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A rich french vanilla flavor, similar to a French Vanilla Cappuccino.

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Dimensions1.5 × 1.5 × 2.5 in

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90 reviews for French Vanilla

  1. kyle w

    size: 6ml
    Base: 70PG/30VG

    This e-juice produces a nice subtle flavor of french vanilla while also being very smooth with a lot of vapor production. I will definitely buy again.

  2. Margaret B

    Purchased the recommended 70/30 mix at 0mg and 12mg strength. I was a bit disappointed as I didn’t taste any ‘coffee’ influence to it, but it did have a very strong vanilla flavor. I am planning on letting it steep to see if it brings out more of the coffee flavor.

  3. Gordo

    Once again, as with all e juice, I think steeping if very important. I liked this French Vanilla, I like to mix it with other light tobacco flavours. I saw on other blogs a while back that many people are always searching for the "perfect" vape. lol. Never thought I would get caught up in that…. but with all the great choices here at Canada E-Juice, it may take me a while. Looking forward to trying most.
    Thanks also for the great service, and the live chat was very helpful.

  4. Cloud

    smooth, very nice vanilla taste, no coffee tones (don’t know if there are supposed to be) adds a nice vanilla note when mixed with other juices

  5. Zenna

    I bought the 6mg 70/30v and have enjoyed mixing this with other flavors. On its own, smooth and sweet, warm. No coffee taste but not the pure vanilla taste that can sometimes be too sweet. I will be ordering this again.

  6. Thierry D

    Strength: 0, base: 70/30… I just opened this one… fantastic taste I just love it. It doesn’t really taste coffee but the vanilla makes it taste like marshmallow!! It’s my favourite sweet juice so far! Please don’t change the recipe! Hey wait, the bottle’s already empty 🙁

  7. Roger S

    Got the 50/50 mix with 18 nic. LOVED this flavour. It has a good strong taste on the tongue when you drag on the ecig. Definately an adv.

  8. Roger S

    Got the 50/50 mix with 18 nic. LOVED this flavour. It has a good strong taste on the tongue when you drag on the ecig. Definately an adv.

  9. Joanne G

    also this is one of my favoriates yummy

  10. Kathy S

    I used this in a 50/50 mix/24mg on an Apollo extreme battery and cartomizer. Very smooth french vanilla flavor. I couldn’t detect a coffee flavor. I also bought the vanilla cupcake juice, and I like this french vanilla better. Definitely will buy again.

  11. Roger S

    50/50 mix at 18 nice. My adv. Loving this juice.

  12. James C

    Best vanilla I’ve tried to date, flavorful and mellow but a lot of flavor. No real coffee taste to speak of but it does remind me of International Delights French vanilla coffee creamer. 12 nicotine strength, 50/50 blend

  13. James H

    Could be a bit sweeter for my liking but it does taste just like French vanilla, pretty cool actually

  14. keith l

    I found this flavor chalky and mild in taste, did not like, but my partner loved it. She said it reminds her of clove cigarettes, which apparently she loves. She hates coffee. IDK. I’d give it a three, she’d give it a five, so here is a four.

  15. James W

    The flavor is really smooth and the vape is nice. I could vape this all day if I liked vanilla more, it was exactly what I was hoping for when I had a craving for this sort of taste. Put a few drops of this in some tobacco juices and that was nice as well.

  16. Yvon D

    6 ml 50/50.. I like it. added a few drops to some tobacco flavor and it went nicely with it.

  17. Amanda M

    Love the coffee flavors. Tried a friends and had to order my own. A+++

  18. Thi Phuong Trang P

    This ejuice is pretty good; the vanilla flavor isn’t overwhelming like others I’ve tried but just sweet enough. Would reorder again!

  19. Corey M

    Great vanilla taste and would mix well with a variety of juices.

  20. Rick R

    Found this one a lil sweet. Not an all day flavour for me, but don’t mind it once and a while.

  21. Kevin D

    I liked this nice and sweet had it in 70pg/30vg at12mg

  22. Eliah H

    6ml, 12mg of nicotine. Not so much a vanilla coffee as just a straight up tasty vanilla. Perhaps a little like vanilla flavor instant cappuccino you see at the grocer. For me, I love vanilla and so this one is a winner for me. I have also mixed this with the RY4 Double with success. My friends like it too. I don’t find it too sweet so can be an all day vape. I do wish it had a more coffee taste though. Overall I recommend.

  23. Eliah H

    This is pretty much straight up French Vanilla flavor, not so much a French Vanilla coffee (perhaps like those instant coffee flavor packettes you can buy at the grocer at best). Since I looove vanilla any which way this French Vanilla was an immediate hit for me. First tried mixing it with a tobacco flavor (as I was coming off analog at the time) and ended up just vaping the French Vanilla solo as it tasted so good. It may or may not be a bit sweet for some as an all day vape. I do wish it had a bit more coffee flavor to it as it is advertised, you can improvise by vaping with your regular morning coffee. Will buy again.

  24. Eliah H

    This is pretty much straight up French Vanilla flavor, not so much a French Vanilla coffee (perhaps like those instant coffee flavor packettes you can buy at the grocer at best). Since I looove vanilla any which way this French Vanilla was an immediate hit for me. First tried mixing it with a tobacco flavor (as I was coming off analog at the time) and ended up just vaping the French Vanilla solo as it tasted so good. It may or may not be a bit sweet for some as an all day vape. I do wish it had a bit more coffee flavor to it as it is advertised, you can improvise by vaping with your regular morning coffee. Will buy again.

  25. Amanda M

    I tries the 100 and not soo much flavor to this one. Will try again tho in a different mix

  26. Johanne F

    Interesting flavour. I agree with the customer who compared it to instant cappucino. I like it, but was hoping for a bit more vanilla, and less sweetness. I bought a 6mL tester of 12ml nic. I have a few others to try, but as a new vaper, so far this is my favourite. I started with a different brand of pomegranate juice @ 24ml nic and it made me feel very gross… Thus the trip to to find something that didn’t make me feel like I was poisoning myself LOL. This ejuice is MUCH friendlier!

  27. Bill H

    Tried this – subtle vanilla flavour – I would like little more flavour – but still enjoyed it.
    Nice aroama, and after taste – Direct drip 30-70 mix, 18mg.

  28. Michael K

    Very vanilla! great taste for your sweet tooth. Only problem is that it lacks the coffee addition.

  29. Anthony T

    French Vanilla + Banana makes a great early morning vape. It may be lacking a bit of a coffee taste but if you try mixing it up with other flavor it will come out very smooth. VG/PG mix 12mg.

  30. Sosan F

    I was expecting more coffee taste, but only can taste the vanilla. Maybe my wrong assumption see the picture in a coffee mug. I should get the coffee one and add to it, might be good.

  31. Jennifer M

    I didn’t get as much vanilla flavour as I had hoped, more sugary sweetness. But I use mine on an e-cig rather than a pipe or pen so my flavours are always a little less intense.

  32. Ruth-Ann

    Love this!!! I only taste the vanilla (no coffee) but I would vape this flavour only for ever, if I had to pick just one. I will definitely have to keep a large bottle of this on hand!!

  33. Janet P

    Smooth, subtly sweet vanilla flavour, that produces lots of vapor. I LOVE this ejuice on it’s own or mixed with tobacco. Great for an all day vape. Definitely repurchasing…I don’t want to be without it! PG/VG mix 12mg.

  34. audrey m

    This one did not thrill me like I had expected. I was hoping for more of a vanilla taste what I got was a tiny tiny hit of vanilla with not a good vape. I would however like to try this one again though and maybe mix it with something else like say irish cream. Defiantly not something I could vape on a consistent basis would have to mix this one. I give this a 2.

  35. Peter B

    Tastes a lot like the real thing. Sweet, but not overpowering

  36. Antoine C

    Taste is kinda strange. Vapor is good though i could see this one tasting pretty good in a mix, but with capuccino it was meh. Tried 70/30 0.6mg.

  37. Mike C

    Taste is similar to beef jerky, seriously, salty taste. Maybe I received a bad mix but holy darn I did not appreciate this flavor, straight to the garbage bin. Out of fear of permanent contamination, I even changed my entire tank system.

  38. MH C

    My mix: 100%VG 18mg – I was really looking forward to this flavour but it did not capture the taste quite right for me. The inhale was tasty!! Just like vanilla capucino but on the exhale it tasted like metal/chemical. Fruit flavours are my favorite and I am biased in this way; it may have been a bad mix, of the flavour hadn’t aged but I will try it again.

  39. Christian E

    Doesn’t taste that much but coffee more the vanilla. I Cant decide which one i love more this or vanilla cupcake, either way you can’t lose!!

  40. Emil T

    Bought this for a friend, very nice and smooth french vanilla flavor. Could be a bit stronger, else it would be a 5/5
    will buy again.

  41. Kevin L

    70PG/30VG 30mg/ml nic.
    This flavor vapes very smoothly and produces some nice clouds. I found the taste itself to be somewhat lacking in strength and intensity, but it did carry a sweet vanilla essence to it that is pleasant overall and true enough to its description.

  42. hesham m

    love that flavor 10/10 its the real deal

  43. Louise Q

    My favorite flavor. Its my constant go to juice.

  44. Michael P

    True to the name for flavour but comes with a slightly chemical or soapy taste. light vape with little throat hit. It was not terrible… but dont think I’d order it again.

  45. Tanya p

    I’m a newbie to the vaping world and this was one of my first flavours to try. I honestly thought that any flavour besides tabacco would be weird – but this was great! Not too sweet for all day use and the mild -12 was just the right strength – I normally smoke Players smooth.

  46. Jesse M

    Having read the other reviews on this juice I feel like the recipe might have recently changed. The flavor was really strong and not chemically or soapy at all. It tastes very similar to Vanilla Cupcake and is quite sweet. I feel like this juice would start to feel too rich and heavy if I vaped it constantly but as a mixer or every once in a while it’s great. Try it mixed with Nice and Smooth Tobacco.. mmm..

  47. George

    Pretty nice vape… Quite sweet

  48. Cory B

    Cory B

    Very tasty, just like every juice on this site.

  49. Dawne P

    I love this flavour. It is great mixed with tobaccos or on its own. Nice vanilla taste that was not too sweet. Will order again!

  50. manilyn

    it is y husband fav…..i bought it for me my he used it

  51. Larry L

    Best vanilla so far. All day vape for Me

  52. Mark M

    Nice vanilla flavour to start, but I find you get a weird aftertaste on this one after vaping it for a few.

  53. Janelle T

    It has an authentic vanilla taste, but definitely not on all day vape for me. I enjoy it with a morning or evening cup of coffee.

  54. Chris L

    I found this flavour tastes more like a caramel vanilla. Still tastes awesome. Mixes well with Peanut Butter.

  55. Michael T

    OH. MY. GOD. So remember that flavour from when you were a kid that you would sneak into the fridge to have more of when your parents weren’t looking because it tasted so darn good?! This is that flavor!!! I just had my first couple of hits on this and I’m almost too excited to type this. What are you waiting for?! BUY THIS JUICE NOW!

  56. Chris R

    I would recommend this to any fan of vanilla. I’ll definitely order 30ml of this after I try out some more flavours.

  57. Nikki G

    Found this one had a strange after taste and fake vanilla flavour. Was better when mixed with cappuccino. Not awful just not for me.


    I found the flavor to be a bit lacking, I’m a big french vanilla fan and I was a bit let down, Kind of a strange lingering aftertaste as well.

  59. Laura L

    I really enjoyed this flavour. Got it in 70VG and it was very smooth. Ordering another one now.

  60. Candy B

    This was a pretty good flavor although it did taste more like regular vanilla rather than French vanilla. The flavor could be a bit stronger as well but over all it wasn’t bad at all. I do like how smooth the vapor are from this company as the company that I used to order from is thinning it out way too much and it is a really hard hit. I do enjoy how smooth all your juices are!

  61. trish candow

    Great flavor… Mild but sweet. Tastes just like french vanilla.

  62. Tim

    Great French Vanilla vape ! It might not be for you if you’re looking for a strong tasting juice but I found it is a nice balance between a good flavor and not being too sweet like some french vanilla drinks you could get. It was an instant wow for me mixed 70-30 12mg on a Joyetech eVic and iClear 16. I wish I had more of it.

  63. valc

    I ordered this one in 30ml -100%VG and was not impressed. Hard to detect the flavour, Not very satisfying.

  64. Daniel

    Very tasty vape. Very much like french vanilla. Quite sweet so i cant vape this all day but some other people may actually enjoy that.

  65. Johneal Pineda

    i love french vanilla so this flavor was one of my favorite flavors tho i wouldn’t make it an all day vape i use it a lot in the morning time i would recommend this flavor to anyone

  66. Kerry D

    I typically love all things vanilla but there’s something about this that didn’t work for me… maybe the coffee taste with it? It just tasted a little too artificial for me. I’m going to re visit it after it ages a little because I think that this flavor could get better in time!

  67. Laurie M

    Just received my new fav flavour….it has a very smooth, creamy French Vanilla taste and is my go to morning vape with my coffee…also love to mix it with my one of my fav tobacco flavs Nice and Smooth as an all day vape..will def be ordering a 30ml bottle of this one!!

  68. Katie

    Was ok.. Not my favorite. Good for mixing

  69. Bruno

    French Vanilla is very good. Mixes well with Pear. I definitely will keep on ordering it.

  70. Thimothé L.

    I really enjoy it, tastes good and really sweet. It is like those french vanilla from the powdered hotchocolate machines. I find it is a little bit closer to Tim horton’s English toffee. Other people who tried it also enjoyed it.

  71. Kim G

    Very Nice and Smooth… Yummy.

  72. Yolanda

    It was nice and smooth and I recommend this over the Vanilla Cupcake…has more of a vanilla flavour than the cupcake one.

  73. Marty

    One of my favorites, especially in the morning with my coffee. Very mellow and not a real harsh burn in the back of the throat for the a.m. Could have a little stronger taste, however.

  74. Ronald Demers

    I ordered this juice when I first purchased my starter kit.

    OMFG! I’m new to vaporizing and wasn’t expecting sweetness from the liquid. I had tried disposable e-cigs in vanilla and menthol which left me very curious as to what else was out there.

    I’m a fan of sweetness and vanilla and this e-juice does not disappoint. Reminds me of cold nights when I was dating my wife, she’d ask for a large french vanilla from Tim’s when I’d go visit her. The smell, the memories.

    This juice is even better when you mix a little bit of menthol juice into it (0.4 ml of menthol to 1 ml of french vanilla)

  75. Arvin

    This is a very rich and smooth vape yet has a good throat hit. At first I wasn’t sure but after vaping the 6ml I’m back to order a couple of the 30ml bottles.

  76. Lane S

    I like this one mixed with a tobacco, or with a menthol. One of my go to vapes

  77. Chris S

    A nice smooth taste. I really enjoyed it.

  78. Ron V

    I recieved this today, ordered a 10ml bottle with a 30/70vg ratio and 12mg of nic. Not too fond of the flavour, maybe because it was the nicotine. It gives a lot of smoke and has a nice throat kick to it, it’s a little on the harsher side and I am a daily smoker of Canadian Classics Blue cigarettes. I would like to give this another try in the future with no nicotine.

  79. Luis

    Usually I like the non-flavoured coffees but this one I really enjoy.


    not my fave..but when mixed with other flavors yummm..

  81. LouLa

    Thought this was a little bland. I think vanilla cupcake is probably more what I was looking for. This just doesn’t do anything for me so I use it for mixing,

  82. Linda

    One of the first ones I tried. It’s nice and smooth, not a strong flavour, not harsh and a nice change from the fruit flavours. I didn’t love it at first, left it for about a week and tried it again….now it’s one of my favs.

  83. Kathleen

    Very smooth but I found it kind of plain. Planning to try the vanilla cupcake for a more vanilla flavour.

  84. Jordan

    The flavour was definitely lacking in this juice.

  85. Jasmin Tremblay-Seguin

    I wouldnt buy this on ever again it taste like burn rubber and after it stick forever in you coil and tank even after washing it and changing the coil. Gonna let it age and hopping it get better but im pretty sure it still gonna be bad….. maybe a bad batch …..

  86. Jamie

    I like the timmies French vanilla. thought that’s what is was like, but not as much still like it. nice not bad smooth in and out.

  87. mike

    when i first started vaping it thought it was terrible but i took a break from it and went back to it and its now one of my favourites.

  88. Julien

    one of my fav so far. great vanilla flavor and with a hint of coffee, smells great

  89. patrick1457 (verified owner)

    70 pg and 30 vg mix 18ml It could be a bit stronger vanilla taste but it is good . I mix it with a cherry flavour which is very nice . Cherry with a hint of Vanilla . Vanilla is hard to find so I always come back here . Great customer service and a bunch of good guys . Thank you Canada E Juice .

    • Eric Hutchins (verified owner)

      Hi Patrick!

      Thank you for the feedback, we appreciate you letting us know how we’re doing.
      Cherry-Vanilla sounds like a great combination! And don’t worry our Vanilla won’t be going anywhere.
      Thank you again for taking the time to leave us this review!
      And thank you most of all for shopping with us at Vapours Canada; Home of Canada E-Juice!


  90. Francis Prince (verified owner)

    Good one, taste like vanilla. Nothing bad to say except it’s going empty too fast…

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