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Dragon Fruit

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Often described as tasting somewhere between a kiwi, a pear, and a watermelon.

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59 reviews for Dragon Fruit

  1. Chris M

    Ok, so actual Dragon Fruit really dont have much flavor to speak of, this juice while I am not sure tastes like Dragon Fruit, is a nice candy like vape. Good vapor good throat hit. Reminds me VERY much of a pixie stick type flavor or some other powdered candy. It is not overly sweet.

  2. Blaise G

    My favorite of the 3 i ordered (peach tobacco, pina colada and dragon fruit) perfect sweetness, really enjoying this one, defiantly going to get it again.

  3. Andrew M

    it was ok, had a nice sweetness to it but i found it to be a bit to sweet for my liking but if thats what you enjoy then this could be the flavour for you and if thats the case i defiantly recommend giving it a try.

  4. jessica r

    I did my review in a video

    Link here:

    Again, I loved this juice! It’s sweet and smooth. I love actual Dragon Fruit and loved this just as much. Definitely one of my favorites.

  5. Sean C

    It is a really sweet vape and I like it a lot but it didn’t get a very good throat hit with it! I got the 70/30 mix at 18 strength which usually gives the perfect throat hit for me but I think next time I’ll try it at a stronger strength!

  6. Misti W

    12mg 70/30 I have never had a dragon fruit before but the flavor in this juice is awesome a lightly sweet flavor!

  7. Jason M

    This one was a long shot for me but it was amazing. 75/25 18 mg had the perfect combination of fruit flavour to hit. If you like the fruit flavours then you really need to try this one out.

  8. Kodi B

    Very good, very sweet as well. It is close as you can get to a dragon fruit along with every other flavor they have is bang on.

    Not too sweet for me but I like it really sweet. I got 18 strength and 100% VG, mixed it 70% VG and 30% PG myself and it was PERFECT consistency. Not harsh at all ( I don’t miss the throat hit of smoking) and just very sweet and extremely thick vapor production.

    Don’t hesitate if you have tried dragonfruit before and like it, also don’t hesistate with Canada E-Juice at all, they are a stand up company and my items arrived very quickly.

  9. suzannah r

    this one definitely tastes like a fruit that i’ve never tasted before. a little like pears but different. worth trying!

  10. Peter B

    I didn`t know what to expect from this one. It was sweet and fruity. It had a little zip to it and a great throat hit at 18mg 70/30. I’ll get it again.

  11. Jon R

    18mg 70/30 I didn’t know what to expect like many others, but it was surprisingly good. Fruity but with a slight bitterness (just a touch) which made it quite interesting. it reminded me a little of passion fruit with a slight edge. I’ll try this again, if you like fruits I’d suggest trying this one!

  12. Nicholas C

    70/30 18mg, Found it had a sweet apple/pear mixed flavour, also leaves a clean after taste.

  13. Crystal C

    Curiosity more than anything got me to order this. Dragonfruit is such a subtle flavour naturally, I thought for those who like the less sweet fruit vapes like I do, would be a good gamble. I did like it, although it was extremely subtle. Fine line between tasty and SWEET. I tend to be right in the middle, so a good choice, but not a ball out of the park. I really appreciate how there’s such a hug variety and these reviews are ultimately what drives me to make a decision, so I’ll give it a 3/5 only because I feel it was a little unimpressive.

  14. AJ S

    Delicious!!! I don’t vape fruits to often, but my wife does. She filled a tank of this, her tank went missing shortly after ๐Ÿ˜‰ ….I got strong flavour from a clearo as well as carto. And my mouth watered when i tried it on a dripping atty.

  15. Kyle B

    One of my favorites highly recommend very good by itself and works great for mixing. This is defiantly an underrated flavor. Highly recommended!

  16. Ian M

    6mg 70/30 mix. I really like this flavour. Fruity with a touch of tart…Would recommend.

  17. Matt M

    This flavor is very tasty! A little bit tart and a little bit sweet. Definitely one I’ll be ordering again

  18. Adam F

    One of my Favorites! My definite go to juice. The flavor is excellent!

  19. Olivia S

    I really enjoy this flavour. I vape it all day. Its lightly sweet and a little bit tart. Just the right combo.

  20. Stuart Q

    Not sure how I feel about this one, it’s not bad, but it’s not great.
    I’m just M’eh on it.

  21. Kim M

    OMG I love this one. It’s nice and sweet with no after taste. Great throat hit and plenty of vapor. Definitely would order this again.

  22. Danny

    I quite like this flavor. A nice fruity vape with no after taste. Recommended.

  23. attila v

    70/30 This is an awesome juice!! Sweet, Fruity and Smoooth!! I finished most of my sample bottle in one go. This one is on the same level as the nectarine…. EPIC!!!

  24. Sandra S

    I have never eaten dragon fruit, but having vaped this flavour, I will now. This is a delightful, mild, perfect e-juice with a perfect balance between sweet and tart. I will order more.

  25. Rob P

    GREAT flavor! All day vape no problem and smells amazing afterwards! Will reorder for sure!

  26. Michael P

    First juice I ever tried and still came back for more. Flavour is true to its name. I’ve generally stuck with tobacco flavours since but still come back to this for something lighter. Worth a try

  27. Aaron C

    70/30 18mg: Iโ€™m not a fan of fruit juices as I find them too sweet. This juice here delivers the fruit flavor I love, without the feeling you just vaped a package of sugar. I LOVE this juice. A little mild compared to other fruit juices, but the flavor is 100% there. Very nice mixture of fruit, sweet, mild, and taste. It also has a little tart taste to it as well, which just amps up the flavor. The aroma of this juice is outstanding as well. Excellent!

  28. Jeff

    Got 6mg 70/30, would have prefered 50/50 for a little bit more vapor, but the flavour thought was spot on and very good, definetley ordering again 4/5

  29. George

    Really really good…. Reminds me of pineapple which is one of my favourites….. And now dragon fruit is on the favourites list too:)

  30. Cory B

    Cory B

    Super tasty haul every time, nice and smooth. I really enjoyed this flavor.

  31. Dan M

    Very nice and tangy. Definitely has that kiwi taste dragon fruit has. Was not really an all day vape for me but I found it great for mixing with tobacco flavours. It was very smooth and pleasant to vape. Will definitely order again. Watch the video review at:

  32. Dan D

    I’ve ordered this twice now, 6mg 50/50. The taste is one of my favorites, not too sweet, not over powering, lots of vapor. I will be ordering this again in the future.

  33. Casey h

    12mg was perfect for this flavour. Found it smooth and a sweet taste. It wasnt over powering which i enjoy most. 4/5!

  34. Michael T

    Defiantly 5 stars great flavor mixes well with other flavors would defiantly recommend this to anyone! One of my favorites by far will defiantly order this one again. Canada E-juice has great prices and fast shipping!

  35. Gary M

    Not a bad vap, but not to much flavour I found. I have never tried dragon fruit for real so might just be the fruit itself.
    Good vap tho!

  36. Tyrone F

    It was okay, not sure what real dragon fruit tastes like but after vaping this juice a couple times it kinda gave off a sweet syrupy candy taste with a touch of passion fruit. Definitely something different to try if your into exploring new flavours!!

  37. Andrew c

    If your looking for a flavour that’s not to potent and just adds a little taste to mix with this is the flavour for you!

  38. Kerry D

    Not quite as strong as I would like, maybe after it sits for a while but a good flavor! Nice to mix with others that are too sweet. Mild but tasty!

  39. Michael R

    Fantastic! I think this is my new favorite fruit flavored juice. It also give me a little more throat hit than some of the other fruit flavors which is great. 70PG/30VG 12mg

  40. Scott M

    Rather weak and boring flavor to me. Similar to the actual fruit. 70%PG/30%VG 12mg

  41. Jessica M

    One of my favourites for sure. Always go to this when i don’t know what I feel like vaping. Haven’t tried the fruit, so can’t compare. Lots of flavour, can always taste this one.

  42. Darlene F

    I really enjoyed the dragon fruit. Although I find the taste very subtle, its still quite enjoyable.

  43. Nic L

    Subtle but delicious flavor. I can vape this all day.

  44. David M

    Really liked this flavor used 50/50 taste good!

  45. Derek R

    taste good but i don’t recommande a 30 ml bottle

  46. Bjarni

    What’s not to like about dragon fruit? Sweet, refreshing and subtle just like the fruit; completely amazing!

  47. Adam

    This flavour was very nice smooth taste not to strong but did have that sweet after taste, I even used it to mix with other flavors. Would definitely buy it again, it’s on my top 5 list so far ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. rye h

    very soft flavor recommend mixing but not a big bottle

  49. Mikey Bikey

    Great refreshing taste, love this one

  50. K.C. Penfold

    For the first few vapes it was ok but I quickly grew tired of it. I had never tried Dragon fruit before vaping this so I didn’t really have anything to compare it to. In other reviews I saw people mentioning that it was good for mixing with other flavors and I think this is the way to go with this one.


  51. Steph E

    I enjoyed this flavour. It’s very mild (so is the real dragon fruit) and you got the kiwi type taste that dragon fruit has down pretty good. This is a definite re-order on my list.

  52. Ted K

    Very smooth delicate flavor that’s not overpowering. A little sweet but not too much. I could vape on this all day

  53. Heather B

    We both really like this fruit flavor, it makes for a smooth all day vape with a good throat hit and not overly fruity. for my husband its not too "girly" as he says ๐Ÿ™‚

  54. Monica

    Not a fan of this one. It does taste like dragon fruit but it has a soapy after taste. Also the longer I used it the less I could taste the flavour, just left a dry feeling in my mouth. Will not re-purchase.


    i used the 70/30 18mg..not too sweet ..ok vape

  56. rita

    i love this juice it is on the sweeter side wil buy again

  57. Cody

    Not a fan of this juice at all. I’ve never tried an actual dragonfruit so i can’t compare the flavour of this juice to that, but i don’t like this juice. It has kind of a peach flavor mixed with something else, but it also tastes soapy and not good. Maybe it was a bad batch, i’m not sure. But i won’t be ordering it again. Got it at 70/30 mix 6 mg.

  58. Jasmin Tremblay-Seguin

    Bought this one not to long ago. Good taste, good vapor. In my opinion if you like the fruity flav it would be a good one!

  59. Jamie

    I never knew what a dragonfruit tasted like but this is a very nice calm sweet fruity flavour and would recommend this to anyone

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