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A Refreshing fizz!

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Weight 50 g
Dimensions 1.5 × 1.5 × 2.5 in

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47 reviews for Fizzy

  1. Rob K

    The flavour is dead on, great throat hit, great vapor. If you like the drink, this will blend right in with your tastes!

  2. stefano c

    70/30 18mg loved it amazing taste and TH

  3. tony b

    Just tried it, kinda sweet but really good.

  4. Ryan P

    Really enjoyed… goes well with the cinnamon or alone.

    70/30 6mg

  5. Josh J

    I love this flavor. Amazingly it goes great with a cup of coffee. I will order again.

  6. Aaron A

    It was a lil strong for me, does taste like cola for sure tho.

  7. Chris R

    70/30 mix, tried other cola’s before but canadaejuice hit it on this one. Pleasant aftertaste, nice throat hit. Will buy again.

  8. Jodie

    Tastes just like Coke! I could vape this all day!

  9. perry d

    Ideal taste, really super on my E-ROLL. 100% vg

  10. John G

    I love Coca Cola and was excited to order this, It certainly has a cola taste no ifs ands or buts. For me however I found it just didn’t suite my palate. It tastes like a very wrong medicine or something which is funny, my granny would never drink cola because she said it tasted like bad medicine and I’d laugh as I love cola… Anyway sorry for the poor review, I love many of the other flavours here.

  11. Chris B

    I love the flavour – it tastes just like "the real thing"! Tried it as a free sample for reviewing another flavour, and liked it so much (and went through my sample so fast) that I’m ordering a 30ml bottle. If you like cola, you won’t be disappointed by this one!

  12. Chulai T

    pretty realistic cola flavor not an all day vape for me but pretty good

  13. Sandra S

    Definitely a true cola taste. If you want a cola e-juice try this one. I have found that I prefer the terrific fruit flavours here.

  14. Bhan P

    70/30 @ 6mg I really liked this one, it tastes just like coke

  15. Joel

    Another one of my favourites. Will keep buying this one.

  16. Crawford L

    Tastes exactly like it sounds. I rarely vape a single juice for more than one day but I have been using this one for a week straight now. It’s very good and not too sweet. 50/50 18 mg nice and smooth and great throat hit.

  17. Bobby G

    not as good as i hoped. tastes like warm flat old cola. but you get used to it after a while.

  18. Arkadiusz Z

    Amazing stuff, at 50PG/50VG has a highly aromatic, realistic cola taste with just the right amount of sweetness. Also great mixed with most tobacco flavours.

  19. Thomas S

    Tried this one at the house blend and I find it tastes more like sprite than cola.

  20. Phil H

    Subtle cola flavour. Flavour stays in vaporizer too long if using same setup. Had to use 2 refills of another liquid to totally get rid of cola taste. Not an all day for me. But maybe one or twice a day for a change. Will buy more.

  21. Jack N

    Juice tasted like cola, but I realized too late that I only like cola in drink form. Not a fault of canada ejuice, just my own issue!

  22. Aaron C

    70/30 18mg: What is this?!? Pure cola straight from the bottle?!? This juice tastes EXCTATLY like cola, no surprises here. Personally, I don’t like it at all as its SUPER sweet, but Canada E Juice delivered a dead on flavor here. I was actually taken aback when I first tried it because of how sweet, sugary, and cola tasting it was. I got my roommate (who doesn’t vape) to try it because I was so amazed. If you like sweet, sugary juices, you’re going to LOVE this one. For me, way too intense.

  23. Peter B

    12mg at 70/30 It’s a great vape. Tastes just like the real thing. I’ll get this one again.

  24. Larry L

    Great tasting all day vape for my wife and i

  25. Michael T

    Defiantly 5 stars great flavor mixes well with other flavors would defiantly recommend this to anyone! One of my favorites by far will defiantly order this one again. Canada E-juice has great prices and fast shipping!

  26. Dawn H

    I really like this one. Somehow tastes fizzy! Will order again for sure.

  27. Jeff D

    Awesome. Great cola taste; sweet but not overly so. First non-tobacco flavour that I can happily vape all day.

  28. Jonathon S

    Tried this one from a friends recommendation. It has a cola taste but more of a flat no name cola. I personally enjoyed the cola bottles flav a lot more. 70/30 12mg

  29. jay d

    taste like cola lol, but i didnt like it for vaping i thought i would, but taste just like cola

  30. Chris R

    This tasted like flat generic cola, I added some french vanilla to it hopeing that it would give a better flavour like a cola ice cream float, but it didn’t help.

  31. trish candow

    Love this stronger than coke bottle candies and tastes just like cola!

  32. Calvin

    Not bad, but throat hit is a bit harsh.

  33. Josh M

    They nailed the title in this one, does taste exactly like a cola,, but a warm one. Mixed this with a touch of butter rum for a different taste

  34. May

    Throat hit is harsh. I guess this flavour is not for me. But it does taste like COLA.

  35. MichaelDC

    Not a huge fan of this flavor. I’m told the Cola Bottles flavor is much better. I might try that next. To me, this one seems to have a bit of a medicinal taste to it.

  36. audrey m

    was this supposed to be lime cola? I thought this was like coca cola. All i could taste was terrible lime like big 8 lime. I am not a fan of lime at all so I 100% hated this one.

  37. Jason

    Didn’t love this flavor, the inhale is ok but throat is harsh on the exhale and the exhaled vapor is…unpleasant to smell. Flavor is ok but as mentioned in earlier reviews it’s like a generic warm, flat cola. Can’t win them all but others may like it as taste is of course subjective.

  38. Neil

    Was excited to try this one. It’s not as great as expected. Not bad for a change from my daily vapes. Sweetness level is just right.

  39. Rob

    Have tried other Colas, and this one is by far the best. Have tried a number of different juices, but this is the one I always come back to.

  40. Rob

    I’m a different Rob from the one below…Ordered a 30ml in 50/50 6mg nic:
    Produces good flavour and good vapor. Has a hint of lime to it. Quite light and refreshing really. I practically drank it. Towards the end of the bottle I started losing it a littel but I found the trick is to just switch it up. I started getting more variety so I can switch it up from time to time. Try Peanut Butter….so good!

  41. Stevie T

    25% RY4 double and 75% cola for a stronger nicer hit !

  42. Adam

    Tastes more like actual cola than any other brand i’ve tried. And do i detect hints of lime?

  43. seth

    great flavour
    great vapor production
    a little sweeter than expected but over all pretty good flavour

  44. Jen

    Got a sample of this, its very lemon/lime. Was hoping for more coke/pepsi 🙁 It smells really awesome though lol I cant get a big throat hit off it at 18% so I probably wont use it or might just mix small amounts of it with other juices, I don’t really like ‘smoking’ this flavor. Id go for root beer over this any day!!!!

  45. Nik

    Gross, do not buy!! it literally tastes like kerosine, no cola taste at all!!

  46. Nick

    Tasted like flat cola but I found it to be more of a medicinal taste.
    Did not enjoy and would recommend trying in the sample pack.

  47. Modifi

    Not my fav but hit the cola taste right on. One of those you don’t really get until the after-taste.

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