I couldn’t get this juice I fear I would go back to smoking.

  72. Jimmy

    It’s really like cough syrup. not my favorite too won’t buy again

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