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Crème de Menthe

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A creamy minty liqueur flavored e-juice.

Very good on its own or to mix with other flavours if you enjoy a minty hint to your juices.

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Weight50 g
Dimensions1.5 × 1.5 × 2.5 in

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60 reviews for Crème de Menthe

  1. AJ S

    PERFECT!!! I picked up some menthol to give it a shot, was way to over powering for me. Even a couple drops would trump any other flavour in my tank…..This one, BOOM. No need to add anything! I personally am a creamy vaper, and man oh man creme de menthe thank you. I will suggest this to anyone who likes menthol flavours…Nice work

  2. Luc V

    Gr8t vape – very smooth nice mint, great for an after meal vape

  3. Sandra S

    I obtained only 6ml of Crème de Menthe to try. I was sorry that I had not ordered 30ml right off and I have now remedied that error. I expected this to be too harsh and instead found it to be a soft creamy menthol. I usually prefer fruit flavours, but this is now added to my favourites.

  4. Judy C

    This one is my favorite of all I have tried, only got the 6mil to try and will be getting more. very smooth not overpowering at all.

  5. Scott P

    This is a much better flavour than menthol. If you’re looking for menthol I’d start with this. If you are looking for something to help you breathe while suffering through a cold…try the Menthol flavour.

  6. Desiree

    LOVE this! Definitely my favourite!! Nice smooth taste

  7. attila v

    70/30 vapes great, tastes great and best of a all its MINT, not mentholy. Its too strong for me to vape all day but its fantastic for what it is. I add a drop of it to some of my fruit juices, its great!!

  8. Jean-Paul G

    Very smooth and creamy. Not to strong, should have got the 30ml

  9. George

    Really really good….. One of my new favourites… Will definitely buy more of this one!

  10. Dan P

    i love mint but didnt want just straight menthol, this is the perfect solution, smooth and crisp.

  11. Sharon M

    Very refreshing, vapes great, nice clean taste. Love it!

  12. Jeremy G

    I would say this one is ok. I would like it better if it was a bit more minty. It does have a creamy sort of taste to it.

  13. Tanya p

    Creamy, minty goodness, nice throat hit. Never smoked menthol cigarettes but found myself loving this!

  14. John G

    Wow this one is amazing in my opinion. Warm vape dripping, or cold vape with a bottom coil it always feels refreshing and clean like it clears your head. Much better than menthol in my opinion. I’ve mixed it with a few other juices to pep them up a bit. I’m definitely going to keep this on hand all the time and I bet it would be great for when you get a cold.

  15. Dan M

    WOW canadaejuice has done it once again. This flavour, the watermelon and banana are the best flavours I have ever had. This flavour is very nice smelling and has a nice minty scent. The flavour is a perfect 50/50 balance of both cream and mint. You can really feel the cream going down while vaping it. It is a real mint flavour so if you don’t like menthol but like mint this is the flavour for you. Overall very enjoyable and amazing body in 100% VG . Definitely a must have for all vapers. Watch the video review at:

  16. Joseph B

    Perfect if you love the taste of mint, but not the lingering menthol sensation.
    Very good flavor!

  17. Ruth-Ann

    I found this one pretty good overall, nice and smooth with a good throat hit. I would purchase again.

  18. Michael T

    OH. MY. GOD. So remember that flavour from when you were a kid that you would sneak into the fridge to have more of when your parents weren’t looking because it tasted so darn good?! This is that flavor!!! I just had my first couple of hits on this and I’m almost too excited to type this. What are you waiting for?! BUY THIS JUICE NOW!

  19. Tobbie86

    If you ever wished you could vape a piece of spearmint gum, this is it with a menthol feel. Awesome falvour, great vape and leaves your breathe smelling minty fresh!

  20. Rodger W

    70/30-18mg. Coming from ‘Menthol 73/30-18mg’ my wife finds this far too subtle, as Menthol is her daily vape. Personally, I find the flavour quite smooth and very pleasing, as I do not care for a lingering menthol aftertaste. I would definitely recommend this for ‘light’ menthol puffers, and also for mixing with other flavours, hence MY rating of 4.

  21. Andrew c

    This is an awesome flavour to mix with any fruit and even double chocolate. It leaves you with a little freshness after every hit

  22. Bobby G

    not bad but a little sweet

  23. jay d

    nice mild menthol taste i liked it very much

  24. Matt M

    Smooth, cool and delicious. For a bit more throat hit, I mix it with Menthol Double for a chilly minty experience.

  25. Nic L

    Very smooth. Will probably buy again.

  26. Mike O

    A great all day vape. Excellent flavor. Menthol-esque, but not overpowering. Great to vape on its own, or add a few drops to other flavors for an extra kick.

  27. David

    If you like menthol it will be nice. I read some reviews that led me to purchase it but did not enjoy this one. I am using it up by mixing it with other flavours.

  28. Arvin

    Just got in a small sampler of this one – LOVE it! Great CDM flavour, very smooth and minty. I have already reordered it in the 30ml size.

  29. David M

    Got a 30ml bottle of this juice at 70% pg was pretty good nice menthol taste i liked it! 🙂

  30. King M.

    Mild taste with a hint of mint. I prefer much stronger kick. Will have to test out some mixes to found out my favorite mix with this though.

  31. May

    Love this flavour!!! I mix it with everything and it makes throat hit better. A must try!

  32. Kerry D

    If you want a subtle mint flavor then grab a bottle of this! I was a menthol smoker but found the others I’ve tried too strong a kick. This one is smooth and has a light throat hit. Not overly creamy but very smooth.

  33. Hyder

    This is perfect for menthol lovers, good for mixing, good for vaping on its own.

  34. Mel

    Definitely my favourite vape! It’s not as overpowering as the other menthol flavours I’ve tried. Very smooth and I don’t get tired of it.

  35. Robert

    Great mint flavour, not too strong as I am a double menthol regular. Will reorder for sure!

  36. Anca

    This one become one of my favourites. I love the taste, I ordered the largest one!

  37. Yolanda

    I am not a menthol smoker…but thought this to have a nice light minty flavour-not overpowering which was nice. I would not use this one as my all day vape… but would buy again just to have something different.

  38. Bill Wilson

    As a first time customer I ordered five different flavors. Four in the small sampler bottles and took a chance on a 30ml bottle of the Creme de Menthe as everyone seemed to give it such a high rating. I now see why.

  39. DreL

    one of the best menthol flavour i’ve had. Reminds me of the menthol flavor from Blucig which I loved. A must have, it will now be my daily vape.

  40. Ed B

    A great all day vape. Excellent flavor.
    Also enjoy mixing it up by adding a few drops of the double chocolate flavor to it for a great vaping experience. Love it!

  41. Calvin

    Smooth minty flavor, not overpowering. Quite a decent vape.

  42. Jeff

    Tried sample size and going to order 30ml. Very tasty e-juice and this is coming from a person who does not smoke menthol in the past. The menthol is not too strong which I liked and goes well with the creme taste.

  43. derrick rose

    pretty good menthol flavor. not much of a menthol enthusiast but do vape occasionally.

  44. Amanda

    I ordered the 70% base -30xx and I found it to be alright on the mint taste but found it to have a throat drying effect-so not an all day vape but definately good for those late night drinks

  45. Jacinda

    I like the throat hit that I get with this, but I don’t think that I enjoy vaping menthol flavoured things (which is personal and has nothing to do with the quality of the product). I gave a taste to a friend of mine, who currently smokes menthol cigarettes, and this flavour was enough to make her want to switch to vaping! For menthol lovers, this is definitely a hit.

  46. Monica

    I am new to vaping so I am trying all different flavors. I’m still experimenting but at the moment this is my fav and is my all, never be without juice. I bought 70/30 18 nic but have just ordered it in 50/50 12 nic. I love the flavour but I find the TH too harsh. I’ll review again when I get my current order.

  47. Kayla

    I love this flavour I love most of them but this is by far my favorite !

  48. Chad

    OH MAN, this is by far the tastiest ejuice I have ever tasted, I prefer a high VG mix, so I am 30%pg/70%vg and it is DELICIOUS.

  49. Kingsman

    Very smooth, awesome flavor, rich, and absolutely a top vap!!! Suggest it for people who love menthol but want a smoother and less impacting intensity. Don’t get me wrong, still has an amazing menthol flavor!

  50. The best

    The best, thats it, just the best

  51. sue

    just got this juice and love it. if you like creme the menthe this one is for you. i have a feeling im getting a little shot of good creme the menthe 🙂

  52. Jackie A.

    Very nice, great flavour, nice and smooth. It’s a nice alternative to the menthol which can be too strong for myself. Very tasty on it’s own or mixed with other flavours. 12 mg. 70% pg/30 vg. Got this with the sample pack. Will get again.

  53. Scott

    Totally amazing…that is all 😀

  54. Rod

    Best menthol. Real smooth. One of my favourites, easily. Can’t go wrong with this one.

  55. Joseph F.

    It’s wonderful. I nice hints a’ OF alcohol and mint,. i love evrytrbit of it. willl buy again

  56. Matthew

    Really good mint flavor, not too strong and pretty sweet. Imagine those mint caramel candies….Well this juice tastes exactly like those – the creamy note almost gives it a chocolatey taste. I’ve not tried mixing it with other flavors but I imagine it would go very well.

    The mint taste is very mild so you get a minty taste without the harsh kick from some of the other menthol juices. Highly recommended and as always, Canada ejuices have by FAR the best ejuices around. Even when I haven’t liked one of their flavors, they are always full taste and full of flavor. Awesome job (p.s buy the pineapple one, you won’t be disappointed, it’s stellar!)

  57. Jane S.

    Nice sweet flavouring, a good Xmas treat but I was a menthol smoker big difference.

  58. Jessica L

    I absolutely love this ejuice! Tastes really good when you mix it with other flavours such as Nectorine! Well done Canada Ejuice.

  59. Warren

    I bought 120ml of this juice, not bad all and all but I do wish the cream and mint were just a bit stronger. Great vape, enjoyed it I just really like stronger flavours I guess.

  60. Christine1979 (verified owner)

    I placed an order on Thursday, April 9, 2020 at 5:00 am. Despite the influx of orders, the COVID 19 pandemic, AND the Easter long weekend, a delivery attempt occurred yesterday morning (Tuesday, April 14). I love Canada Vapours and have been a loyal customer since December 2016. As soon as I found Creme de Menthe (CDM) juice, that was it for me. I fully switched from cigarettes to vaping the first day I tried this juice and have been smoke free since. It tastes like a smooth & creamy mint chocolate flavour to me. I love it and I LOVE Canada Vapours.

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