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A strong tobacco flavour, similar flavor to a Native brand of cigarettes.

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Weight 50 g
Dimensions 1.5 × 1.5 × 2.5 in

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15 reviews for DK Tobacco

  1. Bonnie B

    Tested on: Joyetech Ego with Ego Booster – direct dripping. Base: 50/50. 12mg Nicotine. I’ve never tried DK TAB before, it’s definitely a departure from other tobacco flavours I’ve tried in the past (and I’ve tried many). It’s a little too sweet for my taste but produces a satisfying vapour. I’m hoping this flavour grows on me.

  2. Zana S

    I tried this in 0mg 70:30. Pungent taste and odor, not tobacco-like to me. Sweet and good vapor with good throat hit despite no-nic.

  3. James W

    Didn’t like this at all. It has a very odd taste and smell to it, just can’t even get near this stuff. Something like a citrus oven cleaner, just can’t put my finger on it.

  4. Heather W

    This is a good vape for the times when you just need something with kick. A a nice throat hit and a strong spicy taste.

  5. Lori O

    tastes better than the other DK’s out there. good throat hit and smooth at the same time

  6. The K. (Jimmy) C

    This is my first DK anything I’ve ever tried so not sure how the real DK tabacco are suppose to taste . But I must say not bad not bad at all. Good throat hit at 18mg and also good vapor production. Has a light tobacco taste with some sweetness but not too sweet can definitely be an all day vape.

  7. Gregory G

    Did not like it. Pungent flavour with soupy aftertaste, no tobacco undertones. 70/30 6mg.

  8. Corinne T

    Good flavour ,and a nice smooth hit . The flavour was like a sweet tobacco very interesting .

  9. Corinne T

    good flavour I liked it I switched from dk smokes so it helped

  10. Brian G

    I wasn’t a huge fan of this flavor myself, however my wife really enjoyed this. claims it’s her favorite tobacco flavor she’s tried. I am re-ordering this for her in a 50/50 mix 18mg nic

  11. J Woodland

    Pretty good tobacco taste, although not my favourite by a long shot

  12. Karen

    Never tried real DK tobacco but this is an odd tasting vape. Not a favorite at all. Weird taste left in my mouth after. The only good thing I could say is it produces a good vapor.

  13. Dave

    I’m quite surprised by the positive or near positive reviews of this juice. I think its absolutely disgusting. Tastes nothing like any tobacco I’ve ever tasted muck less dk’s which I used to smoke, but much more like concentrated sweat.

  14. Justin U

    Bought this one thinking it would be like DK tab but doesn’t really taste like dk at all. It is okay, but it has a funny sweet after taste which i can’t identify. Has good vapor. I will probably try a different tobacco flavour that would taste more like tobacco.

  15. Rob

    Nasty, this was my first juice I tried. Almost gave up vaping. Thank God I tried something else.

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