Good Morning Canada!



Good Morning Canada!

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Our twist on a popular breakfast cereal!

80VG /20 PG


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Weight50 g
Dimensions1.5 × 1.5 × 2.5 in

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14 reviews for Good Morning Canada!

  1. Suzi

    This juice was amazing! tastes kind of like fruity pebbles. ITs not too sweet at all, great all day vape 🙂

  2. Chris

    6mg nic 50/50. Taste like fruity pebbles or trix for sure. Nice sweet fruity inhale. Creamy cereal exhale. I would buy it again.

  3. anonymous

    I cannot identify the taste, and neither could my non vaper friend. But it is interesting. I wouldn’t buy it agian but I wouldn’t say its bad, I’m new at vaping so I’m not sure if creamy is a proper definition for it ! 🙂

  4. Jamie

    This is very nice fruity pepples maybe but I’m thinking more of a oatmeal crisp triple berry. I use a max VG so very smooth I change my flavors often so I don’t get bored

  5. Nikolas

    Bought this and am pretty impressed with it. This juice really gave me that "Wow!" feeling when I vape it. Almost every time. I got the 6mg Nic with max VG, and it’s pretty smooth. I do find it sort of vapes a little hot. Using a Kangertech Subox Mini, 0.5 oHm RBA, at 25W. It’s not unbarable it’s just warmer of a vape than my other juice at 25W. Just needs some getting used to. Kind of sad that the rad moose design on the website isn’t on the label. I think that would of be really awesome, haha. Will definitely buy again.

  6. Jordan

    Fruit Loops? Decent after dinner vape and I’m glad I tried it but I don’t think I would buy again.

  7. Michael

    My first "cereal" juice and I love it. 6mg 50/50 is very smooth and tasty.

  8. Nick

    This is the first cereal flavor I’ve gotten, and my god it is amazing. Creamy fruity wheaty flavors. On the inhale its like a smack to the face with creamy froot loops cereal, with a nice wheaty flavor on the exhale. I got a 50ml bottle in max VG 3mg for my drippers and wow just wow. Canadaejuice did good with this juice. A- 9/10 for sure.

  9. Rena

    This is the best E Juice ever created!!! It’s so hard to describe but it’s sweet and smooth and custard like and there’s a hint of lime maybe?? I Love it..I’d love to have a gallon of it..I could vape it 24/7!!!! If you have not tried this do it!!! By far the best best best!!! I’ll buy this with every order from now on!! This is your 5 star juice right here!!

  10. Keif chief

    This juice is amazing only had a 10 ml sadly next time definitely getting a 50 ml
    5 star by far

  11. Chuck

    Awesome Ejuice! I’m buying more 100%. I do wish it had a tiny bit more "creamy milk" in it

  12. Kim from SK

    I got this in a trial pack after reading the reviews. I don’t know if I got an odd bottle, but I am not a fan…tastes almost like grapefruit which I am not a fan of. Don’t feel the creaminess others are talking about; had to dump it out of my vape thing and put in a better flavour. Sorry guys, didn’t like it at all. but that’s my personal taste, so I won’t give it a bad rating to be fair.

  13. sharebear

    This quickly became one of my favorite flavours! It tastes like fruit loops , very refreshing and delicious. Great for an ADV too!

  14. Tanner

    Best juice I’ve tried from Canada e-juice, not too harsh but good maple taste with morning scent/flavour.

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