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Like Grandma used to make right around the holiday season!

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Weight50 g
Dimensions1.5 × 1.5 × 2.5 in

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22 reviews for Gee Man

  1. Kim D

    wow he lQQks so tasty…why not give him a try…lol

  2. Ryan P

    Was not that good…felt like needed more ginger or kick..could not finish the 6 ml.
    Maybe for someone else.
    70/30 12 mg

  3. Desiree

    I am not a fan of gingerbread at all and rec’d this as a free sample. I am SHOCKED at how good it is. This is the only flavour that they offer that I thought would be awful. I am so impressed.

  4. Kerry D

    I loved this one! Tasted like a cookie for sure! Will get stronger mg next time but I really liked how gingery this is!

  5. ariane d

    SO good. Definitely tasted like a cookie. I am impressed. My favorite so far !

  6. MJ J

    Ginger cookies and gingerbread are my favourite treats so I was quite looking forward to vaping this. I don’t mind the flavour, but it reminds me more of a butter cookie as butter is the dominant flavour here, I barely noticed the gingerbread flavour in it it was so slight, definitely needs more ginger added to it, as it is hard to distinguish it from other cookie types.

  7. Kim M

    Love it love it love it!!!!!!! Wasn’t too sure when I ordered it but ended up loving it. It’s now one of my favorites and I will order this again.

  8. Suzi S

    I wasn’t a fan. I found it to have an odd after taste,but appreciated the chance to try it

  9. Jon R

    12mg 70/30 pg/vg. I was surprised at the mellow and realistic taste with this juice, it definitely tastes like gingerbread cookies. I like this juice in the evening after vaping the fruit and sweeter flavors all day. I was vaping this one evening and my wife got excited when she came home, she thought i was baking cookies… I’d try this if you haven’t yet!

  10. ashley r

    i liked it i just found the taste was not strong and had more of a butter taste

  11. ashley r

    the taste was ok but i found it wasnt very strong and had a butter taste to it

  12. doctor moohk

    i was expecting it to be more spicy, which i wouldn’t have minded, but was pleasantly surprised by its creamy smooth tastiness. it was just a little bit spicy, which was pretty great. almost as good as gingerbread, quite a nice vapour. realistic, a little more subtle than i would have liked, but still quite enjoyable.

  13. Michael R

    Didn’t like this one too much…The flavor was good and all, but I like to switch up flavors often..I find when I emptied the clearo (got tired of the flavor) and refilled with a different flavor the gingerbread flavor lingered for a pretty long time, normally I can empty/fill without rinsing and don’t have this issue.

    Nevertheless, this is still a good juice, it just doesn’t quite meet my vaping ‘needs’.

  14. Bob N

    Got pretty tired of this one after a while. Initially I enjoyed the flavour, but it’s definitely not one that you want to vape all day. After a while it started to taste like a combination of burnt gingerbread and marshmallow. Also, it should be mentioned that after changing to another flavour, the taste will stay. It actually stunk up the carrying pouch I have, so now everything smells like it. Again, good if you’re only using it every once in a while, just not a go-to.

  15. Jake

    This vape is an occasional vape I loved the flavour but after a while got sick of it. 2 weeks later had a couple puffs loved it. Tastes really good but not am all day vape. Worth a try!

  16. Leanne

    I REALLY love this ejuice! I pretty well only like menthol flavors, but this was such a nice change. To me tastes just like the real thing. :0)

  17. Kelly M

    OMG! Best flavor ever! Tastes just like gingerbread with a nice buttery under tone.

  18. Blake

    It’s not a gingerbread flavor, it’s a speculoos (Speculaas) flavor. It’s missing that molasses note that makes gingerbread, but it’s still quite nice.

  19. Paul J L

    Very nice and subtle flavor. It could use a spicier note, like molasses or cloves, but it’s tasty and smooth as is. Buttery and creamy…rich but not overly sweet. I add a bit of this to the RY4 and it’s an all day vape for me. I actually like it so much that I’ve had to order some @ 6mg nic, just so I can keep pullin’ on it without getting the nicotine buzz.

  20. BHPM

    Amazing, buttery, smooth… Mixes with RY4, can’t put this down. 70/30 Aspire BDC Clearomizer Vision Spinner @ 3.6V (I got a XX 30mg sampler and add a 1/4 tank with 12mg RY4, 30mg is strong, but makes for quick at work vapes. Good experiment but next sampler pack I’ll go with 12mg for an all round flavor-fest without the weird-beard buzz!)

  21. Kelly

    Not bad. Was expecting a bit more cinnamon flavour but i’d order it again 70pg/30vg.

  22. Kelly

    Maybe it’s just me but the more i vape this i’m getting the taste like it’s just a little over cooked microwave popcorn. I’m using a 70/30 mix, pg/vg, and taste no ginger at all. But i kind of like it still.

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